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Samuel of Panoptia - An Obvious Progression - Jan 04, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, January 4, 2010.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “An Obvious Progression.
Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “For those of you familiar with your text (the Urantia Papers) some of what I have to say will already be known to you.  However, there are many of your Progress Group students – my students also – that are new to this venue of prepared lessons, and so we oblige.
“Your world is most definitely the draw-card in the local universe, as our Creator Son fulfilled His last bestowal obligations among you.  My world, Panoptia, is also more than well known, since the entire human population threw its weight behind one woman, Elanora, and the Melchizedek Teachers.  She is one of extraordinary spirituality, intellect, foresight, political sagacity, and rock-solid determination to do the Creator’s bidding, now as then, whilst our planetary prince and more went Lucifer’s way.
“We saw skirmishes, indeed, but nothing at all like the wholesale devastation of the Dalamatia civilization that was visited upon you all, and which still ricochets from then and there to this very day and place.  We are from worlds of great contrast, immense contrast.  We are peace, you are war, still, and it must change, yes!  There is much to learn and much to teach, for us now, and for you all in the distant future on high.  Select your subjects, and make your plans now.
“Do not however be surprised when minds greater than yours – your eminent Teachers of your eternal future -- manage to advise you of a preferable, and obviously, made-to-order soul progression.  Neither a cabin in the hills with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, nor a twenty-year round trip of Nebadon will be in the offing.  Instead you will be introduced to many who have gone before you; kin, distant kin, and myriad strangers, all of whom can teach your ever-advancing minds.
“As a young child, helping my father in our garden, I dreamed to be as knowledgeable as he was.  As a young man, I indeed became a horticulturist, and later a genetic engineer, who’s much enjoyed food products are still being grown.  As an old man I spent as much of my time as an advisor, as I did in meditation.  But always, always, there was the unspoken wish to be here, to just visit, where the Master lived his human life.
“This is a rebellion tested universe, and more so here than in any other sector of Nebadon, it draws those, who together with their Spirit Selves, will decide to place their further ascension, and fusion on hold for lengthy seasons, to help make right what went wrong.  The Fragment of the Creator within you counts not the days, but measures only progress, and much to your delight the obvious progression may well be to tarry and to teach.  So, put away your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, and the plans for your cabin in the hills.  I jest, of course.
“This is your friend and teacher, Samuel.  I send my love and best wishes to all in this brand-new year.  Au revoir.”

George: “Thank you, Samuel.”
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