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Charles Mighty Messenger - New Mission Manager - Jul 16, 2010 - Special Session #17
Special Session # 17- Charles, a Mighty Messenger – July 16, 2010
Teachers:  Monjoronson introduces Charles, a Mighty Messenger

  • The Spiritual Bond of Friendship
  • A Change in Monjoronson’s Availability
  • Introduction of Charles, a Mighty Messenger
  • The Confusion of Naming Celestials
  • Further Details of Charles’ Assignment
  • A Change of Eras by Rapid Evolution
  • Adjustments for Upliftment must Take Time
  • The Reality of Existence – Partners with Christ Michael
  • Setting the Course of Your World for Hundreds of Thousands of Years
  • Your Dogmatisms Will Hold You Back
  • The Mysterious Providence
  • Experience with a Planet in Rebellion
  • Your God Presence Within Is Your Refuge and Your Anchor
  • The Difference in Nebadon’s Correcting Time
  • Psychic and Clairaudient Abilities Are Genetically Based
  • Developing the Ability to Communicate Spiritually
  • Seeking Validation of Spiritual Beings

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Moderator:  Vicki Vanderheyden
July 16, 2010

Vicki:  Dear Father, we gather again on your behalf and for Christ Michael’s Correcting Time.  We ask that you give us clarity, patience, concentration in this process, that you provide us with a true and good circuit, and that you enfold us with your love, as we pronounce to you our loyalty and our humble gratitude for all unseen helpers.  Amen

The spiritual bond of friendship

MONJORONSON:  Good morning, this is Monjoronson.  (Good morning and welcome.)  It is good to be with you once again.  (Vicki:  Ohhh…It’s good to be with you too, Monjoronson.)  Friendship is one of the most endearing qualities of your species, besides your humor.  You are our friends; my personal friends, and though I extend this greeting and this friendship to all those who read this message, friends go beyond family; family is the beginning of society, but friendship is the beginning of association and of kinship and brotherhood, outside the family.  And so we bond in a new spiritual way and we have a oneness that is both in the spirit and one that is in the family structure, for we have begun a new family — so, welcome to our family.

A change in Monjoronson’s availability

As some of you are aware, and acquainted, I continue to be available, but less so in a widespread manner.  You must call upon me to have me “there.”  Whereas I used to drop in on you and have conversations with you, as we would over tea and biscuits, and coffee and cookies, this is a new era now, where I am less available to you on such a drop-in manner.  This will continue and will become even more exaggerated in the future, as I become more and more busy, and obligated to my functions as the Avonal Son to Urantia.  As this occurs, my staff will take on more responsibilities for me and for my presence.  However, as I said, I am as easily available as Christ’s Spirit and the Spirit of Truth, and the presence of Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, whenever you ask and call upon me, I am there.

Introduction of Charles, a Mighty Messenger

Today, I have one momentous and very important chore to fulfill and accomplish, an obligation which is of great importance to me and my staff, and that is to introduce to you a Mighty Messenger who will be known to you as “Charles.”  This is the name that he has chosen and it may be pronounced differently in different cultures, but for the English speaking culture, he goes by the name of Charles.  As I said, he is a Mighty Messenger; he comes from a mortal planet, a planet of mortals, of a material being.  He has ascended through the morontial worlds, the mansonia worlds where he learned the basic functions of his future life as an ascender, who eventually would pass through Uversa and the training schools in Orvonton and on to the Eternal Isle of Paradise, surrounded by Havona, which you know as “heaven.”  He has been inducted into the Corps of Finality, and because he has lived through the spiritual terrors of a mortal on a planet in rebellion, he was inducted to the Corps of Mighty Messengers.  He remembers every step and stage of his existence over these hundreds of thousands of years of his life.  He has served on many planets, also in rebellion, also before the days of light and life and those that are in the days of light and life.  He is fully accredited to serve with you and in the capacity that I have assigned to him.  He has accepted this assignment and we are of one mind—literally and figuratively.

