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Dani; Andromadeus - Echoes of the Rebellion - Fifth Epochal Sociology - Oct 04, 2009 - Central New Mexico
DATE:  October 4, 2009
LOCATION:  Rio Rancho, NM, USA
T/R:  Gerdean
TEACHERS:  Dani and Andromadeus
(Dani is a secondary midwayer)
(Andromadeus is a Most High Observer Stationed on Urantia)

Part I:  

  • Echoes of the Rebellion;
  • Break the Cycle;
  • Seize the Day;
  • Spiritual Assault;
  • Fifth Epochal Sociology;
  • Overcoming Planetary Dysfunction and Addictive Social Behaviors


DANI:  Dani here, your midwayer buddy.  I am not calling anybody in until I know what direction you are going.  Or we can sit here and chatter all day, if you like.  Someone has to fill in for these commitments that are made.  What’s on your mind?  


Renault:  Hi Dani.  I was wondering about people we’ve heard talking on radio and in other media, about the many conspiracy theories out there. This one fellow, David Icke, has one that relates everything back to a “Family” group of people that have been running things, ruling things, overseeing things – our economy, the globalization of everything – and also tiny steps toward conspiracy, as he calls it.  But in looking at all this stuff that goes on and thinking about Caligastia and the Lucifer Rebellion, and being a Urantian, you kind of wonder, “Hmmm.  Is all that part of Caligastia and his group continuing to run havoc in our lives as these overlords?  Or is that just a bunch of hooey? Is there really something like that going on? And you wonder how can we here on the ground …?

Also, number two, I kind of see these things that seem to be “crumbling down around us” or not really doing that but simply changing one form into another, a more enlightened form, which we would certainly hope would be a more enlightened form. So we would call on someone who has more oversight, larger perspective, a higher knowing person that may be able to kind of answer these questions for us and give us some kind of idea of where we are in all this scheme of things and should we worry about it? What kind of action should we take? Should we just sit here and it will all work out? Be patient. Or is this one of these eternity things? If we could have a little help and advice and reassurance during these times to help keep us optimistic and knowing we are on the right path.  

Thank you, Dani.  Thank you so much.

ANDROMADEUS:  I am an Observer, a Most High Observer, Andromadeus at your service.  

A most interesting presentation, student, and worker.   Yes, I have observed this circumstance and do have a response, several responses in fact, to your several inquiries.  

There is much to what you say about the many theories that are inching their way into the collective consciousness, such as the Family, the elite group of powerful families that rules the world through finances, and their power over the world, even their ambitions for the world, as well as those reported by such as David Icke and Sheldon Nidle of the Galactic Federation, which also present an interpretation of a perspective which stems from the cause and effect of the Lucifer Rebellion.  

This is the importance of revelation, specifically the revelation you received recently in the Urantia Papers, which clarifies the original cause so that you can discern the many effects and thus have a better perspective on your planetary circumstances.  It behooves a people to have as much information as possible in any circumstance that requires critical thought and diplomacy.

Having an understanding of the nature of the Lucifer Rebellion can enable you to recall the fortunate fact that Lucifer and Satan had been stopped from continuing their nefarious plan to thwart the divine plan. Caligastia was left to carry on this evil regime until fairly recently, and so there are still many deep-seated effects from that original cause and it will take some time for those effects to come around to the original cause.

The Caligastia 100, at the time of the Rebellion, split … some following the rebels and some holding true to the original plan.  Those who took power and held it have been able to wreak long-range havoc, and it will take some time to undo all that has been done.  This Correcting Time that we embark upon is even now at work reversing the trends of evil which you happily recognize and allude to in your second phase question.  

In the interest of fairness and justice, it behooves you who have a cosmic perception of relative clarity and purity through the Urantia Papers, to more appreciatively understand the different interpretations that are being made and presented by conscious minds and concerned citizens of the heavenly Kingdom without having the advantage of knowing the details of the original story.  

