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Paulo; Athena; Dani - The Rebellious Spirit - The Creative Nature - Other Religions -  Feb 05, 2009 - Teleconference

DATE: February 5, 2009

LOCATION: Light Line

T/R: Gerdean


PAULO: The Rebellious Spirit

ATHENA: The Creative Nature

DANI: Seventh Day Adventists; Jews; Mentoris

Gerdean: Lord, I pray for clarity, pray for clarity of mind and that my vessel might also function with clarity so that we can get what they call a clear channel. We are grateful to have you to call upon, Father God and Mother Spirit. We are lost without you; we are nothing without you, and so we look to you to infuse us with the stimulation and inspiration and assurance that we need as we go from day to day and from here to there in our little lives, that we live for you, for the experience, that we might contribute to the Evolving Supreme.

Be with us this evening as we experience this broadcast, and whatever teacher you send our way, help us be open to the lesson and the insights that might be tucked away in this exchange, that we might apply it to our life and better do thy will. Amen.

PAULO: Good evening, my friends, this is your Teacher Paulo, Paulo who makes infrequent visitations and whose "specialty" is rebellion. I am coming in this evening because once more I find so many of you in a rebellious mood, and this is not something that I find displeasure in, for it is something that I expect from you at this stage of your development, in particular at this time of the lunar cycle.

You are still so very-- Oh, I know you hate the word primitive but you are still so very primitive, so very semi-civilized. I don't say this to be unflattering, truly. I say this to help you appreciate that when you do not live up to the standards and ideals that you would have for yourself, that you don't treat yourself too badly, too poorly because of it, that you can learn to have compassion for the human condition. Have mercy on yourself and on others that can act so brutally at times, so uncivilized.

It's a tough lesson to learn, I know. Those of you who have been born of the spirit and who spend untold precious hours in the company of the Prince of Peace in the citadel of the spirit where you are lifted up into the exalted state of sonship wherein love prevails and harmony reaches all the way to Havona. This idealized state of mind and being is indeed the goal and the reach of the ages, and it is free for the taking. It is yours, simply by entering into the mode of consciousness that allows it to prevail.

But the fact remains and the truth is that you still live on a very brutal planet, very uncivilized, and even when you are around your peers who also seek to be civilized, the conditioning of thousands and thousands of years of warfare and scrambling for self-interest, defensiveness, and many other less than divine attributes tend to come in and prevail, particularly, yes, when you are impacted by/affected by the physical and atmospheric conditions such as the phase of the moon, the temperature, the prevailing weather conditions: high pressure/ low pressure, and the like.

That doesn't begin to consider/to factor the emotional security, the question about whether you are filled or are hungry, whether you are alone or in company with others, whether you are loved or reviled. There are so many factors in this evolving state of consciousness in which you find yourselves! It is a constant source of fascination for those of us to be privileged to be here assisting you in your upward turn toward more and better realizations of divine reality … for yourselves, for your associations and for your environment.

I spend most of my time in service in those areas where conflict runs high as a way of life. That is why you don't hear too much from me. I am busy. Antagonism is alive and well on Urantia and rather than allowing peoples to simply obliterate themselves in incessant warfare, we are engaged in efforts to resolve the problems and foster resolution.

You don't have it so difficult here in this continental nation as it is seen on some other parts of the globe, but you certainly do have your own serial brands of chaos and consternation. At some point, the prayers invite change; they become such that the climate shifts, the psychic change occurs in the mind, allowing a drop of the oil of reconciliation to pour itself into the consciousness so that forgiveness can begin.

Survival is here for a reason, and evolution is rugged for a reason. It is not simply Caligastia, Lucifer and Satan's rebellion, nor is it Adam and Eve's default that has made life difficult for you. Life needs to be difficult for evolving worlds (although not quite as difficult as this), but even so, you have muddled through and you will be impressed when you ascend farther up the scale to be able to look at the records of this world and see from there what you cannot see from here -- a grand overview. Here, you can barely see the forest for the trees.

I go on like this because I need for you to know, something needs to tell you, that we see you and we have understanding. We have empathy. We are so closely involved in what you do -- the exchanges you have, the relationships you are involved in, the quandaries you entertain, the choices you make -- we are so closely associated with your Adjuster who is so intimately familiar with you and your concerns, you just cannot imagine how much support you have. And so I wanted to tell you that you are not alone. Even in this very primitive situation of early life on Urantia, out on the outer rim of this system on the back corner of this super-universe, you are not alone.

