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Urantia Planetary Supreme; Serena, and a Guardian Angel - My Presence Is a Growing field of Light and Life - All Sincere Effort is Rewarded - Oct 19, 2009 - Marin TM
Marin TM Group--Mill Valley, California--USA.

[Editor’s notes about the personnel who spoke during this session for readers of this file:
*Urantia: This Planet’s evolving Supreme Deity. Inhabited planets are named after them)
*Serena: The Magisterial Mission’s Chief of Staff of an unrevealed order of Sonship hailing from the Central Universe. They can and do incarnate in both male and female form. Urantia’s Magisterial Mission’s Chief of Staff is said to incarnate in the female form. Several of this unrevealed order of Sonship will be part of the Magisterial Mission’s staff.]

T/R-Donna D’Ingillo of Center for Christ

  1. (Urantia’s Planetary Supreme)
  2. (You Grow by Decisions)
  3. (Michael’s Correcting Plan)
  4. (Tuning in to Serena)
  5. (A Guardian Angel’s Advice to Her Ward)
  6. (To See the Beauty and Soul in Another)
  7. (To See as Michael and Mother Spirit See)
URANTIA: Greetings to you, my children, this is what you might consider to be an introduction to my presence here in your mind. I am the Supreme Being of the planet and I may be known by the name, Urantia. My presence is a growing field of light and life. It is a part of the structure of evolutionary worlds to grow this planetary supremacy of consciousness of the human or mortal will creatures of the realm. This is a time of great reconstruction and re-establishment of the circuits that were severed at the time of the Lucifer Rebellion. Now that they have been formerly and fully reintroduced into the planet’s circuitry, there is this flow of dynamic energy that streams from your mother Nedadonia into my being that you live within. This energetic matrix is a part of how you will grow in consciousness both individually and collectively. It is part of your parents’ desire for you to become more fully cognizant of my presence and being as a factor in your own spiritual growth. You have a growing relationship and also a cosmic duty to help my being on the planet through your spiritualized thinking and action.

(Urantia’s Planetary Supreme)

The heart center of your being is a pivotal place for these energies to converge. Here is an intersection of thought and feeling that you can benefit from by opening your awareness and drawing strength from this place within. Focus on your heart centers now. (pause) Let them become soft and pliant and inquisitive as you breathe the energy deeper in your heart center, slowly inhaling and exhaling and allowing your body to become more open to what we wish to impart to you this evening. (long pause)

Your years of study of the cosmology in your Urantia book have created a wonderful potential for growth within your mind. You have moved from planetary consciousness to a more universal consciousness that will serve you well tonight as the circuits around you become more tightly woven into your being. Your mother, Nebadonia, and your father, Michael, love you beyond your ability to comprehend at this time. Your bodies have yet to grow into the fullness of their love for you. Still, it is possible for you to be expanded in their love and become more attuned and attentive to the duties you have as faith sons and daughters of Nebadon--to love your brethren and to serve in the ways you desire. Your destinies are all assured. Your growth is unfolding. But what you still need is more of the spiritual circuitry around you to further anchor, ground, and elevate your thinking from the animal nature that is still buried in fear, to be dominated and influenced to the status of security and confidence in the glory of your personhood as children of light and life. So as you focus on your hearts, relax now and receive, for there are those here who know how to help you step into the garments of the morontia mind of greater beauty and grace. Breathe and relax and simply allow. (pause)

The planet is changing. The light structure is growing. The truth of Michael is catalyzing its sweet fragrance in places where stagnation of your ability to evolve has lingered. Growth is natural and organic in the evolutionary process, but your growth has suffered some serious setbacks--as you well know, and your parents have provided a means of mediation through which you could all become more attuned.

(You grow by decisions)

There are no shortcuts in the universe: you must grow, decision by decision. To use a better quality of mindedness facilitates your decision-making and so you might say your engines are all being jump started and these new circuits will catalyze the sparks within you, activating new places of potential to help you grow during this time of planetary shifting.

