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Samuel of Panoptia - A Celestial Viewpoint - Apr 24, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, April 24, 2009.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “A Celestial Viewpoint.”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: “It is good to be with my family, my adopted siblings, students, and dear friends. This is Samuel the Panoptian.  For many years during my earthly lifetime, I learned about your most beautiful world -- famous on the one hand for it being a bestowal world, infamous on the other for your treatment of the mortal incarnation of a Creator Son.  For many years it was in the back of my mind that I would love to be a teacher on your world, surely together with tens of thousands of others on my planet.  Then I was chosen, and I am pleased to be teaching here.  For me, personally, it means that fusion with my Thought Adjuster is on hold as I do my work, but mansion world life is not a hurried life.  Progress here is reckoned by achievement, not the pace at which success is attained, or the rate at which one ascends.
“I wish to speak with you this evening about envy from a celestial viewpoint.  However, it is the wishful feeling of envy, a rather pleasant form.  Day after day we ‘mix it’ with perfected beings and perfectly created beings hailing from on High, and we find two extraordinary things about them.  Firstly we find, that their connection to the Creator of All is, one might say, all powerful, as indeed it is with me.  This is the most important aspect of them.
“Secondly there is a form of envy in that they would wish so much to be more effective in creating progress in this universe.  There is, in fact, something like envy for the wonderful opportunities that you mortals have in living on terra firma -- so much more than what they can achieve – your being the hands and feet of the Creator of All.  Yes, envy, a sincere wish that they would be able to live a life such as you are living, heartaches and tribulation included, for the potentials that could be realized by them in His service.
“My thoughts this evening are with your understanding these desires from a celestial viewpoint, and your instilling in yourself a wish to become closer connected with the Creator of All, for that is where your eternal future lies.  Enjoy your life whenever you can, but look forward towards being like these spiritual beings that have such a powerful connection with the Creator.  Know I am not speaking of jealousy, no.  That is an entirely different thing, for they all cheer you on with every step in your progress.
“This is Samuel of Panoptia.  I thank you for being my mouthpiece for the many that will hear this message, and perhaps decide to live a more spiritually connected life.  Should this be so, my lengthy years of teaching on your planet will also be seen as successful.  I, too, shall be cheered on.  My love goes with you.  Good evening.”
George: “Thank you Samuel.”
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