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Samuel of Panoptia & George Barnard - One More Look Around Parts 1 and 2 - Aug 30, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

One More Look Around – Part One -- August 30, 2010.

It was in the early eighties when a friend from the Netherlands was due to visit us in Sydney, Australia, and arrive within 2 weeks.  Curious as to how the time would pass with him and his wife, I went into my Akashic Construct and ‘roped in’ time.  Weeks went by, then months.  Eight months went by, and there appeared his wife, pale, sad, forlorn.

I had to write off the experience as perhaps being a failure – mind chatter, not gone deep enough, whatever.  There were too many successes, day after day, to be concerned about one possible failure.  A week later there was an apparition in my home.  Clearly, it was the Dutchman, who had apparently just died.  His grieving wife did visit us, but her trip was delayed by about eight months.

An Akashic Construct student writes:
Dear George and All,

I have been reading your 11:11 messages and website for some time. Today I read through a great many messages indeed, many "From the Desk of George Barnard." – on – and several of the accounts rang a bell, and I decided to share a story many might appreciate.

In 2000 I was still quite atheistic, and though I was raised Catholic, I had long since decided there was no God, as I had never felt Him in Church, and had fallen prey to the ‘logic’ contingent.

One morning -- the morning following Yom Kippur – I arrived at work, and received a phone call from the wife of a co-worker.  My co-worker, Lon, was Jewish, and had mentioned on the previous day that he intended to practice the Yom Kippur tradition of repentance when he got home, though he’d been a non-practicing Jew for most of his adult life.

So, the morning followingYom Kippur, I got that call from Lon’s wife, saying he had died the evening before, while reading to their young son. He suddenly clutched his heart and that was it . . . He was only 42 !

I can't describe my shock and sadness.  Just then, our corporation’s mailman, Tony, arrived in the office, just as I hung up the phone.  He’d been visiting his home in the Phillipines for 1 month, and obviously, he did not know of Lon's death -- I was the first to have news of it, and had only just hung up the phone to the unfortunate news.

Tony said straight away, ‘Michele, why was Lon here so early this morning?’

Too shocked to respond, I only gave him a curious look.  Tony continued: ‘I saw Lon all the way down the hall, but he wasn't wearing your usual uniform.  He had on the dress uniform, white slacks, white jacket, with a white cloth across his arm.’  (We were waiters for the executives.)  Tony asked, ‘Was Lon here at 5am because we had Japanese businessmen visiting?’  (We sometimes accommodated their Jet Lag by hosting meals at odd hours.)

I then told Tony about the news that Lon was dead.

Tony refused to believe it. ‘Just this morning I saw him, Michele, and as you know, at the moment I saw him, I did not know he was dead.’

This began a little ‘murmuring’ inside of me.  Apart from the grief over my friend’s death, something beautiful began stirring in me -- some sense of connection to the beyond.  And need I remind you, at the time I was an atheist.

Lon’s death was approximately one year prior to the events of 9/11.  Over the course of the following year, leading up to those events, a strange occurrence began in my life.  First, 11:11 time prompting returned to me.  As a child I had experienced these time prompts, yet as an adult, as atheism ‘set in’, they disappeared.

However, in addition to the 11:11 time prompts, something new started happening.  I began to see my birthdate everywhere I looked.  License plates . . . telephone numbers recited by someone standing in queue before me . . . markings on invoices . . . everywhere I looked, the same numbers repeated over and over again: 11/25/77.

Then 9/11 happened.  I sat watching the events live on TV, as I so happened to turn on the TV the moment after they became public.  The planes 11, 125, and 77 . . . the last plane was 93 (which to this day, as yet, has no hidden meaning to me).

Now, to my way of thinking, the numbers of the planes had no real meaning -- I mean, the events of 9/11 had their own meaning, no one on earth cared what numbers the planes were.  Yet, the numbers of the planes were the numbers of my own birthday.  And further, I’d been seeing them for the full year leading up to 9/11 . . . the full year after Lon’s death.

