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Elyon; Monjoronson; Lantarnek; Light - Change is Done from within for Individuals or the Collective - Jan 18, 2009 - North Idaho
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
1 - Change
2- Joining Our Identity
3 - Light
January 18, 2009

* Monjoronson (Mark TR):  Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to join the  stream of your conversation.  I would like to play with one of the concepts  offered here today, this idea of building a better world.

It is a common desire among the brotherhood of man right now to see some  change, even to make some change happen, and there is great consideration  given at this time as to what exactly it is one should or could do to  facilitate this change, to promote this change, indeed to build this change  that they would see or have.  I would remind you that much of the  foundation, much of the groundwork, necessary for such change to occur is  done within, that is, you may use your own individual intentions to build  such a foundation, to create such a framework, to prepare the grounds, for  this more material aspect of the building of the future which surely will  follow.

Before there must be this material change there must be this individual  change, this preparing of the changers in advance, and that is purely a  personal and individual undertaking, for when you have been transformed  within it is easy to be about the task of transforming your environment  without to reflect the changes you have already encountered within.  So  there is a definite time and place for both the inner preparatory activities  preparing the self to expand and change and grow and as well there is  certainly the external opportunity to be in action in that form of service  that is suitable to the material realm.

So it is with your planet.  These changes you see in your ideal minds may  not be outwardly imposed upon others by virtue of mandates, rules, or laws.   They must come from within, even from the collective within, before they  will be embraced, taken up, and made real in the lives of the collective.   So while you consider all there is to be done in this future of making  change, creating change, building change, then consider that there is  homework to be done in advance so that the material manifestations of change  may flow smoothly from the changes that have occurred individually within.   Oftentimes it may not appear as though the two may be related, one appears  to be so self oriented, even self centered.  But having spent the time and  discipline in the preparation, one may transform this preparation into the  material manifestation of all that the homework doing has made possible.

I thank you for the opportunity to join your thought stream today once  again.  It is always a pleasure to commingle our thoughts, one of the forms  of our manifestation together, just as we mingle our energy signatures, our  personal presences together.  I now step back to allow this forum to be used  by others.  Thank you.

Kathy: Earlier when we were thinking about health and healing for our world  I had  a picture of our world with a small flame of light and arrows coming  from every direction toward it bringing in spiritual pressure on our world  and this came to mind:  “We are one.  Health and healing for our world.”   Then the phrase came to me, “We are the ones.”

* Lantarnek (Jonathan):  Lantarnek in attendance today.  I salute you all.   I will speak of joining our identity by use of the word “belonging”.

When you are in search of the spiritual family you are in longing to make  the connection, to join the fellowship.  Once you have identified yourself  as a child of God, then you come to the state of belonging as in a  membership.  However, that word “membership” implies the ability to  withdraw, to cease belonging.  Those who have truly established their faith  cross a boundary line from which there is no return, and that belonging is  now of infinite duration.  This is a faith that is fully assured, that is  settled in its status.

But you know that while you have reached that level, your growth has not  ceased, for that matter, it may have intensified in your grasp of higher  realities.  It may even have brought you tribulation as you wrestle with the  great truths of the spiritual kingdom.  But you have with you a persistence,  for you know beyond doubt that a regress to former states is no longer an  option.

You have another word: “Beware”.  It is often used as in “be wary”, but I  offer to you the interpretation, “Be aware”.  You know that to practice  swimming you must swim, that the practice is the act itself.  As you seek to  become more aware as a spiritual conscious citizen of this planet, simply be  aware.  There will be no time at which you attain awareness.  As in  swimming, just swim.

Those who function on this planet with an active spiritual consciousness   are always looking with an eye for service and the spread of love and the  elevation of other souls to that state of belonging and being aware.  Some  may ask, “But how do I attain this state of certainty and perspective?”  I  will use another word, “behave”. While the gifts of the kingdom of God are  freely given, they must also be accepted, taken in, and owned.  There is  where your work upon your own being is focused, in the having of the  qualities of a being of spiritual light, to take that which you perceive as  a character trait of value and remove it from being an outward goal to being  an inward attainment.  Just like the practice of swimming, you will practice  behaving until you be- have.  You may not know the moment when you have  switched from the effort to achieve to the achievement, but the mere act  itself will bring about the reality.

