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Lantarnek - Urantia Good Experience to Develop Strong Souls - Apr 16, 2009 - Teleconference
Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Lantarnek
T/R: Jonathan
April 16, 2009

Lantarnek: Greetings to you, this is Lantarnek. I have the pleasure of being with you this evening. You have put many years into your ascension. Although it is but the beginning of a great and long journey, still it is recognizable, the effort put forth and the accomplishments made. You have struggled with awakening your soul on a world that oftentimes does not promote your pursuit and yet you have grown skillful in making progress even while the conditions seem to create resistance.

A world such as Urantia, while not ideal in its social structure, religious institutions or its economic conditions, provides a greater opportunity for a young soul to develop early on a practical transcendency and a transcendent practicality. These words I use may be considered a way of categorizing more commonly understood phrases such as "Wise as serpents and harmless as doves.-- Being in the world but not of the world." Michael exemplified this balance while on your planet. He was able to remain loyal to His pledge to do the Father's will while incarnate here and yet fulfill the human needs.

An impractical transcendency causes one to accelerate perhaps a spiritual vision or to amplify an emotional longing but lose track of its usefulness in daily life. It is an attempt to move to another level without really mastering the level which you are on. The longing we Melchizedeks recognize and honor, for it is the drive which assists your growth, the true growth comes with a balance to it. Just as a tree reaches to the sky while driving its roots deep into the ground.

However being solely practical turns the life mundane. Coupling it with transcendency gives your daily routine a special purpose which may be likened to a painters canvass or a playwrights stage. After all, to love your neighbor as yourself, a transcendent value of God's love for everyone, cannot be lived out without a neighbor and without an interface with that neighbor. Yet being merely a friend is not the whole spectrum of loving your neighbor for it will be a transcendent practicality. Be a love that goes the second mile that carries the pack and not simply as a sacrifice, an obligation that you put yourself behind or below your fellow, no, it is because the love drives you. It pours forth with such a force, you seek for means wherein you may express it fully, not merely adequately, abundantly rather.

Again I draw from the teachings of our Master Son when He said that when one prays [lovingly], you give, the Father gives what is the true need. This ability to weigh the transcendent, that realm of spiritual values which draws you into the morontia state with the practical, those functions of daily life which maintain stability bring you comfort and establishes a fluidity among your fellows; this is the art of living.

While Michael exemplified to His apostles the value of going off alone with the Father to commune, He also demonstrated a need to be engaged with others. Spiritual richness is not had through hoarding, there is no bank account to deposit your spiritual fortunes. This wealth of spirit is only realized in a constant exchange and trading. And so you may go off to be alone with the Father and secure a new loan of love. It is of no value if you do not invest it in your fellows.

And lastly of my comments in this hour, the time you spend perhaps washing your car or mowing the lawn or doing your laundry or cooking a meal, coupled with the sense of the presence of God enriches those activities, even creates the potential for the artistic expression of beauty. And so I conclude and will open our meeting to questions and comments by repeating a phrase well known on your world of "Head in the clouds and feet on the ground." I now will open this forum to others.

Question: Hello, this is **** , thank you for those beautiful words. I was wondering about life on other planets. I was watching the Star Wars trilogy series and was visualizing a policy much like that outside of this local planet here. Is there any kind of truth to those movies, out of curiosity?

Lantarnek: My assessment of those stories is that the human author was visionary in his creation. He was able to set aside fear which often accompanies the entertainment of strangers derived from the planetary past where living in the forests and jungle may require defending yourself from a fierce enemy. But [in] the vision he held some compatibility between strange life forms and helped to birth in the mass human consciousness a curiosity for what is beyond, an interest in exploration toward rather than fear of being descended upon and taken over.

It is an art form and has the freedom of expression. There are certain aspects to the variability of life on the worlds that require similarity in your physical structure for these are shapes of the human form that lend themselves not only to the advancement of a planet but also contribute to the growth of the soul. There are some worlds where the conditions require some deviations from a human form that is conducive in order that that deviation be likewise beneficial.

You will note in your ascension throughout your local system, variety, but as you ascend you will begin to recognize that this variety was far more closer to similarity. It won't be until you enter into the eternal dimension of Havona that you will be overwhelmed by variety. Life will take on expressions that were impossible in a time/space framework. Your planet is progressing to the point where it will be able to fully accept an encounter with other human life forms that are from other planets. An indicator of your full preparedness is your ability to love one another of various races.

