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Ophelius - Philantrophy - Feb 28, 2009 - Progress Group, AU

Michigan, US of A, February 28, 2009.

Teacher Ophelius.

Subject: "Philantrophy."

Received by Chris.


Ophelius: "Good morning dear one, we are here with you. It is I, Ophelius and the Circle, to join with you on this cold and sunny morning. Today we would like to speak to you about philanthropy. What is philanthropy and how does it affect the evolution of a planet that is leading toward Light and Life? Philanthropy is simply corporate charity -- the taking up of some social cause by a corporate entity to promote goodwill in the community of which it is a part. As your world approaches closer and closer to Light and Life, philanthropy will become a very routine and natural thing for all companies, large and small, to do their part in providing much needed services, similar to what the churches are doing currently with their relief programs, except that they will fill needs in many diverse areas not addressed by church or government. Many corporations now are doing this, but there is not enough to fill the needs of mankind.

"I speak on this subject today knowing that it does not address the individual seeking self guidance or self-mastery, but because it is important for the upcoming generations who will find themselves in positions and heads of corporate bodies that can and will make a difference in a changing world. They will be conscious and forward thinking individuals concerned with the path of human evolution, knowing that the uplifting and improvement of the human condition in all parts of the planet will benefit the company and every individual therein. No longer will it be done only as a means of marketability, but a genuine expression of brotherhood, while at the same time exhibiting an example to the world of the ingenuity and the caring spirit of its members. This philanthropic duty will be written into the charters of all newly formed companies, and having equal standing with the entrepreneurial ideas that formed the entity itself. Those companies that willfully execute these philanthropic endeavors will reap the benefits of such undertakings with growth and prosperity, while those that cling to the old models of greed and short term profits will fall to the wayside.

"It is true even today, and can be statistically proven, that those corporations that are involved in philanthropic endeavors are successful growing companies with good standing in the public eye. These ideas must take root in young people now through education and good parenting. When this begins to take root, you will see the political atmosphere change more toward one of brotherhood and away from nationalistic sovereignty. Wars will become less frequent, and peace and prosperity will more and more uplift the spirit of humanity toward that universal goal of Light and Life. The profit motive must give way to the ‘well-being’ motive. It almost sounds absurd to the capitalist that well being could ever replace the philosophy of profit-only thinking, but is this not the end result of success in business -- well being? The difference will be that all will share in the success of business, not just the CEOs and executives. It is this spirit of all inclusiveness that will drive planetary evolution, first to the brotherhood of man, and then ultimately, to the Fatherhood of God, where all will enjoy the universal benefits of Avonal and Trinity Teacher Sons on this planet -- the Golden Age of mankind.


"Good day,

"The Circle of Seven."