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Frank and Alice - Sanity, Normality Updated - May 15, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, May 15, 2009.
Cherubim Frank and Sanobim Alice.
 Subject: “Normality Updated.”
Received by George Barnard.

Frank: “Good evening to you both.  We are Cherubim Frank and Sanobim Alice.  We have for you this evening a further lesson in psychology, that being our domain of expertise and also your interest.  We have overheard you speaking about normality in recent days, and we agree with your recently proposed update on the matter.

“Alice and I still want to add something further to your basic proposition, that in order for a person to be sane, he or she needs to be able to live their life, and cope with regular changes, without being, or becoming, a danger to self or others.  As well, the individual needs to display foresight in undertaking to care for the needs of those entrusted to his or her care.  You added the latter, remember, and we certainly concur, although these were not your precise words.
“However, there is more we need to add. And this is the least which we, Celestials, yes, even the lowest order of Her Angels -- Morontia Cherubim like us -- will insist upon being present, even if only as a casual consideration at maturity.  Yes, that there is at least a measure of spontaneous thought about life’s continuation beyond the mortal self, and that there is an intelligent and beneficial Source in control of all lives and laws.
“This is the scant requirement for an irregular world such as yours, and as we see it.  What we prefer to see in addition on a regular world is that all bad creature habits are at least fully understood, kept in check, and combated as life goes on to full maturity.  However, we acknowledge that those lives are generally longer lasting than what they do here on this earth.  The irregular worlds, and especially those which lack a Paradise Representative, have many advantages in the sense that less is expected of the population.  Much more is expected of those who spend their lifetimes on a normal world.
“It is for this reason that once one ‘enters into’ his or her new life on the Mansion Worlds, those of irregular worlds are kept apart from others, and go through a lengthy period of rehabilitation.  This rehabilitation is pleasant.  Much teaching is involved until such time as the individuals are well enough advanced to mix it with others from regular worlds.  Your present life on this planet can often be difficult.  Your existence on the Mansion Worlds will, as a rule, be very much more pleasant.
“This is Frank, always Frank, and his sweet bride, Alice, saying good evening for now.  We carry you in our hearts.  You are a part of us, as are so very many in the extended 11:11 Progress Group.  Thank you for your time.  Adieu.”
George: “Thank you both.”

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“I’ll be Frank. I won’t be brutal, but I will be Frank – The Cherubim, 2000.