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#000080;"="">Second Revelatory Commission Project - Feb 19, 2005 - Southwestern Spiritual Retreat
Notes: The full transcript of the SPR at Albuquerque, NM is archived at SSR
This transcript is an excerpt consisting of Part 2 which discusses the SRC and is cross-referenced and placed with the subject heading of the SRC .

Part 2
Second Revelatory Commission Project - Feb 19, 2005 - Southwestern Spiritual Retreat
Southwestern Spiritual Retreat Albuquerque, New Mexico
Second Revelatory Commission Project
Library of Canossian Spiritual Retreat Center

T/R: Daniel Raphael
Topics: Questions for the SRC Indigo Children Nutrition
February 19, 2005, 2:00 PM

Daniel: Well, we have Rayson here today. Let’s get centered and still. Let’s go ahead and connect our lines of energy for universe center to earth center and make a merkaba here of our own. The lines above our head meet together over the center of the group; the lines below us meet together underneath the building here. And where these come together there is a shaft of energy that we bring to it.

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group greetings.) Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to be here in New Mexico. It is not much further being here than it is at "home" in Loveland, Colorado. Our venue is truly all over the planet. We are very pleased that you are here, from various parts of the country, that you bring different perspectives and viewpoints, different orientations to this meeting today, the purpose of which is to represent "our side" of the Second Revelatory Commission, where you can ask questions and receive answers. As was stated by Machiventa, the only limitation to your questions is that your questions be relevant to your life and to the life of other mortals, either now or in the future.

This will be one of several gatherings for the SRC over the months and years to come. It will be a slow, plodding process until there becomes a process for answering your questions on an on-going basis. It is much like a locomotive or flywheel that is very heavy and starts very slowly to build momentum, but then has a tremendous reserve to produce energy in return. Having stated that, I would be glad to receive your questions. (Long pause.)

Surely you have questions? Some of you have stated so, before the gathering today. Or stated such at home, where we have heard your questions, private and with others. Do not be shy….

Randy: With the Adamic default, we hear of certain things going on now, generational healing, et cetera—Michael and Nebadonia working with us to correct our DNA. Are there other things planned for the future? How can this world best accept the better chance to blend our material and spiritual lives? Are there other plans that are in place?

RAYSON: Let us be more discerning, please. You use the word "things" and "better plans." Do you mean that these are in relation to the genetic upliftment, or are they separate processes or programs for upliftment on their own?

Randy: I would say more the second is my question.

RAYSON: Yes, there are many. (Randy: Could you elaborate at this time?) Could you be more specific, please?

Randy: I was wondering if there are things that would be coming out of, let’s say, "humanity’s ideas about this." I know that there are a number of advances in genetics that are going on right now. Can that be leveraged in such a way to help the situation?

RAYSON: Most certainly. This program of genetic upliftment is not new; it was a program that initiated approximately forty years ago. The inquiry into gene structure and the demonstration of stable gene adaptations has been an on-going part of the revelation to the humanities, to the medical field, to research into these areas. You recall that not everyone has to be or needs to be "spiritual" to be a recipient and a constructive participant and contributor to this new era? You know some of these individuals through what is called the Reserve Corps of Destiny. Some are, and some are not, reservists of this corps, but they make contributions on their own.

There are many individuals who are not believers, but yet who have within them that inquisitive spark to search for more than is apparent in the chemical processes that they work with. You are most correct that this is a dual-sided and actually multi-sided process for upliftment of the genetic structure of your species. One is through the chemical/biological commercial interests, which are profit motivated. The other is through the angelic guidance of individuals to form partnerships and mating relationships with individuals who can contribute great improvement to the plasm of your species, and that is simply through the guided, synchronistic, spontaneous, serendipitous occasions where two individuals come together, become lovers and producers of great offspring. Surely you recognize this among you, as you have many children that you know of personally, who are not the same as your generation.

There are also, unknown to you and unrevealed at this time, programs which will come out of other species studies of your industry, which will contribute heavily and greatly to your own species improvement. These are in the background, they are at this time unrelated, consciously unrelated to the improvement to humankind. There is a great reluctance in this culture, and in the European culture to speak of eugenics, and for the improvement of race. Yet, if you were aware, you would not only see dozens or hundreds, but literally thousands of research projects around the world, which are simultaneously working on many similarly related developments.