He will not work in my stead; he will not speak for me.  He will not be a delegate of my authority, and he will not be of independent work with you, other than which is assigned by myself, Christ Michael and Machiventa.  He is not a go-between; he simply facilitates the administrative necessities of a world that is in tremendous, tremendous social and spiritual upliftment, and also that is being tormented by the physical changes of this world as an energy and as a geophysical entity.  He is here to speak with you as you request.  He works on behalf of myself, Machiventa and Christ Michael.  He has independent authority to take necessary actions within the parameters that have been delegated to him.  You will find him to be very direct, very assertive and very business-like, though he understands the necessity for compassion for those of you who need that in this transition era.  He is not necessarily a comforter, or the Spirit of Truth—those are separate entities and he works independent of those.

He works in concert with the triumvirate of myself, Christ Michael and Machiventa, though he does not speak for us.  This may seem contradictory, though in our field of interest and the way our administration works, his duties are fully complemental to those of us, and with the Correcting Time.  He is in full authority to speak for us, by us and with us, though you may speak with us directly.  He does not take our place; no, he simply facilitates the process of administrative execution of the tremendous plans that are underway and undergoing on your world.  He has authority to speak individually with you, and to take imminent action with you in your life, as you participate in this Correcting Time.  He works side-by-side with the seraphic realm; he works side-by-side with the midwayers, he is fully cognizant of plans throughout the world.  He can assist you individually, as he assists us—the three who govern this world.  Are there any questions concerning his authority, his position and his duties?  If there are, I would ask you to come forward to reveal them to us, so I can address them.  I realize that you who are reading this are not present; therefore, we will hold your questions, or I will ask that your questions be held so that I might personally answer them at a future time, rather than Charles addressing them on my behalf, though he fully has the authority to do so.

We do not want you to sense or feel any conflict of interest, and so I will address these directly, as you may ask them to be addressed by Christ Michael or Machiventa—[any of the] three of us can address these questions concerning Charles’ authority and position, competently and fully.  Neither is he the Chief of my Staff; neither is he my Executive Officer, though he has full authority of that capacity.  His capacity and his position are not synonymous with many of your executive positions, as your corporations and governments have [been] designed.  I want to have you thoroughly understand that Charles is fully capable, though I am fully capable as well.  I simply need a powerful “right hand” and a “left hand” who can do everything that I can do, but be an Avonal Son himself.  Charles will remain with me and my staff as long as I and my retinue remain on this planet.  This will be several thousands of years, and we are literally “permanent residents” for all of your concerns.

I will leave a space now, before Charles addresses you, so that you may think over these things and ask either myself or Charles questions.  I will now step aside and leave a space for you to think this through.


The confusion of naming celestials

Vicki:  I have one question:  I’m wondering if Charles will be coming through other transmitters with a different name, or if he will always be “Charles.?”

MONJORONSON:  Charles is Charles, and Charles is his name whether it is in English or in Japanese.  We have seen the confusion of titles and of naming in your various cultures and languages and we wish to begin to, and strive to make clarification of identity and nomination.  Thank you for your question, as this is an important facet of the work of Charles, as he comes through this one and as he comes through others.

[This is Daniel:  He’s going to wait until you say you have no more questions.]

Roxie:  I don’t have any questions, but I would like to thank Monjoronson for sending us Charles; he is delightful to work with.  I very much appreciate his direct manner.

Vicki:  I would just like to say how wonderful it feels to talk with you and have you in our presence, and I also truly accept and look forward to working not only with you, but with Charles.  Thank you, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON:  You are most welcome.  You will find Charles to be a pragmatic, hands-on type of executive in this work.  He is not one to drop by for cookies and coffee, or go to the store for an ice cream.  He is business-like and this is how he will conduct himself.  You can anticipate, however, that he can have an intimate and personal relationship with you, doing this great business to which we are about.  He is one who is capable of ‘getting the job done,’ as you like to say in your construction trades.  Now I will step aside and let Charles speak with you.  You are welcome to address questions to him directly, and you are welcome to reserve questions until a later time to address to me concerning Charles—or any other facet of the Correcting Time, as I participate in it.

