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DrMendoza MNO8 - One Person At A Time - Indigo Children - Nov 02, 2009 & Nov 09, 2002 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, November 2, 2009.
Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO8).
Life Carrier, Orion.
Subject: “One Person At A Time.”
Received by George Barnard.
Dr. Mendoza: “My dear colleague in many healing endeavors, I greet you.  This is Dr. Mendoza, delighted to find you in the mood, and in the appropriate mindal state.  In all projects one can only go forward one step at a time.  It is by your communications far and wide that others, in turn, can progress.  This is how knowledge can be disseminated, and this is how many can benefit from a single lecture.  Our Michael wills that all allowable improvements be applied to this world, and it is about this we wish to converse with you.  Over to another.”
Orion: “My dear human friend, it is by the good doctor’s invitation, and by your willingness to be involved in these liaisons, that I come to speak with you about creation and evolution.  Each of these are noted on time-space worlds.  However, a combination of these two are more markedly common on decimal worlds.  On every globe in ten, we do indeed help instigate basic life, but then we tarry for millions of years to fine-adjust, to suitably modify, to adapt to climatic conditions, and to transform in some positive way to please the Creator Father.
“It is the Life Carriers’ duty to populate the ‘made-ready’ worlds of time and space, and wherever possible to improve the quality of the God-knowing races of men and women.  The old ‘hands-off’ rule at the time of emergence of the first God-knowing human on any planet no longer applies here.  If requested to do so by human parents-to-be, we may respond to Michael’s mandates of enhancing the unborn to such a degree as to improve on what might otherwise be grave chances of some one or other genetic disorder becoming the child’s life-long handicap.
“The Mother Spirit’s mind endowments you’ve been allocated are uniform.  However, to what degree they impact on the brain depends on the latter’s development, and in that respect, on this world, there is no equality whatever, with the numerous genetics-based ‘misdevelopments’ passed on from generation to generation.  Here now you have a great influx of Life Carriers, Midwayers and Mentori from outlying worlds in this sector and beyond to energize into greater development the fetal brains for improvement of your species, one step, one person at a time.
“I am Orion, a servant to what lives and breathes in time-space.  Au revoir.”
Dr. Mendoza: “Little has changed since we first broached this subject, my friend.  However, it is now that a veritable army of healers is at ready wherever and whenever the Thought Adjusters permit such functions.  Goodbye from me.”
Receiver’s note: I’ll try to find that earlier transmit and repost it later.
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From George Barnard:
[The transmission that went out yesterday referred to this oldie, so we’re reposting it.  To be pregnant means one is ‘expecting’ -- expecting the best, no doubt.  However, should there be a chance the newborn could inherit a genetic problem that runs in the family, God willing, Midwayers, Life Carriers, and some among the Mentori are truly ‘equipped to turn things for the better.’  It’s an important dispensation for this world, hardly universal routine.  Please read with care.]
Sorry about the length.  We don’t anymore allow long 11:11 transmits.
Illawarra District, Australia, November 9, 2002.
Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Pre-birth Programming and Indigo Children.”
Received by George Barnard.
Dr. Mendoza: “This is Dr. Mendoza.
George: “I greet you, my dear Friend.  Surprise!  Good to see you!  I hope “I’ll be Frank” and Alice will stay with us both for this upcoming commentary, yes?”
Dr. Mendoza: “Wild horses could not dislodge these two “lovers” from your couch.  Before I get into the subject for this early morning, I want to confirm that, indeed, it was our Mathew who stood guard over your lost property, hiding it from view, until the right person came along.
“But now, while I have this moment in time -- this window in time -- I want to talk about something with you, and it follows on from a discussion you had some days ago.  The subject of this lesson, once again, deals with Thought Adjusters (Spirit Selves).
“You are aware of one incident of the early arrival of a Thought Adjuster, when in fact there were three such occasions when these events were brought to your attention, that you should still have knowledge of (Mendoza now showing me these other two long-ago events).
George: “Right.  I got that.”
