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Tomas - Vol I - Private Ministry - Feb 14, 1993 to Jan 02, 1994
Albuquerque, NM


The Private Ministry of
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As provided to his student


February 14, 1993 – January 2, 1994
Albuquerque, New Mexico












It is pleasure that I felt when Gerdean asked me to review and edit her manuscript of Tomas. It took me longer than expected because I kept re-reading and just enjoying His (their) teachings, and for that I am sorry for taking so much time.


As you read this, my friends, I pray and hope you can see the LOVE that is present and felt, that you can glean for yourself the understanding, joy, and comfort that Gerdean has found, that the messages given can find a "home" in your heart.


Much has been left out for personal reasons as I'm sure those of you who have contact with your teachers will understand. But nonetheless, the true meaning of the Father comes through. Read and enjoy and come to know these beautiful children of The Father, your sister and brother..... GERDEAN and TOMAS.


Go in peace.


-- Ken Anderson
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February 14, 1993


Valentine’s Day. In the Stillness. Rain is what you hear in the background. In the foreground you hear words directed through me from Michael, from the Supernals, from the spiritual cousins who share our emotions, our affections and our struggles.


JACK (Secondary Midwayer): Jack here. Greetings, Gerdean. It is a pleasure as always to greet you. It is always a Joy that you seek communications with me or the others, who seek to comfort you, edify you.


It is a simple process to make contact with the First Source and Center, to live so as to hear the words that will encourage you and sustain you on your path. Writing these words is the exact same mode, with the exception that you would be juggling a tablet on your lap, an ink pen in your hand, and the visual, too, distracts from the clarity of the connection which makes this flow of truth and love possible.


It would be my pleasure, inasmuch as you trust me, to introduce you to your Teacher Tomas who has volunteered to teach you temporarily in the Albuquerque group and with whom you have connected in your writings before.


TOMAS: Greetings, my daughter and faithful pupil. I am Tomas. I am your friend. I am your companion. And I am pleased that you allow your system to acquaint yourself with me in this way. You see, you are a set of vocal chords, which you have long sought. Your vocal chords are fine.


You find this experience interesting inasmuch as you have observed it for many years and yet, like many, you looked upon a communication from the channel of living waters to pass you by, feeling somehow unworthy. It is an error all too often entered into.


Van El has been active in fostering this communication, particularly by maintaining the connection between you and Jeremiah and for this we are grateful and we are pleased with the results. Many are observing the channel of Gerdean, which is open.


This is but a beginning. This is possible with anyone willing to trust Our Father, Our Father/Brother Michael's plan of ascension. It is your destiny to know us better, for us to work together, for us to be teammates in the progression scheme. You were advised by Ham and so it is true, "seek and you are sought" and behold we have found one another. (Much spiritual energy there) I return you to Jack.


JACK: You recall in your days and years with Alan, with the teachers, you beheld adjustments in the circuits, the upstepping of the channel and the downstepping of the spirit personality. You now perceive this in actuality. We will grow. We will be more. Have faith. Have patience. There will be those to ask questions. Perhaps … in fact, there will be much learning. You can see the necessity of maintaining the physical system and you can see, too, the Spirit prevails in the face of material considerations.


Your friend Claireesa spoke to you of morning meditation. It is more than a ritual, a reading of a daily reflection. It is more than a cursory pointing in a direction. Morning stillness sets your path of purpose. We have had a period of time of stillness, of practice. This has been met and exceeded. Rest. Pray. Thank Your Father and Our Father for the developments of this day. We will speak again very soon.
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February 21, 1993 (following a visit to Pocatello, Idaho)


TOMAS: Gerdean, this is Tomas. We have been aware of your efforts while you were away from your routine. It will bring you a fresh approach. We sense your disgruntlement with your arena and recall to you that you have the option of leaving, but it would help us if you were to stay where you are for now. The continuity and consistency you provide us and your peers is as an anchor in an otherwise very vacillating state.


Your fellow apostles will bring you much encouragement when they soon visit, and you will enjoy the transcript sent to you by your sister Claireesa. You return tomorrow to your working arena and you are to re-enter as a human being, not as an apostle, but your reason for being absent is not to be overlooked, particularly since it was unusual for you to do such a "selfish" thing. Be certain that people understand your "needs" that were met were physical, emotional, social and spiritual. It is not to say they cannot provide you with these feelings, but to let them know they are crucial to a person's sense of well being. Many people are fearful of emotional needs and yet you provide them every day to the Judge, your bailiff, your neighbors and visitors. It is well they understand that you had to go away from your natural habitat to have your needs met. Assuredly, it will remind them that your emotional needs are being depleted in your environment and that is to be corrected.
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February 23, 1993, from the Stillness


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas. You know me as your teacher. It is gracious to be in your presence and in your system. This is not quite the same as with paper. Different energies are involved. It isn't necessary to hold the paper and pencil, and therefore there are new areas of energy to be utilized. 


You are unaccustomed to this new format. Some time will evolve before you are familiar and comfortable and confident of the processes we are undertaking. You need not feel pressure to suddenly be propounding truths and revelations. It is not expected that you be unaware of what is transpiring. It is only expected, since you have given your permission, that we may utilize you to further teach and espouse the messages and the words and the love of Christ Michael, our Father/Brother Creator who is also here this evening, as you know.


There will be times when you feel you will need to interject or superimpose your thoughts, as you are accustomed to your thoughts emanating from your own mouth. However, the thoughts that will issue forth, although not yours originally, will become yours as you too will learn, as you trust, as you listen, as you follow instructions and practice this process. There will be a time when Jeremiah and Nolus will be here, that you three will be able to review with each other, rehearse with each other, the growth you have experienced as well as an opportunity to practice among yourselves. This will expand your abilities and stimulate your interest, as you will find yourselves connecting in an avenue eagerly awaited and prized to each of you.


There will be many hours available for you to talk with us alone prior to their arrival. It would be to our advantage if you were to prepare some questions to ask in a session such as this and we would be happy to attempt a response to your inquiry. It is the more challenging when questions are received from outside sources; however, a method of responding to peoples’ questions about their spiritual needs is a practice we will use throughout eternity, and particularly in these times of newly spiritually awakened and awakening souls on Urantia as Correcting Time proceeds and develops, hopefully to flourish. The process is as important as anything in your spiritual life, as it provides an orientation for you to teach in your daily lives.


It is advisable when possible to prepare an environment suitable ~ gracious, and contained ~ thus fostering higher thought processes, less physical emotional stimuli. When it is not possible, when the energy is unavailable to create such an environment, be assured that Our Creator, Christ Michael stands ready to assist, notwithstanding free will choice. It is therefore incumbent upon you to stay close to the Master, to begin your day with morning meditations, to take your new energy into your arena, and firmly implant Our Father's presence in the environment. The Upholder of All desires this.


Yes, it requires energy, stamina, discipline, faith, trust, and action. It is, however, a necessary aspect of the process of uplifting mankind from spiritual darkness into the era of light and life.


It has been a pleasure to converse with you this evening. It is with joy that we perceive your willingness to proceed with us in the task. It is, in closing, an effort made wondrous and joyous and carefree by and through the love of Our Father and Christ Michael and of your neighbors, the Supernals, the Midwayers, and the celestial personalities throughout the universe, who anxiously await the outcome of the plan of Christ Michael for his children on Urantia.


Rest well, Gerdean. Good night.
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February 28, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas. I am your Teacher. You misconstrue when I come into you. I am not invading you, nor am I your lover. The intimacy of this process does not preclude your true lover, your Thought Adjuster, the God-fragment that dwells within you. I am your Teacher.


These are understandable feelings and concerns, and it is well that you share your concerns with me or Jack or any one entity that enters you thus. You may trust that we will not betray you and that our love for you is perfect, inasmuch as it is of The Father. Therefore, to some extent, you should be familiar with this intimacy. The Teachers, however, reserve their energies to focus on your spiritual nature exclusively. Of course, we are concerned with the body, with your health ~ physically and emotionally ~ for it is in a body housed with clear and clean thinking and good health that provides the clearest channel for these communications.


Yes, we have heard of your desire to stop smoking, to cleanse your body of the toxins of nicotine and even caffeine since it is your will that you be used in this way and you are correct. Our communications are improved, are easier for you, when your physical condition is pure. We understand "pure" is relative in this case, however we will do everything that you will allow us to do to assist in your endeavor. Remember, however, that your desire to smoke is your free will choice and only when you maintain a free will choice to not smoke can we assist you.


Also, it is to be remembered that there is a responsibility in this process that you have allowed to occur, and that is we hope to convey through you to many the love of Our Father, and of Christ Michael, and of His plans for the many, many human beings who suffer emotional ills and spiritual darkness inherent on this planet at this time. It is not for you to become well, and feel good, and become complacent or smug in your spiritual attainment. It is required that you give what you have received. This is a law in the universe. It is a law which is easy to abide by, since the natural outpouring of knowing Our Father and experiencing His love, yes, His miracles in your life, are something you will want to share. With you we praise Our Father and honor Our Father/Brother Christ Michael, who would speak a word with you, if you are willing to have faith.


MICHAEL: Yes, daughter. It is I. It is permissible. It is hoped that all my children will come to Me without fear. You have known Me for many years. You have seen Me in the morontia form, and you know that you are loved by Me and by Our Father and by the Supernals who watch you with interest as you evolve on the path I have chosen for you. Your light, the light of Our Father, is living reality that we find refreshing, and we anticipate much good work will transpire in our future projects together.


I truly am your lover in truth for I love you with a love that will not fail. I will provide all your needs, all your hopes, and all your ambitions. I will give you security and emotional warmth and satisfaction and all that and more, as you are my daughter and that is all.


TOMAS: Yes, it is I again, Tomas. It is a simple matter is it not, Gerdean, to allow the love of Our Father to open you, to flow through you, and in the flowing encounters with teachers, companions, and even our Creator? You may be astounded, however, you are not imagining. You are not consorting with absurdity. You are rather unemotionally accepting the gift of your sonship. In time you will sit with us face to face and know who we are as a result of feeling our presence with you, by you, and in you, in processes like this.


We will not permit you to lose your footing nor to become beside yourself, as it is important for you, for us and for Christ Michael, even to Our Father, that you maintain emotional stability and mental poise on a regular basis. You are calm and growing naturally as a T/R and you might say things are 'on schedule.'


Consider these words tomorrow. Remain calm. Remain poised. Do not become overly excited in the face of the events and emotions of the arena where you find yourself. Our Father is with you, Christ Michael is ever with you and we are watching. We will give you occasions to glimpse as well as opportunities to use your benefits for the edification and comfort of those who come into contact with you on a regular basis.


Yes, the process does take stamina and you are correct to salvage your system, for there are exciting times ahead and we need you to help bring them about. Also, you deserve to see the fruits of your labors. You must become willing to accept the fruits of your labors and not strive incessantly. And so I say be calm, have poise, accompany Christ Michael through His day with you, for He will lead you when in areas that you feel are your domain.