I didn't know what to make of any of this, but after years of pondering it, I thought to myself: Lon was a highly curious, rigorous, enthusiastic man.  He and I loved discussing world politics and events; he involved himself in all matters of science, religion, philosophy.  Had he lived to see the terrible events of 9/11, indeed, he would have enjoyed (perhaps the wrong word here, but bear with me) discussing the implications.  He would have found the events ripe for philosophical discussions.  It would have provided the two of us with endless hours of debate.

So I concluded that perhaps once one crosses over to the other side, one has access to all events past, present and future . . . and that it was Lon himself, newly aware of the events to soon come, who decided to assist me in overcoming my atheistic world view, by offering me a tiny glimpse into the future.

Could he perhaps have decided that one way to help me to attain to a new level of spiritual growth, was to show me that he had advanced knowledge of future events?  And further, that he had gone on existing past the time of his unfortunate death?

These events may never have any explanation, but they have resulted in a profound change in me, and I wanted to share them . . .

Michele M.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Part 2
Illawarra District, Australia, August 30, 2010.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “One More Look Around – Part Two.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “Greetings all.  It is a pleasure for us to provide a reply to the previous writing (see note below), however, it would be inappropriate for us to comment on the actual case earlier discussed.  We can provide general explanations, as we witness many going through moments of confusion at the time of transition.  I’ll now connect you with your Teacher.  Later, friend.”

Samuel: “Indeed, at short notice it would not be appropriate to discuss such cases as have come to your attention only today.  Clearance is to be obtained, and as long as former humans reside on the lower of Mansion Worlds, the stricter personal information is protected.  Remember always, free will choices are observed.  Once a human soul is fused with his or her Spark of the Creator, little in the way of so-called privacy is of import, and permission to discuss time-space anomalies is almost instantaneous when there is a need to know.

“Free will is paramount, not ever negotiable, except under rare circumstances of universe emergencies when free will is thwarted.  Even on my home planet, Panoptia, there are still occurrences of sudden demise, whilst the majority of our (one) race are so advanced, so in touch, they are well aware of the precise time of their mortal demise.  For most of your world, just some of my world, the moment of passing is a most confusing experience.  Where are they now?  Still on earth.  However, they are no longer in the dimension they know so well – their bodies.

“Their lives suddenly cut short, they may well be burdened with a residue of soul-felt wishes, obligations, even deep-felt guilt.  Your 1,111 loyal Secondary Midwayers each have untold numbers of stories to tell about souls unwilling to depart from the regular company they kept, places they frequented, or tasks to be completed, but they soon find out that no one in the flesh can see them.  Long ago, your friend from the Netherlands wanted to visit.  He had saved his money, planned the trip, taken early retirement.  He refused to leave this earth.

“There was nothing to be done, but to transport him halfway across the world before he would realize that all was well with you.  It is on such occasions when the mid-mind (soul) insists on its free-will rights that Spirit tarries to advise Seraphim and Midwayers of the best way to proceed to lessen the trauma of perceived unfinished business.  In a world such as yours, seen by many as still quite barbaric, many a soul is at a dreadful loss to explain the sudden departure from the body, the new environment now perceived, even continued life.

“Life continues, and it is eternal if one so wishes it to be by not defaulting on the task to become perfect in all respects, as the Creator of all ever was, is, and will be.  As those who unexpectedly depart must decide to leave all worldly things behind, perhaps but for one more look around, or some routine action to play out, so those who are left need to let go of them in peace.  Separation is but a blink of the eye of time in all eternity.

“This is Samuel, saying good day on behalf of all in the Progress Contingent.”

Note: “One More Look Around – Part One can be found here:

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Free will is paramount, not ever negotiable, except under rare circumstances of universe emergencies when free will is thwarted.  Even on my home planet, Panoptia, there are still occurrences of sudden demise, whilst the majority of our (one) race are so advanced, so in touch, they are well aware of the precise time of their mortal demise.