Oh, yes I know this gives rise to lots of questions about space ships and other extensions of life into your realm but I am not concerned about that. I am not concerned about that at all. That is not because it is not a concern, it is just not my concern. My concern is about rebellion, and when your psyche rebels against the status quo, when it rebels against ignorance, when it rebels against sexism, when it revels against racism, when it rebels against hostility, when it rebels against stagnancy, this is when I am paying attention. This is my task. I am closely related with those systems and those angels that concern themselves with such.

I don't mean to diminish your concerns because they are certainly as vital and real to you as anyone's, but when I see the angst and the suffering of some on this planet, I wish there were more workers in the field. And so we appreciate your work in your field because in many ways you provide a light at the end of the tunnel for those who have no other perspective on what civilized life is like.

They look to this country, they look to your culture, they see a lot of Hollywood, they see a lot of material comforts, and for some this provides something to strive for, but others see the laughter, colors, clothing, shoes, food on the table, they see children playing and this is what they need to remind them that there is a greater reality. You represent to many people in this world the greater reality. Remember this, so that when you put yourself forward, what you reflect is not chaos but order, is not strife but mercy, is not frustration but peace.

I will withdraw for now from your presence. There are others who would like to say hello and it is one of those fortuitous occasions when the line is open and so I will bid you adieu for the day. It has been a pleasure being with you. Farewell.

ATHENA: Good evening, my friends. My name is Athena and I am a celestial artisan, one of the entourage that serves Urantia in this phase of upliftment. I have been working with many creative people. I am associated with several projects by creative people, through the auspices of social architects who bring people together, to do things, to create the synergy that will inspire and stimulate ideas and action. We motivate those of you who manifest an interest or an ability, particularly those of you who have grown weary or discouraged and need a helping hand.

There are a number of us artisans. We work in music, art, dance, creative writing. We also work in architecture, design, feng shui (you know feng shui), landscaping, cooking, lots of things that open the door for art. And so I am here to encourage your artistic inclinations, your imaginations. There are so many people who are so science-minded, so literal-minded, they tend to disregard the merits of art. Often art is the first program to be eliminated in the pursuit for excellence, but art reflects excellence. It will always be the mirror of your civilization, showing off your truth, beauty and goodness for others to see, to behold.

Art is a noble venture. Artists are valuable contributors: musicians, dancers, poets, seamstresses, cake decorators, milliners, anyone who has an eye for beauty, be it in design or in physical array, is appreciated by the artisans and will be cultivated if you are inclined. I will continue to stress the importance of artistry and the artist's perspective. No matter how difficult life is and how adult you aspire to be, and in fact become, there is always an appropriate time for the childlike mind to come in and entertain, to divert, to distract, to amuse, to please, to stimulate, to enjoy and appease. There is always time to be a child, and perhaps at no time more so than when you must work so hard simply to survive -- as you do, often enough, on such a planet as this.

That is my message for the evening. You now have heard from two of us. I am also going to leave and I understand a midwayer will now come in and field questions. One moment, please.

DANI: Hello, this is Dani. I am a local midwayer, secondary midwayer. I am somewhat familiar with this process. I have spoken before though this T/R and have been engaged in the busy-ness of the Teaching Mission from my own perspective and in my own realm. I am not as experienced as some nor as widespread in my influence but I am here and I am given an opportunity to engage with this larger audience if this larger audience is inclined to have some banter this evening. Again, my name is Dani, D-a-n-i. I am a secondary midwayer and I am at your service. Are there questions?

George: Yes, there are! Dani!

DANI: Yes!

George: My name is George. What is your specialty? What is your major task?

DANI: I'm a rookie. I don't have a specialty. I really am a Jack of all Trades.

George: Okay. Well, have a pet project. I was raised Seventh Day Adventist and I am very, very inclined to get the Urantia teachings into the Seventh Day Adventist faculties, so I am requesting a lot of help from midwayers because I am trying to get key people in the Adventist hierarchy to review the information. I don't want to go at the members; I want to go at the people who have the capacity to understand the information and will be able to recommend, hopefully, these teachings to the upper echelon of the Adventist church so I need some help and direction.

DANI: The upper echelon already has the Urantia Book. They are already more than familiar with the Book. The job is done as far as that is concerned.