It has been a pleasure being with you this evening. We appreciate the eagerness with which you attend these sessions on Sundays and Tuesdays. It is, of course, possible on other evenings as well. You might consider a session with us unscheduled so to speak. We love you. Rest. That is all.
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March 5, 1993


TOMAS: Yes, this is Tomas and yes, you are correct. I want to talk to you. Gerdean, when someone has been gifted with this ability, it is incumbent upon that individual to give back what they have received. We are gathered together with gratitude that you are accounted to hear what we wish/ask to say/tell you.


Given the nature of our Mission we propose holding to a formal program of teaching which will benefit all encounters with celestial seekers. This ability is not to be cast before swine, although it would be in error for you to make such a determination without consultation. You ask 'Will this not inhibit your spontaneity, intuitiveness?' We will guard your tongue with those who obey not our teachings or Our Father's desires.


Catch the drift of the attitude and sense/feel Our Father, assuredly. It is the key to your teaching. We would gather believers together. Those who see what you have will seek you also. Those who are jealous, [those who] jealously adhere to systems abandoned and passe, are not given access to you. Observe. Refrain from seeking out, but make yourself available.
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March 9, 1993


TOMAS: Our days together are going to change soon when others will be brought into the teaching session. Up until now our conversations have been directed toward your growth and your place in Correcting Time. Effective soon there will be others. And again, you grow as you learn how this experience is not yours. You will meet with myriad responses; however, you will find that most who come to you to hear me are receptive, responsive and enthusiastic listeners.


It will make you feel closer to those present and you must be careful not to become impatient with their questions. This will enable you to grow in patience and loving-kindness. You are entrusted, Gerdean, with a gift, a gift of sonship and you well know the dangers of self-aggrandizement. We do not fear that you will utilize this gift for selfish purposes, but be assured if it [self-aggrandizement] were to become part of your consciousness, our communications would abruptly cease.


I know you are aware of occasional conversations where I am speaking and you begin thinking and the flow is cut off because your mind, your brain, has interjected and shut off the channel. If your brain and your mind begin to control or want to control the channel, it will be shut off. This is not to alarm you, this is only informational and if your mind should wander into a presentation by a teacher, with your permission we will proceed and deal with you at a more appropriate time.


These dealings are always done with love, compassion, concern for you as an evolving soul who is anxious to grow in the spirit and in morontia wisdom and is not intended as a reprimand of any sort; however, if you feel you need reprimanding, a mere chastisement to your selfishness will suffice, and we will allow that opportunity if necessary. The point is that we are making great strides and are looking forward to expanding our community.


There are, as well, other teachers who will use this channel for various purposes in this teaching ministry. I have established myself with you so that you may feel comfortable with my presence. And when I intend to introduce another speaker, I will advise you and all the coming and going of spirit personalities to proceed so as not to disturb your circuitry or your equilibrium or your peace of mind.


You would like an example. There are in attendance multiples of angels, and I could call upon another teacher or a higher personality. I will allow Trieste to speak with you for a moment so that you can sense the shift. This is experimental and Trieste awaits the opportunity to speak briefly with you. I will then return for closing, final remarks and salutations.


TRIESTE: Greetings, Gerdean. You recognize me? Yes, I am Trieste, and I do feel different, do I not, than Tomas, your Teacher? Tomas is of a different order. I am perhaps, as your personal teacher, more comfortable to you. I perceive you regard me as feminine and Tomas as masculine. This is correct. I am not necessarily gentler than Tomas, for Tomas has a gentle spirit. You feel me more in your gut. Perhaps that's because we have addressed some 'gut-level' personal issues together. I look forward to our interaction and I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak with you now; however, I will remove myself and give you back to Teacher Tomas.


TOMAS: I have returned and it is noted that between each visitation your Thought Adjuster is acknowledged and you are grounded in our Father's love and we will never, ever usurp your relationship with Our Father, so you may rest assured that you are acting in accordance with His will for you.


We have many, many, many things we could discuss and that we will discuss. However, it would be well to conclude this evening's session and I would conclude with these words: you are a faith child and by faith you make those decisions which advance you forward into the Father's love, into further paths of service, into further joy and further responsibility. Responsibility to a mortal is fearsome, as it takes away recklessness and self-will run riot. The animal mind is reluctant to focus on spiritual realities; however, the faith child is eager and responsive to the Father's presence and His wishes. You may determine for yourself if you are adequate but we have no doubt. That is all.
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March 15, 1993 - In session with Jarad from Nashville


TOMAS: Greetings my loyal students. This is Tomas. We are taking a moment with you to appreciate the peace, the sublime tranquillity hailing from the First Source and Center, which radiates throughout His Kingdom. When you doubt your function and distrust your own belief, pause to feel Our Father as he penetrates your consciousness and warms your true reality. This sublime peace is our goal for all His children. Were all His children to know His love and appreciate the value you are to one another, we will not merely have accomplished a purpose, but will have set in motion another arena for perfection to be experienced and realized. We know of the distress of your brothers and sisters in the flesh and sorrow that they feel the pain of isolation when His love is as near to them as you are.


This is one of our initial goals, to assure our brethren in the flesh of the nearness and comfort and undying love of Our Father. It is anticipated this will not take as long as you might fear, since an acceleration occurs when so many earnest believers apply themselves through effective prayer and unswerving loyalty and devotion to the task at hand. It is understood that this desire to bring God-consciousness to others is for selfish reasons, since the Father Himself, the original I AM, craves acknowledgement and craves companionship. It is to His glory that we need other religionists in our lives and we are grateful for the liaison opportunities of our communication as it is a bridge and a beginning.


We look upon earthen vessels with feel of clay and revel in the light that holds you in the palm of His hand. We marvel at the doings of the Mystery Monitor and praise His works. You, have you not noted that when and as you rely more and more upon the unseen realities of spiritual life, the harmony with which your life unfolds? Even those matters which induce deep feelings of emotion are observed with awe and amazement as you are further assured in your understanding of your place in the Father's universe.


That you are securely loved is not solely for your pleasure and your comfort, for there are inherent responsibilities you will be requested to perform, and in these you will feel invigorated by the opportunity to serve the Master and Our Father in the evolutionary plan of advancement, the ascension for animal-origin creatures. You may well, however, revel in one another as we do also, since we are His loving creations and it is love which connects us, inspires us, upholds us, delights us, and endures us. Have you questions?


Gerdean: Tomas, yesterday Jarad and I practiced some healing processes and both of us felt improved as a result of the energies that were generated. And Jarad suggests that perhaps I might be utilized in a healing role and that Life Carriers might be willing to work with me and perhaps I could work with Jarad's parents and others. I wanted to ask you if you feel that this would be of benefit or not.


TOMAS: Have you not heard that any and all occasions for service are welcome? You are largely willing and largely capable. I qualify that because, as you know, you still have an area or two that require your focused attentions. This is not to say that your efforts are ineffectual, no, you are effectual since your motives and your desires are honorable. It is available to you to undertake any and all avenues of service that you feel you want to undertake. You are a viable vehicle for spiritual energies and healing powers and it is, of course, your privilege to open yourself to His grace and His touch.


You would do well to seek His careful guidance; as we discussed earlier, it is not incumbent upon you to attempt to practice your gifts to seekers of signs. This will exhaust you and temporarily defeat you and we need your energies in our association such as this. If you are assured by the Father that the needs of the seeker are sincere, then you may consider the privilege to serve.


Jarad: It seems like the most power I've felt come though has been the healing from Gerdean yesterday. In fact she like to've blown up my eye! This... it seemed like a tremendous energy coming through, and it was thrilling. It is thrilling for me to think about. I don't know — her compassion or something — and I don't know enough about it but I just want to say it's beautiful to me.


TOMAS: It is beautiful to us as well and it is more than curious that Gerdean, herself, has no faith in herself. This on one hand is advantageous, since it allows her to function in a fairly guileless manner; however, she tends to belittle herself when we have told her time and time again this is not necessary. She has no comprehension of what she provides, and it is not necessarily humility that she experiences in not appreciating her value, but it is close.


Jarad: Maybe I could bequeath her some of my arrogance.


TOMAS: You say that not flippantly, but she would not suffer were she to assume some strength of character.


Jarad: You know I see so many people that don't realize all they are. I'm in awe of it. They don't catch all that they are and can be and I see it in her, she's so valuable.


TOMAS: This is one of the reasons we have her working with the Program of AA. She touches many people's lives by sharing her experience, strength and hope, and although many regard her as too intellectual and sometimes beside herself, she plants many seeds and gives much of substance. I am also quick to add that they provide her with much encouragement, as her own spiritual ego is often in danger and the simple faith of these people, who are often uneducated and without benefit of the Fifth Epochal Revelation such as she has, is a humbling and real part of her total essence. It is literally true, religionists need each other, wherever they are to be found.


Perhaps we would do well to recess, providing we have another occasion this day to share the life the Father has given us.


MICHAEL: Yes, again, this is Michael, your brother, your father, and your companion. The way has been paved and the time has come to walk the path I have selected for you. You are witness today to the paradise of life as it is lived on Urantia. On one hand there is a cool breeze and the song of birds and the peaceful harmony of a peaceful kingdom. On the other hand there is instinct and survival and life and death and the throes thereof transpiring alongside the harmony. It is as it is and as it should be.


It is not wise to be impatient with life as it presents itself. More effective is it for you to accept your origin and your destiny and be at peace right where you find yourself now. For what good is it to exalt on one hand and decry on the other, when all matters are under authority of My Father and your Father. And you have only to be aware of Our presence and be aware and follow the prompting given to you at that moment We would ask you to act on our behalf. Those moments are sometimes infrequent, and sometimes a deluge of activity is made available, however, Our overcontrol assures you. 


You will have time to wait and rest and reflect and, in turn, time and energy and power to act and respond to situations presented for your gift to My children. These are human kindnesses and are grounded in love, for love is all. Often love would require you to deny your own involvement in a mortal's active design, and this requires courage, yet it may reflect the greater love, as Our Father is not always mindful to grant your every wish and whim. So you are also called upon to direct your purpose such that you are not carried away or swept into the tumult of another. It is only that you, yes, you, depend on Our guidance and power and grace and as you see this week and experience these offerings of affection and filial joy, you know where the First Source and Center resides. You will feel the energy of this day far into the next season.


