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Elyon - Finding Tranquility Through Stillness - Mar 18, 2010 - Teleconference
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Elyon
T/R: Jonathan
March 18, 2010

Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you all, I am Elyon.  I come in the spirit of brotherhood, of fellowship and love.  It is my purpose to bring upliftment to all who seek the higher ways of truth, to those who pursue the nourishment of the soul and who also desire to work while on this planet for the betterment of all and fulfill Michael¹s injunction to preach the gospel to all peoples.  I will speak about serenity.
It is not often I observe on your world that many of your daily activities contribute to much serenity. The pace of transactions of your contemporary era is increasingly closing the gap between call and response, between submission and return.  To find a point in your day, a gap, wherein you may pause and recollect, is often difficult.  I am one to teach the great value of stillness, of the time of quiet in the presence of God.
My master and yours, Michael, our Sovereign Son, said at one point, ³Before Abraham I am.²  Now we all know that he said this not as the human Jesus but as the Creator Son Michael.  And you also know that even as he said this he was indwelt by the Father¹s divine Spirit, the Mystery Monitor, the Thought Adjuster.  You too have the Father¹s Spirit; the spark of divinity resides at the center of your being, the nucleus of your soul; it is the anchor of your personality.  This pure spirit of God hails from Paradise and Paradise is motionless.  All the universe is in constant, dynamic motion, energy whirling in circles, in subcircles, in constant channels of force and power.  But upon Paradise there is peace and stillness.
At the center of your being the condition of Paradise prevails.  It is a tranquillity that hums with divinity, that purrs with perfection.   It is also a brilliance of majesty.  It is as spectacular as the center of the universe, the present location of the God of All.  When you sit in stillness you are turning your mind¹s eye to this holy presence.  When consciousness tastes the beauty of serenity it begins to look for modes of action wherein serenity may condition behavior and modify relationships that peace prevails.  In the course of your daily life serenity may be manifest not in the stagnation of silence but in the dynamics of composure, a balance.
Your athletes have learned the benefits of hand- eye coordination.  But the ability to anticipate action before it is executed and to do so in complete control, at least that is the desire of the individual to perform thusly.  When you deepen stillness you develop a skill in the level of mind that allows you a mind/body coordination, and you can anticipate the dynamics of your events and with purpose infuse them with the dignity of serenity.  Such a composure was exhibited by Jesus in the last few days of his life when all appeared to be tragic and all forces were working against his own life.  ³Before Abraham,² he said, ³I am² and he knew this with the deepest faith and the most profound experience.
The Father of all personalities resides within you.  Michael has sent his Comforter; this is the spirit of serenity, of peace, of a tranquil spirit that can stand by when all earthly things crash.
You are aware of those who are able to juggle several objects at once.  While three or four items are being constantly tossed about the mind of that juggler is focused not on each but on the whole, the harmony of the movement of everything; it is one pointed.  It is not distracted.  The experience of peace and communion with God brings the same focus, and you are capable of juggling much throughout your day with a wholeness of perspective.  If a juggler were to focus strictly upon one of the objects, the rest he would fumble.
Entering into the presence of God enlarges your being that you may embrace all of your activities, responsibilities, assignments with a new sense of balance, with a new sense of priority, just as a juggler will start with just one item, add two, three, four, or more.  That individual may also subtract back to one. Serenity brings you a sense of control, of choice of what to add and what to subtract.
When your day becomes as hectic as a swarm of flies, all things swirling about in such chaotic order, take a moment; visualize the transformation of these flies into a flock of birds and see them coordinate their movements into one.  Then perceive them all coming to rest on a branch, each one still.  Find that calm and then let your day take to air again, this time with a course, with a purpose and a plan.
It brings me great joy to interface with my brothers and sisters of this planet Urantia, and so I offer you the opportunity to ask a question, make an observation, or express a comment.  Please do so.

Questioner:  I have never taken the perspective of stillness becoming cumulative.  That¹s an interesting point.  I appreciate your stories of the birds and the juggler.  Thank you very much.

Elyon:  You are welcome and I will further my comments.  Indeed it may be argued that to enter into the presence of God has no deepening factors, that God is revealed and known immediately and fully.  But that is true on the level of your soul wherein the divine Spirit has immediate contact.  But to the mind it is indeed an accumulative experience.  Stillness is instantaneous in the soul, yet it remains a discipline to a mind that is constantly active, constantly interacting, constantly seeking knowledge, constantly improving skill and expanding expression.  One of the cumulative benefits of repeated stillness is the reduction of the time required for the mind to calm and to allow the interface with the divine Presence in your soul.
I do thank you for expressing your observation.

Questioner:  Thanks for the clarification.  I realize it didn¹t all happen at once.  It¹s a matter of, think of it, want to do it, do it, and be there.  I didn¹t realize that the more often and more regularly you do that the greater depth....  Thanks again.

Elyon:  You are welcome.  While we speak of such a practice I turn our minds to the recollection of the story of Jesus when he was engaged with many people giving a teaching, how he would pause to entertain the littlest child.  When you go before God in stillness, though God is in charge of a vast universe, there will be that same pause to tend to you, His little child. You need not be a skilled meditator to be welcomed into the arms of the divine Presence.

Michael:  Greetings, my children, I am Michael.  I am here with you.  We join in the sanctuary of holiness. Our Father is with each of you.  When I gaze upon your soul, I see its illumination by my Father in heaven. All your frailties, all your shortcomings, are washed away by the brilliance of His presence.  There are more rays of light emanating from you than there are shadows in between.  That is what I see; that is what I seek to amplify as I minister to you.  Let your faith increase in your value and worth in our kingdom, in our heavenly family.
When I was on your world I did not order those I healed to take up their beds and walk, or to go and wash in a pool; I requested.  It was their free will which mobilized the healing. Father gives when you ask, and the gift is received when you take.  Each day learn to more fully appreciate and acknowledge your divine sonship and daughtership.
While there is a perfection of symmetry of the Paradise abode where matter and spirit are one and truth transcends right and wrong in a pure reality, every increment and distance out into space reveals the dynamics that appear as chaos but to the discerning eye is growth, mastery.  Within you is the same perfection and harmony.  Farther out from the center of your being is the opportunity to grow and through your will to master your life.  Angels are all about you to lovingly guide and assist.  I am infused within you to give you the power.  And with you we look humbly to our great God for our sustenance and our upliftment.  Be at peace, my children.  We are love.

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