It is not unusual for the research to delve into the ancient gene plasm of deceased species, those animals being dug out of tar pits or recovered frozen in the glaciers. They will reveal much about your species too. It is not a matter of size of the organism, as even some that are less than one pound in weight will contribute heavily to the understanding of your own gene structure. Does this help? (Randy: Thank you very much, yes.)

Jerry: Follow-up question: What is the source of the Indigo children and the difference in their DNA structure?

RAYSON: The Indigo children are a new variation of your species. They are not an obvious, but a logical development out of the species, the gene structures that you have in your organism. There will become enough of these spontaneous, serendipitous unions, to bring about the Indigo children that way. This will occur simultaneously around the world in several locations, and they will be unknown to each other until it is recognized that these children are different. They will not be born of the indigo color upon their immediate birth, but will come into their color in the months and years to pass. They will be seen immediately as ordinary children, though their variation in skin color will change greatly in the coming months and years. Then they will be recognized as being quite unusual.

The degree of their unusual nature will not be fully appreciated until their own gene structure will be analyzed. This is what you would call a spontaneous, evolutionary development from the human species. You have heard of "Homo sapiens;" these will be "Homo spiritus," as some of your philosophers have surmised. This is quite accurate. These children will be inherently talented in this realm, with these capabilities. You have children who are literally virtuoso violinists, pianists, composers and musicians, those who understand the physics of machines, simply innately in their own existence, without prompting or education. These children will be "ultra- shamans," in some ways; they will have a "knowing" capacity, yet they will not be Avatars; they will not be unlike yourselves in many, many ways. They will simply be adept at knowing and understanding the fundamental principles of a successful universe. (Thank you.)

Roxanne: Rayson, there has also been some thought that perhaps these children are receiving a third strand of DNA. Is that correct?

RAYSON: Let us wait for it to be discovered. There is sufficient variation in your own double strand to bring about such an occurrence of these children, without a third strand being necessary.

Randy: Will these children have a stronger ability to sense the morontial?


Randy: Would part of why they would exist, would part of it be to help us, those who do not have these gifts, to better understand spirituality?

RAYSON: Indirectly, yes. Continue on with your questions please, sir.

Randy: I am wondering about the long-term plan for these children. Most certainly one would not want to think about that they would be so very different from Homo sapiens that there would be a split or a schism, and accepting them as all of humanity. However, it does appear then that if they are significantly different, one wonders what the rest of humanity is to think of beings such as this, and why they are put here. I am not entirely sure what my question is and I know you want a question here….

RAYSON: It is sufficient to issue an answer. These children will have a most difficult time, because they will be inherently and innately different in the years after their birth. They will be "set-asides," "set apart" much as Neanderthals were set apart from the Homo sapiens. They were very similar, but they were so ultimately dissimilar. Yet there was a capacity for inter-marriage and for genetic transfer between them, which can occur with the Indigo children. They will be sufficiently isolated and identifiable that it would be unlikely that this will occur. More likely, they will find each other and become informed partnerships among themselves.

Theirs is not so much to assist the older race species to transform and accept the new world that they are moving [into], but that they are here, they will come into existence to assist those new children who will understand their purpose. They are, what you might call, the advance staff, the forerunners of Monjoronson’s earthly staff. They will be of great assistance. We wish not to reveal much regarding this, as we do not want to prejudice that situation for them or against them. Theirs must be a process of discovery of their role on this planet with your civilizations and its development. Also, it is not as though this will become the dominant species on your planet. Neither will they replace the Homo sapiens that exist, but that they will exist as a variation of your species, some-what apart [from] their parental species.

Randy: Will they have the special capabilities to work with primary and secondary midwayers and seraphim?

RAYSON: They will have a level of skills that can be awakened through activation and conscious and intentional development. They can be greatly aided by teachers who know how to awaken those skills. They will be guided—surely they will be guided and brought into contact with those sources that can aid them in their own personal growth. Remember, they will be very distinct from your own kind; they will seek positive, constructive developments of their own skills, their own intelligence, their own innate capacities and potentials, and that will lead them into other developments, which will assist them in the awakening of those inner potentials, which you have only as nascent, budding skills.

Roxanne: How are these children selected, and are all the children in the same family recipients if one of them is?

RAYSON: Not necessarily. It is very similar to your own coming into existence. They were anticipated but not chosen. The family may have only one child who has this capability. It is as I said, a spontaneous, evolutionary development, which has been guided by the Life Carriers.

Barry: Wouldn’t those children be born into a family that was more spiritually aware than a normal?