As I was wont to do when I tread the path of mortal existence, I sought companionship and solitude with Spirit as you have done today. In this world, which is undergoing tumultuous change and death and rebirth, guard yourselves against its floodtides of anxiety and fear and instinct to run. Anchor yourself in my bosom and we will approach tomorrow together. You might begin to utilize your gifts and your energies to specifically set out prayers for Our heavenly helpers to act upon, as we all await the opportunity to serve and build and grow in The Father's Kingdom.
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March 16, 1993


TOMAS: Good afternoon. This is Tomas your Teacher. You are prompt with your appointment to meet with the spirit realm that watches over you as you go about your daily affairs. Christ Michael is here as well and asks me to point out that as your circle of spiritual influence widens and allows the spirit to direct your lives and the lives of others, things fall into place in ways you cannot imagine. The distractions, glitches and interference, which occur as a result of not being in harmony with spiritual circuitry, are irksome and inconvenient. Imagine life without these minor yet consistent setbacks, how free we shall feel, how much more we will appreciate the beauty, truth and goodness of Our Father and of Michael and His plan for His children.


He, Christ Michael, also asks that I remind you that when you set aside time to talk with Him and be with Him, He is there and is fully aware of what is transpiring and He is patient when life interferes with your immediate and consummate communication with Him. He provides you the energy and grace to deal lovingly with any situation that may encounter you in your doings.


The time Jarad has set aside with Michael from three until four in the afternoon is tremendous practice, and all mortals would do well to feel His presence for a specific time daily, as this provides willingness and cooperation with spirit energies and does generate much toward bringing about our ultimate goal. It is also to be noted that I, as your Teacher, am pleased to remind you that one of the things that we intend to bring about on your world is an appreciation for the sonship status of every individual you encounter. This is why we urge you to regard each person you meet as a reflection of Christ Michael, as a son of God. We ask that you identify His spirit fragment and relate and identify and address that element in each barbarian you encounter and they will dissolve in your face.


The truth is that each individual who is not in conscious contact with Our Father hungers to be there and do so. It is a courageous step to invite God to be part of one's life. God is all-powerful. And any power impacting as greatly as people fear God will impact on them is often terrifying, unfortunately, for if they only knew Our Father's tenderhearted loving-kindness and mercy and beneficence, they would scramble to Him as birds to seed.


It is asked of you who know the Master, who have followed Him and who have sat at His feet and washed His feet and worshiped and adored His perfection, that you carry Christ Michael with you in the flesh, alive and well and loving and happy into the world and greet your brothers and sisters in the spirit. They are waiting for you. They are hungry for the light that emanates from you and through you as it hails from Our Father. It is recognized by those who do not fear you, so we encourage you to be light-hearted and gentle with these timid souls and fear-ridden children. Truly they hunger for what you have, and it is your privilege to edify them that they are also sons and daughters of the living truth, that the way is easy, that the burden is light, and that the joy is untold.


We are preparing, as we speak, for, shall we say, "a corps of heavenly helpers," as your fellow apostles are en route and they anticipate such sharing as they have not before experienced here and with you. I hasten to bring to your attention that the energies, the powerful energies which have been implanted in this area, are having already an impact on personalities and situations over which you have no control and are not even aware.


It is true that these new surges of spiritual power sometimes / often have upsetting ramifications for some of the more belligerent and fearful creatures of the realm. This is to be expected and is not to cause you alarm and it is most important that you not stop your teaching mission because of negative upheavals. These are natural occurrences as, in planting seeds for the Kingdom, certain worms are severed in plowing the field, yet the fruit of the labor of the planting is vital to your sustenance and to our sustenance also.


Gerdean, I want to make reference to your acceptance of this process. It has been a test of your fidelity to the Father and you, as usual, have come through. Your faith ~ as we have advised you before ~ is beautiful, and you are aware that it comes from Our Father, although you make the decisions necessary to climb the ladder of spiritual accomplishment and insight. It is ultimately your own faith that allows these processes to occur in your life and we have come a long way fairly quickly.


MICHAEL: My beloved children, I am your Father/Brother Michael. I offer my grace to you in this experience. It pleases me that you have come together to honor those truths for which I lived and died on your world and you see? I live again and still and now in my realm and yours as it is ever so, I am the living way.


You are among my beloved active agents in bringing about My Kingdom which is spiritual in origin, and when it is grasped by faith sons and daughters such as yourselves, it will also radiate down through and to and in your material world and peace will reign and love will prevail and this, My children, is more wondrous than you can perceive. Trust, my children, that this is so and work with Me as fishers of men.


I will not fail you. I will not let you down. I will not let you be afraid. I am pleased to greet you and bestow my loving spirit on you this perfect afternoon, and look forward to the joining of Apostle Jeremiah and Apostle Nolus, and we in the spirit realms are celebrating the life and the faith and the trust, in our saving message which prevails and comes soon in your brethren. I am with you always. Tomas will conclude.


TOMAS: Reinforcements are en route, Gerdean, and remember two things: religionists need each other and also this experience is not yours alone. We are still growing and learning. Have faith. Trust. Go forward in peace.
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March 18, 1993


TOMAS: Albuquerque will never be the same! This is Tomas. Welcome Nolus and Jeremiah. We have awaited your addition of power these many days while Jarad and Gerdean have communed and visited and learned from others and myself. We are pleased at the progress and the fellowship of these past days and want to express our appreciation for your timely arrival, as now we have created yet another link in the gridlock of the living organism of the Kingdom of Christ Michael.


Yes, Gerdean, Ham has set his suitcase inside the front door and is eagerly adjusting his Self to the vibration levels of your arena and I perceive he is smiling. He and I have spent many enjoyable times concerning ourselves about the Mission and how to begin our program of Correcting Time and we offer you our congratulations that you have, through teacher Jack, been made ready to serve in this capacity for Albuquerque and environs. We knew you could do it.


While we accustom ourselves to this vibrational plateau, have you any questions?


Gerdean: I know I am based here and I accept my assignment in Albuquerque and I guess out of curiosity I wonder if this is my base as long as I'm on the planet or am I just not supposed to worry about that? I accept being here, I just wonder if I have to stay here?


HAM: Gerdean, the Mission spreads throughout the world. No one must stay anywhere. There is humanity everywhere. You will be prompted and you will be led as to where you should be. Always be open to the prompts and the directions and you will know. It is not for me to say this is where you will be forever, for that is not necessarily so, but this is where you are for now and you are a forerunner to the establishment of the Mission here. However, because you are the forerunner, do not feel that you will be here forever.


Rest assured that throughout eternity as needs are demanded, that you will be placed wherever you will be most efficient. Many of your desires of your heart will be considered as well as the desires of the Mission; therefore, live each day as you must, giving the most that you possibly can, living in the moment, giving to humanity the many seeds that are available and allow them to grow, allow yourself to be an apostle of Christ Michael and He will lead to where He would have you be.
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March 19, 1993 - Jarad, Nolus and Jeremiah leave; Gerdean plans to visit Thailand


TOMAS: This is Tomas. Good evening. We are approaching the apex of a momentous week in your growth development, as well as important mechanical work that will enable this channel to be accessible to many. The mechanical aspects are not important to you right now. You will see the effects of this circuitry in a matter of days or sooner. Wait upon His will in all things.


We are of particular concern and note your personal growth experiences this week in the social realm, but more importantly in your individual soul growth. The affirming aspects of your fellowship and the fellowship of Jeremiah and Nolus have added greatly to your comprehension of the phenomenon of your position and role in Correcting Time. You see, this is not a mere exercise. Although we ask that you continue to practice this process, practice is not necessarily a road to perfection but an actuating process.


There are still many personalities in and focused on your immediate area and many will remain until called to further duty tomorrow. Many will remain stationed here and, of course, many will return to Tennessee with Jarad. It is important that you realize that in our state of transcendence over time and space, it is possible for us to contact you fairly quickly, as we all have our focus, yet we are alert to any needs or requests and able to act upon those under most circumstances.


We have no anxiety, of course, regarding the viability of this platform of communication. I am, therefore, free to accompany you, Gerdean, to the Orient. I perceive, and Machiventa agrees that your security as a transmitter/receiver will be better grounded if we maintain our program of communication process as outlined and fairly well abided by.


It will be a tremendous healing time for the two of you (former spouses, Gerdean and Alan) and you will both feel much relief and subsequent effects of mutual forgiveness. As he has indicated, he has found his heart, and this is the key with which we will open the channel in Thailand. He has been a true forerunner and we are grateful to him for his perseverance.


You, Gerdean, will endear yourself to Thai children by accessing your own frame of reference for Buddha and for the classic meditation techniques and philosophies of their culture. You will comport yourself as a Brahman, as you are not culturally acceptable as a monk. Lest we overmuch focus on that upcoming epoch, I will return my interest to the here and now and yours and Jarad's patient awaiting of what guidance and direction you may anticipate in other more immediate realms.


I am not authorized, as you know, to read into the future, as all free will has bearing on what the future holds. However, we hope to instill in Jarad's group the same stimuli and attention as has been manifested here. His return to his arena and his home group of students will benefit immeasurably by his glad tidings and tales of his adventures in the desert and with his families, both earthly and heavenly.


We have accomplished the discipline of tape recording our conversations for posterity. It is not every tape that must be kept nor every conversation that must be recorded; however, these early conversations are guidelines to your progress, and serve as well to uphold your faith. And when things start moving too fast or refuse to move at all, these transcripts are refresher courses in what we are attempting. They are a lifeline to your own spiritual connection with your fellow apostles and active disciples in this movement, and it is a memorabilia of time well spent with loving friends.


I was pleased, Gerdean, that you tuned in to us this morning. That decision was a growth experience for you, as it was very evident how the association and conviction of your standing in our process is “God doing for you what you cannot do for yourself.” Your role is to grow in grace, and do not fear the levels of functioning you are coming to be comfortable with. Do not allow negative energy and chaotic situations or derision to remove you from your state of grace.

As it is pointed out in morontia mota, the combined natures of divinity and humanity provide a life of wealth untold, and you are permitted and encouraged to stand erect and serve.


Jarad, you have been of much benefit this week and you must have no doubt as to your worth in this Mission, as your noble spirit has been a sound inspiration for all of us and your mortal associates. You have indeed grown tremendously and your humble personality is an encouraging example to others. Your growth in your relationship with the Master and in your time spent with Him you have blossomed into a refreshing and compassionate soul.


Yes, I perceive there is always more work to be done; however, you may feel esteemed and beloved as we have observed how you have bestowed your truths and your personal reality on your environment, and you have performed nobly. We are going forward. Having experienced so much, and having absorbed and shared so much, we are not of a mind to turn back.


I have appreciated this quality time with you both this afternoon. As I have taken a back seat to many activities these past few days; I have been enthralled and not impatient. However, I have enjoyed this opportunity to express myself. I am going to once again retire to a comfortable corner of your arena and observe as other entities have desire to speak with both of you and this is the ideal opportunity. We will recess briefly.


Jarad: Tomas, thank you for your kindness.