And so the sagas of the Illuminati and the Annunaki, the Families and the Federations, Crews and others are all creative representations of one sort or another devoted to shedding light on the circumstances you now have to deal with in order to turn around the pattern that has been in effect for hundreds of thousands of years.  

Fortunately, as you know, love is more contagious than hate and so a handful of individuals, steeped and well-versed in true love, can do great things toward shining a light on the evil that remains from that far-distant error in judgment.  

Renault:  Question?

ANDROMADEUS:  Very well.

Renault:  Since this all began so many thousands and thousands of years ago and has been rolling down as cause and effect ever since, hopefully it won’t take that long to correct.  Thank God we are on a Correcting Time course here and I suppose for our generation it won’t come and we just need to be patient in the scheme of things.  We just sort of are living in the beginning of the Correcting Time, so I guess that’s why it feels hard on us to know that we’re going to stop this huge engine and slow it down and … not reverse it, but stop it.  And let us continue on our way in a whole different kind of energy system.

ANDROMADEUS:  You have a phrase “The buck stops here.”  And those of you who are enlightened and educated in the ways of the spirit are in a position to turn it around on the spot.  The more who do that, the more Light shines to crowd out the darkness.  

Renault:  So it’s a moment-to-moment, decision-by-decision, person-to-person thing.

ANDROMADEUS:  Very much so, but forget not that you have some things consciously, overtly, dynamically working in your favor, one of which is the institution / inauguration / introduction to your world the reality of the seraphic planetary government that has been in effect since the time of Christ.  When the Master returned to Salvington, following his final bestowal, one of the first things he did was to incorporate the system of which I am a part:  the 12 sectors of seraphic action and the council of 24, which is focused on bringing your world into the light.  When he was here, Jesus essentially ended the rebellion.  You have had an additional 2,000 years of the machinations of Caligastia, but as you turn on your Light and stop the cycle, you have participated in the Correcting Time; you are squelching the influence that keeps this world in darkness.  

This is where your role in the drama is critical.  Every time and each time someone tunes in to the divine circuits and begins to live in the Light instead of in the darkness, instead of reacting and responding constantly to the darkness, as they seek to learn to live in the Light, they open the circuits to rehabilitate Urantia.  

This is where we are now.  We are allowed to introduce ourselves to you because you now have a cast of characters in the listing of authors in the Urantia Papers.  As you come to know us through our job descriptions and character sketches in the Papers, you can begin to reach for us and/or for an understanding of our work in the universe and how it might affect you and your work, your consciousness, therefore the consciousness of your place in the universe.

Instead of focusing on the darkness and falling into it as a matter of course, stay on “the sunny side of the street” through regular worship, which keeps the Light within you burning bright.  This Light is attractive to others.  This is the kind of representation of divine Light that works.  Live in the Light.  Look around and see the beauty, the truth and the goodness.  Bask in the love that you know underlies all of creation, and that the goal is to return to the original cause, the First Cause.  

It is not a matter of being patient, for the end is an eternity away.  You waste your time being patient for eternity to get here.  Rather, Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

Renault:  I understand.  We just live in very interesting times.

ANDROMADEUS:  You live in very interesting times.  Let me take this one step further.  You recall the lesson in the text, “Why Do the Heathen Rage”?  You might look around you from this perspective we are looking at and see the raging that is going on because their goals are short-sighted, while you, whose goals are eternal, are more relaxed about how you carry yourself through life. This is not to say you are to become complaisant and lackadaisical, nor is it to suggest you respond in kind to those who rage in their short-sighted grasping.

Renault:  I ran onto a book entitled “Spiritual Activism” and I think of how very timely it is.

