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Samuel of Panoptia - Passing On Your Skills - Mar 23, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, March 23, 2009.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Passing On Your Skills.”
Received by George Barnard.
Note: We have been right in the middle of editing a 380 page book – The Guiding Light Within, a daily devotional – and it’s no small task!  Already Samuel was talking about how in years gone by it used to be our policy to not keep any secrets about formulas or methods from our apprentices, even opposition companies.  We shared freely in the name of progress, and we still did well.  The discussion was lost, however.  The recorder was not yet switched on.)
Samuel: “There you are now (recording).  Another busy day, much editing done, and we have a great new book in the making.  And still a hundred and one things are running through your mind, making it hard for me to get a word in edgewise.  Relax.  This is your Teacher Samuel, starting again. I wish to speak with you about the passing on of skills and information.
“We will take the Mansion Worlds as the purest of all examples. I have spent many more years on these worlds than I did in my life on terra firma of Panoptia.  For me, ascension is on hold, but not so my progress.  I can study and teach, and this is my God-given free-will choice, basically to become more real in the spiritual sense.  It is on the Mansion Worlds where there is no need to work for a living, and where one can learn very swiftly, for all teachers on any imaginable subject are available, and no secrets are kept.
“It was on Panoptia where we had to spend time at a given task to provide for our families, and this is not the case on the Mansion Worlds.  And yet, compared to your world, Panoptia ran smoothly, very much so.  Both sunlight and energy from the vacuum were used, and or converted, for all our energy requirements.  We managed to harness the sun to the point where we could melt all metals and glass.  Unlike on your world, many of these items of necessity were regularly collected and reused.
“You will find in time to come as you progress out of the Correcting Time towards Light and Life that you, too, will make your materials in such a way that they can be reused, your bottles so that they can be cleaned and re-used.  You will move toward standard sizes for many different products, and of course, my favorite, you will make your everyday packaging materials completely biodegradable.  More importantly, you will move away from this dreadful habit of producing crops that will not generate seed for the next seeding,’ the next sowing, the next harvest, and so on.
“All the energy you require, so much of it for all your needs and toys, will come from the vacuum and from sunlight.  Slowly your planet will clean itself again, more fish will swim in your oceans, the air will be cleaner, and the land not so badly poisoned.  Work towards this, I urge you.  You will find a time will arrive when you need not patent anything, because you will freely share.  You will not require the rights to specific names, or specific techniques, because you will pass on your skills as a matter of cause.
“It is the universal law of cause and effect; the more you share, the more you will receive.  This will slowly become obvious to you in the years to come.  Look forward to seeing your planet in Light and Life, a good, healthy, well deserved life for all who will help each other build, produce, and feed the masses.  I thank you for your time here.  I thank you for your attention.  Keep passing on your skills.  Au revoir.”
George: “Thank you Samuel.”
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