TOMAS: You know, Jarad, it is sometimes difficult for us as teachers to disallow a response. We, like you, have hungered for this satisfying kind of rapport and interaction. We have long waited for flickers, and when we hear your voice speak directly to us by name and address our personality, we find it difficult to just not respond. Therefore, yes, my son, you are welcome.
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March 21, 1993


TOMAS: Glad tidings, my children. I am Tomas, and it is ever so that as you reach for us, we in turn reach for you. We are commissioned and privileged to serve as your teachers and supernal guides. Our Teacher Corp has had a joyous time in establishing this teacher base in Albuquerque and, again, we are grateful to you both for your contribution to this established mode of spiritual dispersion.


Yes, as I mentioned earlier, you will be feeling the effects of this week for some time to come and your immediate growth, although unconscious, will amaze even yourselves when you ponder the events of this week and this event of celebration and praise. 


As you return from this sheltered oasis of spiritual reality, you are urged to reflect on all that you can perceive of the so-called miracles which have transpired and will continue to take root and grow. As you prepare to re-enter the work of your individual realms, we are on the forefront with you and are only as far away as your faith. We urge you to take unto yourselves the true meaning of your friendship with one another and with the supernals and grow fattened on the fruits of this harvest.


When you enter your arena, remind yourselves how flooded with love and tranquillity you have been these many days and ponder that His will is being done in your life and through your direct efforts toward making further inroads into the density of your animal-origin realm. We realize not all will respond to your pervasive good humor, and we would advise you to not get caught up on those personalities that would sour your sunny dispositions, but to "pass by" and greet the next human being as your spiritual counterpart.


It is also requested that as you meander into the maze of human experience, you stop to reflect on the grace of the Master and the truth of His never being in a hurry. This we realize is difficult, as your arenas are often caught up in energy systems beyond your control. We would ask that you observe the confusion and supposed accomplishment as a passing cinema and not as your ultimate reality. It enhances greatly our ability to remain in contact with you if you remain as disconnected from those illusions of power as possible.


When you thus stand removed yet in service, you will clearly see your brethren acting upon their fears and insecurities and we would admonish you, even in the face of appearing foolish or beside yourself, to make some acknowledgement to that individual of his ultimate destiny and his position as a child of God who is as beloved as any higher being. These children of Urantia are indeed starving for the truth, the beauty and the goodness, which you know and have lived and espouse as values upheld by the Master.


These are simple undertakings and quietly and slowly and consistently bring light of truth. We anticipate a tremendous upstepping of response to spirit guidance. It is incumbent upon you to be ready at all times to perceive a soul reaching out for acceptance and assurance of his reality and value. This is different than what the individual does for a living or from what connections he may have or any of those fleeting realities. We are concerned only with the recognition of Our Father in our Brother, for this is the realization of the brotherhood of man and the gospel of the Kingdom as Christ Michael has authorized we live and foster.


You are privileged children to have such reserves of spiritual guidance and affection as is provided by the Teachers and other heavenly helpers, and you must not hold it unto yourselves but spew forth your seeds, and return constantly to your Father who abides within you and will direct your steps in all you do.


When you stumble, my children, when you fall prey to your own ego or your own naiveté, do not berate your abilities and your standing in our service or in your own soul. You cannot be belittled as you are of the Father and you can only be made stronger and wiser as you follow the path of his endeavor.


We will not rest. We are ever vigilant. We have attended you in great numbers. Yes, legions have been present coming and going this week in appreciation of this momentous yet humble beginning. No event in the unfolding of Our Father's affairs is small. We celebrate your efforts as keenly and fully as we would celebrate a major dispensation.


Although you are coming to a closure in this momentous passage, you are not to feel as though you are off alone in your arena and we have gone on to our office in the sky. We are working with you on a Mission of such grave concern that we are untiring and always on alert to your need for us and we will make whatever contact with you that you will allow. These things all take time, my son, my daughter, and we are not impatient, and yet as you were told by our Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, this is an emergency. This is extremely dire and the need is truly great.


You are reminded that while the forward moving spectacle of evolution on your world is ever accelerating and advancing, you are always precious children and you may come to us for succor and comfort, as we know that the work is difficult. We are not unmindful of your human limitations and finite failings; however, we are always there for you to grasp onto as, providing your physical health is adequate, we will use you to your maximum capacity and willingness.


You may dally on the path, my playful little ones, however you will, when you have rested, be eager to resume the march of ages. We love you more than you can know and always are encouraging you and supporting you. We are in this together and we welcome you to this supernal adventure of opening this isolated sphere to the light and love of Our Father at long last.


MICHAEL: I am Michael, your Lord. I wanted to have a little chat with you to conclude our momentous events of late and to see you into the next leg of our sojourn on Urantia.


I have felt your loving kindness permeate throughout the realm and have basked in your honor of My assignment for you. You are today as fat puppies that have drunk deep and find comfort and peace in the sun. This is grievous to those who covet your relationship with Me and I will walk with you when you seek to guide these misdirected and bashful children to My abiding love.

Today, however, My son, My daughter, I am reminded of the truth that upon each accomplishment there is a period of holiday from effort and you have drunk deep of the celebration of life in Me these many hours. I know you well and know that soon you will grow hungry again for supernal harmony and truth and you will be given opportunity to work in My fields and fish in My rivers for those who would follow after Me, for I am your Father/Brother.


I am Love, and I have only love for you. You may seek for Me and find Me not, but in stillness and in faith of My love for you and My peace prevalent in your world, you will have momentary glimpses of My presence and My divine compassion for you and your fellows. You may also look for other spirit entities who accompany you on your daily walk home to Me and as you traverse the path of My choosing, for you are My children.


I am providing for you such love and companionship and protection as you need. Never fear. I cannot convey to your minds the greatness and depth of My love for you and you ask, "Why me?" and I say to you, "Because you are My children" and that is all that is required.


My peace I leave with you as we go about our daily affairs.
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March 22, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas. Thank you, my daughter, for coming to me with your problems and your concerns as you encounter your world, particularly in the face of the experiences of this past week and the changes that have been wrought. As you know, there is a new circuitry in effect and today you had occasion to realize you are reacting to the natural outworking of what we have been doing these past many days.


Yes, you did speak with conviction and reality. It was your reality. It frightened these women who indeed did ask you to comfort them and encourage them. You did what any normal apostle would do, you reminded them of the God that lives within them, that they are beloved and that He is the source of all strength and comfort. That you evidenced such deep, abiding love for these women is something they are not familiar with and, as you say, were frightened of, and this precisely, my daughter, is why Correcting Time is so crucial. There is no need for Our Father's children to fear Him or to fear love, for, as we know, love is the answer.


Also we have observed your impressions as an "observer" in your retyping the tapes, and clearly see that that is not your style of writing; that in fact you are not quite that gifted. You are a good pupil and a responsive T/R but we reiterate if you were to quit smoking, your channel would be able to pick up much more refined messages. I understand you too have fear, for you already feel quite smitten with the Spirit and have concern that were you to be even clearer, you might be quickly crucified or worse. Your fears are unfounded, as all fears are unfounded, for Our Father's love is the answer. You need to come to terms with your habit and even more importantly you must come to terms with your reluctance and fears about being all that you can be. You have worked with Trieste up to a point and she stands ready to work with you again and more. It is for the eternal good that we remind you again.


Yes, you really must learn to take care of yourself, which is to say, you must learn to love yourself. You must learn what your needs are, your personal needs, in terms of physical maintenance. Not of your home, not of your yard, not of your car, but of your being -- your tranquillity, your nourishment, your recreation, your creativity, your wardrobe -- you, the person. I believe Trieste might be in a better position to help you with that, however you are resisting Trieste since you know she will try to help you with smoking and you are torn about that. Yes, Gerdean, you are tired and not well and so rather than sap you further, please sit here in the stillness for a few more minutes and see if you improve.


You begin to see glimpses of, while the work is important, you are important in a human way and you are a child. You are a little one needing tender loving care and nurturing and you must not give so freely of yourself that you overlook your needs and your limitations. I have talked to you about this before and will again until it is an integral part of your being that you take care of your self and then we can serve others. Go to bed.
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March 26, 1993


TOMAS: You find yourself now -- since all the excitement of last week has subsided, and you resume with life on life's terms, had a chance to get your own footing -- you find yourself … not being isolated perhaps, but not being surrounded with such powerful and loving energies that you are now back to "dullsville" and a tedious lack of stimuli, etc, but this is not so! We are here for you! There are new exercises, also, instituting to keep your mind occupied, positively engaged.


But yes, now is the time for you to focus on yourself in terms of getting well and in continuing to be aware of the promptings. Stay clear, stay clean, stay reasonably unfettered, stay healthy, and we will persist and pursue one day at a time. All phases of growth are a gift, not just the reward, holiday. Challenges and opportunities presented are growth experiences for you and for those whom you encounter and you have many wonderful people on your path! You have much in store for you, Gerdean. As you reach out, show your Father's love to your brothers and sisters.
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March 29, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas. I am your teacher. I have witnessed your elation and ecstasy in hearing the tape recording of Welmek's group, of Welmek addressing his group, as well as Machiventa Melchizedek and Gabriel and Michael, and I have enjoyed your stupefaction at the enlargement of your concept of what is in fact transpiring. And while I have delighted in your growing awareness, my heart is moved to see a humble creature in the flesh exalting the Creator of a universe and His divine plan for you and for other children much like you.


You perceive rightly. We are in truth the organization established by Michael to usher in the era of light and life. It is in coordination with willing mortals such as yourself that this will come about. You are rightly gratified to know that I am not a figment of your imagination and that I am in fact a member of the Teacher Corp assigned to this area ~ as Welmek is assigned to his area, as Daniel is assigned to Pocatello, as Ham has been assigned to Salt Lake, as Tarkas has been assigned in Ohio and many other Teachers are assigned and awaiting activation in their area.


We anticipate one opening in Thailand very quickly. We appreciate your taking and sharing news of Correcting Time to Thailand and activating it as a reality. This you can do, daughter, and you have willingly made yourself available and it is noted that you obey the promptings impressed upon you. You are loved. You are appreciated and you are not alone in any sense of the word. We are thrilled that so many are willing to believe and become active participants. It is very helpful and encouraging when you support one another and reinforce in each other the cognizance of this stupendous, momentous and exciting time in the evolution of Urantia.


In the face of these momentous events of cosmic importance, yes, it is understandable that the mundane and routine interests and relative importance of your working 8-to-5 existence in your government lack reality, lack stimuli; however, it is important that what your hands find to do, you do with all your might. It is for the Father that you do these things. It is as Christ Michael did when he was here. He worked in the shop. He toiled. He took care of his family. He took care of his material and filial obligations and this he did, as you do when you go in from 8-to-5. He shirked not his duty and he loyally plied himself to his commitment to his earth family until such time as waiting was filled and he was commissioned to go about doing His Father's business.