Further details of Charles’ assignment

CHARLES:  Good morning and good day.  This is Charles.  (Good morning.)  It is a pleasure to be with you.  I am very honored to have Monjoronson announce my presence to you, to make a formal introduction of my presence and my functions to you.  I, as you may have surmised, I have been here for several years, and have been here visiting, coming and going to Edentia and to Jerusem and Salvington.  It is important that we have everyone on the same page, concerning my duties.  I will say again, that I do not take Christ Michael’s place, Monjoronson’s place or Machiventa’s place.  I am simply an effective individual, who is capable of executing the various plans and sub-plans of the Correcting Time on your world.

As was said, I do have an intimate memory of my mortal existence.  After I passed through the early morontial realm and into the spiritual, I was given full access to my mortal records, and have an intimate association with them, both the positive and the negative, the lessons of beauty and the lessons of pain and anguish.  I now see the balance of those and have great sympathy and empathy for all of you who are involved in this tremendously traumatic era of your planet.

A change of eras by rapid evolution

You are going through a change of eras, geophysically, spiritually and energetically.  You would easily recognize, were you at a level of the spiritual, that your world is undergoing at least six dimensions of change.  This is a mighty era, which was anticipated by the Maya and other cultures.  This has been anticipated for eons and eons by the administrators of Nebadon.  Your world and this region of space is undergoing an immense change.  An area, a cubic spatial area that is in quarantine, does not come back into the fold of the universe easily or quickly.  You will go through a rapid evolution, development of your world, in the next two to three thousand years, which will encompass all the changes that have occurred on other planets in the course of 300,000 years.

Adjustments for upliftment must take time

This is no small thing; you have self-selected to participate in this era, as have your Thought Adjusters and your Guardians.  You are part of a very large family and spiritual community that is participating in this rapid, evolutionary change of your world.  When we mean ‘evolutionary,’ we truly mean ‘evolutionary’ at all levels of your species, or your world geophysically and energetically.  In many ways, you are entering into a new spatial energetic environment in this area of your local universe.  Your world could not undergo an instantaneous upliftment to the vibrational harmony, that is harmonic with the rest of the universe immediately, but this must take time as adjustments must be made so that your world remains in orbit and is stable.  This may sound like an exaggeration, but truly, were your world to have progressed in synchronicity with the rest of the universe, the displacement of your solar system would be several light-years away.  For some of you, this will be incredible news; for others, it will be insignificant as it does not relate to your life directly, which is true.

The reality of existence – partners with Christ Michael

We want you to grasp the reality of your existence, that you are partners with Christ Michael and that you contribute, or do not contribute to those ends.  If you remain neutral, we can enjoy and appreciate your neutrality.  If you work with us, then this is wonderful, too.  If your are ambivalent about how you participate in this long-term process, then in many ways you are working against the forward movement—one step forward, one step back does not help Christ Michael’s program very much.  We look for you to help move forward—one and a half steps forward, one step back—that works for us.  You need to be consistent in your dedication and your commitment to Christ Michael’s program.  We ask you to sort out your commitments to Christ Michael, and your ego needs for your own aggrandizement and your own control and authority.  It is most difficult for mortals on your planet, or any planet of this age and development to release authority to an unseen spiritual existence.  Many of you, however, have done so and done so quite successfully in your lives, and you live your lives more peacefully and with less anguish.

Your world is coming into wholeness; you, too, must come into wholeness as an individual.  Your family structures must come into wholeness, as must your nations and your governments, and your global, governmental process.  This cannot be done overnight, but must take a great deal of time, as there are so very few of you who understand this traumatic, constructive era that is present with you now.  Truly, the Chinese had it correctly when they called chaos an opportunity and a danger, for this is an era of tremendous opportunity for those who are committed to the programs of Christ Michael, who hold a like-consciousness and intention with him in the upliftment of your world, both as a world, and as you are a “world unto yourself,” your individual self.