RAYSON: Most definitely. As you know, [and] are so aware of environmental factors corrupting great potential within children, there are on your planet, truly hundreds of thousands of children being brought into the world, who have immense capabilities, but because of their environmental limitations, their potentials are not able to be developed. If they are not conscious of their spiritual path, and have not developed insights, most likely will not choose to awaken those skills or to recognize them within themselves.

The limitations of low self-esteem are profound in the development of your innate skills and potentials. This affects those children who are immensely skilled, those who have tremendous potentials. Those skills and potentials, if they are not of commercial benefit, will not be developed but will recede as the child lives and grows in their world. There is no profit in being a prophet in a new land when you are beaten for your pronouncements.

Roxanne: Is there any percentage of population of the children to be born this way, for a critical mass number, perhaps?

RAYSON: I have no answer for your question.

Leoma: Rayson, I’ve been wondering if as part of the morontial blending that is taking place with us here now, is DNA change a part of that? Is our DNA being changed?

RAYSON: In terms of bringing about the morontial blending? (Leoma: Yes.) No. You have within you latent morontial skills and potentials, which are existent, yet have to be developed. You, by participating in this spiritual community, your willingness to explore your spirituality in practical terms, has the ability to awaken within you, those nascent skills. You, personally, have awakened numerous of them, though there are many which you are not recognizing, or are not conscious of. This is not an unusual situation, as you have few peers who can educate you, who can train you to appreciate what you have in its most minor form. Were you to recognize these, and given an opportunity and environment of support, you could develop them greatly. The morontial blending is as much cultural as it is hereditary.

Student: (Too faint to hear question.)

RAYSON: Yes, of course. You have within you the remaining Adamic strains of your spiritual parents, Adam and Eve, who came here to share their germ plasm with your species. Unfortunately, as you know, this effort was cut short, truncated, abbreviated in many ways, so that the percentage that exists in you personally, and others here, is very low, yet it does exist.

It is not a factor that is totally bred out of your being; some of your races carry more of this germ plasm than others. Those who are of the blue and white races, have a good percentage, as do those who are the red and yellow races. The violet race and green race are gone, as you know, and so these have been eliminated and their part of the gene pool has been eliminated. This is most unfortunate, yet it is what you live with. You can actually, intentionally and deliberately, activate this germ plasm within you, these morontial capacities, simply by willing to do so.

These are talents, which are much like those of being a violin player or an artist of various sorts, who has nascent skills, which can be awakened with practice. You simply say, "I wish to become a pianist," then you begin practicing. You can say, "I wish to awaken the morontial capacities within me, at all levels of consciousness, in this lifetime," and then you must seek ways of amplifying those awakening skills.

There are no morontial schools, unfortunately, on your planet. There are no morontial/mortal schools, either. And there are very few mortal schools, which deliberately and with intent, that strive to awaken those skills within you. This too, is most unfortunate.

You could learn much from the native, aboriginal races of each continent. Select from those that are the most spiritually evolved, those that have the most evolved concepts of the universe integration and contact with the Creator. This will guide you in these schools of their practices for development.

But, we have to say many of you are "sissies." (Laughter.) You do not like to dehydrate intentionally. You do not like to expose yourself to harsh elements. You would not like to run for twenty miles without water, would you? You would not like to be in the wilderness by yourself, without clothing at night. You would not wish to develop those skills and so, the aboriginals would say you are "sissies."

Yet there are, my friends, many ways of crashing the barriers of consciousness, so that your morontial skills can come through. There is what you call, the "breath of life," the dynamic breath, where you over-ride your instincts to stop breathing but you pant with guidance, with one who understands breathing techniques. This can crash the barriers of your consciousness. There are various Tantric processes, which you can also use to do the same thing. As you know, many of these practices have been subverted for other pleasurable reasons. This is a diversion from the original intent of these insights.

Helen: I wanted to ask about nutrition. In the Bible, the Hebrews had strict dietary rules, but they were told through a vision by Peter that anything that they chose to eat, with thanksgiving and humility, was good nutrition. So it appears that we are now coming into an era again, restricting our nutrition with the idea that now we have gained enough knowledge to know that we have to take "25 of this kind of nutritional pill," and eat "that much" raw vegetable, to attain good health. And I am a little concerned that it’s getting kind of "nutty," because if you have five people in the room, each person has read a different book on how best to obtain optimal nutrition status. Can you give us some guidance on obtaining optimal nutritional status, and leading off what I consider some crazy things going on?