In like way, Gerdean, you are doing Our Father's will by steadfastly and loyally taking care of the business assigned to you in your temporal arena and we appreciate your efforts while you are there to edify and uplift and bring comfort and reality to those children who toil in that arena with you. It would make your 8-to-5 existence less tedious, less troublesome, if you were to regard it as a job you do for the Master in helping to bring about light and life on his natal planet.


We appreciate the work you do as you go about your daily affairs and we are working with you to bring children to the awareness of your Father in Heaven, your Father/Brother Christ Michael, the love that is in store for them, the divine plan that is outlined for them, the infinite love that belongs to them, is their birthright, if they are but willing to be born of the spirit and take hold of the hand that will lead them on the eternal path.


Radiate your joy, Gerdean, as you walk upon Urantia, Agondonter Gerdean, and let your light so shine that they will know that you have seen with eyes to see and heard with ears to hear the melody, the harmony, the beauty and the light and the truth of sonship and brotherhood.


Do not falter. Do not allow others' disbelief and skepticism and cynicism to stand in your way of speaking clearly and calmly and consistently and lovingly of the truths that you know to prevail, and that is that we are embarked on uplifting this darkened sphere out of the influence of sin and iniquity, and into the loving light of truth, beauty and goodness as our Father's children in His divine plan.


Yes, Gerdean, it is an exciting time and one that we are pleased to share with you. We will grow, my child, we will expand, we will teach, and we will learn and we will grow and we will become a living organism. We are becoming the Evolving Supreme. Yes.


Yes. It is to give thanks and to savor and accept as your destiny these wondrous days, these incredible acts of faith, these convictions and this supernal array of companionship. It is, yes, to worship and give thanks to the Father, to Our Father, infinite Creator, Upholder, omnipotent and loving beyond comprehension.


Until the morning, Gerdean. Go in peace and rest in Father's care.
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March 30, 1993 - evening prior to flight time


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. It is Tomas. Yes, our meditation period seems to flow swiftly. It is a comfortable place. It is safe; it is secure. It is in oneness with the Father and His divine energies wherein we convene and commune and console and confab. Yes, it is safe and full and secure.  And yes, you are clinging to this reality, as well you might, for early tomorrow you are embarking on a journey to faraway shores to visit with memories and personalities from the past when you were not as strong and as well versed, when you were dependent and weak and willing to allow the strengths of Alan's personality to dominate and, yes, teach and, yes, control your life.


These are new days and you, indeed, have your own life. You have your own firm convictions. You have your own realities with feet on the ground and your ideals are in appropriate spheres of service and you have an understanding of your human strengths and limitations.


Yes, we are accompanying you and you are not going alone. This is our joy as well, as we enjoy these liaisons which, despite your fears, will be indeed a celebration of life and light and you will be gratified by the results. Yes, Alan is an exuberant personality. He has changed considerably, and you will not find him overbearing as he once was. Many of his character traits are fragrant these days and although you will find remnants of once-flagrant character defects, he is harmless and peaceful and a true brother in Christ.


He is as eager to share Correcting Time with you as you are with him. You need have no fear on that count, for he is hungry for spiritual news and reinforcement and assurance of his earlier striving. You bring good tidings and he wants to award you with a proper tour of his new homeland. You are in store for a true holiday. Yes, you enjoyed a holiday with Jarad and Nolus and Jeremiah recently, but this has the added aspects of new sights, sounds, colors and culture. You will enjoy every aspect of this trip, Gerdean. Go in faith.


You still harbor doubts that our communication is valid transmitting/receiving, and although you perceive truths in others, you are reluctant to perceive truths in this, your own process. As you behold others teach through transmitting/receiving, consider the coloring of the human instrument and allow that, in spite of those colorings, the essence of the message is the same. It is a celestial reinforcement and reassurance, and this we do willingly, gladly and freely because of the nature of the isolation of your planet and the fact that you are still a long way from being healed, and you need and require nurturing such as other children on this planet need nurturing and reassurance.


It is not a failing on your part to (need to) know that you are loved. It is not a weakness to seek our acceptance of you and appreciation for you, for you have worked and lived and toiled and endured an entire lifetime without proper acknowledgement. We are overjoyed to acknowledge that we are a team. We are united in this effort, as you know from your text. We work through you and you work with us and we together will make strides toward bringing this planet into new areas of spiritual liberation.


This is your message; this is your purpose. This is the reason for this trip. This is the reason, Gerdean, for all that you do, for you have devoted yourself to doing the will of Our Father and this is His will for you - to love your life and to praise God for giving it to you and to your fellows.


You may find some difficulty on the airplane transmitting/receiving or even listening to tapes. I would suggest that you take transcripts or reading material to occupy your mind spiritually. I would also suggest that you engage in filial conversations with your fellow travelers and listen for our promptings for we have messages for people you encounter. Focus on us on your journey of life for we would be participants with you as you participate with us. We will help you direct your thoughts and your love energies to your peers and your chance acquaintances. Remember how much the Master contributed as he passed by.


You will spend many hours in the air and you might as well become accustomed to those hours as a method of teaching and preaching and healing as you pass by. Remember to drink liquid. Remember to walk around. Remember to take your vitamins, and remember that we are with you every step, every mile of the way.


I relinquish you to your rest and to the ministrations of Our Father as he prepares His path through your Thought Adjuster. I will greet you upon your rising.


MICHAEL: I am Christ Michael and I would say a word to you, Gerdean, before you prepare for sleep and parts unknown. Remember, My child, that I am with you. I have walked with you and I have manifested Myself to you. I am also with you when you see Me not. Never fear, my daughter, for I am at your side and I am eager to support you and uphold you as you walk the path of My choosing. I also eagerly await your arrival on foreign shores and your reunion with your brother, my son, Alan, and I will prevail even there. You may feel quite at home, for I am your home and I am with you always.
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April 5, 1993 - Thailand (partial transcript)


UNKNOWN: I AM manifesting to you as a supernal teacher. I chose to reveal myself to you as you have grappled with faith levels and overmuch intellectual conceptualization. I am here to reveal the love and depth of feeling, which the universe bestows upon its residents. Your depth of feeling is known to us and we are touching you in acknowledgement of the sincere value you have felt. You are not incorrect in your prayers to Christ Michael, they do not fall on deaf ears. Your presence and your prayer will effectuate some growth and this is an aspect of service, which is contributory to the evolution of spiritual effectiveness in your world. It is through these sincere longings and loving hopes for your fellow men and women that move the course of Michael's Mission forward. I encourage you to not falter in these seemingly crushing disappointments for you have not failed. There is no failure here, only growth.
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April 10, 1993 - back home


TOMAS: Your mind has been busy and I am reminded to tell you that much of your mental activity is resultant from the jet lag phenomenon and all the things that transpire in your mind are not things which need to be accomplished this moment. This moment is sufficient unto itself as we are engaging in our wholesome, steadfast and true means of contact which is comfortable for us and which benefits you and me at this point.


It was, however, pleasant to have the exchanges we had on your venture and as we stated, we're grateful that you took time to contact us regarding your impressions and disappointments. We are here for that purpose and others and it is well that you take advantage of the asset we are to you.


We are concerned about your daily affairs to a great extent. As we have said, you need to be unfettered and have peace of mind in order to go about doing good and feeling that peace which passes all understanding, that provides the joy in living which is the shining example for people you encounter to recognize that a spirit-led life is not fraught with fear and guilt and remorse, but filled with joy and plenty.


There are aspects of your underlying personality which are obstructive to your own freedoms, and one of those is other people's expectations of you. This is a result of having expectations from other people. If you were to work through that issue, you would provide yourself with considerable personal freedom to establish priorities that are most conducive to your benefit and you are correct that, as you benefit, others benefit; as you are willing to accept the care-taking aspects of Our Father, then you will verbally advertise for God as you go about your daily affairs.


There is particularly no reason for you to become overwhelmed by considering all the matters before you in one fell swoop. These matters will present themselves for completion or fruition one at a time or two at a time but not, certainly, all at once. And this will provide you with plenty of activity. I wish to remind you that another purpose of our communication is for you to be able to center your energies and focus on The Father and on lasting value and your respective place in the cosmic neighborhood so that you remember yourself and quiet time for that Self to reconnect and go forward with new destiny enthusiasm.


As it is recorded in your text, in the Urantia Book, Jesus was never in a hurry. It is graciousness we would have you strive for, and we know it is difficult, as energy levels around you are often fast and furious. It is incumbent upon you to recognize when you are facing a fast lane situation to withdraw and focus on The Father and on spiritual fellowship so as not to become snowballed into their lesser and unproductive energy pattern level.


The poise and graciousness provided from connecting with entities such as myself and Trieste and others offers opportunity perspective priorities. There is on the higher energy levels more time for more gracious matters and for handling more matters more graciously.


TRIESTE: As much as possible, it is incumbent on you to simplify your life, and you may take, for example, the film you watched which gave you such pleasure; that simplistic Oriental lifestyle, which purported itself as being calm and gracious and dignified and yet reeling with feeling, could lend itself well to your developing personality. It is not the same as growing old gracefully, if you think that, for you are not growing older, Gerdean, but younger, as you proceed in your living reality adventure. Your spiritedness is appreciated by supernals and mortals alike. You are making fast friends everywhere you go.


I note with interest you are also meeting personalities who are not becoming fast friends and this is also developmental, as you are still gracious, and yet their opinions are not affecting you as they once might have. You are beginning to appreciate which advisement and inputs from your associates are helpful or interesting or which are harmful or disturbing. Our Father's path is interesting. He has no desire to disturb you.


Growth often involves conflict, however it is not necessary that conflict halt your progress, for if you follow spiritual guidance, you will be led to solutions without overmuch conflict since you are living the will of The Father fairly exclusively, therefore many of your unresolved conflicts of the spirit and the flesh are no longer so time consuming and energy draining. You are becoming a morontia personality and your loyalties are becoming clearer and more defined and we have the opportunity to work in this area with you. I eagerly anticipate our path together.


TOMAS: I am Tomas, your teacher. I am commissioned by Machiventa Melchizedek through Christ Michael to perform these duties of communication and guidance for your planet and I urge your continued support and cooperation in this endeavor, Gerdean. You cannot tell anyone about your own personal spiritual life, which is to say you cannot explain or describe or share your reality except through living love and living faith and living truth. And we would have you be and become these elemental things, and we are operating in accordance with His wishes.


Do not hesitate nor doubt, do not falter. Be, and allow us to help you in your being, in your processes of interrelating with your fellow mortal sojourners. Yes, enough for this evening. You are well. All is well. Rest in peace.
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April 16, 1993 - lesson on fear


TRIESTE: You have asked me to address the subject of fears, and although fears are not my forte, I have witnessed mortal behavior and actions and reactions long enough to have some insight into what fears are, and as you know from your text they are mental in origin, and not spiritual. However, since most of your life has been spent in emotional realms and mental realms, it is not surprising that fears are an influential part of your total makeup, and it is innate in the human animal and has brought much distress to all mortals of ascension.