My love is your love. You have added, you have built upon and participated in who and what I am. So you can take ownership of this, and as you do, know that there are many who take ownership in this with you. You are building this together, collectively. No one is greater or lesser, but all have something to share. As you grow in this relationship with me as a separate deity, your indwelling Father Fragment will be able to activate and expand contacts with you and render you more spiritually fragrant in your thinking. I invite you to live this now and continue to draw upon this power in me that is of you and your brothers and sisters.

The circuits will grow so, in your stillness, take time to connect with me as your planetary helper, your collective godhead. It is a quality of energy that is differentiated from that of your Adjusters, or the Spirit of Truth, or the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, you can begin to perceive it through your stillness practice by focusing on me and our increasingly dynamic relationship. It is my delight, and our delight, to share in this together and to become more aware of the oneness that exists between us--you in me and me in you.

The mind circuits impinging and printing information into your bodies are part of the overall challenge of human development of consciousness. The circuits within you contain light and this light was meant to grow more intense, vibrating at higher frequencies. This light is a quality of being that your Master demonstrated as he walked upon Urantia, and the quality of his light added greatly to our collective nature. Allow yourselves to ingest more light into your bodies now. Feel your desires for this as there are many around you who will help you imprint upon this and become more connected to me. (pause)

My children, thank you. Thank you for opening yourselves and for being the faith sons and daughters who have led into a new way of being. I will end this transmission with the exhortation to continue to allow these circuits to grow tonight and hereafter, reinforcing within you the awareness that by focusing on me you may become more of the light-beings of Nebadon that will truly transform Urantia. I leave you in peace, and light, and love, and life. Grow in joy and enjoy what has been provided for you. Good evening, my beloveds.

SERENA: Good evening, my brothers and sisters, this is Serena. It is very good to be here tonight to weave these circuits into you. Those of us who labor on your behalf, we do this in ways that you cannot see or even feel at times. Yet the higher strands light-information, the Morontia substance coming into your being now, is real, and it is desirable for you to want this. You are being altered in ways that will reveal themselves in time, but I am here to invite you and encourage you to call upon me, and those of us who labor on your behalf, to continue to help you integrate these energies into you.

(Michael’s Correcting Plan)

Your bodies have been depleted of the life-sparks that are necessary for you to grow in the way your Adjusters would like to encourage you. Therefore, as part of Michael’s Correcting Plan, it has been mandated that you would receive more of these endowments of the kind, not all at once but gradually, through your sincere desires and devotion to spiritual achievement, that you may use them for your higher growth.

You have heard it said that all sincere effort is rewarded, and this is part of the great gifting that your mother and father have deemed for you, to help you in your sincere attempt. So call on us; please, call on us. There is nothing as important in your life as this at this time, I assure you. Spiritual development is the cornerstone to a happy and fulfilling life and you may enjoy this new awareness in the days and weeks and months to come--should you desire to put your attention on the idea that we are here to help you integrate this into you.

I will invite you to ask questions that are on your minds about this, to help you in your attempts at stillness and receiving these circuits.

Student: Serena, my question is: what’s the best way to contact you and the others to get the circuits going in our bodies?

SERENA: Pick up the heart line in your being and dial: S-e-r-e-n-a. (students laugh) It is this simple. Call on us and we will respond. Does this answer your question?--even though I said this in jest?

Student: Yes, it does. The only other part of the question would be stillness. I find it very difficult to keep my mind anywhere near still.

(Tuning in to Serena)

SERENA: It is not a matter of keeping your mind still but learning how to focus it on a particular intention, and then find that point of focus so you can return to it when your mind wanders. You might want to use an affirmation, something to the effect of: my body is being Morontia-ized by Serena. As you repeat that over and over for a period of time the most significant thing you can do is focus your desire to be increasingly sincere in your heart about what it is you wish to accomplish and achieve.

