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Orion; Ophelius; Beloved One - Karma - Celebrations - Understanding - Dec 19, 2009 - Progress Group AU
Three Transcripts Nov 29, 2009; Dec 19, 2009;  Jan 16, 2005

Sydney, Australia, November 29, 2009.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
Nebadon Life Carrier, Orion.
Subject: “Karma -- Thoughts, Wishes, Deeds, and Their Results.”

Received by George Barnard.
Bzutu: “I greet you, my mentally restless, white-bearded human friend.  We surround you and will dictate . . . at your unhurried pace.  I know that only the very best of your friends get away with being facetious.  Over to another now.”
Orion: “White-bearded indeed!  This is your Teacher, Orion, and I remind you, my friend, that you are older than I am, for the fact that you are indwelt by a Fragment of the eternal Creator of all there is, whilst Life Carriers, who predate even the birth of this planet, earn such a Gift only upon completing their countless millennia of service.  Thus the beard is appropriate, whilst I have no such facial hair to contend with.
“Life Carriers are not devoid of humor, but take their given tasks seriously.  We are responsible for populating the inhabitable worlds with human or pre-human creatures on nine worlds out of ten.  We can, and do, carry life.  On the tenth – the decimal worlds as is Urantia – we produce the biological matrix, which is then given the breath of life by our Universe Spirit.  We are proud of what we do, and we nurture the biological miracles that we co-create and assist in their evolution.
“We do not like to see our work, and that is you -- the upright-walking species that host the Fragment of God -- purposely being devolved.  And so, in relation to the non-biodegradable pollution of which our Prince spoke, we are now looking at karma as it applies to those who sew these horrendous invisible seeds of evil that have such enormous half life.  We do this by ‘looking at’ karma in general.
“Thoughts are cheap, and in you as a species with such variable moods and metabolism, your non-positive thoughts can easily be forgiven, even by the self, if they are recognized and countered at the realization of their being wrong.  Strongly-felt wishes of seeing harm done to another, carry karma, for these wishes of hatred resound through the universes even onto the Almighty.  Plans to do harm are in a worse category, and even more so if they are acted upon.
“Now we ‘look upon’ some variations.  Accidents do happen, and they are often, wrongly, called an act of God.  There may be responsibility for carelessness in those cases.  There is what you consider a Catch 22 situation – nothing to do with our Midwayer friend, ABC-22, presently facilitating this communication – but very much part of the Winston Churchill task of steering his way through countless lesser evils to find the least evil action.  Almost never is this a one-hundred-percent success, as you have found, but it does come close.
“There are still two more, among a range of yet others, that I will give you: In a democracy each voter shares in the responsibility for the outright wrongs of their government.  Alas, there are few true democracies today, as the majority of acts are forced through, and may well dupe the trusting voter, whilst the onus is on the voter to initially, fully acquaint him or herself with their party’s policies.
“Lastly, there is the one of the greatest upset to the Creator, and all celestial forces, not in the least the Life Carriers.  I refer to the wholesale pollution of land, its crops, and people, your oceans and what lives and dwells there, the air and its wantonly being contaminated.  Indeed, the full responsibility and near-insurmountable karma rests with the decision makers whose acts produce the stillborn, the unborn, the handicapped, and the walking dead, where God-knowing creatures would have dwelt.  He knows them all intimately, yes, those who will now never be.”
“This is Orion.  I give you my love, Urantians. We shed a tear for you all, my dear students, you, who surely taught the Gods how to cry.”
George: “You got me going as well.”
Note: ‘The Walking Dead’ is a phrase coined by ABC-22.  They are those whose bodies are contaminated with DU (depleted uranium).