George: Okay. Are the-- Well, what are they doing with the information, or what are they thinking about doing with that information?

DANI: Improving their own organization. They are not going to teach Urantia principles. They are going to teach their own principles because they have their own agenda, their own history, their own heroes, and they have a tremendous political infrastructure in their base of operations. They are a power to be reckoned with and they are not going to forfeit that power which is being used to help thousands of people. It is enough for them to know it exists so that when people come to them, they can counsel them in the ways of the Church. They are smart people. They are not going to make much of a fuss about another religious book. They are only going to make a fuss if their members want to leave. All the evolved religions are self-interested. This is appropriate. That's what they are supposed to do.

George: But you are saying I shouldn't bother myself, then, with trying to influence them in any way?

DANI: Yes, I would say don’t worry about it. I would say I admire your ambition, and your ideals and your goals, but you would do as well to bring them down home a little closer and work in your neighborhood. You might even do more important things if you were to bring them down to a level whereon you can actually intermingle with those with whom you seek to reach.

George: You mean like the local church?

DANI: A local church, yes, or local parishioners, the members themselves, but yes, the local church. A local church you might find less easy to get along with than the elders. The elders might be more diplomatic, more sophisticated, whereas the local churches may be a little more difficult and defensive.

George: Well, thank you so much. One last observation: I listened to the new President's speech and where he addressed "faith-based" religion, I found that very inspirational and I'm loving what's going on now with that development.

DANI: Yes, we are rather enjoying that ourselves, and it is very heartening to see, even before Obama came on the scene, how many "faith-based" efforts there are on-going and how many councils of churches and interfaith activities there are now in existence. The walls in many ways are coming down.

But this reminds me of racism, if I may, because the walls of racism also are coming down. You have what they call the white race, the black race, the red race, the yellow race, and yet those walls are coming down as interbreeding and intermingling take place. The same for cultures. You have the Irish culture, the Mexican culture, the Indian culture, the Chinese culture, and they all have their mode of dress, their language, their foods, their costumes, their history, their language, and yet they are blending with others. And so this wonderful blending is going on all the time, and yet, there are still those precious loyalties to the grandfather, the original, the ancestor, the way it has always been done.

Those loyalties to yesteryear keep the culture, the sanctity, the purity, the essence of those cultures and nations and races and religions intact and on a bit of a pedestal so that all of the interactions that go on at the base, dancing around the maypole of human association, have something upon which to base its heritage. Everyone can look back and say, "Oh yes, my grandfather was a such-and-such"; "my great aunt was a so-and-so," and so you have history to draw on, you have an identification with the planet of your origin. It is a wonderful and rich heritage you have here.

I heard Paulo talking about how difficult it was. Yes, indeed it is, but there are so many things you have going for you here. So much richness, so much loyalty -- family loyalty and racial bonding. Some tremendous stuff, tremendous stuff we've been witnessing on Urantia.

Marty: Dani, are you a male or a female midwayer?

Dani: I'm a male.

Marty: Thank you. I would like to ask you a question, and I don't want to get too involved in it, but I'm a Jew.

Dani: Yes.

Marty: I was raised a Jew, I was practicing orthodox religion.

Dani: Yes.

Marty: And I came across the Urantia Book and became inspired by it and now I am a member of the brotherhood of man, and when I look back on the history of Israel and the experience that was given to Jesus by the high priests and the evil people in the Sanhedrin, it just strikes me that we have the same group in power today, in Israel. I just wonder is there a connection between the power structure over there today and the one that is ancient.

Dani: No, this is the same problem indeed, the same sore picked at over and over and over. The sad thing is that they never acknowledged Jesus and therefore they never saw how good he was and what he brought to this planet. By rejecting him, they really did seal their doom, and they continue to do that today. As they allow themselves to drop that identity and become "a man among men" -- in New York or Florida or Georgia or Alaska or India or South America -- they can be assimilated, but that homeland of theirs is a mess! And as long as the same broadcasts continue to come from that same broadcasting station, it will continue to be a mess.

You know, we midwayers were also a bit of a mess when Adam and Eve left and we were running around unsupervised for the most part for a long time and what happened was we saw Jesus. We saw how he lived and how he affected people. He was an incredible man! We've been watching people -- "people watching" as you would call it -- for 35,000 years and more, and so to have this occur . . . .

