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The Voice; Monjoronson -Spirit Influence Is through Thought Patterns - Dec 04, 2008 - Teleconference

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 12-04-08 Adjuster Series
Teachers: The Voice, Mark Rogers, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers (offers a prayer made by Jesus in the Urantia Book pg 133:1.4)

Prayer: [Mark] "I have absolute confidence in my heavenly Father's over care. I am consecrated to doing the will of my Father in heaven. I do not believe that real harm can befall me. I am abundantly assured that the entire universe is friendly to me. This all powerful truth I insist on believing with a wholehearted trust in spite of all appearances to the contrary." That was a prayer that our Sovereign offered as He walked on this world.

I offer it up as a powerful testimonial to the ability to identify with the human thought patterns. If we express our own human thought patterns then we can be identified with in this process. That is why I believe it is important to manifest our intentions, even by use of the word as well as the deed.

The Voice: I echo the gratitude that everyone has of being grateful to be here tonight. I am grateful as well. I will step forward and identify myself as this one's Voice but as you are all coming to understand, I only exist in partnership with my material complement for as you will readily concede, the only way for us to make contact in this way is to utilize the ability of the mortal counterpart to form word symbols which can then be projected and become meaningful in your perception of them.

Spirit influence is of course not about words, it only is influential in thought patterns. Spirit influence settles over all concept frames and word symbols. I am grateful for the opportunity to access this platform and these vocal cords at this time to take part in this grand experiment and experience that we create in this moment together. If we did not all arrive at this gathering place with some sense of openness to what could happen, then little could happen but the willingness to be open to what life may bring, to what spirit may bring, is the catalyst needed to manifest spiritual realities in the material realm because words are just words, thoughts are just thoughts until they are assembled with intention and given purpose and then projected forth with purpose.

So while we are enjoying the use of word symbols and the sounds that are created by the human tongue, we are merely attempting to make references to that which we are attempting to experience because the only real experience with spirit is direct and personal and must be had as an individual. But all that you might undertake in this life to aid you in your experience of this awareness is worthy of your energy.

You have many aspects which are factors in your experience which are largely under your control such as your commitment to your practice of stillness, your determination to apply yourself to spiritual growth, your desires to grow and bloom where you are planted. These factors as well as some of your more basic considerations of nourishment and rest are all under your control and they all have an impact on your spiritual experience by either helping to foster a favorable environment or perhaps creating a distraction or a drain on your energies.

Examine the choices that you make in this life in reference to how they either assist or detract from your purpose at hand and if your purpose is spiritual growth, your priorities may shift to accommodate them. Thank you for the opportunity to make this connection, to take spiritual energy and translate it into this material realm through this process that we sanction with our presence. I now allow this sacred opportunity to be utilized by others, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to bring some stable influence into this moment and this sacred opportunity that we share. I witness that this process is difficult at times for my mortal associate. He has difficulty in feeling at ease and comfortable when it is required from him to be an active contributor in the process, that is to show himself as part of the process. To him, it is easier to have another personality such as myself to relay to him the thought patterns to be chosen and expressed.

In this way he feels he does not have to take responsibility because he is merely the scribe, so to speak, but even this is not as clear cut as he might like it. He has granted me this authority to speak on his behalf because of a relationship we both enjoy. I cannot thank him enough for his trust. Without it we would be paralyzed. He would prefer if it was all me and that he was merely behind the scenes operating the microphones but I cannot be made materially real without the mortal complement to transform spiritual energy into material thought patterns and then having them projected out, they may have life breathed into them and they may have presence as a result of the support of others.

Mark: This is Mark and I have been asked to step forward and share a thought that needs to be shared and that is that there is doubt, there is uncertainty in this process. I continually have to navigate around doubt and uncertainty. Most of the time I am able to look away and look in the direction of spirit but it is an ever present challenge to not allow the tendency to fall into the rut of doubt to be present. I would share this with you all so that you are in full awareness that this is part of this equation and it is something to be reckoned with as part of our mortal career.

But as the prayer that Jesus offered, reminds me if you have complete faith and complete conviction in the watch care of the Father then certainly matters such as this are not problems.

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson returning again to have a few words about doubt and uncertainty. Certainly your earthly career provides you with many many opportunities to experience both doubt and uncertainty and these experiences may be seen as a challenge to you because they provide such contrast to your efforts to do good for your spiritual selves. This mirrors what was said earlier by the Voice about factors that play in your spiritual environment that impact your spiritual experience.

If you truly can get to a point of believing that you are under your divine parents watch care always, that you are safe and guaranteed of eternal survival, that the universe is in fact a friendly place designed for you to live a gracious life. If you truly believe all these things, then no evidence to the contrary may influence your perception.

I thank you all for gathering here tonight and once again kindling the flames of this spiritual connection, these spiritual pursuits that you are on have brought you to this place and it is a joy to gather with those who are seekers for where there are seekers there is so much to be found. I would now draw this meeting to a close and thank you all for your participation, farewell.