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Frank; Alice - Meditation for Success - Feb 25, 2002 - Progress Group, AU
Idaho, US of A, February 25, 2002
Cherubim “I’ll be Frank”.
Subject: “Meditation for Success.”

Received by George Barnard.
George: “So where are they all, when one is looking for one of his Brothers?”
Frank: “We’ve been waiting for you.  It is a condition of your mortal existence that you hardly ever get anything just right.  It’s your great fortune that, in turn, you hardly ever do anything altogether wrong.  Putting it frankly … this universe makes great allowances for your swinging moods, fickle temperaments, blatant inconsistencies, and a great number of other doubtful habits we Cherubim fully understand, but which few of you mortals can come to grips with.  Yet.”
George (laughing): “How to win friends and influence people!  Do be frank.”
Frank: “Oh, yes.  There will be an eventual melting together of the myriad ideas, theories and assumptions you have together with your brothers’ and sisters’, and where these notions presently either conform or clash, but you can rest assured that as you make your way Paradiseward more and more of these ideas will slowly blend and resonate with their ever greater truth content.
“I thank you for your time and attention, my brother.  I am Frank.  For my Sanobim consort and me it was a pleasure to note that on a number of occasions you have expressed your desire for us to become re-acquainted.
“It has been some time in human terms since we talked, but in the way we measure time only a few moments have gone by since we conversed through your consort, and since memory excellence is for us the key.
“It has been a busy time, and we, on many occasions, watch you battle in your earthly ways when from our viewpoints we see so many of your efforts go astray.  And I make it clear, George, that they are not just your efforts, but the efforts of many of your brothers and sisters.
“If you can all find the time for more meditation and the quieting of the mind, you will find your lives become a breeze.  If only you can find more time to connect with the Father -- your Pilot Light -- you will witness the results of this more preferable option in behavior that will allow you to painlessly succeed and for your life to almost effortlessly evolve.
“So, what is this trip toward Paradise?  It is a journey towards Truth and Beauty and Goodness.  Let go of the immaterial distances in time and the irrelevant dimensions of space, but think about it as a pilgrimage towards a greater capacity for truth, an expedition in discovering an incomparable appreciation of beauty, and a voyage towards an unrestrained exchange of goodness and goodwill towards all.
“We have indeed extended our watchcare to you, and all those you regularly interact with.  And we conclude that improvements can be made that fall well within your capacity to attempt and bring to (a) final realization.  Rewards of greater efficiency can be gained.  We will be there, and we will also be there in the wings, as you will shortly interact with your friends to the south.
“And as always, and if required, I’ll not be cruel.  I’ll just be Frank.”
George: “Was that you facilitating this contact, Mathew?  Thank you both.”
© 11:11 Progress Group.
“Le Bon Dieu est toujours au Volant.”
The Creator always holds the Steering Wheel.