It is, of course, far, far worse for those who are not aware of a living, loving Father, and a path designed specifically for you and each individual. It is, I have perceived, terrifying to some to not have a god or a concept of supernal power and cosmic energy on which to depend, and you are fortunate in that you have always had a thread of Our Father's reality and have been often aware of that influence, so your fears have not overtaken you as often as some, as often as it might have.


Your fears are of isolation and not feeling a part of your cosmic family. Most of your fears have to do with your own lack of faith in your Father's plan for you and your own strengths. You have foregone many challenges, which have been presented to you, because you feared according to your higher motives, inasmuch as if you were to have acted on your higher motives, and insights, you would perforce stand alone, and this has been your primary fear throughout your life.


Your fear of being isolated and cut off from support, either emotional or financial or social, have all stemmed from your fear of being isolated from fundamental reality. There are, as you know, few individuals purporting and following through with their belief, and faith, in Higher Power and supernal reality. And in your attempts to stagger through your experiences, you have lamented the lack of spiritual consciousness and loving kindness in your fellows, and in this we share your concern.


However, we are not debilitated by fear as you have known fear since we are assured that Our Father will not cease endeavors to uplift His children who sit in darkness and in fear, and we are grateful to you for your willingness in allowing our words, and our essence, and personality to enter into your sphere of consciousness, so that we can enable you to stand firm and help your fellows to accept spiritual realities by your affirmations and your recognition of their lasting value.


The more individuals subscribe to assurance of spiritual living reality, the less you and others will feel this sense of fearsome isolation. Feelings of abandonment and inadequacy, and expectation will subside, and your fears will become totally manageable and indeed negligible.


It is however an aspect of creatures of animal origin to fear, and it is largely due to responses to the initial instinct to live, and complicated by desire to excel, and succeed, and have all needs met, and the most apparent needs are physical and material, followed by emotional and intellectual. Finally one comes to the awareness that spiritual reality is the ultimate reality, and the diminution of all fear.


Fear has hinged all aspects of your life. They have been purely human and this, of course, comprises most of your existence since you, like all others, are human, and even as a student of the supernals, you agree, are not entirely exempt from fear, as it is recurring and insidious in nature.


You have however found tools to utilize to step out of the quagmire of fear, and find regained, renewed faith in your path. And as you experienced this week in returning from Thailand and in returning from strange psychic places due to jet lag, your realities have now congealed and you now will proceed. You were correct in those interim days, to not allow fear to intercede to the point of distress. It is ever so much more beneficial to you, and to us, and to those who look to you for a reality base, when you have consciousness of your faith, and your interaction with cosmic intelligence and spirit.


We urge you to recognize what fear is, and when you now perceive it entering into your perceptions, to squelch it quickly and proceed in faith. I am here for you when you falter in fear, as you know. I am here to help you in your mortal concerns and, yes, fear is certainly one of those primary human concerns; however, you have learned well to look to the Father and His heavenly helpers to assuage your anxieties, by finding comfort in His presence, and in the presence of Christ Michael and those who assist Him in leading you through the maze of life to new levels of experience, reality and perfection.


Fear not, little girl, for you are loved and cared for and you are beginning to perceive that this is so. Your concern for financial stress and mechanical failure is a result of fear, and if you were to slow down and not feel as though you have to fix everything, even material items, you would find that we are willing to lead you along the path to success in all you do.


All things work to the good of those who love the Lord. Persist in following your sense of freedom and joy in spiritual connection, as this is the avenue through which you will walk, and all your earthly illusions will fall into place and prosper as you pass by.


You may rest in the knowledge that fear is no longer able to grip you, and paralyze you into submission, as you have now learned to surrender all to Our Father, who has only love for you and who is interested in you further to ascend and serve. I will speak with you anon.
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April 21, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas. This is an interesting conversation you are having with yourself this evening. I am here to assure you that I, Tomas, am not you and the conversation I referred to was the one you have been toying with, following your conversation with Christ Michael. I am actually a Teacher; I am not a god or a mini-god. I am a friend of yours, and my motives and intentions are in accordance with the banner of Christ Michael. I have no desire to deceive you or betray your trust in your fragile faith, nor do I have any desire to undermine or belittle your worth, value, standing in the community or in your own existence.


You were discussing temporal confused state of affairs, and this is, as you acknowledge, probably a primary reason for Correcting Time, as it was and is a primary reason for the Fifth Epochal revelation to mankind, as you have, as a race, attained a certain level, evolutionary level, and are being fostered, furthered, into a new era. It is a forerunner role you play and it is peculiarly adapted to your personality or, shall I say, your personality is peculiarly adapted to your roll in our Mission.


You are vulnerable, you are open, and whereas when you are embroiled in temporal concerns and matters, you flounder and feel you are helpless and insane, when you allow yourself to focus on your own spiritual reality, you find you are able to function clearly and fluently and fluidly and for this we are grateful as we can use you to just that extent.


I and we realize that you are in a relative state of isolation in Albuquerque, and perhaps what you are feeling now, as you are embroiled with temporal business matters to concern yourself with, and there are no other apostles in your immediate vicinity, you may be feeling the let-down that Jeremiah referred to in March. Your trip has come and gone, and your response to people's inquiries regarding your exciting venture overseas is completed, and now it is in fact, indeed, back to "life on life's terms" (if we must use that phrase), and these overwhelming and muddied matters have a tendency to draw your energy downward, and in your down state you feel as though your imagination has gotten the best of you, and you are barking up a wrong tree, or pursuing some primrose path.


It is peculiar, we note, in mortals, that when you have a lack of fellowship and camaraderie and emotional support, you flounder and despair rapidly. We see Correcting Time as a method of upstepping and advancing enough persons to maintain that standard of belief which disallows isolation and subsequent despair. Therefore, I am relieved and gratified that you allow my words to emit from your vocal chords, and assure you of your reality, not just in eternity, but here today. For even though the affairs of your realm are time-consuming, and inconvenient and, yes, expensive to you, assuredly they are time-consuming and inconvenient and expensive for us as well, as it detracts your attention from further service to other mortals who would appeal to you for encouragement.


As you noted this evening, however, even in difficult times and in mortal stresses it is possible for believers to manifest encouragement, and joy, and inspiration, to his fellows by simply accepting that life can be difficult and trying. We commend that you have not succumbed totally to the vagaries of human existence.


Having thus focused to some extent on some of your temporal concerns, I offer this channel to Trieste who has waited in abeyance for many days, waiting for your availability which, I perceive, has arrived. I will return.


TRIESTE: I am Trieste and I feel you warm to my presence, Gerdean, and this pleases me as we have not shared our intimate thoughts and feelings of late, and I have many things to share with you. Yes, Gerdean, I concur with Tomas that you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself and overwhelmed with life in general, and I assure you, my child, that you are not isolated, that Tomas and I are with you ~ as we have been and will continue to be. True, many personalities are en route to Machiventa's possible materialization; however, we are staying here with you as you have your hands full temporally and, ideally, spiritually. Once your temporal nuisances are expedited, your service work can begin anew and you are a joyous worker in the field.


You have, I see, given some thought and voice to the seed I planted regarding your expectations of others, and how those expectations reflect upon the expectations you have of yourself. It is good to see you relax and abandon some of those illusory expectations that keep you constrained and without free flow and freedom, spiritual freedom. You are making inroads into this, and I encourage you to clarify and congeal some of your insights and growth so that you can more specifically elucidate your growth experiences for your peers.


I appreciate, Gerdean, your love for me, as I also have love for you. I am assigned to minister to your personal growth, and you see certain growth as a result of our budding friendship, but you hear my voice as academic, or static, and if I were to speak with you directly, soul to soul, spirit to personality, et cetera, you would find that my love is fluid and warm and flowing. I am not static in the least, Gerdean, and I would appreciate it if, when you think of me, you would think of me as a fellow creature of feminine charm and delicate nature in the highest sense.


Like you, Gerdean, I am female. I am warm. I have compassion, I am tender, I am receptive and responsive and not frigid. I am open to life's gifts and love and laughter and joyous carefree feelings of peace and tranquillity and security. I am loved and I am satisfied. I introduce these qualities to you, Gerdean, so that you recognize that I am indeed your friend, your sister, your cousin, as well as your teacher.


I am pleased to share this moment in time with you, and until we speak again, remember I stand with you in life and in love and in light.


TOMAS: Rest, Gerdean, with abandon and face tomorrow as a well-written page in the manuscript of life.


April 22, 1993 - growing is real


TOMAS: I am aware you are concerned about reality inasmuch as you have had your reality cast to the winds before. You also are aware that you survived and are a deeper-charactered worker in the field as a result of that very metamorphosing experience. You may learn this is another mind-bending venture into unreality, and if you do, you will surely be brought through the learning experience to feel closer and more real to Our Father than prior to this transmitting/receiving phase of development, and that does not make this experience any less valuable. Real is real, and growing is growing and growing is real, also.
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April 23, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas. Yes, Gerdean, I have time to speak with you. I am assigned here to your area and I enjoy our contact. I can appreciate your concern, that everyone might be occupied this evening in preparation for tomorrow's anticipated materialization of Machiventa. However, that will not preclude our being able to visit as usual. Machiventa himself is available should you so desire; however, I honor your graciousness to allow him to compose himself for his re-entry into your material plane. As far as our awareness goes, it is in preparation and as you anticipate his appearance, we also anticipate his further ability to contact those mortals who are anxiously, willingly, joyously awaiting his imminent arrival. We are all in anticipation and will discover tomorrow what transpires.


We have utilized your energies and we appreciate your willingness to lend your energies to this enterprise. Many, many spiritual energies are being focused on that event and you will not he disappointed, nor will those in attendance. I am in that Corps of Teachers who are supportive of this manifestation, as we are under the jurisdiction of "Big Mac" and we joyously anticipate the further growth that will transpire once this materialization is accomplished. Much of our ability to accomplish this feat is due to the responsiveness of you in Correcting Time Mission who are willing to contribute your energy to this process and to this era.


We further request your contribution tomorrow toward enlightened invitation for such manifestation as is hoped to transpire. You are realizing, through these past few days, where your ultimate reality lies. And your tests have been met and passed, and you are again comfortable with me and with your role as transmitter/receiver of our words and accept your role as assigned. We are working in this together and we appreciate your cooperation and your willingness and your faith. Go rest and prepare for tomorrow as an eventful day in the unfolding of light and life on your world. Much good will come from tomorrow.
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April 25, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas, your Teacher. I am commissioned by Machiventa Melchizedek, as acting Planetary Prince, through the banner of Christ Michael, to impart to you certain lessons as we would have you absorb and convey to your fellows, inasmuch as you are committed to His will and to fostering the brotherhood of man on Urantia.