RAYSON: I will address the most beneficial practices for you. One is that you do well to eat fresh vegetables and living fruit of trees, and those nuts which have been naturally preserved, rather than irradiated. There are the Easterners who call the energy of this the "Prana," the "chi," the life energy that is existent in it.

Eat this from childhood and through your early adulthood and you will be well served by the energy that is released in your body. Also you can thoroughly awaken this energy more completely, by blessing it, with the intention of blessing it and awakening within it the energy that is in the structure of the plant. This is not molecular energy. This is universe energy; this truly is the "chi" of life, which exists in every plant and animal.

You can awaken this [chi] and best assimilate it through your body, by blessing it. It is much like heating and roasting nuts, where you bring the oils out of the nut. You can do this with the energy by blessing it, but it is not a rote process of "We bless this food and ask you to bless this as well, dear Heavenly Father," but this is projecting your consciousness, your blessing, your grace, your appreciation for that which has been given to you, which you have no measure of and that is the energy of light.

We also know that many of you do take in animal protein. We have no strictures against this, but we do not promote it either, except for those individuals who’s dietary necessities require the intake of animal protein. Here too, the practices of the kosher processing of animals is very humane, very necessary. The mingling of the bloods of animals is not a positive thing to do. The care of the animal while they live, has been discussed with you before, and is available in the archives. I repeat that by saying that true care of these animals as they do have their own innate "flavor/color of spirituality presence" as creatures of the Creator, that this exists and you honor that. You would do well to think of them as your animal friends, not as friends in a cannibalistic way, but friends who you care about, those whom you know you will consume eventually, and to then dispatch them, bring them through the gates of death, easily and quickly, and that they be cared for in their dying. This too, is very essential.

The new processing of thousands of animals is beneficial, yet these animals are quite in terror as they are transported many distances and they are kept in pens and led through chutes, where they are killed. They are not unaware of their approaching demise. Certainly not. Animals in many ways are far more perceptive of their soon approaching deaths than you are, and they are not necessarily un-accepting of this, but the process that leads them to death is what truly is hurtful to the care of their meat and the energy that lies within them. Truly there is much good in the protein of living animals that you can use and need in your bodies. You have a group of animals that you identify as bison or buffalo; these are very pristine, wonderful creatures, and their meats are very pure. We suggest you use them whenever possible.

The more intelligent the animal, the more difficult it is to raise them to prime condition before they are slaughtered. Fowl and fish are of lesser intelligence, and they have no acquaintanceship of concepts or consciousness of death. They live in the "now," fully and totally, and when they are no more, they know not the difference. These will always be a good universal source of animal protein for you. Though the care of fowl is important, it is more important for their care than it is for the fishes of the sea. Does this help?

Helen: Yes, it helps very much, however, I am still somewhat concerned about the cults that have come up about taking nutritional supplements, and using nutritional aids to cure everything, with no apparent scientific data. It depends on which book you read, sort of thing, and I don’t know where a lot of [that] data comes from. It has gotten to be very "cultish."

RAYSON: Dear child, make your concerns for yourself rather than for them. You cannot affect them one iota; they will choose what they will eat, whether it is Hershey bars, or piñon nuts.

Helen: My question is, is there an advantage to my/or any of us taking great doses of nutritional supplements?

RAYSON: Only to the extent that your diet of natural produce is diminished. They are not a panacea and many of the claims made by their manufacturers are hollow—some hollow completely, at best.

Roxanne: Our scientists for quite some time have been working with hybridization, particularly on our vegetable foods, and lately our scientists are getting into genetic manipulation. Is this a helpful trend for our planet in being able to feed the masses, or is it causing more harm than good?

RAYSON: It is far too early in the process to make an estimation of whether it is harmful or good. Overall, on developing planets that go through the scientific phase, there is great genetic manipulation done, and there is a sorting out of this. There is much good to be gained by genetic manipulation, for improving each particular species and each particular lesser group within the species. There is more good to be attained than harm. The harm that you will see will be for the control of these genetic strains through control for commercial reasons. This will eventually be outlawed by your international bodies in decades to come, as the fruits and goods of all animals and plants are universal for everyone. There are very detrimental and ethical issues that will come up and need to be resolved, and this is part of the growth of maturity and gaining of wisdom of your cultures, your businesses, your governments, and your technologies. Did this answer your question?

Roxanne: Yes. I take it that irradiation of foods, as a preservative is not in our best interests?

