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Ophelius - Cleansing The Temple - Spiritual Courage - Apr 10 & 11, 2009 - Progress Group, AU

Michigan, US of A, April 10, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Cleansing The Temple.”  (An Admonition)
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s lesson is on tuning the mind and body for maximum spirit reception and forward soul progression.  It has been said that the body is the temple of the Lord, and so it is, for the indwelling Spirit of God within the mind of all men and women.  How then can we better accommodate this indwelling so that we may have the maximum benefit from this most divine Gift of the Creator?  To all those that have ears, let them hear:  Today is the day to change the way you think and act.  The temple must be cleansed and made ready for the work ahead. It is time for you to stop feeling sorry for yourselves and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  The indwelling Spirit desires to have greater intimacy and influence over your temporal life -- the Spirit wants to show you that all things are possible and that there are no limits to the possibilities of the creative force in the divine nature.
“You may now seriously consider the condition of the physical body, for it must be well cared for and operating at its maximum potential.  The electro-chemical systems and brain functions are to be tuned and balanced -- cleansed of all toxins and slothful living.  Just as a loving mother takes care of herself when carrying her unborn child, so too must you take great care in the embryonic soul you carry through life.  The indwelling Spirit of God is the beating heart of this child of the universe.  See not that you defile the lifeblood of this soul-self with unhealthy vices and the intake of harmful foods.  A healthy vehicle requires proper exercise to maintain its system balances, and when these systems are working properly, spirit receptivity will improve.  When the body is in balance, the mind will follow with healthy thoughts and feelings because the spirits can more easily communicate with you.  Excuses and slothfulness only delay the joy of a creative spirit-filled life.
“Be aware and make a concerted effort to acknowledge the indwelling Spirit that you carry.  Take seriously the responsibility of this divine trust and ask for strength and direction to achieve your goals.  Don’t let another day go by when you ignore this true Friend and loving Partner, for now is the time to build those survival value qualities and life events that will bless you in this life and in the next.  Onward and upward need you strive to achieve perfection as the Father calls you.
“I pray that a special blessing be bestowed upon all those that read this message and take it to heart -- that you would be reminded of its admonition when temptation and old habits confront you.  Today is a new day, go boldly forward my beloved.
“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”


Michigan, US of A, April 11, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Spiritual Courage.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Today’s lesson is on spiritual courage.  What is spiritual courage and how does it help the ascendant career of a progressing mortal?  Spiritual courage is the resolute action of living faith to do the will of God in an environment of adversity, or in inconvenient circumstances that would normally be out of character, or above the self-defined limits of one’s comfort zone.  The willful choosing to align oneself with high moral and spiritual leadings, even at the perceived detriment to one’s ego, is a defining moment and milestone in the life of a faith son or daughter.  These are survival value events that denote a change in spiritual status, and are like the peeling away of dense dark material layers of the soul to reveal the brighter luminous spirit core within. (Receiver seeing a vision of a semi-translucent onion, the layers of which are being peeled away to reveal a shining pearl in the center.)
“One who possesses spiritual courage knows when to speak and when not to speak.  He or she is in control of their emotions and has achieved a moderate level of self-mastery.  Those with spiritual courage listen to the leadings of the indwelling Spirit and to the ministering spirits indifferent to the urge of emotional reactionary circumstance.  One who gracefully accepts disappointment or defeat knows that the divine plan is working for the greater good, and in time will manifest itself as the better way -- patience is divine investment.  To work behind the scenes and to do good for his or her fellows without recompense, shows courage and willful obedience to the divine will.
“Children, be bold with spiritual courage and extinguish fear from your life.  Do you not know that the Father of all creation indwells you and will pilot you safely to the shores of paradise?  What then can harm you, for you are life eternal in potential?  See that by faith you do those things that will insure your survival by ever seeking to be like Him, the Father of all creation.  Step by step, day by day, must you change, for to stand still or to look back is stagnation.  Be courageous in accepting new ideas and opportunities, for these are the agents of change and transformation -- these are the lessons of time and they will carry you down the river of life that leads to the eternal shores of happiness.
“Good day my beloved,
“The Circle of Seven.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.