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Samuel of Panoptia; Matthew - Forgiveness - Sep 25, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Horsfield Bay, Australia, September 25, 2010.
Midwayer Mathew
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Forgiveness.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “This is Midwayer Mathew.  I am the one who guided you from your home to this location.  I am the one who guided you by making it important to your mind that you fully concentrate on the task at hand.  I am now handing you to one who needs no introduction.”

Samuel: “This is your Teacher Samuel.  Thank you, Mathew, my dear friend, for doing the honors in this transmission.  This evening we touch on forgiveness and self forgiveness.  Forgiveness is such an important thing to clear the mind from what may well spoil much of your life if you let it, for what may spoil much of your days, your clear thinking, and your progress, especially in the spiritual sense when you find it hard to forgive.

“We basically cover three different circumstances in which you may be angered by another, because this other is robbing you of your self esteem, or confidence, robbing you of your recognition of yourself, perhaps robbing you of, or damaging something you own.  We also look at hurt done to another, whom you love very much.  And for many this is the most difficult thing to forgive.  We also look at another rather important one, which is the forgiveness of oneself for accidents created, for mistakes made, for damage done to another.

“The inability to forgive is like a weight that can weigh you down.  The important thing is to try to understand the other, who may have done damage to yourself, or to one you love.  And if you find it impossible to determine why such damage was done, it is a good thing to imagine that there is a reason why, yes, even if you cannot discover it yourself.  In the end analysis it is important to realize that the other is also a creature of God, a child of God, an offspring of the Creator Himself, and therefore a brother or sister, actual kin.  If it is difficult to determine why such wrongs have been done, it is wise to let your imagination run riot and think of any reason, and with that, put the difficulty at rest.

“In a situation where you yourself have done wrong it is important that you find within yourself the great same value that the Creator has earmarked you for.  You are the very child of that Creator.  You have been given this life to progress.  You have been given this life and the Morontia lives to come, and more beyond that, to perfect yourself, and to one day stand in His presence to be appreciated for what you have achieved.  Do see yourself as a very beginner, prone to making many mistakes, and learn to forgive, for within you there is great present and potential value, which the Creator recognizes in the now.

“So why should it be that you will not see that value, and only see your mistakes, only see your short comings, and feel guilt at any time for even the slightest mistakes and misbehaviors?  In evaluating what you mean to the Creator, take it for granted that you would not be given this opportunity to progress and become God-like if it were not possible for you to achieve this.  In not forgiving the self, and in not forgiving others, you will forever be looking back in time.  Instead, live in the now, and look forward to the times to come, and see yourself as progressing towards becoming someone better than what you think you are today.

“This is your Teacher Samuel.  I thank you for finding the time in a busy schedule to take in another of my lessons.  I wish you both good evening.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”

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