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SharmonMNO6 - Passing On Is A Healing - Balancing The Soul -  Dec 04 & 23, 2009 - Progress Group, AU

(George Barnard) To All,
There was an unusual enquiry from a dear friend, and it was Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon (MNO-6), who offered to do the honors today.  Personally, I did not have the foggiest of what it was all about.
The basic enquiry: Something I hold close to my heart is what happened to my husband when he passed away, but it confuses me greatly to this day.  John knew he was nearing the end of his life here, and he called for me.  I came over closer to him, and took his hand and my eyes rested on our clasped hands.  As I watched, his grip relaxed, and his breathing stopped.  Then, as I moved my gaze from our hands to his face, all I saw was green, and a rather stern-looking man with dark hair, dressed in a suit, standing to the side.  This is what I saw, rather than my husband’s face right up until I visited the funeral home.  It still bothers me and I am wondering if you would know, or could find out, why I saw this, and what it meant -- who that man was.  He appeared to be thirty or forty years old.
Wanda’s mom.
Illawarra District, Australia, December 4, 2009.
Secondary Midwayer Sharmon (MNO6).
Subject: “Passing On Is A Healing.”
Received by George Barnard.
Sharmon: “It’s always a pleasure to make a soft landing in this cozy dwelling, and be welcomed by a long-time friend.  This is Sharmon, and as much as I am allowed to divulge about the event, I will put into suitable language for you.  First and foremost, let us ‘look at’ the couple, their dedication to each other and their offspring, their soul growth on this earth, and it matters not if this is purely religious, spiritual, or truly both, as in their case.  Secondly, also, a state of mind – one of inevitable loss, as well as relief for the partner, and somewhat of a fluke -- was part of what made it possible for us to project the next state (maybe stage?  I couldn’t hear that) of her husband’s existence.
“We Midwayers can do this, although not always without a little help from above.  The green healing color, and yes, passing on is a healing, was placed there by universe reflectivity, merely to divert the wife’s attention from the body, the face, and to allow her to see the Midwayer, who consented to be perceived by her.  He -- and no, you need not to know his name or number, as he is stationed halfway around the world from Australia – made himself available to inform the about-to-be-released and awakening soul that his Destiny Guardians were about to ensconce him in the ‘waiting arms’ of a four-winged Transporter Seraph.
“At times it is necessary for the soul to be met by a determined and authoritative figure -- and this Midwayer is authoritative by his very nature – to convince the soul that terrestrial life has now truly ended, to let go and suffer no more, that the next phase has begun, and that there is nothing to fear.  Remember now, our ranks have swelled exponentially, and this kind of scenario is likely to happen more often.
”Just in passing, I note that it is a wonder to us that you continue to see the human machine, devoid of all life, as something that needs to be embalmed, boxed, and decorated with flowers and engraved stones, but to each his or her ways.  And yes, the man’s Destiny Guardians were also granted their ascension.  This is Sharmon, best dressed in the Midway Realm.  I send my love to all.”

Transcript 2

Illawarra District, Australia, December 23, 2009.
Secondary Midwayer Sharmon (MNO-6).
Subject: “A Process of Balancing.”
Received by George Barnard.
Sharmon: “Well here I am, my lonesome human buddy, thinking you would appreciate some feminine company of the most charming kind – me!  I see a glimmer of a smile below that furrowed brow.  We can begin.  Firstly, however, I must warn you that not all the questions that have arisen in your mercurial mind will be answered.  They will not.  You are an evolutionary being, not a created being, and for you the input of revelationary information is wisely curtailed.
“We have established so far that time has many segments, most of which are never noted by you, whilst one or two may be noted, just occasionally.  We have managed to explain that everything in time-space has physicality – your mind, your soul, your thoughts, your emotions and more.  Truly, how else could you walk into a room and sense ‘a right old barney’ of an argument having just been concluded there?  Always there are exceptions, though, yes?
“For you it is most easily to understand that time-space is transcended by eternity, or rather that time-space has its foundation in eternity.  And so it is possible for pure spirit – Thought Adjusters and others of pure spirit make-up – to be located within all pervaded space, nearby you, even within you, yet without their impinging on the time-space realm all of you humans, as well as us of morontia make-up, as well as all of Mother Spirit’s daughters (the angels) occupy.
“Now to specifics: On a planet of this nature, with a human population of great diversity, it is frequent that through circumstances of human birth, or even during the growth period to maturity, certain unbalances may occur.  There may be an inborn, or developing, propensity for psychic ability, or there may be an inclination towards, or growth towards, spirituality.  Indeed, these are not the same.  Indeed, these can create a great unbalance in need of correction.
“With all of your lives, from the terrestrial start to your entry into Paradise, pre-known in infinite detail, adjustments are made to allow the individual to be that bright and shining ‘stone’ in his or her meant-to-be location of his or her mosaic of time, environment, and associations.  Conveniently, the soul may be lifted out of the body, and spirited away for this real operation conducted at the Archangels’ circuit of the planet by those of great expertise, who temporarily dwell there.
“Here you see that in such an instance a ‘modicum of creation’ is frequently applied to the process of evolution, and is this a form of enlightenment?  Call it what you will, my dear student, but see it as a deserved balancing of the human soul when a boost in psychic ability may help enhance great spiritual progress, or when a boost in spirituality may augment great psychic ability.  Often it is yours for the asking, more often it is recommended by us, who so care for you all.
“This is Secondary Midwayer Messenger, Sharmon, signing off, and darting away to her next task, leaving you my love and best wishes.”
Receiver’s note: Sometimes there is (human) resistance to this process of having the soul taken from the body for balancing.  It can be left in memory, as either vaguely uncomfortable, or a veritable nightmare of hugely distorted memories that just won’t go away.  Let me know if you want to read about this.  It’s about 5 pages long, called “The Vice-Regent.”
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