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The Adjuster - Adjusting Behavior - Feel My Presence - Jun 16, 2009 - Adjuster Series Teleconference
Subject: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series
Teacher: Thought Adjuster
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer:    Father, we come here tonight in this intimate space of the soul where I can speak to You directly. Of all the things that I don't understand and don't know in this long life of mine, you Father are one of the very few things that I know and understand. I know that I trust in the fact that You are real.  I believe that You are real. I feel and sense that You are real by your presence and I have experienced the fact within myself that You are here. I will even go as far as to admit that I have actually heard You speak to me in a soft voice on several occasions. You are very personal to me. To share your actuality of being is only something that I slightly indicate externally through my behavior. It is a mystery to most of us Father, how You work within our minds, how You bring us to places where we become conscious and are attentive to your presence and actuality. It is in this light that I call upon You this evening to share your thoughts with us.

Thought Adjuster: This evening I sit in your presence and ask that a substance similar yet identical to myself indwells each and every one of you. The actuality of my working within the mind of the person I indwell is extremely personal. It is not duplicated in any other mind, the same way in which I work in each individuals mind, I work in a unique and extremely personal way. And there are general ways in which all of us work within you. One of the most primary responses to human behavior is to attempt to coordinate that behavior with a spiritual component. For the human this usually necessitates an adjustment in behavior. In many humans, to impart this spiritual counterpart the human must completely change certain behavioral aspects as well as begin to entertain a new way of thinking, seeing, feeling, touching and hearing.

Of course we speak in general terms. I cannot say the person I indwell is any more difficult to work with than any of you.  As humans, there are many aspects subject to your will, choice and decision that could be more faithful and true to who you are if you would just pay a little more attention. I indwell a human mind with the intent of a rigorous and progressive attitude within the human mind. In a certain sense I am not sitting in a meditative state knitting socks for myself. I am that still and small voice, that echo. Sometimes it is necessary to turn the volume down of ones own thoughts to pick up the fact that there is an echo.

Many times I will say things the human does not want to hear nor particularly entertain as a behavior pattern yet I patiently and with extreme love and care I execute the just beauty within the human mind to the point that I attempt to create a soul, a place where the human subject feels extremely comfortable and willing to communicate to Me. As in all things spiritual, man must always use intuitive discernment, and yes this is individual and unique to each and every one of you, the way in which you discern My Presence.

Though we are physically in this present state, extremely distant from My home, we all come to human minds to create a new home, to create an eternal abode where the human counterpart /personality can actually access the eternal reality of now; because no matter where you are in your progression through the universe and super universe, the space where we are one is eternally present now, always. I am that faithful guide which will tirelessly point the direction Paradise-ward. I got here, I can find my way back with a hitchhiker.

Begin to sense and feel what My Presence is like within you. Begin to feel its freshness, its creativeness, its lovingness, its beauty, its truth, its synchronicity, its synergy, its enlightenment, its clarity, its positiveness, its acuteness, its sensitivity to detail, its joyous spirit, its glad tidings, its walking tastes, its loving embrace, the infinite loving embrace. Fear not, know that I Am with you always. There is no correct way to approach Me, just approach Me, I Am always there. Within the soul, the human soul, all things are possible. Whatever you can think of as a next step is always possible. I always offer options. When you find yourself in an option-less situation, one in which you have placed yourself there for whatever reason, I Am still an option. I will never, I can never let you down. I can only lift you up to become the person you truly are.

So begin to give me some of your presence, occasionally, for a human cannot become totally God conscious unless he first occasionally becomes God conscious. It is not necessary to allude to My Presence in metaphorical and poetic terms. It is time to begin an actual realization of who I am and what I am doing inside of you. And as I speak and give voice, know that I am one with you in a most kind and loving way even though at times My words may be distant, a knowing, precise, and to the point. I hold that sacred space between myself as a part of the subject I indwell and as I said in the beginning, I have adopted an aggressive and rigorous attitude within the human mind. This is why when one becomes aware of My Presence on a regular basis, they also begin to become aware of what I am attempting to shift in their manner of being, in their way of thinking and in the life they are holding for themselves.

Please do not think of Me as a judge or as a judgmental presence. Think of Me as a loving and caring Father who takes this infant human and begins to teach this infant human mind its spiritual destiny.  I must also tell you that Adjusters look forward to being creative with their subjects, creative in the sense that the human subject begins to take control and responsibility of how the person wants to live, wants to act, wants to love, wants to live their life because these are the areas where we generally make great progress, be the creative parts. Great progress and stride is made because the human thinks one thing yet in time the human begins to realize that something greater than himself is actually directing his life and is responsible for its success because the human begins to follow those leadings, those yearnings, the human begins to believe those dreams, he begins to realize it, to make real that which at first he thinks.

I leave  you this evening with thoughts of love, thoughts of sincerity and responsibility, thoughts of warmth and greatness, thoughts of eternal goodness and beauty and truth, now.

If there are any questions that anyone would like to ask you may do so at this point. [pause] Well if there are no questions I thank you for your presence this evening.