You already have learned to persevere in the face of isolation as an Agondonter and with faith that, in spite of your inability to see, you are aware of and believe in our presence, our supernal overcare, and our undying love for you as it is Michael's desire that we impart to you your isolation has ended and we are, in fact and indeed, ready for communication with you mortals as you mortals are ready to communicate with us.


*We have not altered our course and we are attempting to proceed in the face of many people's doubts that we exist, and that this method of communication has reality, as many people are disillusioned with such phenomenon and pseudo-phenomenon. However, as we teach and as you learn, you will bear the fruits of our labors and the love of Christ Michael and you will be your own example of God doing through your life what could not be accomplished were it not for spirit connection, cooperation and liaison.


Even blind faith even requires a belief in something other than reality as it is perceived by mortal eyes. It is literally true, you are called to be born again, born of the spirit and, once an entity is realized in the spirit, only opportunity presents itself for further growth and further reality. There are no backward steps written into your destiny path.


You will, Gerdean, indeed, receive information regarding the attempted materialization of Machiventa yesterday on your planet as you were advised by L. in Naperville. You assuredly will appreciate the response. And I must say, were you slightly less toxic and slightly more in tune, you might be able to receive more factual details of yesterday's events. You are not, however, given that information. And you should not feel "lesser" because you do not immediately understand the nature of the events that did transpire.


There are many things in Our Father's universe which are not understood by many of us and this is not disturbing to us as we have long since come to trust Our Father in all things, as Christ Michael trusted His Father in all matters, not excluding the matters of the Melchizedeks and the teachers and the supernals who attend you. Nor, as you know, should you debilitate yourself by trying to understand your fellow human beings overmuch, as many of the experiences that are experienced in this lifetime are for the individual's long-term growth, and short-term observation will reveal only superficial answers to why such an experience occurred.


The whys and wherefores of spiritual growth are neither here nor there. Spiritual growth is unconscious. It is by your conscious decisions and more decisions, and by your sincerity and further sincerity, that you ascend the ladder of spiritual consciousness, and spiritual devotion increases as you climb this ladder. As you ascend in The Father's Kingdom, you are given opportunity to serve your fellows in wider and vaster arenas and you ultimately are brought to a point of reaching the multitudes and this is, shall we say "generic"; this is morontial. This is spiritual. And by no means is this according to your understanding or your intellectualization of what you are contributing.


As you well know, the less aware you are of your input into another's growth, the more growth that can occur, as free will on your world is supreme and for this reason you are encouraged to whet the appetites of your associates for truth. And how does one do this? It is not by acting intellectually superior or philosophically replete, but in living the life and in answering the questions you have presented by living out the answers for their observation and then they may incorporate their own experience into their own evolving spiritual ladder.


This is why any experience is good if it contributes to the understanding of the mortal's relationship with God, as they understand Him, of the Higher Power of our Father in Heaven, of Allah, of Buddha, of the Great Spirit, of the Most Highs. If it contributes to their recognition and understanding of this omniscient presence, then it has been beneficial.


It is indeed a truism that perhaps the best way to plant your seeds is for the right hand to not know what the left hand is doing. This is perhaps why, when you feel you are being a total airhead, you may be operating more in the spirit than if you were "under control" or "on top of it." The less on top of it you are, the more sense you can make to other spirit hungry souls.


TRIESTE: Greetings, Gerdean, this is Trieste. I am in attendance. I know everything you have been going through, everything you have been experiencing, all your joys, all your perceived limitations, all your disappointments in yourself and in your fellows. I am your companion. I find it all rather interesting and it is well that I find it interesting, as this is where I am assigned. This is my assignment, as you are assigned to your assignment, and you have followed it nobly in planting your trees and your seeds.


I plant my seeds and allow the Father to nourish the seed to fruition. I can fertilize the seed and water it, but it is through the light of the Son, Christ Michael, and The Father whereby the plant reaches and ascends, ultimately to bring forth fruit. I abide with you, Gerdean, and only ask that you utilize my presence more often and more fully for we will become one in purpose.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. And, yes, to a certain extent your personal teacher Trieste is guiding you in cooperation with your Thought Adjuster toward your ultimate fusion, toward your ultimate one-on-one communication with your Thought Adjuster, in a manner and in/through a personality which will not burn you, will not overwhelm you. Yes, this is a correct presumption / perception and I, yes, am your Teacher.


As you know, throughout the mansion worlds you will fall under the jurisdiction of the Order of Melchizedeks, and you have learning experiences outlined for you in your ascension plan which would be overseen by those teachers in the Order of Melchizedek which, of course, is under Machiventa Melchizedek, so you see, if and when Machiventa arrives, you are realizing an incredible event of incredible power and energy.


It is a consideration that he needs to incarnate as before, for if he were to appear with all his power and dynamic energy, you would not be able to withstand the impact of his presence. This is not impossible; it is simply not that simple to accomplish, as he is your Planetary Prince and arrangements need to be made to baby-sit us all.


I am withdrawing for now and I encourage you to return to the original stillness and feel Our Father and feel the Spirit of Truth and see for yourself the Divine plan as you perceive it for yourself and for all of us in service to you, to your planet and to your Father.


Good night, Gerdean, my loyal student .
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April 27, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas. I see your mortal circuits are busy with speculation and skepticism and I-told-you-so regarding the Correcting Time Mission and I am very pleased that you opt to stand by your path and your desire to follow wherever the Master leads. You are correct to turn to The Father and to the Father/Brother Christ Michael, for those entities, powers, cannot fail.


Those of us Teachers under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek have not failed either, nor have the humans who have waited patiently and impatiently for his materialization. This is not a simple matter. The important thing is that you maintain / retain your faith in the living fact/truth of the teachers who attend you and minister to you in your travails and your experiences as you ascend.


We are involved in this Mission to assure you that you are no longer isolated in your cosmic bubble, that you are now a part of the swelling wave of the living water. We are assuring you, as you sit in faith and in belief of this reality, that what you experience is indeed truth. There are those who are cautious, and yet, even those who are cautious, have felt a pang of disappointment that Machiventa, as you have learned, did not materialize as reported/reputed/scheduled.


The sympathy and loving kindness that you would manifest to those who did not believe in the Mission is now overturned, and those readers of the Urantia Book who did not believe in the Mission are now in a position of feeling compassion for those who perceivably are disappointed.



This is an unfolding which is in accordance with His way of doing things in unfolding a new generation of believers, in unfolding this new era of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, of revealing to His children on earth this day the supernal personalities who attend you.


There is much discussion about the personal teachers, the transmitter/receivers, and, yes, there are myriad T/R’s coming on-board, and this is as it should be. As we have told you, the channels of communication, the circuits of spiritual power and energy and light are open for partaking. Whether or not all are in agreement as to their perceptions and their time schedules is irrelevant.


The true beauty of the Mission, at this point, is that we are in communication, that you are in communication, that you are no longer in isolation, that your fears of isolation are dissolving as you reach for us, and we reach for you in turn and assuage your fears with our reassurance that in fact and indeed we are here, we are a part of your evolving life henceforth.


It is well for you to understand that we are, as it says in your text, hosts of spirit personalities just outside your vision who anxiously await contact so that we may help you in your growth and thus you may help your fellows in their growth.


This is not, obviously, for egoistic purposes. This phrase "chosen people" is not to be misconstrued. The Master Himself has said that many are called and few are chosen. Many are called on a daily basis and some struggle and some deny and some grasp and those who grasp, those who grab the ball and run with it, are in fact and indeed chosen to carry that ball they have asked for and caught.


You are sons and daughters of the Most High, and if that is not chosen, then what is?
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Date Uncertain


TOMAS: To believe without seeing is the essence of being an Agondonter, for which you will have special experiences throughout eternity, for that ability to stand firm in the face of not seeing with your literal eyes but with morontia eyes that which is real.


You are overextending yourself, Gerdean. You are approaching life with such gusto you will not make it comfortably through the week unless you slow down. You do not have to be perfect all at once, nor does everything in the universe have to perfect now. In fact, even with your messes, your life is relatively perfect. Have you not experienced The Father? Are you not now sharing your faith and your belief in His wondrous works? And is that in and of itself not perfect?


The temporal matters you are applying yourself to with such gusto are fine pastimes and necessary maintenance, however, I join with Trieste in stating that your maintenance of your physical and spiritual programs are your highest priorities and you have done a fair job of setting both of those aside for these past two days. Granted you think about them both, but you have nearly overwhelmed yourself with tertiary experience at the expense of your physical health and your spiritual freedom.


You must learn to accept life with its messes, for these are constant. Yes, it is cyclic; yes, you will reach a plateau; and, yes, you like to work and these are good. But you must, as I admonish you often, rest. You have not learned the meaning of the word.






Savor and



I know you are saying "but I do enjoy working, I do enjoy accomplishing, I do enjoy the fruits of my labors" and this is well; however, how can we teach you higher levels on which to learn to work and enjoy if you insist on working with brawn instead of brain, with finite instead of infinite, with temporary instead of eternal?


We will work further on this, Gerdean. Good night.
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April 30, 1993 (Partial transcript)


TOMAS: You are admonished to remain in a state of grace. It is possible to take care of your temporal affairs in/through/with grace. It is not necessary to set grace aside and attack your temporal affairs with vigor. Rather it is for you to maintain your poise and proceed to allow these things to unfold. You burn out quickly otherwise and are no good to anyone, least of all yourself.


You are not alone in your task. Although you are alone in some respects in Albuquerque there are, as you might suspect, a host of secondary midwayers availing themselves to the efforts of Christ Michael and his team in uplifting and congealing spirit realities and you are a part of their resources.


You are, of course, not the only worker in Albuquerque. There are many individuals who are working in accordance with the will of your Father, consciously and unconsciously acting on His behalf and for Correcting Time, although they are not aware of it by that name. It is all toward the same end and goal and they are beloved and they are enabled also by the midwayers.


You are not to feel weak because you call upon spirit energy and power and acknowledgement from the spirit realms. You are entitled and encouraged to become more and more aware of your identity as a citizen of the universe, the cosmic family, a participant in the Correcting Time Mission. If you are inclined to become egoistic or prideful, you will be reminded in Correcting Time discourse. Do not fear your spiritual ego, as your spiritual identity is established as Our Father's daughter, and so long as you are in service to Him and to Christ Michael, you have no need to fear your own motives and intentions, as you are working with us, and we are your friends in truth and under the banner of Michael.


Daily, my child, you must take time to speak with the Father. Daily, you must re-anchor yourself in His spirit reality, in His energy systems. It will immeasurably benefit your life and, therefore, the lives of those you encounter. You learned well your anagram for REST, ("Relax, Enjoy, Savor, and Trust") which is in some regards serenity, and you are encouraged to practice that regularly to alleviate becoming overtaxed and over industrious. You need to maintain your state of grace in Christ. Practice, as you have practiced transmitting/receiving, and observe it become a reality in your life. And watch it improve the quality of your life, as well.