If you want to achieve this, acknowledge it to yourself: Yes, I want this and I am now focusing on my wanting this to grow within me. Your mind is meant to be a fluid place for the enjoyment of your Adjuster. It’s as if you’re allowing the Father in Paradise to enjoy thinking with you. So there will be movement and momentum. To try to stop all thoughts would be counterproductive. What you are attempting to do is shift your focus from your habitual mental chatter and engagement with the world around you to the inner world where your Adjuster is waiting to share ideas, and love, and compassion with you. So as you desire these Morontia endowments, allow yourself to think about what might be an affirmation to repeat, and then focus on feeling your desire for this. Does this help?

Student: It does help, indeed--very clear. I like the affirmation you suggested. Thank You.

SERENA: I am glad that this is helpful and I hope you will use it and become more relaxed in your stillness practice rather than frustrated with it.

Next student: Yes, Serena, maybe I need a nudge to overcome the fear of insecurity of opening up to something--greater potential or a different way of living on this planet. I’ve been experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction with the notion of earning a living and working so much. I know I have the potential to be of benefit in this world, and it’s a day to day, individual to individual experience and purpose, but I always feel this nagging something that wants to do more, and just won’t leave me alone. Even participating in these great teachings; it’s still there. So: enlighten me.

SERENA: I will withdraw for a moment and invite your Guardian Seraphim to address you.

GUARDIAN ANGEL: Hello, D. Guess who this is. (much laughter) We have been trying to get your attention. And yet we know your heart, and we know your fear, although we do not understand it because this is not something that we perceive in ourselves. But though you are of a different composition than of our order, still our love for you is such that we are acting as irritants in your being, to help you overcome this fear and seek for something beyond what you have yet experienced.

(A Guardian Angel’s advice to her ward)

How much are you willing to risk?--it’s not something you have to answer tonight. You have stepped out into unknown space many times; you know what it’s like to be out there, willing to jump off and just fly. We are here to encourage you to take another step. Though it’s not a step you take alone, you must exercise the power of your mind, your will, to say yes to a better way of being, a higher way, a way you have not yet willfully experienced. So the more you want this, you will be more irritated.

Think about this. Ask for more trust to fill your heart. Rely on your Father Michael to infuse you with it. But you can only use so much of it before the irritation will commence again and urge you to take the next step. Do you wish to continue to just move along at your present pace, or do you want more accelerated growth? You do not have to answer; this is only for you to deliberate on. We are here to nudge you forward and we will continue to irritate you if you do not act in the ways we are guiding you.

Student: It’s through stillness that I access your guidance, or become clearer in what I am to do?

GUARDIAN ANGEL: Part of it will come that way, and part of it will be in your conscious thoughts during certain moments of your days. The more you devote your heart energies to this, and say yes, you will be able to perceive where our guidance is directing you. We are here for you, but you must truly make that decision in your heart--that you want to take the next step--joyfully!--faithfully!--and without the hesitation that has kept you in this place.

Student: It’s obvious that I desire things to be accelerated because the way I feel--and who wants further irritation!--but the way I feel is like I’m inclined… It’s like in a Road-Runner cartoon where you’re running in one place out in the air. But I realize I am, for lack of a better word, progressing. I realize that fear is denying me full access to that.

GUARDIAN ANGEL: It’s because you are giving it power over you. Who is in control here? You are the master of your will. Do not let it master you with fear. (heavy sigh from student) Do you feel this answer has helped you?

Student, laughing: I’m just curious what the risk is. (much laughter)

GUARDIAN ANGEL: The risk is your happiness.

Student: Yes… But can you give me an example if when you’re the irritation? It’s like, if I want to do something else--say, not going off to work some day to do something else… You know how loyal I am to my customers and the responsibilities I have in my life… Let’s say I want to stay home and write, or stay home to be with my granddaughter. But there’s this other voice saying I have these responsibilities; I have to earn a living. Is that a moment then where I need to take the other way and do what I want to do? Is that a possible scenario?


