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OneWithoutNameNumber - The Journey to Paradise - Feb 02, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, February 2, 2010.
One Without Name, Without Number.
Subject: “The Journey to Paradise.
Received by George Barnard.
George: “We apologize for that technical (recorder) mishap.  Thank you for coming back to us now.”
One Without Name or Number: “We understand the respect and love you have for those of my order, and personally I commend you for recognizing my voice and sensing my personality.  Indeed, I am ‘located’ on Paradise, yet this is the marvel of universe reflectivity that you receive my words without delay.  We have an awareness of your presence right where you are, and we can follow your actions.  We love what your 11:11 group does, and we admire you all.  Yes, I am the One Without Name, Without Number, you already well know.
“Why do you ask should I have no name or number?  This explains the unusual: We are created so that when we are to meet on Paradise, as you surely one day will, your simply being near to me will allow you to absorb all I am, all I learned, all I ever saw, and all I ever experienced.  You will know all these things, register these in memory, and find that you need no other ‘name or number’ to greet me by, but to call me your friend, so there’s no need for name or number.
“Yes, it is almost eight years since we last spoke, and you were on another continent at the time.  Those of my order have followed your progress, and we decided to chip in on the conversation.  For me that is easily done, as I long ago -- even before the advent of the Lucifer rebellion -- learned the local (Nebadon) universe language, having been instructed to become a future member of the (celestial) commission that was to work on the Urantia Book.  Therefore few intermediaries are needed in this communication.
“To the discussion: The objective of ascension is to become more real, more God-knowing, more spiritual, more perfect, more loving, and broadly speaking, there are three groups, although many variations in between.  There are those who learn and progress as fast as they can, with ever their entry into Paradise in mind, as if they were willing to take a fast train there if they could.  There are those who would ‘take a donkey ride’ if they could, for they want to inspect every rock and shrub on the way, as a manner of speech.  They want to learn, and learn, and learn and take their time, full well knowing they have all eternity.
“Then there are those, like Samuel and Athena, and many more advanced Teachers, who ‘look over their shoulders’ at what they will leave behind in time-space, and decide that they can do more, and they tarry.  In reality there is any number of the near-perfect citizens, to any degree, and in and by any combination of both universe needs and personal motivation, all making ‘their individual paths up that mountain to the very pinnacle where they find God.  Ever, also, do they find greater groupings of individuals to associate and collaborate with as have I, in all spheres, both eternity and time-space.  I send my love and admiration to all who will hear this, my far-away voice.”
Receiver’s Notes: We were more than surprised to find the overworked Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8), doing the honors in facilitating this transmit from on High . . . yes, twice!  Perhaps he knows the Paradise Citizen well?  We don’t really know that.  Always a new mystery!
        The discussion here was about ascension paths.  Our friend on High was actually monitoring our discussion in real time.
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