Setting the course of your world for hundreds of thousands of years

Our work is profound—any word less than that is insignificant—our work is profound for the work that we do will set the course of your world in the hundreds and thousands of years in the future.  We are asking you to come together; we are working for you to come together.  Some of your organizations have recently experienced some disruption, and most of this has been caused by us; we have a need for us, we have a need to break the ice cubes out of the ice tray, so to speak, and rearrange them in a pyramid, in a greater wholeness, where there is support toward the top, which is Christ Michael’s program.  You will become solid and sure and sound and strong in your working together, as we lead you forward outside of your safe boxes of ideology.   This is threatening, for surely it is threatening as you must include the thoughts and considerations and ideologies, at least in part, of organizations and their philosophies.

Your dogmatisms will hold you back

Truly, your dogmatisms will hold you back; you may talk and argue from dogmatic positions, but the truth is that faith must be experienced by yourself to understand the reality of the world that you are moving into.  God is that reality and your personal and intimate relationship with that reality, with God, is here and now present.  You have an incredible impact on that relationship, and I call that relationship, “the brotherhood of mankind.”  Please be more brotherly, more sisterly, more loving as you move into your families, rather than bickering about your differences.  Please seek to find your similarities and the directions in which you go.  Most of you are truly moving ahead in long arcs that will eventually join in the future.  We are simply trying to gently push you to move you ahead. 

Mitigating these differences would draw our power and authority and our energy away from the true mission of what we are engaged in right now.  Your world is in such a state that we cannot diminish what we are doing; we cannot lose focus; we cannot spend our precious energies, and mostly the precious time, mitigating these differences.  Your species [is] such a cantankerous group of people.  You see differences where there are no differences, you make differences where there are none, and you hope there are differences just simply so you can fight with other people on occasion.  We do not have time to fritter away our energy doing this frivolous work; we have serious work to do, and we must get to it immediately.

Christ Michael was here as Jesus and he was the shepherd of this flock; we, however, are the ones behind the flock, encouraging you to move ahead together.  Without a leader, without a shepherd, the flock would be dispersed and lost.  We are helping you to move ahead, so that there are no laggards left behind, and left for their own destruction.  Remember that you have ideals; these are founded in Christ’s life as Jesus.  He is your Brother, and he provided both a brotherly and a fatherly role for your existence.  Your response to that is as brothers and sisters, as you express yourself as mothers, fathers, wives and husbands, in your intimate family relationships.  It is important that we move ahead together.

The mysterious providence

Know that I, too, am one of your brotherhood, though I am perhaps an elder brother who might be as much as 20 years older than you, in relationships, so to speak.  I have come into my own, and I know how to assist you as you move ahead.  I am not your personal counselor; I am not your guardian; I am not Christ Michael; I am not Jesus; I am not your comforter, and I am not your Spirit of Truth.  I am simply one who is moving the flock ahead in a much more powerful and effective way.  I am more business-like, but I am friendly.  I am strong, and I am not weak; I am not passive, for certain!  Look forward to our interchanges as I begin to work with you individually, and through the seraphic corps, who work with you.  We have much assistance from Archangels to Guardians and to the Sanobims, who are around you, being so busy working to assist you in your lives, personally and individually as need be.  You have circumstances that can be positive or negative, constructive or destructive, serendipitous and coincidental or destructive.  You do not want chaos; therefore focus your intention to serendipity and good happenstance.  The working of our whole universe is based upon the working order of that mysterious providence, which assists all of us, even myself.

I will now step aside from this podium, waiting, so to speak, with my hands behind my back, waiting for your questions if you have any.  I do not want any ambiguity between ourselves, as I assist you, for I will come knocking, my friends, and I will speak to you directly; you will have no doubts that I am there with you, and I ask you to listen to me, so that we might collaborate.

