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Beloved One - A Lesson on Insight - Feb 06, 2005 - Progress Group, AU
 Urantia, February 6, 2005.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Insight.”
Received by Lytske.  

The Beloved One: “Allow My words to appear on the blank screen of your mind.  It is vital to be totally clear, so you can gain insight as to what lies ahead of you in this message.  You need to get used to this idea and trust Me enough to know that I hold all knowledge in mind, and that all is always well.  There is never any need to worry as to what you are going to say at any moment as long as you remember to listen within.  It is there where I am waiting to speak the words necessary for you to give to others who have a need to hear such words.  My words, however, may not make sense to you as you are merely My mouthpiece as you promised Me a long time ago.  Just trust this process, for I know exactly what I am about and I have never steered wrong.  Only when you made your own willful decisions did everything seem to you to be wrong in your life.
“In retrospect, even the so-called wrong decisions on your part turned out to be the greatest lessons in your life as you gained the greatest insight, for this is what I am about.  I turn every seemingly negative decision you make into a memory of pure gold, because of the positive learning and insight which lead to the highest form of wisdom.  Even though you have no idea as to what it is that I want you to experience in life, it might interest you that any situation you find yourself in is going be turned into the highest possible good.  Humans have such a limited point of view.  Even when you think that you know everything that you need to know, there is always a different way to look at things as a larger window opens up in the mind to look through.  Never limit your thinking, because you use only a very limited amount of your brain-power, and never mind how much you have already learned.  True humility comes with that precious insight that you really don't know anything at all as you clearly see that you have barely scratched the surface of what there is to know.
“All your life is a gathering of insights, sometimes an ‘Aha’ moment makes a sudden jump into greater understanding as if a strong light was turned on.  This can even happen when a single word comes to mind, just like a last missing piece in a puzzle.  Life is like that, for it is a fitting together of moment by moment to make a harmonious whole.  When you dwell in the past or live too much in the future, you forget to place another moment in the puzzle of your life, and these moments can not be recalled.  The richest life is to enjoy totally the moment, for in the moment is the action where insights can and do happen.  It takes total concentration to live in the moment, which is not as difficult as it seems, for in the moment you dream your dreams into existence.  Whenever you are in the ‘now’ moment, you are creating and actualizing in your mind.
This is not as mysterious as it sounds.  It is being in present centered awareness, where you do not forget.  It is slotting all these moment memories into the right place in your brain so you can have the best possible recall when needed.  See your life as a string of beads which you string together out of those golden moments where everything is so clear to you, because of all the insights and wisdom you have gathered along the way.  The shiniest beads are those polished in loving and unselfish service towards others without thinking of getting anything back in return.  These will be the most valuable beads you can gather, as they are the lasting ones.  The basic human desire is to live a wonderfully satisfying life, one that fills you with a sense of wholeness and satisfaction.  This you experience in a life of service, during which you can give of yourself.  Think about this and the insights will come as to how to go about and live such a life.

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