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Samuel of Panoptia - Religion, Spirit, Science & Love of Self & Others - Aug 08 & 13, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, August 8, 2009.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Religion, Spirituality, Science.”
Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “They are tiny, tiny morsels of information we are allowed to present to you, because after all we belong to, and are part of, progress.  These tiny morsels embody new understandings given to you, and therefore they can be seen as revelationary material, additional to the Urantia Papers’ text you were presented with some 60 years ago.  There is an opportunity for us here to follow on somewhat from where Chief Bzutu left off in the discussion of the 11:11 time-prompts, and perhaps we can enlarge on some aspects.
“As soon as an evolutionary world of the decimal kind is inhabited by humans, that are showing the first aspects of the tendency towards worship and wisdom, intuitive thoughts about the invisible world will surface.  Capacity for wisdom plus worship, and curiosity about celestial realities are interlinked, they belong together.  One follows the other, the other follows one.  And so it is that certain individuals in a group may have spiritual experiences in the sense that they somehow encounter one of their ‘less-than-clearly-visible’ kin.  And so, perhaps, the first elements of a strong religion may be born when truths are proclaimed, and ways to live by, and worship by, are forced onto others in the group.
“Spirituality, in its purest form, deals with a fearless acceptance of celestial over-care, and generally also of belief in a continued existence beyond mortal life. Religion deals with certain sacrifice, certain regimentation, and obligations one must live by to achieve that same eternal life.
“It is often difficult to separate religion from spirituality, because almost always both are present in the one individual.  Very often these two are greatly intermingled, yes, and very often these two are hard to tease apart.  An expectancy of care, love and affection from the celestial world is mixed with ‘one must do this, and one must do that’ by stipulated rules belonging to a certain cult in order for one to belong, and be ‘accepted by, the Gods, and by the group.’
“It is with the 11:11 time-prompt that, for the first time, one is given a tangible, noticeable aspect of communication when one can say that here is not a spiritual experience that can be passed on to others to become yet another religion.  Here is something that you can see, that you can touch, that you can experience.  Here you can be assured that with a humble attitude, and with persistent meditation practice, you can make contact with the spirit world.
“The 11:11 experience is a workable scientific process of spiritual involvement.  It can be duplicated, time and again.  This is something that has come around only for the very first time on your planet.
“This is your Friend and Teacher, of many seasons.  This is Samuel.  I thank you and Mathew for your cooperation and attention.”
George: “Thank you, Teach.”


Transcript #2

Illawarra District, Australia, August 13, 2009.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “The Love of Self and Others.”
Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “It is not yet 2000 years in your past when the Creator of this local universe finally gained over the domain He long ago created both total responsibility, as well as full control.  It could be said that at Pentecost the Nebadon Michael Son finally acquired a louder, a more often heard, voice.
“Those who led astray so many planets, so many individuals, and caused such great damage with their countless confusing messages, were brushed aside.  You all, at that time, received your simple, specific instruction -- to love your Creator Father with all your might, your brothers and sisters as yourself.  One might well presume that the putting into practice of these three sets of instructions – yes, three sets, not two -- would always be subject to progress at a uniform rate, but this is hardly the case.
“There will always be, and this from person to person, a difference between how the Creator Father is loved, how much the individual cares for his or her brothers and sisters, and especially to what degree the individual has a love for the self.  It is regarding the matter of the person’s self-esteem, and the needed corrections of a faulty, unbalanced self-esteem, or love, acceptance, and image of self, that we ask for your attention today.
“The majority of you suffer from the lasting ‘concern’ of not completely grasping the reality of the life-giving favor done (to) you by the Creator Father of all.  Through flaws in your upbringing and education, you hardly equate the joys of life, even life itself, with a duty for thankfulness to the Father.  This is a most difficult flaw to correct, although ever patient, the Father waits.  Most damaging to the individual psyche in the long term is the discrepancy between the love for all others and that for the self, if the former is greater than the latter.
“A large gap of this kind can be bridged through a point by point evaluation of the self.  Could the lack of love for self be caused by the un-forgiveness of self for past wrong deeds or failures?  If this were to be the case, the firm resolve to not again either act, or fail in such a way, will help in the restoration of the self-image, the self-esteem.  Could the lack of love for self have come about because of regularly being put down by others?  Noting one’s good points with pen on paper can often bring surprising awakenings about one’s real values, and so can regular discussions with one-self in front of a mirror.
“Having a great love for others whilst deprived of love for the self is a position of dependency, difficult to maintain.  It is a standing of unbalance -- emotional, intellectual, and spiritual -- leaving one vulnerable, no less so than does the undesirable condition of having all love for the self, and none for others.
“Whilst initially little can be done about the way others discern and treat you, all is in your hands when it comes to the way you see and treat yourself.  Surprisingly, as you begin to contemplate your real value in a kinder, more charitable way, others will often tend to do so as well.  This is your Teacher Samuel.  This message is complete, but we may cover this subject again.  I thank you my dear students.”

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