ANDROMADEUS:  Yes.  Take the Kingdom by force, by “spiritual assault.”  That’s an interesting phrase: “spiritual assault.”  A spiritual assault is not the same as an emotional deluge or an intellectual drumming.  A spiritual assault is simply Spirit, unsubtle.  The Light itself is blinding.  Coming out of the dark, the Light is an assault until the eyes grow accustomed to the Light.  While you are becoming accustomed to the Light, rejoice that you are no longer in the darkness.  You need not be troubled by the shadows, haunted by phantoms, or stalked by history.  Put these things to use; make them work for you.  Understand that the forces of evil are still free to thrive but they will cease to thrive when you cease to support them.   

This entails a lot of work.  It is not simply an invitation to sit back in faith of God doing all the work – although He will.  You are able to participate in and contribute to the experience, and thus I encourage you to embrace the experience.  It is wholesome labor.   

Renault:  And your angels will certainly bring you experiences for you to experience.

ANDROMADEUS:  Yes, and sometimes you seemingly blunder into them by mistake, but they are orchestrated.  So while on one hand you see the forces of evil and all their power, remember this conspiracy on the other hand that we engage in together, this united effort to turn on the Light, is a conspiracy of good.  Truth, beauty and goodness represent the new reality.

Renault:  I had a question about the theory around the one world government thing that people are up in arms about, that it is an extension of the Illuminati or the Family, along with the swine flu vaccine as a way of controlling or doing something to the population of the world.

ANDROMADEUS:  There are many things on your world that are not right, not healthy, not in your best interests.  There are systems and families and power structures that do indeed wield control over you, your choices, your decisions.  You are very much controlled by these powers, and most of the time you comply willingly because the benefits are to your liking and to your advantage.  In an enlightened state of mind, understanding what is to your advantage, without wishing to wield control over others as others wield control over you, you can thus become an enlightened leader of humanity, at least the humanity in your immediate sphere of influence, because you have insight.  

There are thousands of people who live dutifully without insight, as followers, and the power structures depend upon this quality of the human animal to follow like sheep, to obey.  They are manipulated.  And the switch-over from being manipulated by evil to developing a system that will manipulate the masses through good is the undertaking we are involved in today.  This is the effort that is represented by the Monjoronson Mission, the fact that there is much work to be done, hard work.  

This is not to say that life is not wonderful and filled with joy and goodness, but it is to say that there are people who don’t get along, there are people who hurt each other, there are dysfunctional families, criminal minds, defective specimens and all manner of aberrations and distortions, disease and alienation, irregularities and peculiarities to be addressed, and it is not for the squeamish. It is not for those who wish to keep their hands clean.  

It is not required, either, that you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.  This is what free will is about.  But those of you who are ready to do something consciously to help turn the tide of evolution from the Luciferian regime to the kingdom of Michael, then you will find a way to overcome your squeamishness and relish the work at hand.  You have company; you have assistance; you have support.  And yet we are not like the Family that would lure you into a way of life that demeans your own integrity by asking you to follow blindly in exchange for being fed pleasures and ego-gratification, such as are handed out by the heirs of the Caligastian regime.   They would buy you.  But to the extent possible, refuse to be bought.  Refuse to be a commodity in the material milieu, but be the Son of God, the Daughter of Divinity, that is your true birthright.

And again, I don’t mean to say “stand above the work” as if the servants should do it for you are too important.  I mean get in there and set an example.

Renault:  I get an impression, a visualization, a picture of simply helping people as I go by, one person at a time, as we go through our day, in our work place, in our milieu.  That’s what Jesus did; he helped when he went by.  Very “be here now” … be optimistic.

ANDROMADEUS:  One of the things we are trying to promote in the development of the fifth epochal sociology is the actualization of the fact that one day humans, citizens of Urantia, will actually delight in carrying one another’s burdens.  This is rather like what Jesus did as he passed by.  He lightened people’s load.  This can be done spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and many ways.  But, to be done right, it needs to factor in that some people are good at things and some people are not good at those same things, and to be true to yourself, if you develop what you are good at, then you should not have to develop everything in order to get from here to there, for there are others who would know how to do that which you do not know how to do and who take delight in doing what they can do well.   

Gerdean:  Such as, why would I feel I needed to learn how to change the oil in the car if my spouse knew how and didn’t mind doing it?