RAYSON: It certainly eliminates the chi that exists in these sources. It yet will provide you with nutritional value that is completely mechanical in nature. You, as spiritual beings, have your chi; this is your access of energy from universe center to earth center. This is your chi; this is fed and enhanced, developed and empowered through the intake of additional chi from natural sources. Irradiated meats and foods do not contain this.

Virginia: Do microwaves affect that change, [are they] a detriment?

RAYSON: Yes, they do, to a limited degree. Chi is not quantifiable, but it diminishes with each stage of processing of the natural food or meat. Meats that are boiled have best retention of chi, whereas those that are boiled under pressure have less. Those that are dried have virtually none; those which are irradiated by external sources, have less as well. If you ate a bowl of peas out of the garden, that had just been shelled, you would receive the maximum amount of chi in that source. Were you to put them in a pan and heat them with water, some of that would be dampened.

Chi is vibrational; it is an energy that is of the higher source from universe center; it is inherent in all things, living and dead. Yet, that which is living carries more than that which is dead. You could quite easily live well on fresh fruits, berries, nuts, and so on, the roots and barks, if you were to take them in fresh. The instances of boiling and processing plant tissue is only necessary to the extent that it contains harmful chemicals-—alkaloids—that must be neutralized or dissolved through heat and through water processing. Microwaving is useful, it is convenient; it does not totally dampen the vibration of the chi in those peas, for example, but does have that effect. Were you to leave those peas in the microwave until they were blackened and charred, there would be nothing there.

Helen: What is the effect of freezing vegetables or …(Inaudible)…?

RAYSON: Freezing is most helpful, and we suggest that this is used whenever possible. Freezing, in a pun, dampens it and chills it to an extent. It helps retain the original chi, through the freezing process. What occurs however is that the produce within the freezer ages; aging and oxidation also dampen the energy of the chi in the plant and animal tissues.

Roxanne: In the past, Rayson, you told us that to get the maximum chi, we need to eat very, very freshly picked vegetables, and in the winter, particularly, we receive most of our produce from other countries, such as Chile, for example. Is there any chi left by the time it is transported?

RAYSON: Oh, definitely. There is a good deal of chi that remains. However, it is better to eat a banana ripe off the tree, than it is a banana that has been ripened on the ship. The tree has its own chi, which it contributes to the fruit, and it maximizes that which is in the fruit when it is picked from the tree. You of necessity, have shipments from abroad for fresh produce, which was simply not available to your people, decades and centuries ago. Think how fruit and meats and vegetables were preserved then. They were either salted or frozen in an ice bank, or preserved by boiling, or preserved in lard. The diet was much different then and it is not that the mentality or spirituality of those individuals was not deserving of the best chi available, but it was not there. You, as you progress, you will need to have your own garden plots. You will find this to be a pleasurable activity in decades to come, and it will be a natural outgrowth and development of your environmental cultures now, and will eventually be seen as a development of your spiritual practices. It will be seen as a means for maximizing your spiritual-morontial potentials that lie within you for yourself and your children. It is a means as well, of keeping you free from harmful chemicals that are spread upon the acres of commercially producing farms.

Virginia: Rayson, this is going back a little ways in the questions that were presented today, but when you described the Indigo children and the characteristics, I immediately think of the child, Jesus. And he was of course, in a spiritual family; he taught his family so many new things, and he was not accepted as such—he was set aside and he was defended by probably the Homo sapiens there, rather than the almost spirit, I believe, is what you are calling the Indigo children. Would Jesus, of 2000 years ago, be considered as an Indigo child?

RAYSON: No. He was a species unto himself.

Virginia: Well, okay, that there could be such a child.

RAYSON: You would be as exasperated as Mary was. (Much laughter.)

Virginia: I do understand that! "Why would you do this to me, Jesus?" I do understand.

Rick: Rayson, I would like to ask you a question: The Urantia Book says that animals cannot know God, they do not contain the Thought Adjuster. Recently it has come to me, information that the dolphin species does contain Thought Adjusters and does have the ability to fuse with these Adjusters. It has also come to me that the dolphin has come from another planet; it is not indigenous to this planet. Can you speak about this?

RAYSON: How would this affect you, sir?

Rick: If there is another animal on this planet that is also a free willed creature, I would like to be able to communicate with this species and get to know them.

