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Ophelius - Lesson on Salvation - Mar 14, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Michigan, US of A, March 14, 2009.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “A Lesson on Salvation.”
Received by Chris.
Ophelius: “Good morning dear one, it is I, Ophelius and friends, here to speak with you this early morning.  Today, beloved, we would speak to you about salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven.  What is salvation and how does one acquire it?  What is the Kingdom of Heaven and what does it have to do with salvation?  This is closely related with my message on sonship, for salvation is the awakening moment of the soul from darkness and blindness, into light and life, where the soul is reborn and is initiated and acclimated on a path of eternal destiny.  The potential for survivorship and fusion with the Thought Adjuster is nearly certain providing the soul continues on a forward path of progression and does not willfully embrace evil and iniquity.  It is this critical moment where the mind of the individual makes contact with the indwelling spirit, and receives the revelation of his or her relationship with the creator that he or she is the child and heir to the Father’s eternal Kingdom.  In this moment, he or she has become a true believer in eternal life and has come to the realization that there is more to life than that of a purely material existence, and when the calling from deep within, and from where they knew not, has finally been answered.
“For many, this moment of awakening can definitively be recounted as a demarcation of true spiritual awareness and knowingness.  For others, it is a slow and steady experience of discovering truth that leads to the realization of God consciousness.  From that moment on, the Kingdom of Heaven is the living experience of the born again believer, and that experience starts on this world, and continues on after death on the mansion worlds, then to Havona, and finally onto Paradise and through eternity.
“The Father has created us as imperfect experiential beings so that we may grow, learn, and discover all that there is to know and experience in the universe, thus we become co-creators with Him -- God the Ultimate.  He has bestowed upon us the gift of free will, and that is what separates us from the predestined automaton.  It is this free will endowment that allows for the potential of evil, so that we may freely choose the will of God and accept the challenge of the supreme adventure -- to contribute of our own accord to the co-creation of the universe by sharing our life experiences, through the ministry of the Thought Adjuster, with the Father of all creation.  It is this collective experience of all of God’s creatures throughout the far-flung universes, that God experiences life through us on myriad levels of reality. So my beloved, what kind of experiences do you want to share with God -- those of a sinful iniquitous life of pain and suffering, or one of love and beauty in discovery of all the wonders of His eternal kingdom?  The choice is simple, yet the path to salvation is often difficult for many on Urantia -- this rebellion stricken world, where the workers of light are few and the harvest of those in darkness is plenty.  The illusion of the material world and the ignorance of spirit values is a formidable foe in the battle to win souls to the kingdom, but the Father in his perfect wisdom has given us a light in the darkness -- it is the light that lights every soul in every man, that perfect light of the indwelling spirit -- His spirit.  It is His spirit that will relentlessly try in every way to awaken you to salvation, while at the same time respect your right of free will.  He will not give up on you, even until the very end, to show you the better way and to illuminate the path to the Kingdom of Heaven.
“God loves you all so very deeply, my beloved, and you are never alone, for he is there with you through all your trials and tribulations, your triumphs and achievements.  His ministers of mercy abound all around you in the unseen to help and cheer you on to victory. Take the first step, my brothers and sisters, to your own salvation, and ask for the divine help to see clearly the path to the kingdom, for you must ask to receive, seek to find, knock and the door will be opened to you.
“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.