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Frank & Alice Cherubim - Fallen Angels - Sep 26, 2010 - Progress Group AU

Horsfield Bay, Australia, September 26, 2010.
Sanobim Alice.
Cherubim “I’ll be Frank.”
Subject: “Fallen Angels.”

Received by George Barnard.

Alice: “This is your long-time friend, Sanobim Alice.  They are Midwayer Mathew and his consort, Clare, who will do the honors for us this evening.  I generally have very little to say, and leave it to ‘the one with the attitude’ to tell his stories.  I merely want to mention that we do know every single subscriber to the 11:11 Progress List and we have visited many of them, asking their angels, or their Destiny Guardians, to give them as many 4:44 time prompts as they can.  I will now hand you over to Frank.”

I'll be Frank: “This is Cherubim Frank, the one with the attitude, although never brutal, always Frank.  Indeed, a storyteller, and so we have decided this evening to give you the background on our existence and talk about ‘fallen angels’.

“When the Lucifer rebellion was in full swing’ we were still in higher spheres being instructed, being educated as all Cherubim are.  And so, we perceived a little about the rebellion from afar – the so-called ‘War in the Heavens’.  We were unaffected by it.  We were later in training to become psychologists, and it was some centuries after the outbreak of the rebellion that we made our way to this planet for the single purpose of investigating the evolving minds of the various tribes, the various nations, the various races on this planet.

“However, from afar we learned much about your so-called fallen angels.  There really never were any fallen angels in the true sense of the word.  There were many who decided to stick with their original training.  There were also those who were committed to the ruling Planetary Prince and his many associates.  This was how the celestial population became divided.  This, in fact, was how you lost proportionately less of your Secondary Midwayers and this was how you lost proportionally more of your Primary Midwayers, who had great trust in their superiors, no matter how devious they became.

“It was not a matter of them wanting to sin, of them wanting to go astray, of them wanting to do evil deeds.  No it was not.  Compare it in a sense with how it goes in the elections in your countries.  You will vote for one party or another.  You will be convinced of some being right and some being wrong, but once they are in office, anything can happen.  This is also how the angels, and many other celestials, about which you may have never yet heard, chose to go one way or another.

“And indeed, think back to the time when you sharply questioned your dear friend, Midwayer Chief Bzutu, as to whether he had always been treading the right path.  You will remember that there was nothing for him to do but to simply shrug, and tell you there was no law.  No one knew just which way to go.  No one could figure out what was one hundred percent right.  And so, yes, those who eventually supported Lucifer in his new mandates, even indirectly, were removed from this earth.

“To call them fallen angels is perhaps not the right term.  Calling them delinquents, even, might be a harsh way of putting it. To call them misguided would perhaps be the right terminology to use.  I hope this has answered the many questions that have been posed over the years.  There were no sword fights. There were no spears being thrown.  The War of the Heavens was simply a voting for one side or the other.  This is Cherubim Frank, always frank, and I bid you both good evening.”

George: “Thank you all.” 

Note: Cherubim have numbers only.  Simply for our convenience they chose names.

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