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Samuel of Panoptia - Evaluation & Judgment - Mar 03, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, March 3, 2010.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Evaluation And Judgment.”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: “We can hardly discuss Mansonia One and all that goes on there in sorting out terrestrial misunderstandings, unusual belief systems, leftovers of fundamental religions, as well as ingrained mental disorders that need time to be clarified, cleared up, be treated, or simply wear off.  Mansonia Two is another matter, for those of temporary residence there find it a place of ‘restfulness of mind’ and yet of intensive study, both, of intellectual progress, and individual spiritual growth, group cooperation and meditation in isolation.
“Indeed, my trusted friends, it is a place of contrasting activity, a place you will all come to enjoy, and where you will know more about the earthly life of your Creator Son, Michael, than any human now resident on your planet.  A difficult matter to understand is the difference between judgment and evaluation, such a human dilemma, so hard to control, your lesson for today.  This is your Teacher, Samuel at this late hour, for now skipping the Urantia Book pages and referring to the biblical teaching for you to be as shrewd as a snake and innocent as a dove.
“You are not a resident on Mansonia Two, where there are no business deals with strings attached, where you’ll find no friendships subject to likely hidden agendas.  You live on an evolutionary world where potential deceit occurs on a daily basis.  Life on an evolutionary world is synonymous with taking chances good or bad, making acquaintances trustworthy or very much otherwise.  Right where you are, you must trust your intuition, your inner voice, to evaluate without judgment, and for countless many of you it is a tough call not to judge.
“It is important, and righteous behavior, to be open, to have the wisdom and intelligence, prudence of mind and common sense to see a proposition that may go pear shaped, a situation that may endanger you physically or financially, and yet you are to be aware and evaluate how this may affect you and yours, not ever judge.  To clarify: It is not your task to analyze the other party, demean them in your mind or make an announcement of their shortcomings, suggest the punishment to be meted out to the supposed offender.  But why?
“Firstly, it does you no good to harbor resentment towards another, who is also meant to be a progressing son or daughter of God, but perhaps nearer still to the very starting point towards perfection than you are.  As well, in dwelling upon your judgment, a possible ruling, verdict or sentence for the wrongdoer, you are soiling the soul-mind-temple in which your Thought Adjuster dwells.  In effect, you are placing yourself in the position of the other, whilst you may well be greatly advanced to him or her.
“In a world of monstrous inequity – hunger, lack of education and lack of opportunity, of misuse of political power, deceit and crime – a world almost devoid of mores and morality – it is difficult to be so forgiving as to not ever judge.  For most it is a trial to even realize they are judging.  Consider the importance of correct evaluation, and the wrong of judgment, which must be left to the Creator of all that is. Consider the shrewdness of the snake, the innocence of the dove.
“I am the Panoptian, Samuel.  I thank you.  Rest well, my dear students.  My love goes out to you all.”
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