Renault:  Or take it to the garage.

ANDROMADEUS:  Well, that’s not really where I was going because that, again, just buys into the system.  My point is to live your life so as to bear each other’s burdens.  Yes, if changing the oil is a burden to you both, then by all means take it to the garage as it’s not a burden to the mechanic, who obviously enjoys doing that kind of thing and gets paid for it at the same time.  My point was that everyone should not have to know how to do everything for him or herself.  

Renault:  We all have talents.


Renault:  People are working on an economic system where we are rewarded by what we do, that we can do something and earn like credits, that would then earn like so much at the grocery store, so that you don’t need to have a job, where an employer pays you so much to do certain work, and then you get to go to the grocery store. But if you wanted to go out and sweep the driveway, that would be worth a certain amount of credit.  People have talents, so if they want to do things – artists, babysitters, whatever – could find a niche and fill it, then that would give them credit to live with.

ANDROMADEUS:  Yes, that will evolve.  But even as you think of it, you are thinking of it as a financial negotiation, as a matter of economics.  I would like to enlarge that into spiritual economics, since “love is the currency of the universe” and that it is in the doing good that the credits are accrued, but the motivation should not be to accrue credits but to help carry someone’s burden, the one they cannot carry by themselves.

Renault:  Right.  Good.

Gerdean:  I think of computers.  Why should I have to learn computer programming and all the details of running a computer when someone else is so much better at it?  Just like men wonder sometimes why they should have to learn to cook since there is someone else in the house who does it so much better.

ANDROMADEUS:  Of course everyone should have certain rudiments in order to take care of themselves, but there are certainly those things of self-development that come to be regarded as skills that can be shared and those can be traded.  Thus we again get back to the currency of the universe.  Credits and debits based on value is an improvement over credits and debits that are based on the gold standard, oil standard, in a capitalistic framework.  That seems to feed into the Caligastia method of buying and selling people because their worth is determined by finances instead of their value as humans and sons of God.  

I will leave you now.  Thank you for the conversation.

Renault:  Thank you for your oversight and perspective, and for taking questions.  Is Dani still around?

DANI:  I’m here!  Why would I want to leave?  It’s been the most interesting conversation I have heard for days!

Renault:  I was thinking, midwayers having been here lo these  many eons and observing all these things that have been going on with this nefarious group, I’m sure you’re also working to control, hold back, educate us as we go along, within all our boundaries; I’m sure you’ve all been there done that.

DANI:  Well, yes, we’ve been around, for sure, and we’ve done a few things and seen a few things but, just like everybody, we’ve had our diffraction, personality diffraction as a result of antecedent causation.  For example, although there were some of us secondary midwayers who stayed true to the more “straight and narrow,” there are those also who became virtual juvenile delinquents, and so there has been a very wide range of seraphic influence.  

We are certainly going to be aware of your existence, whether we are on God’s side or not, but some of the pranks that the midwayers pulled before they were united in purpose, were not very helpful, were in fact why they got the reputation of being Sons of Beelzebub.  Thank God they and we have gotten past that point and there are no more rebel midwayers hanging around like boogie men in the closet waiting to scare you when you open your eyes.  This is a huge step forward to your world, another one of those significant steps taken to help your world and thus you citizens, to advance more quickly into fifth phase denizens of an evolving world.  

Renault:  It must seem very hard to you, given like what Jim said in his interview about how we are all so ridiculously divided.  We divide against ourselves and, you know, find the least little thing to put between us.  It must seem like a really big job to you.

DANI:  Well, a lot of that has to do with each individual having a need to have its own existence, its own identity, its own personality expression and not knowing how.  You look to each other to find out how because you have no guidance in those kinds of things, no true sense of identity. It’s a result of your planetary dysfunction.  And mine!  But I have had some experience now in working on a different level than previously and so I am able to convey some of the affirmations that come from correcting myself or having been corrected.  I no longer wish to engage in self-destructive behaviors, and I can learn I can trust my peers.  We now conspire together to do something, whereas before we were so self-centered and self-occupied as to not want to be a part of what you were a part of.  That’s rather how humanity finds itself today – not wanting to be where the others are.  And so there is this divisiveness.  But when you have become sufficiently impressed with that which is binding, truly binding, you will bond and be utilized effectively.

