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Elyon;  Monjoronson; Nebadonia; Light - There Are Many Ways To Experience Truth - Jun 14, 2009 - North Idaho
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Mother, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
June 14, 2009

Prayer: Divine Parents, we have such gratitude for each other around this circle, this occasion of divine appointment that we enjoy in this very moment and we ask that you come and drink this cup of sweetness and goodness with us and join us in celebrating the glory of being together and coming to you and being all together as one. Thank you.

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon here with you once again and having enjoyed observing your conversation I would take the leads from you and contribute to the thought stream about truth and its availability and facts. In considering an approach to this discourse I will avail myself of a thought pattern through my T/R associate and I will invoke the imagery of a truth cafe or restaurant and how when you enter this truth cafe you are seeking nourishment and sustenance. So you make your way into this arena and you discern that there are a number of possible choices on the menu, different ways for you to experience your truth. The menu is varied and wide ranging and because there are so many different preferences for how to have your truth served up. Much fun can be had with this analogy of the different ways in which truth may be prepared to be more palatable to the receiver. It is very true that there must be this wide variety to offer so that everyone who enters within can find something that they can live with and perhaps even enjoy.

Now expand this imagery if you will to include your notion of restaurant chains. In your familiarity with these you are aware that a chain of restaurants will strive to be consistent with its particular version of truth. Once having seized on a menu that works, it strives to duplicate this menu in all of its other branches of the vine and so when you enter a certain restaurant that you have been to before you can relatively expect what will be available to you on the menu. But in a restaurant that specializes in a type of food, say Italian, you will not likely find condiments available in a Greek restaurant. And so as individuals you are free to choose the type of restaurant which serves the kind of food you are anticipating and expecting.

Likewise with your news and your news sources, they are as chains of restaurants who have a particular agenda and they serve up to those who enter their domains their version of the menu to be chosen. Even within this menu there is great variation on what the participants will pick and choose and what they will leave aside and not embrace. All of this relating of news information may in fact have little relationship to facts but rather be more sweetened up or deep fried or somehow disguised in the arrangement of the platter that is presented to you. So it is always good to remember when you are observing your news, do not make the mistake of assuming that everything you are told is fact, rather it has certainly been observed and judged and critiqued by human sources along the way and as you mentioned in your earlier conversation, there has always been in the history of mankind, the desire by the powerful to control information they deem to be in their best interest only.

So how does one go and choose the most nourishing elements in the truth cafe? How do you know which items to order on the menu that is most pleasing in their purity? For that choice to be made it is desirable to go within and seek confirmation for many items may be displayed for your choosing and you have an inner connection to this array of relative truth for you can say that all items on the menu would be nourishing to some degree. You are simply desiring the most beneficial and nourishing choices and this mechanism of using your Inner Guide to confirm for you the best choices will give you the most accurate option available.

Then there is the component of seeking the underlying thread of truth, for all items contain some degree of this key element that you are seeking and truth can be found in all corners. So as much as you can in negotiating your way from café to café, try to remember that there is an underlying tone of truth that you are locked onto in your efforts to seek and find greater and greater truths and with the assistance of your Inner Guide you will be able to make profitable choices as you go from venue to venue of truth and choose which items you will take in for your benefit and nourishment.

Thank you for the opportunity to jump into your conversation and bring up some imagery that may be useful. I now withdraw to allow this platform for others.

Monjoronson: Hello, I am Monjoronson here to avail myself of this opportunity to be with you. I too will return the serve offered by Elyon and offer a few more thoughts on truth. Truth is very much like food in that in the same way the food nourishes the cells and sustains them, even grows them, likewise truth nourishes the soul and grows it. Truth may be built on and added to because just like with nourishment derived by food, eventually it works its way through the system and more is needed to continue this sustenance and this growth of the individual.

So what truth that has sustained you yesterday will still be there as your food got turned into muscle but more will be needed as you continue to grow and expand and need more nourishment and sustenance. And so this cycle of continual nourishment is always in play and the human condition becomes discontent when there are long periods without additional nourishment. So it is that life keeps bringing you all additional nuggets that may be used to inspire or motivate yourselves to take in the nourishment and experience the growth. It is meant to be an ongoing cycle and therefore it is kept fresh and it is not as though one is required to abandon truths already processed and secured into the foundation but rather additional truths are like additional building materials to add onto your concept frames.

We have been engaged in this Teaching Mission process for some time as you all will witness, and we have had the opportunity to revisit topics repeatedly and yet each time we come around again there is a new layer that may be added to the awareness and a greater expansion that occurs as a result of this re-exposure. The most threatening thing to this process is when an individual feels as if they're full, as if they've got it all, they don't need any more, they are well and content. Then they may discontinue this process in favor of wanting to maintain their current level and growth slows and expansion diminishes.

But then, if they refuse to move forward in this life, there are others in which they will be inspired to want to take more advances in their ascension and move again in the process. As your Master said: "A good posture to maintain is the posture of a young child who is trusting that the truth is being delivered to them and that they may willingly embrace it as it comes, without expectations of what that truth should be and with the acceptance that what they are offered is genuine and pure and can be embraced." If you will maintain this posture as well, of being ready for the next addition to your foundation, then you will approach life with the trust of a child and the faith that you are being lovingly guided and provided for. Certainly those who are loving you and providing you desire your very best and are bringing you all that you need. If you will but trust in this principle, then your ability to receive that which they would bring will be greatly enhanced and your life experience will be greatly enriched as a result.

Thank you for the chance to add my contributions to the dialog today, farewell.

Mother: [Cathy] I am your Mother here to embrace you in your effort to enhance the truth in your lives. Each of you were created in the image of your Father's truth. You were endowed with a compass from the First Source and Center. As your Parents, we are always bringing to you opportunities to discern and enhance your understanding of the truth. Your Father's Spirit of Truth is always with you to verify and enhance understandings of the truth that you encounter. We will always be available to help you in your efforts to discern truth and weave it into a cohesive fabric for use in your daily experiences. Our love and guidance are available at your request. It is always our joy to be invited to participate with you in this process. Your growth is a continuing joy to your Parents.

Light: Hello, I am Light here to offer a few closing words to today’s meeting. In this discussion of truth, you have a phrase on your world that an individual who is possessed of much truth is considered to be en-lightened. This term suggests that great accumulations of truth brings light to an individual, makes them lighter and brighter, so much so that you consider one which possesses the truth to be en-lightened. I would suggest that all of you who are seekers are en-lightening yourselves. This process of seeking and finding and being engaged in actively pursuing truth and spiritual awareness are in this process of becoming en-lightened and by being so en-lightened, the heavy burdens of life are simply dispelled. An en-lightened individual is not heavily burdened, is not bound and restricted by many of the mortal traps and snares but rather they are light, they are easily lifted up. They are not weighted down to earthly and material matters, rather they are lightened up from them. So, I applaud you all for your efforts at becoming beings who are enlightened and this is an observable phenomenon that I report to you to affirm that you are in fact in this process and it is in fact working as you are in fact becoming lighter beings.

Enjoy this summer day and picture yourselves as being so light that you are able to be easily lifted up in a moments notice. Thank you and goodbye.