Experience with a planet in rebellion

Vicki:  Charles, I’m not sure this is the right time, but I’m wondering if there is some wisdom that you could share with us in regard to your history as a mortal on a rebellious planet.  Is there anything you’d like to share?

CHARLES:  Yes, first of all, I would like to address your question in general terms, but specific to you—each of you individually—a planet in chaos, a planet in rebellion, a planet that is negative, hostile and evil in its environment, as your beautiful Urantia has been in the past.  The main focus of each of you individually, must be upon yourself and God.  This must be the simplest, central focus on your energies, in all your life.  There is simplicity in this, which will abide with you throughout all your life and your infinite ascension.  Keep your association first upon God, and the God presence within you.  When you are in doubt about angels, and when you are in doubt about Mighty Messengers, and when you are in doubt about Magisterial Sons and all the multiple hierarchies of spiritual beings throughout the universe, look to this central theme.  When you are in doubt, when you are in fear, when you are in anguish, when you feel hopeless and helpless, seek the God presence and the relationship that you have with God, your Thought Adjuster that is with you evermore.

Your God presence within is your refuge and your anchor

This is the mighty anchor, even when you do not feel Christ Michael’s presence and you are so alone in your depression and your isolation, know that in your isolation, there is one who is with you forever, who will always be there for you, who always reaches out to you, who always has no doubts about “you,” and its relationship with you and waits for you to have no doubts about your relationship with it.  Keep this in mind, when all else is in doubt in your life, when the walls of water and the floods surmount your house and your environs, and all is destroyed, nothing ever deteriorates in your relationship between yourself and the God presence within you.  When you are in hurricanes and when you are in tornados, when the walls of water rise at the oceans and inundate your lands, when you are destructive in your own habits and behaviors, there is that God presence who is there with you always.  This is a central organization for your life, and when you live with that on a moment-to-moment basis—not a week-by-week or month-by-month or day-by-day, but moment-to-moment basis, then you will find the way through to your life, safely and in peace, even though your life be taken from you.

Vicki:  Charles, as a mortal did you struggle with making celestial connection beyond your Thought Adjuster, or were you very aware of your God presence?  Many of us struggle with making celestial contact at times, in perceiving it.  Was that a common occurrence on your planet or with you at the time?

CHARLES:  My experience on our planet is very similar to yours on this world now; our world was a bit more advanced in its society and its civilization, but the same backward chaos was present.  My statement about finding God and living with God is a personal recollection of mine as I experienced my life in chaos on that planet.  I was raised in the God knowing presence, but I did not know that presence personally, until my own life was thrown into chaos and was in jeopardy.  I had to work on my relationship; I knew that there were angels about and that I had a Guardian, and I knew that others had celestial teachers, as yourself.

The difference in Nebadon’s Correcting Time

Your Teaching Mission, the Correcting Time has an experience similarly on other planets, but not quite as grandly as Christ Michael has in Nebadon and on this world.  This is singularly unique in all of Orvonton.  This is a wonderful experience to be here.  I became more and more God centered and experienced the presence and assurance of other beings, who were here with me.  I asked for my Guardian to be more direct with me, as I was fairly dense and unaware.  And as I became more centered, I became more peaceful, more emotionally grounded and less angry and hostile and more peaceful and loving, patient and tolerant.  As I progressed emotionally, I progressed socially, and I progressed spiritually.  Yes, it was an era later in my life that I became so familiar with my Guardian and my celestial teacher, to where I could have conscious conversations with them.

Psychic and clairaudient abilities are genetically based

The experiences that many mortals of you are having, who wish to have conscious dialog with myself, perhaps, or your guardian, or your celestial teacher, Christ Michael, or any one of these spiritual beings about you, is not unique.  Many of you do not hear, and that is not unique either; it is unfortunate, but it is part of your growth and development.  These genetic strains on my world were more homogenous, and there were more residual Adamic blood lines available to the greater part of the population, but we too had some genetic, what you might call ethnic groups, which were more isolated genetically and had fewer genetic strains available to them that would augment their clairaudient and their psychic and morontial abilities.  These faculties are genetically based, they do come from the Adamic blood lines, the upliftment from the progeny of Adam and Eve.  It is most unfortunate that there is not a greater amount of Adamic blood in the human species on your world.