Dr. Mendoza: “There are many occasions when a Thought Adjuster arrives on the planet to, as you would term it, “psych out” a family into which a precocious child will be born.  The thought Adjuster, with the thorough knowledge of Its future re-emergence into the time/space realms, Its successes and future fusion with the subject of Its devotion, and beyond, will sometimes visit, and observe at close quarters the behavior, the atmosphere, the dedication of the parents that will “give life” to Its yet-to-be-born human charge.
“From arrival to indwelling, and right up to eternity, we, the Urantia Midwayers, although infrequently involved, are sometimes made aware of such a future indwelling – of such a future birth – of a precocious child with a mission, with a duty to perform, or as you might call it; “that bright and shiny, colorful and scintillating little tile in the mosaic of its time, family, group, or environment”.
“The Thought Adjuster alone, oftentimes through the alerts of Seraphim and Cherubim, will indicate to us via our Primary Midway Partners that such a little gem, such a treasured subject, the future beloved charge of that Thought Adjuster, will be playing an important role in the progressing economy of our planet, in some place, at some time, in some event, or perhaps even in a life-long association with us.
“And so it is that we look forward in great excitement, and with a great deal of anticipation, to the birth of that child.  We look forward to an important task to come, and we relish the thrills of knowing just a little, and in time, discovering a great deal more.
“These instances of our receiving advance knowledge of events of future times are becoming increasingly more regular, and many of our messengers, many of our great mind-to-mind specialists, and many of our tried and tested welcome volunteers that have so increased our numbers, are now involved with the subliminal pre-programming of these children, and, yes, well before they are born -- the smallest of fetuses in the womb (He shows me a fetus no bigger than a small plum).
“Even as the number of your human population increases, we have already arrived at figures far above an expected proportional increase of these precocious ones -- far, far greater than the expected percentages and in all populations. And they will double and quadruple and so on, as many of our Midwayer kin are now engaged in the pre-programming, from the fetal stages, through infancy, and into adulthood.
“Again, occupying a timeslot closest to you my mortal brothers and sisters, they are the Secondary Midwayers at work in stimulating, teaching and spiritizing these new leaders of the minds of men and woman of the ages to come.”
George: “Doc, are you referring to the “Indigo Children”, and the Prophets of the Future?”
Dr. Mendoza: “Indeed.  Those you have named the Indigo Children, those you have named the Prophets of the Future, are among them, but there are many more.  So little time is expanded in starting this pre-birth education process.  The fetal mind can only impact to the degree there is corresponding brain development, and it is there that we can also influence the overall physiological outcome, and virtually in each instance with great success, bar for those occasions of extreme birthing difficulties and regrettable cerebral neuron losses.
“We have monitored your discussions and writings of late, and there is no blame on you for not having anticipated this reality.  It was I, who was made aware of your having reached not even halfway towards coming to these conclusions, and we considered it to be time for you to freely receive the input, where you were most unlikely to come to a conclusion of any value in this matter.
“There is a little more to say about this issue, so stay with me now.  In many instances, the parents of these children are given clear and advance knowledge of what their offspring will be like – that their children will have these extraordinary intellects, as well as mature spiritual outlooks from even an early age.  They (the parents) can certainly augment our work, as many do, and this, once again, can only strengthen our enthusiasm and determination to do our utmost.
“We, as bona fide citizens of this planet are a largely unknown and unheralded minority group, still, and nothing pleases us more than to finally have our chances to foster progress to the degree we may now do this, and for the world at large.
“This is Dr. Mendoza signing off.  Later, fellow.”
George: “Thank you for calling.  I had no idea you would have the time to sneak away for another visit.  Thank you, Brother.”
Notes: Yesterday was the second time Midwayer Mathew spotted me losing my wallet with plastic money and a week’s household budget.  To this absentminded old guy, the Midwayer is a veritable lifesaver.
Outspoken “I’ll be Frank” and soft-spoken “Alice” are a Morontia Cherubim pair with more than 400 years of human psychological studies between them.  Unattached to mortals, they serve with all members of the 11:11 group.
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