Student: Thank you--I do trust in that. I trust in myself.

GUARDIAN ANGEL: And trust in the key word here.

Student: Thank you. I have asked for this.

GUARDIAN ANGEL: And you are being responded to. We will withdraw now and ask that you resume your discussions. Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you in this way. Know that we are ever pledged to guide you where your heart and the Father’s will want take you. Good evening.

SERENA: Well, D, I know you did not expect that. I hope this was helpful and beneficial to you, for your angels love you and are entirely devoted to you. And so I hope you will take this counsel to heart and ponder it in the coming days. Are there other questions or was that the most pressing on your mind??

Student: That was the most pressing. I’ve been experiencing a lot of fatigue lately. My body just wanted to relax and rest.

Serena: Some of the changes will bring up certain vibrations in your body that may feel a little uncomfortable, so treat your body gently. Exercise it as best you can, but rest it as well, and hydrate it and nourish it properly.

Next student: Serena, I would like to second and celebrate what you have shared with us this evening, for it’s been my glorious experience lately to get over a certain shyness and diffidence I’ve always felt toward others. I’m off in my own self so much, but lately, with being able to just look in the eyes of those I meet even nonchalantly on the sidewalk going downtown, I’ve been receiving the most amazing beauty there, in reply, that I never knew existed. And so I thank all the spiritual teachers for, in a sense, showing me the way to acknowledge so many wonderful, wonderful people. One of the most precious things Michael said was that their Morontia reality--their souls--are perceptible. We can see it. It’s the absolutely unique character in every pair of eyes, who are also looking to me for affirmation. So I thank you very much. I will definitely enjoy growing even more in this soulful dimension.

(To see the beauty and soul in another)

SERENA: And it is delightful to those of us who are witnessing the lights going on inside the human heart and mind--to see the sparks rise to the surface and the light of the soul shine out. And that yours is growing is of such great delight to us, and we sit back and enjoy your enjoyment of what you are witnessing and experiencing. So know that the playfulness and lightheartedness will always be yours to savor as your soul connects with the others souls around you. It is ever thus as you grow and become more increasingly like the Father whose light within you is so beautiful and vibrant.

Student: Thank you.

SERENA: And we thank you for your efforts in sharing your light with your brothers and sisters, and continuing to hold a place for others to come and receive.

Your Mother and Father have some brief words for you tonight, so I will withdraw now and send you my heartiest wishes and prayers for your continued growth and flourishing in the light and love that shines from Paradise, and is growing ever brighter in your being. Oh my beautiful brethren!--delight in one another and yourselves, and enjoy your lives. Good evening.

MICHAEL: My children, this is Michael. Tonight is not a night of many words from your Mother and me. Know that what has been offered to you will grow and help you become more receptive of our love for you. Oh, my little ones--so dear, so beautiful; you have been harshly condemning of yourselves in so many ways, and I can only encourage you to let this go now, and see the true beauty and innocence you are, you who have lived on a world seared with rebellion. You know not fully the truth of the nobility and dignity of your status as evolving sons and daughters of the Paradise Creator.

(To see as Michael and Mother Spirit see)

The love in which you were created is so expansive that you would literally explode if you were to perceive it all at once--you might say. But here it is, and here it will always be, for you to relax into and feel it flow. And so, now, open. Open as wide as you can, and say, “Mother and Father, I am here. Fill me; fill me; fill me.” And let us fill you now, and drink deeply of this cup of life and light of the very Source from whence it comes. Allow Mother to expand you and let you feel the preciousness of who you are in us and in our Father. (long pause)

NEBADONIA: The seeds are sown, and they will grow and blossom and flourish and nourish your brothers and sisters for you are the ones who are sharing my life and feeding my flock. And I am in you, and you are in me, and we are going into the fields now and bringing all the children who are ready to come home, home to their hearts and to their Mother. Flourish in me and may peace resonate deeply in your souls each and every day. Good evening.