The challenges that you are having have been experienced elsewhere.  I have great sympathy for those of you who are not able to experience a conscious dialog with unseen spiritual beings of light.  The advantage of hearing and conversing with unseen spiritual beings is similar to the difference between one who is deaf, and one who is not deaf; one who is blind and one who is not blind.  You can have communication, but you must do it by “Braille,” so to speak.  The metaphor is appropriate as those of you who do not hear must see the signs, symbols and omens, the coincidence and serendipity of your life, as elements of being spiritually connected, when you do not have a verbal clairaudient connection with us.  Some of you will never hear, and that does not say that you are good or bad, or evil or otherwise—it is simply a genetic fact of your existence.  It is unfortunate, but that is the way it is for now for you.  You must therefore be a stronger agondonter than others who have clairaudient and conscious discussions and conversations with us.  I salute you for holding your faith, keeping ever your vigil of patience and faith with God, who you will be joined with you in a much more confident way, once you pass from this lifetime.  I hope this answers your question.

Developing the ability to communicate spiritually

Vicki:  Of course there are ways that many have discovered to develop this ability to communicate.  Is there something that you could share with us, some piece of advice that you recommend for those who are trying to develop their clairaudient abilities?

CHARLES:  Most certainly, the first elemental step is to learn how to meditate, but before you meditate, you must become centered, grounded and balanced in your body and your mind and emotions.  You must come to stillness, where you are in a place of not thinking, where you have no conscious on-going thought process.  You simply are there, waiting in the stillness for the “still, small voice” within you to speak to you, whom you may never hear, but who speaks to you nonetheless.  You can assure your spiritual and morontial development will be much more rapid and thorough and developmental when you are able to still your thoughts and let your Thought Adjuster speak to you.  Some of you have great difficulty with this, and that too is a part of your minded mechanism.  There are ways around this and that is to busy parts of your mind, by doing something physical, something repetitious, something at which you might call appropriately, mindless.  Mindless work is wonderful work to assist you in this meditative process.  And if you have a busy mind and are unable to still your conscious mind processes, then go about doing mindless work such as scrubbing the floor, doing dishes, washing windows or painting—something that is repetitious, something that is one time over another hundreds of times, thousands of times and you will find that if you do this mindless work with that intention, then it will be fulfilled and your Thought Adjuster, God presence, your Guardian and your Celestial Teacher can speak through those times to your unconscious mindedness, and assist you in your progress.

Vicki:  Thank you, Charles.  Thank you for that.

Charles:  You are most welcome.

Roxie:  Yes, that would be useful to me as well, Charles.  Thank you very much!

Vicki:  Charles, as we get to know you, is it alright for us to ask you questions about your history as a mortal?  Are you comfortable with that?

Charles:  Most definitely.  As you are most welcome to ask questions of validation and experience by your own celestial teacher, who has a mortal background.  You are most welcome to ask me about that.  Yes, I do hail from another Creator Son’s local universe; I do come from…

[This is Daniel:  It looks like he comes from the fifth sector of Orvonton, a long time ago.  Good Lord!  He didn’t say that, but he gave me a picture of all the Superuniverses.  That’s all he has to say about that, I guess.

Vicki:  Well, maybe in future sessions with Charles, in possibly some public sessions, then we can hone our questions that would be most helpful for us to do the work that we have to do here, in the future.]

CHARLES:  I am here in many ways to give you a vicarious way of engaging your own tumultuous world, a world in chaos.  It is chaos to us; you see it as many nations having difficulties, in a global economy, and a global political situation, but we see a world in tumultuous change, one that has many options for its future development, and we are here to assure and assist Christ Michael that your world proceeds in the most advantageous and propitious way in its development.  I am here to assist you, as I said, to gain a more real vicarious way of understanding and relating to your world now, so that what you do in your life, and that the whole of your life can contribute to the larger ends of Christ Michael’s Correcting Plan.