-- yes, of course, it was fascinating to learn that a Creator Son was coming to our orb and we were paying attention, of course, fully expecting to be reprimanded for our delinquent behaviors, and also fully expecting justice to be done as far as whatever it is that youth feels needs corrected -- but this man and the way he dealt with others, the way he lived, the way he died … he may have been an ordinary man but there was nothing ordinary about him. He put "ordinary" up on the top shelf. I don't have the vocabulary to describe the effect that the man Jesus had on virtually everybody he met. Even his Jewish friends and neighbors were fascinated by him and impressed, but those who rejected him, they ruined it. They ruined it for so many and it continues to be ruined today, simply because they've rejected the Christ child.

It's very sad. And it's so unnecessary. But this is where Paulo spends his time. I'd bank on it that he spends nine weeks out of ten over there in Jerusalem, somewhere over there, trying to make someone's mind open enough for the oil of reconciliation to come in so that forgiveness to come about so that they can know peace.

Marty: I guess I would like to comment on what you said.

Dani: All right.

Marty: I'm really-- I'm familiar, personally, with the experience of being a believing Jew and getting to know God as a Jew, getting to love God. And the reason I walked away from Judaism was because they were just hung up on Jews and they didn't relate to the rest of the world and I wanted to really be a member of the human race. But when I learned about the process of the experience of Jesus, I realized that he was really a living being who exemplified the teachings of the Jews, it was like, that's what we are, is what Jesus demonstrated in his life, that's what we believe. And the people that did away with him, that was like a power structure, like the Bush administration, interested in making money on war and he was going to destroy the money that the temple was bringing in and they weren't going to be making the money any more.

Dani: Yes, it was politics, pure and simple.

Marty: What I'm saying is that he had a very big influence on the Jewish people, maybe it wasn't the same as he influenced the rest of the world but he did change the Jewish people just by his life there, and if you are familiar with the studies of the rabbis and the history of the Jewish religion from then til now, it's like, these people are very close to God, the ones who are religious, sincerely religious, and they just have the door closed to getting to know Jesus as the living Son of God

Dani: Well--

Marty: And what I want to say is that what we are dealing here in Israel here today with a power structure that is identical to the High Priest and his way of doing things.

Dani: It's the same one!

Marty: That's what I'm saying.

Dani: Yes. And as you also said about … you wanted to be a man among men, that being a Jew is all about Judaism and Jewism and Jewishness, but being a man among men is what the brotherhood of man is all about.

Marty: Yeah, well, you just described the same experience with the -- what is it? The Seventh Day Adventist church has the problem and every religion has this problem.

Dani: Well, some of them take it to a degree that is socially alienating or exclusive, and some carry it to the enth degree and you know the difference.

Marty: Yes, well, I personally do. Thank you, Dani.

Dani: Thank you, Marty.

Karo: Hi, Dani.

Dani: Hi!

Karo: I think tonight has been a very unique and interesting night, different comments and all. I like the way things are going.

Dani: Different perspectives.

Karo: Exactly. I like the interaction and I appreciate your service and that of the other celestials that spoke before now. We thank them for their work.

Dani: Thank you.

Karo: You're welcome. I would like you to comment on one or two things about the Mentoris. We learn the Mentoris are brothers and sisters from a system far, far away. And they work with you guys, the midwayers. I'm interested in learning more about the Mentoris.

DANI: I am too. How do you spell that?

Karo: Mentor with an "i" at the end. M-e-n-t-o-r-i.

DANI: I haven't met any.

Karo: Okay. Interesting. I was reading some material by one of the midwayers and he talked about the Mentoris, M-e-n-t-o-r-i-s, who were working with the midwayers in Gaza during the recent crises in Palestine between Hamas and the Israeli army.

DANI: Interesting. What were they doing?

Karo: I think it was in connection to saving lives and assisting the injured. The midwayers didn't particularly go into details but he did say the Mentori's are here and they are of service to human beings and they help us in different ways and they do not really show themselves to people because people would not appreciate their physical outward appearance.

DANI: Oh, dear!

Karo: We would not consider them to be handsome or beautiful.

DANI: And you know how important that is to us here!

Karo: (Laughing) You know. But I know some of us are different in our thinking. We know we have brothers and sisters from other planets who do not really look like us and we can appreciate their beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some of us are getting a renewed orientation and we can appreciate a different look.