Until your world loves each other who dwell here and are different, you will not be able to cope with the variety that comes to you from afar. The principle is identical, a genuine concern and love and a recognition of common origin from the Father of all. I mentioned that you have a great journey in front of you and such stories as you bring up this evening plant the seeds, they invite your curiosity, they encourage you to discover dimensions of the universe and they expand your mind to entertain ways in which God may reveal life that is different from yourselves and yet still are children of God. I hope this addresses your question.

Comment: Yes it has and I am pleased with the answer, thank you.

Question:  From my understanding, I was taught that we generate our reality, our surroundings and the events in our lives. Why do things which are so called negative thoughts manifest faster than the good or positive thoughts?

Lantarnek: I will provide an image that may be the most efficient way to answer the question and then perhaps speak a little longer. Imagine if you will, a large block of marble and the time it takes to chisel a wonderful statue from that block. Yet with the wielding of a large hammer in short order it can be crumbled in to rocks and gravel. Negative thoughts carry a power which is abrupt. Positive thoughts are softer but they are ultimately more powerful for they incorporate that creativity which brings about beauty and goodness.

There is nothing that one may benefit from with such negativity. What honor is there to one who would destroy such a work of art? but there is great esteem to be granted to the one who is able to chisel out that statue. Because these thoughts from the positive take time to incubate and flourish it is of great importance to orient yourself in that way. Again, another illustration; all the advancements made on Urantia prior to Caligastia siding with the Lucifer Rebellion were lost in a few short years. And yet, subsequent to this upheaval you have steadily climbed and attained the state that you are at now. You have persistently advanced towards light and life.

The best defense for the negative is to not allow room for it to be too flooded with the positive. I trust you are aware that a dark room is no longer dark when even a simple match is lit, light is. So while you may feel that the force of negative comes at you harder, sooner or stronger it only takes a small if even weak positive force to begin toppling and overcoming that contrary power. I spoke in my lesson of the transcendency and practicality, the design of life on a world like yours provides conditions which strengthen you in a spiritual sense, give you spiritual muscles and in order to be strong you must face contrary forces that you will resist or overpower.

Remember always that you have a power from on high and that will be the victor, that these opposing powers are only testers with the ultimate divine design to strengthen you. Yes there have been episodes on your world where true evil has made itself known but much of the difficulties you actually encounter are part of the design of life to temper you, to strengthen you. No one can climb a mountain if they spend the prior year on the couch, it takes work before you engage in the work. So see the negatives as resistance forces for your strengthening rather than for your being overcome. It is the opportunity to put forth the positive, not a battle against it. Thank you for asking.

Comment: Thank you for the beautiful answer.

Question: Depending on what I'm doing I have a different perspective on how the world is progressing.  When I'm focused on reading Urantia material and other related writing I can see the world is progressing. But when I get back to the news it seems like there is so much evil dark energy around that there is no hope. Actually I see the world as having more good people than bad and maybe it is that not enough good people are fostering progress. From your perspective, is our world making progress?

Lantarnek: Yes it is and it has accelerated but I might add that there are transition times that appear chaotic and that short interval seems to be retrogressive or destructive. Let me offer an analogy. You have a dresser wherein you store your clothing. With all the drawers shut it looks orderly, open a few drawers and you see chaos, a disheveled heap. Pull everything out, sort through them all, suddenly you have a mess. Fold and return them to the drawers, shut them and it's orderly again. Open the drawer and it is orderly.

Your world at this point is pulling the clothing out of the drawers and making those adjustments and in the course of that you will find garments with holes in them that need to be discarded, you will find objects of great value that should have been brought to the top. So my friend, maintain that broad perspective, that long range view of planetary advancement. Trust that these smaller episodes that appear destructive and resisting are merely tumbled in the advancement and will in the end actually be a valuable contribution to the entire civilization realizing the higher values of light and life.

Lastly, should your sources for observing the way the world is behaving bring you into a state of shunting your spiritual energy, step away and let the inner force power you up so that you may in your own walk of life provide the positive forces which will help move the world forward with your assistance.

Comment: Well your analogies are beautiful and I thank you for all your responses.

Lantarnek: If there be no other questions let us close this gathering by turning our attention to the Master Michael. We thank Him for His love first and foremost, for it is that love that He has that put these many planets around these many stars into life whereon the children of God may grow. We thank Him for His incessant attention to our growth for He did not rest merely with the establishment of the condition, He has diligently paid attention to fostering growth at any stage on any planet and in any individual. I addressed Him as Master but He is not Lord and Master in a dominating sense. He is the Master of tenderness and genuine care such that you may be fledgeling, struggling souls and He is there to lift you up. You may be highly advanced and at the brink of fusion and He is there. Michael, thank you. We acknowledge you and we receive you.