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One Without Name or Number - The Fifth Epochal Revelation - Sept 15, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, September 15, 2010.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
One Without Name or Number.
Subject: “The Fifth Epochal Revelation.

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We took a message for you earlier from one you generally recognize by the softness of His voice.  He is one of many that are Without Name, Without Number, and it is His wish that you will hear from Him more often and in real time for you, as it is more meaningful to Him.  Here goes . . .

One Without Name or Number: “We speak with you as we understand the respect and love you have for those of my order located on Paradise.  We have an awareness of your actions on behalf of your universe Creator Son and Prince Machiventa in his now role on your planet in this decade of your twenty-first century.  We are advised of all Correcting Time efforts on all former rebellious planets, and it goes without saying that on those worlds similar moves are being made to bring all in line with the unaffected worlds of the sector.

“We are brothers and sisters, for we all find our diverse ‘makings’ in the one Creator.  For you, Urantia humans, it is the still sparingly read Urantia Book that is the important precursor to our mind-to-mind communication, and it is in respect to this partial revelation that we speak.  Indeed, partial, for the more than 2000 pages contain very much more of what you collectively grasped, still more of what ever entered into the mind of one of you at any given time in your history than it contains pure revelation, which merely filled in the remaining gaps.

“Think back now to the time you were told that the universe of seven super universes of the grand universe was but a tiny sample of what is establishing itself in deep space, as you call it.  My brothers and I, who need no name or number, as our thoughts and experiences are one, learned soon after the establishment of time-space creatures that evolution is sacred, must be guarded, nurtured, never strained or pushed.  You are most vulnerable when freely given any amount of pure revelation.

“And so, if you were to consider the Urantia Papers as a body, then all that is, and was written, represents the flesh.  That which was ever told symbolizes the blood, and that which was ever thought of by any human exemplifies the bones.  Only where the puzzle of these relevant written, verbal and thought-form pieces was incomplete, aspects of revelation – sometimes only vague suggestion – has been included to provide you with a readable whole.  In short, in our labors of creating the overall Text, we gave you what you gave us, to the greatest extend.

“Each of you has a Guardian Angel or more than one Angel, and each of these hard working temporary citizens of your world will announce to us your thought, a spoken word, or your script, when such is new, of spiritual import, and of likely use to us – Paradise and time-space creatures of all kinds – are now engaged in the accumulation of knowledge likely to be re-presented to you at a future time of ripeness for such publication.  You, and many others, collectively, are therefore compiling parts of the new Text to be completed still centuries into your future.

“Progress slow, indeed, yet we look forward to each snippet of news from your Angels, and others, that proves enhancement of your collective knowledge, even fiction-like theories.  We are endowed with a curiosity unlike that of any other group.  We are those Without Name or Number, and we pass on our love and that of countless others in our sphere.  I bid you all farewell for now.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.