Seeking validation of spiritual beings

CHARLES:  Many of you may challenge my existence, as you have challenged Monjoronson’s, yet, my dear friends, when your teacher came to you, you challenged it too, did you not?  And eventually you became acquainted and familiar and accepting of this new entity in your life.  Many of you now wonder about new entities as we come into your existence.  We hope that you will be accepting of us and use the powers of your discernment to discern whether we are of good or not.  All of us who come into your life from Christ Michael’s retinue are beings of light and of goodness, who will assist you.  Whether you believe we exist or not is not relevant or necessary to our existence to do our work.  We will do our work anyhow.

There is no board of acceptance of immortals that you can form, which will determine whether we are real or not.  Just as you cannot prove that God exists except and outside of your personal experience with God, you cannot know us as well.  It is a matter of belief and of discernment.  As to those who lead you astray, we would advise you to have nothing to do with them, whether they are mortal [or] of a spiritual nature.  Those who would lead you into light and a closer approximate relationship with Christ Michael and your Thought Adjuster and the First Source and Center we would ask you to accept them and to move into a closer relationship with them.  You have nothing to lose by getting to know us better, and to working with us, as we can assist you to more rapidly develop in your own personal life and have a grander, broader, fuller, deeper quality relationship with Christ Michael, your Thought Adjuster and with your neighbors.

Vicki:  Thank you, Charles.  I have a feeling that you have much to share with us, and these are going to be very interesting future sessions and we truly appreciate your presence here with us.

So Charles, have you got some more direction for us?  Do you see us continuing with these Special Sessions in a topical way, like we used to with Monjoronson?  Do you see either you or Monjoronson participating in this kind of an activity?

CHARLES:  Most definitely!  There must be continuity in this work.  You have created, so to speak, a ministry, and you have followers to this ministry in various associations and groups, far outside of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission.  There are others who are reading these transcripts with great enthusiasm, and we ask you to maintain this on a fairly regular basis, so that attention may be maintained.  This also provides a media mechanism for us to address many people outside the fold of TML and TMarchives and so on.  We wish to draw in outside groups of spirituality, who would come to the Melchizedek Schools and University.

I wish to address that now, if I might, about the Schools and University—this is our main focus now.  Triple A and the Seraphic corps are much approving of the curricula of these two schools.  They are complemental; they are complete; they offer a continuum of great action from the individual, to your whole civilization, and it is important that we not only begin these schools, but begin to broaden them and to eventually, teach teachers to teach and begin independent schools and co-creative design teams, throughout the world.  This will not be a slow process, as we are giving your… [Daniel:  (Laughing) This is funny!] … We have planted the seeds, they are sprouting and now we are putting the Miracle Grow on you.  (Everyone laughing.)  [Daniel:  it’s like watching bamboo grow.]

You will find many opportunities where there were none; you will be given many options for opportunities and decision-making—simply make those decisions, ask for what you need, and when these are in alignment with where we are going overall, they will be provided and provided promptly.  Rather than being laggardly, we are very much accelerating this process.  We believe that the time is now propitious, it is timely.  The events are such in your world that we must move ahead quickly; we must have a program ready for people around the world to see and draw into their world, as their world goes into chaos.  They want to see that there is hope, and we want to provide the window of hope to them, through these programs, where there is a capability of developing competence, [or confidence?]  working with the celestial realm and with themselves, in a constructive manner to engage their world with the hope of really reformatting it—mostly hard disc—in a cooperative, peaceful world for the future.

CHARLES:  We have a tremendous amount of work to do and we cannot be wishy-washy about what needs to be done.  We must get to the task and get to it quickly.

Vicki:  I think I can speak for this team in saying, “We’re ready!”