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Churchill, Winston - Mind & Soul Growth Impacted by Disorders - My WWII Decision Making Had Celestial Direction - Nov 15, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, November 15, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Sir Winston Churchill.
Subject: “More On Resolution.”
Received by George Barnard.
Bzutu: “There are times you surprise me with your reticence to communicate, and I ask, is it the workload?  No!  Disbelief or doubts about your ability?  No!  A most fickle form of inverted snobbery?  Not that either.  I don’t know!  I guess that’s why at times you surprise me.  I’ll facilitate this contact now.”
Churchill: “My dear human brother, this is the one whom you knew as Winston Churchill.  I have a different name now, given to me by my ever-helpful Destiny Guardians, a name ‘unintelligent’ to you, but indicative of my learning from Celestial Sources and more (George interjecting here with questions about Churchill’s condition on earth and more about Celestial contact).
“Of course, I have a more vibrant body now, no need for a cane, no arthritis, I stand upright, indeed, and for your interest in the psychological aspects of life, I inform you of the following: So much of mind and soul growth is impacted by disorders, such as bi-polar disorder, which renders it unwise to find oneself on Mansonia in such a mindally altered state as to be instantly, magically healed.  It would be, not only most unsettling, but productive of losses in personal characteristics, hard to take by me, as by those who once surrounded me, and do so now.  The mindal healing is a gradual process.  The universe takes its time.
“One grows spiritually, bi-polar or not, and because of the associated mental difficulties experienced, at times, providentially, one does grow more so.
“Much of my wartime decision making, especially towards the end of WWII, was arrived at through Celestial direction by what I thought to be Angelic revelation during the many cat naps I took, was ordered to take, inevitably during the manic phases of what was once my bane of contention.  And yes, they were your life-long Friends, the Secondary and Primary Midwayers, I later learned.  However, I was hardly the only one so charmingly aided in my task, for many others in the chains of command were so granted ‘intuitive gems,’ as the insanity of WWII unfolded, and became subject to a fully-fledged Celestial intervention.
“Now, as the war drums continue to sound ever louder on my treasured Urantia, I spend my time in resolve, in reconciliation of the facts, with so many whose shortened lives must be brought to be clearly intellectually gathered up, and faced on the Mansion Worlds.  This is Winston Churchill, busy, indeed somewhat driven as is my way, and aware of your worldwide group’s wonderful open communication with those who helped make my political life a satisfactory success.  We now part with a better understanding, I shall presume.  G’day.”
Bzutu: “See?  That didn’t hurt you one bit.  Confidence, dear human!  And now you know that ‘reckoning is made’ in the cases of those who are genetically disadvantaged.  A friendly universe is a fair universe.  This is your humble tutor, ABC-22.  Au revoir.”
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