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Unknown Teacher - Reasons Ideas Are Written Down - Aug 05, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Alabama, USA, August 5, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Ideas.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “For a long time, humans have had the need to express their ideas in written form.  The first writers did not write for glory but to preserve their ideas and to avoid their disappearance with time.  Written ideas can be observed, studied and perhaps better understood when they are examined after some time has elapsed and some experiences have been gained in the personal life of each individual.

“Other ideas have been written with the intention of awakening the hidden truths in the hearts of those who might read them in distant future times.  Thus, the original writer accumulates spiritual credits through the good obtained from his or her ideas.

“Of course, many ideas have their origin beyond the human mind.  Many are inspired by the Thought Adjuster or other celestial sources, and are expressed -- sometimes not very accurately -- by the human receiver.  For this reason, the credit for the truths expressed is always shared.  Mortals should not pretend to exclusively own an idea, and invention or an innovation.  Everything the human mind produces is based upon previous life experiences and what has been learned from other sources, human or spiritual.  The progress of humanity is a task of all, not just of those who are called innovators or pioneers.

“Even when nobody should be denied the right to be recognized for a good work, individuals must accept that every idea that contributes to the advancement of humanity belongs to all, not to one person, one group or one nation.  The journey of life is a journey of discovering all the wonders that our Father has placed on the way for us.  Why would you claim ownership over something that has been left on the road, when it was placed there with the intention of being available for everybody?

“In these times, many discoveries that could help solve the problems of a lot of people are kept hidden in order to keep the current power balance.  Those who hide the truth or obstruct the flow of truth, beauty and goodness, are hurting themselves without realizing it.  Let the love of our Father flow through you, healing you and making you stronger while you discover your true place in the Universe.”

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