Transcript 2

Michigan, US of A, December 19, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Celebrations and Traditions.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s message is about letting go of the material and commercial aspects of your religious traditions, and embracing a new and more spiritual way to worship and remember God’s visitations and promises to perfect humanity, and to bring peace and brotherhood to this confused and strife torn world.  It is the Father’s will that love be the focus of all celebrations and in the joy of fellowship with your brethren, you come together in unity and project your intentions for a better future.  To answer the Father’s call to perfection, we must continue to change and evolve our thinking, and put into practice those high ideals we have when caught up in the moment of celebration and ceremony.
“For thousands of years man has capitalized on the traditions and celebrations of religious holidays to turn profits by exploitation of man’s good nature and worshipful attitude to honor God.  This exploitation has become so intense that the very meaning and spiritual inclinations of the celebration have been supplanted by clever commercial campaigns aimed at appealing to the vanity of the ego to fill the spiritual longings of oneness with God with material gratifications.  This serves the money changers well, but leaves the soul and the pocketbook empty.
“Man has become a slave to this perpetuation of materialism in connection with his celebrations and religious festivals, and this leads to anxiety and depression in many, because they feel they have lost control and must conform to peer pressure to perform in opposition to the longings of the soul for sincere relationships, and worshipful unity.
“Let us focus on the ‘good will.’  What is the ‘good will?’  The ‘good will’ is God’s will, and His will for us is to enjoy life; to love Him; and to love one another.  When anxieties and ill will enter into our traditions and festivals, we must change our way of approach.  It is not my place to tell you how to live, but it is my desire that you become aware of that which you have become, and to hold your intentions to the light, and see if they embrace truth, beauty, and goodness.  Begin a new tradition this year, one that is focused on love and relationship and less on material gratification.  In the worlds to come, relationship is the gift of celebration, for material things are left behind with the flesh.  Let us learn these lessons of love now, my beloved friends, and enjoy this precious time you have on the earth.

Transcript 3

Urantia, January 16, 2005.
A Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Understanding.
Received by Lytske.
The Beloved One: “The earthly lessons on understanding will be ongoing.  Every new experience can teach you something, so a greater comprehension may dawn upon your minds.  This route of new understandings is needed for the gathering of wisdom.  At least this is the case if and when you will learn from your experiences and insights come upon which to build a further understanding.  All creatures, mortal and celestial, gather their own unique portfolios of understandings.  Some develop greater expertise than do others due to the choices and decisions made over the course of time, during which events unfold, and to which personalities must react in order to learn.  Everything always unfolds to the highest good, even if that highest good is not apparent to time-oriented mortals.  We, who have the benefit of ‘a long range view,’ can see the outworking of causes set in motion eons ago as if they happened yesterday.
“So we exhort you to always be of good cheer, for God sees the beginning from the end, and the end from the beginning.  All you have to do is to be single-minded about the business of glorifying God to the benefit of your soul.  You see, this life is really for the spirit life, albeit that you live it in a mortal and temporary temple.  Even so, most humans live as if there is no tomorrow in everlasting life, and they have turned totally selfish because of it.  They labor to gather material things as if their life depended on it.  Only when they get old and the decrepitude of ageing gets the better of them, the realization dawns that perhaps somewhere along the line they might have misunderstood as to what life was really meant to be lived for.  Some, unfortunately, never wake up to the fact that their soul needed to grow, and be nurtured by them.
“Let Me reiterate: Life is a gift and the present now is all you have.  The sooner you wake up into this great realization, the better use you are going to make from the now, and the now, and the now.  Eternity exists in the moments of the now.  Time is only a tiny drop in the ocean of eternity, but time has been gifted to you so you can begin to understand what it is what you are to do with your time in the now.  Service opportunities abound everywhere, and no human is an island onto his or herself.  You are all here to learn and to make a difference.  You are not here to gather an abundance of material goods, especially in a case where another has to go without.  All are gifted in some measure to be of service to another, through which you honor the Giver of your life.  What you do for the least of your brethren and sisters, you do to the Most High Gods, who take note of these things.
“There is a tremendous spiritual hierarchy at work, laboring tirelessly in order for you to learn your lessons so that you may comprehend.  This understanding, which you gather on earth, will give you the foundation for greater understanding in the life hereafter.  You will never be bored, I can guarantee you, as learning happens in all of eternity.  The nicest thing about this is that you will always be taught more by those who have gone on before you.  In turn, so will you teach others who come up behind you from the worlds of space, and so you will all learn together that you, and even I, your Thought Adjuster, are all children of the same great Creator, who experiences Himself through all of us.  This is the concept I would like you to grasp; that we are all equal in His eyes.  We are simply gathering the understanding and wisdom from each other.”
© 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire – ABC-22.