Renault:  And we do come together under certain circumstances.  We join forces and come together during earthquakes and chaos and stuff.

DANI:  You come together best at conferences and parties, it seems.

Renault:  Like meeting like.

DANI:  Yes, and this would indicate your need for diversion and relaxation.  In a realm where you are in survival mode all the time, that would be something to aspire toward – an opportunity to relax and feel safe and “party” with your peers.  That is a real liberation for the early evolving worlds.  This is why you are admonished to go ahead and enjoy yourself, and find things that give you pleasure and satisfaction and diversion and recreation, fashion, music and the like, because you can, because they are allowed.  Just don’t become so dependent on feeling good that you don’t want to roll up your sleeves when it’s time to get something accomplished.  It’s not all just “take, take, take.”  

In fact, I’ve discovered that giving and working and applying myself to something focused is really more invigorating than too much leisure. The real joy is in having enough leisure to develop your arts and skills such that you can be productive with them in some form of service -- like musicians who are able to study and become so proficient they can make a living at being a musician.  This can eventually happen on Urantia where everyone enjoys what they do for a living and this is something that is not true today.  People will find a job they hate because they must provide for themselves, and this makes for a very strained existence.  Although it is incumbent upon them to be grateful that they have a job that balances heavily against the weight of doing something they truly dislike to do.

Renault:  Shakespeare says, “Know thyself” and “To thine own self be true” and I think that’s very wise.  I tell that to my son, that if you are a late sleeper, don’t take a job where you have to be there early.  If you know yourself and are true to yourself, you won’t do things that aren’t right for you, things you don’t want to do.

DANI:  Well, up to a point. There are things people have to do and they just have to learn to do and learn to love it.  This is part of self-mastery.  To constantly indulge your will is tantamount to following Caligastia.  Self-seeking pays off in happiness that is shallow and untrue; it will not satisfy you.  This is how people become addicted to power and unreality. When you step outside the pattern of addictive social behaviors, you stand in the Light -- perhaps for some a loud Light indeed, but if that is who you are then that is who you must be.   That is how you learn who you are in the exterior sense, as others see you, not just as you see yourself, which can sometimes be self-deceit.  

Everyone likes to see themselves in good light.  No one wants to be different from their fellows. But to attempt to be just like your peers is unfair to your true self, which must be itself in order to follow its own destiny and discovery its own creativity and talents. Anyway, we are making progress.  We are making quick progress from my perspective, I admit. I admit as I look back I feel if we had done it right from the beginning, we could be there by now, but what can we do about that, huh?  We take it from here. Enjoy the scenery.  

Renault:  The scenery, by the way, was absolutely magnificent, driving down today.  The sky and the clouds and the mountains – it was just incredible.

DANI:  Well, this is a spectacularly beautiful time of the year in much of the world because of the changing of the seasons -- changes such that there are superlative days and there are truly abysmal days, just like life.  You have to know, when that happens, that you are simply going through a seasonal change and that it will soon settle down to a long good run, such as we have had today.  I’m so pleased with our time together.  Are there other questions that you considered, any concerns you want to talk to anybody about?

Renault:  No, but thank you so much for all this wonderful information.

DANI:  Well, it just makes it more interesting.  We don’t want to get myopic, you know?  Stuck with our blinders on.  It is good to see the road as it unfolds before you, but it is also good to notice the terrain.

Renault:  And that there isn’t a drop-off ahead that you are going to fall off of, that the road is okay.

DANI:  Well, that’s a matter of faith, and that’s another topic for another day. See ya!

Renault:  I hope so.  Bye.