DANI: And we can appreciate that someone is going in to help, particularly when we cannot go in ourselves.

Karo: Exactly. Anyway, I wanted to know more about the Mentoris and I thought I would put it out.

DANI: I don't know a thing about them.

Karo: Okay thank you. Would you be interested in doing a research about them?

Marty: That was mentioned in the 11:11 report.

DANI: I suspected as much. It sounded like something from George's Progress group.

Karo: Yes, exactly. "Brothers and sisters from a system far, far away."

DANI: I think I'll let you investigate that.

Karo: Okay, I am doing so.

DANI: I have more work to do around here.

George: Hey, Dani?

DANI: Yes?

George: If I may comment, it was with regards to people who were close to the point of dying and they were physically injured, even if they had lived they would not be of any help so, --

DANI: Oh, yes, well that’s even more dramatic, isn't it?

George: And so those beings were here to help them make the decision to let go, and also those who were not injured too bad to die, they would hold them in a state and give them the will to stay alive. They were very close to death. To have them let go or giving them the will to live.

DANI: Why did they have to be [indistinguishable]?

George: They were like specialists.Karo: [Indistinguishable]

George: But I have a burning question, Dani. I want to give my appreciation to the midwayer who was attached to Apostle Andrew because I think he, or she, I understand, was utilized in putting together the life and teachings of Jesus presentation and it was an excellent presentation.

DANI: Yes, a good job. I'll pass that along. He's got a lot more experience than I do.

Tom: Dani? I wanted to make a comment about what George said earlier about trying to get the Book into the Seventh Day Adventist system. Michael once said to live your life and use words if necessary, and if one were to take that a step further, instead of trying to promote a whole book, which is already written, if he could … for example the restatement of the gospel of Michael and just concentrate on something like that instead of trying to do the whole book.

DANI: Yes, something immediate. And one-on-one.
Tom: And it was interesting that Obama's prayer was exactly the gospel of Michael.

Marty: I'd just like to comment on that relating to the church. I volunteered as a teacher in the Hebrew school and the students were getting ready for their Bar Mitzvah and they study a thing that they read from the prophets, and my job was to teach them from the portion of the prophet they were going to read and I can't tell you what a wonderful opportunity to bring them that I got from the Urantia Book

DANI: You were fortunate to have that experience.
Marty: It was the greatest experience I had and the kids were … they just loved it.
DANI: They are usually very well protected. It’s a wonder you got away with it.
Marty: Well, it's because I did it very carefully.
DANI: Smart fellow.
Marty: Something would come up, and I was able to put it in language
DANI: And the kids never told on you!
Marty: Well, they thought they were getting what every one gives.
DANI: How fun.
Marty: And I am just suggesting everyone can go around and teach their kids.
DANI: You must be very careful, however.

Tom: That's what Michael did when he taught in Palestine. He used their text but he interjected new meaning into the text.

DANI: And sometimes he didn’t even use the whole text. He just used the part he liked.

Tom: And if you spiritually unify some of these concepts from the Urantia Book, you actually have knowledge of it and then you can speak with authority and …

Marty: And lovingly.
Tom: Yeah! Well, you speak with conviction. And that is what gets people's attention.
DANI: Good job, Tommy.

Karo: One last thing, Dani. I have heard from a reliable source that Michelle Obama has a Urantia Book, and the Dali Llama has one and Nelson Mendala and all those influential people so we're hoping it will get in the hands of the President at some point.

DANI: I have a hunch that he has the principles well in hand.

Karo: May I say something here, Dani. I read an interview with Obama in 2004 on the Internet. A blogger agreed to put it on the Internet. She works with the Chicago Times and he agreed to give an interview with this lady in a café and it was strictly about spirituality. I read the interview and it was like, God! This guy reads the Urantia Book! Very interesting.

DANI: Well, we all have great hope for this young fellow in the White House and I'm sure we will do what we can to assist in the tasks that lay before us, which are many, but what a great opportunity for you mortals to get involved in spreading the gospel in a very pragmatic way, as we have been discussing this evening, taking it into the streets, living the gospel and planting the seeds as you work within the system to better the system. We are no long quivering on the brink. We are wading in.

Well, kids, it's been a great time for me this evening and I'm going to have to cut you loose. I hope they invite me back sometime. All of us who had the pleasure of your company this evening, including the T/R, thank you for your time and attention. See you around. Bye-bye.