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Elyon; Monjoronson; Unknown - Intentions are a Force and Powerful - Jun 28, 2009 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Unknown
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
June 28, 2009

[Mark]: I'd like to express into word symbols an energy pattern floating around in my mind and that is gratitude for being around this loving energy field, this pool of intention that we all create with our donation to be here and to contribute. I really feel and have a sense that this commingles together to create this kind of beautiful energy pool. I recognize the beauty in this pool and I cherish it. I appreciate the opportunity to both contribute and to draw from such a pool as this or to drink this cup together with all of you and of course we invite our celestial friends as well to make their contribution to our intention pool and to take from it and drink this cup with us. I am in awe of this process and will remain in gratitude for it always.

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon eager to accept your invitation to join in once again and offer a few words in support of your discussion of this idea of a pool of intention or perhaps your collective consciousness. The question was asked: What power does thought have? This question directly relates to this idea of a larger collection of thoughts and intentions, one that every thinking being contributes to. Whether it is with awareness or whether it is in complete ignorance, you are continually contributing your vibration of thought to the collection that is all thought, much as the rivers of thought all eventually make their way into this gigantic collection, the ocean of thought.

You will all witness that as such a large body or collection, the ocean has great power and can create weather systems and there is a general recognition among thinking beings that the ocean is to be respected for its power and great capacity. Likewise, your collection of intention also has great power inherent within it. It is truly the result of all that is contributed to it and this too may be responsible for causing storms of emotion and fear and uncertainty but as well it may be the source of strength and security and stability.

Since all aspects are contained inside this gigantic accumulation, this library of intentions, it is then incumbent upon the user who interfaces with such a library to be in awareness in choosing those aspects of the whole which are conducive to supporting the vibrations, the thought patterns that are desirable. In a very real sense you can find anything you are looking for in this collective consciousness, it is all there, the sadness and despair, the heartbreak and ruin, the joy and happiness, the peace and tranquility. All of these are contained within this resource and are able to be checked out and used as you are so willing and able.

As you live your lives you are continually withdrawing from this great resource and contributing to it. Your daily experiences are your contributions to this, Supreme in the making, and you find yourselves drawing from this larger resource as to how to react to your daily experiences; therefore you are continually drawing from and donating to this collective whole. Here is a key to be used in changing an individuals life, to function in awareness of which vibration you will choose to access from on high from this collective awareness which then will serve to condition your daily experience and then this daily experience having been conditioned with your intention may be contributed back to the Supreme to be accessed by another who arrives at your donation on the same carrier wave of intention. Your individual experiences having been enlightened or lifted up serve as reference material for others who will find them in their seeking because of the matching frequencies.

And so it is that even your individual journey of experience may in a very real way contribute to anothers journey. Because you have chosen to elevate your level of experience others may find it easy to follow in your footsteps and elevate their level of experience as well. In this way, serving yourself and seeing to what is best for the part, serves the whole and truly all have benefitted by this apparently personal act of service.

I always enjoy the opportunity to be invited among you. I now honor this opportunity by allowing its use by others. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings this morning, I am Monjoronson here to offer a few reflections on service. All of you pilgrims in time and space, after having been born of the spirit, have some innate sense or desire to be engaged in service. This is a natural part of your realizing your connection as a part to the whole and your natural urge to be a part of this system and to even lend a hand in its manifestation. It is a natural part of spirit born individuals experience to desire to help others to find what they have found which has brought them peace and joy and love. This desire to share springs forth as the byproduct of your having experienced this association with the process and those responsible for your creation and the creation of this process.

So it is that you set out to find things to do so that you may consider yourselves useful in serving this cause that you may take up quite naturally because you have identified with it. Recall that at no time, ever, has spirit come to you and imposed any requirements on you whatsoever. If you are driven to be in an act of service, it is a drive that comes from within. It is not ever imposed upon you. You are not made to feel that you are required to do thus and such, [go] here or there, at this time or that time. Your desires to be in service arise as a result of your own internal desire to be engaged and to be active in this process of spiritual growth and awareness.

You will also witness that when these desires do arise from within you that all manner of material aspects appear to align themselves to promote your manifestation of such a desire; that is you seem to receive great help in fostering your desire to be of service and things seem to be granted you, opportunities and circumstances to allow for this desire to be expressed. Yet this desire is of you, it has its origin within you, it was you who originated both the desire and the subsequent thought about how to take such a desire and make it real, to manifest it in time and space. Such a desire, such a thought or intention has as you witness, great power to condition your opportunities and bring to you those factors necessary for you to fulfill such a personal and individual desire.

When your thoughts are lofty as you would judge them, they are empowered with the force of goodness, the strength of love and the grace of beauty. They draw these factors to themselves and become enhanced and so when they move from urges to thought and then are transformed into words, they are freed to be donated to the whole and embraced by all those with similar intentions. Thoughts of service are some of the noblest thoughts one can have and therefore they appear to have such great power and potential. But I urge you to recall in all your dealings with service opportunities of your choosing, that while your efforts may originate in love of truth, beauty and goodness and may be built with commitment at selfless service, after they have been offered and donated to the collective whole, then they are no longer reflective of simply the original intention. Those who would receive such acts of service, likewise must take them in, interpret them, embrace or reject them, undoubtedly change them by their very perception of them so they may not play out as you would have envisioned or foreseen them because they are being interacted with by a number of observers all whom are attaching their own interpretations and awareness to the original intention.

One who is devoted in their desire to be of service must maintain a posture of being unattached to any specific results such as the results of any  specific act of service and rather know that any genuine offering in service has been most lovingly and pleasingly accepted by those who are ultimately in charge of the big picture. The original intention, the original offering [of] love is well accepted and the relative acceptance by others in any particular peer group is in no way a direct reflection on the success of any given service project as many things happen behind the scenes and out of notice of material observers.

You have a saying: "The acts are yours and the results are God's" and this statement is ever true for the act is short lived, nevertheless it is powerful and critical. The results you have very little control over and even very little awareness of. So at this stage in your material ascension you must grow to be content with the act and your offering of the act into the great pool of the Supreme and know that having fulfilled your part and played your role in doing your act you have been successful and the chips may fall wherever they may as you would view the results but never doubt that any act taken in sincerity and devotion to the cause is completely successful in the moment it has been done. Rest well with this knowledge that it is indeed so and be at peace in the awareness of this truth.

Thank you all once again for your devotion to our lessons and words and your devotion to your individual ascension careers as you have just been reminded; that is the real job we are about. Even though we talk about lofty plans involving ages and universes and planets, the key component to all of these actions begins with you, each as an individual embracing your spiritual path and your ascension career. This in turn fosters the growth of a planet, a universe and an age. I look forward to going through this process with you and being together to share the many different aspects of the journey. I would bid you have a good week, farewell.

Unknown [Cathy]: In the activities of this world are endless opportunities to affirm your intention to create and spread love. It is only needed to focus on the environment around you with love. This active energy of love has the capacity to stimulate increased love in others that make contact with you. Proceed in confidence to bring love with you into all your encounters.

Mark: Hello this is Mark, I got one more thing, I don't know: Row, row, row your boat gently down My stream; merrily, peacefully, joyfully, lovingly because life if but a dream.