There are many aspirants who diligently strive for higher levels of spirit  being, of presence, of consciousness, and they work diligently that they may  attain and recognize that goal.  There comes a time when one of such  undertakings must acknowledge attainment and accept the understanding.  That  is the true belonging.  There are others who are flooded with an intense  spiritual illumination and feel that they have been propelled into the  family of God instantaneously but struggle with the change of character and  the readaptation of lifestyle.  This is the effort of behaving, not to  conform but to become.

All your religions emphasize paying attention to your spiritual dimension,  to the universal truths revealed and reexpressed in many forms that will  assist you in your unfoldment. This is why we emphasize intention, for it  focuses the mind with purpose and wakes you up to the greater context of all  your efforts and actions.

To bring greater peace in this world all peoples will eventually attain the  state of belonging, and the tendency to confront and challenge one another  will cease to be warlike and will transform itself into cooperative,  constructive solutions.  Peace upon your planet is not to be everyone just  like one another and therefore we are happy.  It is a beautiful balance of  contrasts in harmony in a loving, supportive association, as the image of  the praying hands.

I make way for others.  Thank you for your attention.

* Light (Mark):  And I make my way into this arena, I am Light here to work  once again a little bit more with the theme of light.

You were offered the image of seeing your world with a small flame, a small  light that has been ignited.  In this season of creating warmth for  yourselves, many of you can very well relate to the idea and the imagery of  lighting a fire and how in the beginning stages it starts small and then  fuel is added.  You have all had the experience of expressing your intention  to this material creation of fire that it be accelerated, and so you have  used your vehicle and taken in a deep breath and focused your mouth to blow  out this breath with your intention onto the coals that are igniting this  fire.  

As a result you have witnessed the fire has been accelerated; the  coals have been fanned by this intention of your being, and the elements  necessary for this fire to burn have been altered by your very intention to  add your own contribution to this equation of oxygen and fuel and flame.   Right before your eyes this fire which would of its normal accord grow at  its own rate has been accelerated by your desire that it be so and the  application of your intention through your vehicle to make it so.

The process in seeing your world accelerated in this process of fueling  these divine flames is very similar.  It is quite possible for you to fan  these flames with the very same intention and purpose that you would use in  your material experience, to simply focus your being and channel the  energies that you have command over and direct that each breath taken is a  breath you intend to fan the flames of spiritual growth and awareness on  your world.  See this imagery in your mind’s eye and that you do indeed have  a direct impact when you approach this situation with this intention and  with this purpose to effect change.

So it is that you may be a powerful force for the acceleration of what is a  natural process by your very act of desiring to use yourself as a vehicle to  cause this acceleration.  Rally your intention and project it forward even  with the breath even as you would to the coals.  This intention will  certainly fan the flames that you envision and that you can even feel the  warmth and the glow of in the process.

One more chance to use light and to use the principle that you are already  keenly aware of in the application and direction that your own physical  being is suited to direct. I am grateful as well for this opportunity to  approach you with another image of light. Farewell and may your week be  filled with light, love, and joy.

* Elyon (Jonathan):  This is Elyon inspired by Light’s address to you I  offer also an image.  You are aware of Jesus saying that when you light a  lamp you do not put it under a basket but set it on a lamppost that the  light may be freely spread. I will offer another tack to this image.

You are aware that there are things about you, so to speak, states of being,  mannerisms, traits some of which you are able to adjust and modify or  eliminate or those of which you can adopt and become.  But there are other  qualities that you will be frustrated with in not being able to alter, for  they are a strict condition of your being on the level of life experience in  which you are on this planet or by way of the biological configuration of  your body.  So you are required to live with and adjust to these inflexible  conditions and qualities.

Let us return to the lamp underneath the basket.  May I call this stillness?   While you are under this basket, while you are feeling this caged-in  condition by some quality you wish to remove that your light might shine,  remember you can turn up the light, increase its luminosity to the point  that its brilliance can go through every crack, every opening, in that  basket, become so brilliant as to make the basket impossible to see. This is  how you may live with those things about you which you may never remove: by  turning up the light and obscuring it in the brilliance. Thank you.