RAYSON: I will give you a limited answer, then. It is not of necessity that you know where these animals came from, whether they were a part of your evolutionary history, or whether they were from another planet. There is innate with many of the evolved species of your planet, mammals that are greatly evolved in their minds. These animals have no history of war. Many have no history of clan antagonism. They know only of cooperation with their environment.

Yes, they understand death; yes, they understand competition; yes, they understand that there is more to themselves than their own bodies. They have a form of consciousness, which is dissimilar but not completely so, from your own consciousness. If you were to take the Cartesian statement of, "I think, therefore I am," you would be right that they exist, but they do not have an awareness of the "I AM." It is speculation on our part to discuss whether they have Thought Adjusters or not. If they do, then they have their own religion, do they not, where they relate to their own spiritual connection to the Creator?

In your regard with relating to them, honor them as you would all animals. Think of them as your "cousins." Think of them in terms of those who are more peaceful than yourself. Think of them as your teachers of cooperation and living in oneness with your planet. Think of them as a model for peace, for living in the now, rather than living in fear. Truly, they do know fear, for there are Orcas who like to eat them. Surely some of their kind have been consumed this way. They also know death by others, and they are well acquainted with the process of death. They too honor those who have gone before them; they too understand separation. Theirs is not to dwell upon the past as existent in the present, but to live now and to anticipate tomorrow. I hope this helps you, though it is a very curtailed answer, and we do not wish to explore this much more than we have today. (Thank you.)

Student: Every now and then we get prompted that dire circumstances are befalling the human race, both physical and political and financial cataclysms—major disruptions—when we receive this information, when they dove-tail—is it in any way accurate? And if so, to what purpose are we given it?

RAYSON: Look around you—your world is in crisis. The more complicated your life, the more you are invested in the outer, the more difficult your life will become when those investments are diminished—or cease to exist. We speak not necessarily only of monetary investments, but investments in other cultures, in many ways. There is no purpose that this was given to you; it was not given to you—these are man-made. These are culturally made; these are business made; they are governmentally made. These are the habits of selfish individuals. These are the results of individuals who seek power over others, both for political and economic reasons, and also for ideological reasons as well.

Your Father did not give you harsh turmoils to live through, but these exist as your species is so acquainted with them. Truly we say to you, learn from these mistakes; learn from these situations if you must, yet you do not need to live through them or in them, but keep a simple life. Were you to be a nomadic sheepherder in the out-country, and had your farm tended by your sons and daughters, you would have plenty to keep you in peace, without the turmoils outside your farm or ranch. Yet few in these times know how to live apart from others in peace, but you seem to persist in terrorizing yourselves by watching the news incessantly, which speaks almost totally of the terrors of your world. Neither would we ask you or encourage you to strive to live in ecstasy and oblivion in ignorance, but to live knowledgeably that there is evil about in your world, but yet there is much good.

And take heart that there is more good coming into your world each day, than there is harm and terror. There are many indicators, which are not shared with you by your governments, but which you would have to research very carefully and think about the statistical basis about the development of crime, or the curtailment of crime and the good that is being done, the wealth that is being shared.

You know much about selfishness in individuals and in corporations and foundations and nations, which pit themselves against others and which strive to harm others for their own benefit. Yet, my friends, there is so much good going on in your world and we wish you to focus your attention upon the good, rather than the harm, yet be wise in knowing where you live. Certainly you would not reach your hand into a burrow of rattlesnakes, expecting to come out with roses.

Your questions have been good. We appreciate your thought concerning these things. It need not always be necessary that they emanate from the vacant spots in the Urantia Book, but from your own thoughtful contemplation about your world around you. We ask you, in your moments of stillness when you contemplate these issues to ask for answers yourself, for you will also be given answers. You will be guided—you are guided—you have been guided, and this is available to you. As we say, the more complex your life is, the more invested you are in the outside of your life, the more difficulty you will have. It is surely most difficult for you to live in peace when you are living among those who are at war.

Strive to maintain your wisdom and awareness, but yet live in the now of the great joy of living in union with your Father-Mother presence within. Be at peace, for there is no growth, where there is no peace. And there cannot be love and tolerance where there is no peace, neither can there be forgiveness. Neither can there be forbearance or patience.

Be at peace within yourselves and see peace in others. Bless those about you who are in turmoil. We wish you good travels in all your days, through this day, tomorrow and all days of the future. Know that you are not alone, that you are accompanied by so many who wish you well, and not only wish you well, [but] who are actively involved in the good of your lives in the immediate present. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)