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BarnardGeorge - Crop Circles - Jul 16, 2010 - Progress Group, AU

Crop Circles
From the Desk of George Barnard – 16 July, 2010.
There can be no Evolution without the initial Creation of the individual components that make up everything that exists, lives, and grows in time-space, but perhaps there can be creation, without evolution of any kind, in the higher spheres.  Wars of words go on between creationists and those who believe in evolution only, and many in these opposing camps will never know the true or precise answer in this earthly life of how both apply.
Recently I was told that the answers to some of the questions I pose will only come to me ‘through personal research’ when I reach Mansion World Two, for me to be patient, and to ‘stop demanding answers as if I am owed all these revelations.’  This also applies to crop circles, about which many have enquired over the years.
The scant information about the circles that we do have is not just from me, but from other receivers of celestial messages, also.  Here goes: Crop Circles are greetings from on high.  They are picture postcards from our Celestial brothers and sisters – architects, artisans, designers and mathematicians – and only some of these are former humans, now teachers and or students.  Midwayers have nothing to do with the makings of these displays, but they, and other celestials, sometimes watch the designs unfold if duties permit some free time.
The greatly complex morontia machines that make the circles are minded, pre-programmed, and their ‘fuel’ is the all-space-pervading zero-point energy.  In our facet of time they may be seen as giving off some vague lights, but they are otherwise invisible to us, residing in their own dimension of time.  They are programmed, and it could be said that they can actually ‘think’ to deal with small anomelies, but they are soul-less and have neither personalities, nor freewill.  Crop circles have been appearing for centuries, more so since the advent of the Correcting Time.
The circles are carefully placed not only to appear in the midst of a crop (instead of roughly straddling an edge of a crop), but they mostly have an underground stream at their very centre, and frequently do they appear on a chalky or well-drained sub strata.  A long-lasting residual energy remains in the soil, and whatever crop losses may apply because of bent stalks, ensuing years more than make up for these small losses.  Crop circles can be seen as a vitamin shot for the planet, and for the minds of many, above, below, and on countless other worlds.
Not much earth-shattering news here, but it is all we have gathered in bits and pieces over the years . . . as ‘evolutionaries’ demanding revelation.
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