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Beloved One - A Lesson on Development - Jan 19, 2005 - Progress Group, AU
Urantia, January 19, 2005.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Development.”
Received by Lytske.
The Beloved One: “Today’s lesson will be on development, since everything is always in a flux of evolving.  Development is a different word with a more enlarged meaning.  Some people balk at the word evolution, so we will use development.  Everyone and everything is always changing, for that is what energy is all about.  It is always active, always on the move.  Anything that does not move, stagnates, and eventually moves out of existence to be used at a later stage for something else.  You might think that stones are not developing.  Well maybe not from your point of view, although they do so in the long-range view held by the celestials.  Celestials indeed see the mandates of creation carried out by the force organizers of matter in space.  Remember, that time-space creatures such as you are born, live and die in a very short span of time.
“It is needful to remember this in order to understand how important this short life is in the grand scheme of things.  If mortals would be more knowledgeable of things that really matter in life, they would not keep themselves so busy with nonsense that has no bearing on what is to come.  The fighting among each other still carries on, which means that you are still in the barbaric stages. You have not gained enough love towards each other to use all your inventions from your developing brains for the betterment of the human species.  Still one half of the human species is held back and often ridiculed, and meanwhile the most deplorable treatments continue to be meted out to her, indeed, them.  Think about this: Why do men always have the upper hand in government and finance, while the women are holding the purse strings, or the men would have gone hungry a long time ago, were it not for the women planting their gardens?  It was up to the women to provide the food if the men came back empty handed from the hunt, or if there was nothing to hunt for a season.  She was always clever to make sure that there was a fire burning for all to stay warm.  Woman has always been the beast of burden, and yet never has she been accorded a proper place in history.
“This all needs to be mentioned, so you will better realize what needs to be rectified in order for you to better develop as a species, and in greater balance and harmony.  It is still very interesting to us that thinking men and women allow this to go on, and woman still get ridiculed because she is supposedly trying to gain a foot-hold in that supposed ‘man’s world.’  Let me assure you that this is God’s world, and therefore everybody’s world.  You simply lag behind in recognition of this.  There needs to be an awakening on a global scale that all are equal in God’s eyes, and all are to have the opportunity to evolve and develop into the person they are meant to become by their own efforts and self-education.  There is no reason not to be informed about the most important things in life, which is to love God above all things, and your neighbor as yourself.
“So check and see where you are lacking in self-love, and still use self-denigration through a low self-esteem, which in truth and fact is the denial of the God-Spark within you.  Or do you suffer from an ego that is too big because you see yourself as too good, or too special, to be bothered by ‘the common little people?’  This also makes it extremely difficult to find the God-Spark within, and so the soul withers and dies for lack of the connection with your God, because you have not bothered to take the time to search yourself in earnest to find out what it is that you are here to do.  So again, My advice stands for you to make it a daily habit of going into the Stillness of your hearts to find That, which has been there all along.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.
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