Other than the aforementioned, I have no instruction for you today except to wake sufficiently early as to enjoy a fellowship with spirit entities and reality on the morrow. Farewell.
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May 7, 1993 (partial transcript)


TOMAS: Good evening. Tomas here. I see that you are well, that you are making progress and that there is room for more growth. You are welcome to join us supernal personalities any time you feel the need, any time the occasion arises. You are becoming stronger in your acceptance of our relationship. As you read the transcripts and assured yourself of its truth you have become comfortable with that assurance and are beginning to accept and assume responsibilities we have gleaned for you.


I see that you are becoming adept at reading into our conversations and your pace has considerably slowed and although you are not always consciously active in ministry of Michael, your electrochemical system is better balanced. This will have positive effects on your functioning. Your comfort with your place in Correcting Time is refreshing and commendable as you are accepting your responsibilities and are not feeling debilitated by isolation.


TRIESTE: You are able now to largely see where you have erred. You are still not aware of when the actual lapse occurs but you are able to at least see quickly. You have yet to learn how to get yourself out of jams that you get yourself into, as you have some insipid belief that you must pay for your decisions. You are entitled to change your mind! In fact, you are encouraged to change your mind if indeed you find yourself heading down the wrong way on a one way street. There is no shame or failure in correcting your own error. You, in fact, would do well to repair your own error, as this will augment your own sense of ability and competence and interaction with spirit reality and supernal personality guidance.


TOMAS: Yes, you perceive the pull and presence of many personalities here this evening. These personalities are constantly coming and going and checking in and indeed some are learning as they observe our interaction and it is to everyone’s benefit that you maintain your practice of T/Ring as it keeps the lines of communication open and affords others the opportunity to observe and anticipate their own active role in future.


One evening when you are at rest and at leisure and feeling adventurous, you might want to allow some other personalities to enter and speak and you will be impressed with the array of personalities forthcoming. You are free this weekend, indeed, to creatively approach a number of issues and activities and we will prompt you as necessary and otherwise monitor your daily activity.


We wish you well. We wish you joy. Go in grace. Farewell.
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May 9, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. It is Tomas, and I greet you on behalf of the heavenly hosts who observe your discourse and your prayer and your worship and your communion on this Mother's Day, with the Universal Mother Spirit and in her creative capacity.


GUEST: Yes, my daughter, I am an adjunct of Our Mother as other entities with whom you speak are also adjuncts of Our Mother and I am pleased that you honor My aspects on this your day to commemorate motherhood, as it is always and ever true we in the celestial realms regard you as our offspring and as a loving parent would do, we dedicate our efforts to uplifting you into awareness of Our supernal care, that in turn you might carry the torch of life to children who languish and linger in spiritual poverty.


You have inherited from your ancestor Eve a tendency, Gerdean, to think after your own designs and disallow us who know better to guide you in our time and in our fashion. You would deign to put words in My mouth, which I cannot allow as I am your Mother and I know more than you. This, sweet child, however, is not to say that We disallow your thoughts, your responses, your ideas, your inspirations, your offerings. No! We cherish your efforts spiritually as an earthly parent treasures and remembers his own toddler's first steps, first words, first accomplishments.


I am..... (have faith, child, have faith)... looking forward to the accomplishment of your manuscript in the public domain. I am flattered that you honor me in your novel as you say "Our Mother." Our Mother, indeed, will send us forth. You may always stop to feel Her smile and feel the warmth of Her soul-feeling for you, Her child, Her creation.


You are growing up, Gerdean, into a spiritual young woman. You have many wondrous adventures before you in this life and in many lives to come in the path Our Father has set out for you as you turn to Him in Paradise and beyond.


TOMAS: This is Tomas. I recall indicating that you would be impressed with our occasional, various visitors and I trust you have not been disappointed. For myself and for other entities that have tuned in to your immediate arena, we are certainly honored and inspired by Her strength and Her assurances. In view of that and with Trieste smiling on, we will release you for this evening and anticipate a glorious day tomorrow as you continue to walk with Michael and spread your joy at knowing Him among your fellows. All is well. Rest.
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May 11, 1993 (During natal mother's visit)


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas. We are with you. Now you find yourself secure in the love of both your families – human and divine.


You might want to thank your mother for having loved you so as a wee babe. The love you were bestowed as a small child has given you a frame of reference for this friendly universe. This is an advantage you have – to have been so well loved in your formative years. Thank her and tell her a Supernal told you to.


Do not set aside your spiritual life because of your houseguests. Include them in your prayers. Include them in your path with Michael.
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June 2, 1993


TOMAS: I see you did not expect me to come visit and yet here I am. I knocked and you answered and I am pleased to visit with you as I have some things to say to you whether you seek me or not. We are friends now, are we not? I am at liberty to approach you, as we are friends and I am assured that you appreciate my greeting you as you appreciate needing me.


Your reflections on marriage today have been largely subliminal and yet your effects are manifesting already and I see you have finally gotten together a satisfactory response to your brother and sister, Jarad and Rebecca in Nashville, regarding their upcoming nuptials. You also might share some of these feelings and revelations with your friends Jeremiah and Nolus as their marriage is also upcoming and between those two couples' decision to wed, you have been to the cleaners emotionally in accepting their liaisons.


This union between men and women, specifically between a man and a woman, in actual devotion to one another is something you are not familiar with. Also, your background has not provided you with an ideal to set as an example. I daresay you have not allowed yourself the opportunity to engage in speculation as to what an ideal pair marriage might actually represent, much less what fruits it might produce.


I am called away. I will talk to you tomorrow. Good night.
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June 3, 1993


VISITOR: Good evening. No, this is not Tomas. I am another Teacher of Correcting Time and I have not previously made your acquaintance. I am not assigned to any specific area as of yet. I, however, will be assigned to a teacher base and I was given this opportunity by Tomas who felt you were amenable. You are trying to discern my identity and, yes, I have not given you my name. Would you like to attempt to identify me? I will focus if you will focus similarly.


Gerdean: Mathias.


VISITOR: No, it is not Mathias, but it is close. It matters not.


Gerdean: Yes! I am challenged! What is it?


VISITOR: I will continue to impress upon you that factual information in exercise of your receptivity of information we would convey to you were you accustomed to reaching into data realms.


Gerdean: Mosh-- Moses. Moses? Moses. No. Mosier. No. You make me guess!


VISITOR: No. I am conveying information to you if you were but to hear me.


Gerdean: Mattlas. Mathias.


VISITOR: Your name, Gerdean, is not so easy either! Feel for the circuit. (long pause) Identified.


Gerdean: Messias. Messiah. Messaya. Messias. Messiah. Mecia.


VISITOR: Feel. (another long pause) I am Messias. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. From here there will be new developments. Farewell.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. I was not intending to astonish you, Gerdean. However, you rose to the occasion. Ponder this. And rest.
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June 6, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your teacher, and I will not play games although I do not feel your conversation with Messias was a dirty trick. I felt you were amenable and open to such an occurrence, as indeed you were, and I henceforth will try to maintain our established method of communication wherein I first enter your circuitry and from there introduce you to other personalities who may wish to utilize the channel.


You were keen in perceiving his identity and in following up by reading Messenger Hosts of Space which, indeed, Messias is, and also is in mind to perform teaching assignments as part of our Correcting Time Mission. He is, in fact, a Technical Advisor, similar to Van El and Aflana and it is in keeping that he should introduce himself to you as he has often visited with new groups and/or new transmitter/receivers to test the circuitry. He upstepped your pattern slightly to enable you to more readily identify facts and information which is above and beyond our largely emotional and spiritual feeling-type realms of functioning. The extra-added bonus of being able to receive more factual-type information should generate more ability for you to perceive such events as various goings-on in our realm on this side. We encourage you to keep your system as clear and clean as is possible at this point in your refinement and we will prompt you when and as we feel we could convey to you some noteworthy tidbit worthy of your pondering and sharing with your peers in the Mission.


We are at a point in our communications, Gerdean, where I feel I can offer you a lesson and I would opt to address first the subject of trust as trust is a matter, which is frequently lacking in all mortal experience. I perceive that not one individual has managed to get by without some betrayal of trust of his or her fundamental needs and trust is a matter of vital importance in your spiritual growth and in your social arena, particularly as it affects your relationships with fellow believers in Correcting Time and fellow apostles.


It, trust, is the one quality Christ Michael had implicitly in His Father when He walked on Urantia. He trusted Our Father for all He was and became. He always set aside time to feel the assurances of His Father's love and never did He doubt that His Father was there for Him. This fundamental feeling of trust is so important, so vital in your developing spiritual natures, that enough emphasis cannot be placed on that quality. Were it not for your trust in Our Father, for your trust in midwayer Jack, trust in our relationship, you would not have become Gerdean as you know her today and see her growing and developing into a morontial personality. This growth results from trust. It is so in all relationships and in all processes based on fundamental reality, spiritual reality. Trust.


Trust as a child in the Universal Parent that all your needs are met, that you are cherished, that you are nurtured and you are being brought up to become as steadfast and firm as Michael when he lived on your world as a mortal man. Trust Michael. Trust that Michael will always provide you with what you need to carry out His will for you.


Trust that your relationship with your Father, Our Father, our Father/Brother Christ Michael, your relationships with the Supernals, your relationships with all the heavenly helpers, with your guardian seraphim, with your fellow human beings who also trust this development of Correcting Time, who trust the Teachers, who trust the truths emanating from the vocal chords of mere mortals. Trust the entire living organism of evolving Supreme.


Trust life. Trust love. All this is from the Father. All this has been created for our trusting participation. All this, if we but trust.
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June 8, 1993


TOMAS:  Greetings. I am Tomas, your companion and guide in your steps in your place in Correcting Time.


We are ministering to you today, Gerdean, as you have been assaulted with demands not of the Father and they are offensive to you and they have disturbed your poise and sense of well-being. You have not walked today in grace; however, you have sought guidance from your trusted mortal associates and have been given their mortal input as to how one must humble oneself before these powers over which you seemingly have no control.


There is error here and Correcting Time is earnestly aspiring to make the changes necessary for the children of this civilization to reap the benefits of forward-thinking leaders and it is apparent that there is a long way to go before this situation is corrected; however, you are, as in all things, admonished to trust the Father, to trust the process of Correcting Time, to trust the path that you see unfold before you.


If you see not an opening path, it would do you ill to shake your head and beat your chest in aggravation when His path is open and harmless. There is no character growth in the situation as we perceive it. Not for you nor for those citizens who trust in their assigned leaders to represent their civilization and their interests as a whole. The ethics and mores of a forward-thinking, God-imbued society is bent on maintaining stability and abundance for those who work to support the good of the system, and those who abuse their public trust are being removed and or corrected.

Your Father/Brother Christ Michael is with you when you interface with these people and, although some data information can be conveyed by way of letter or telephonic communication, it is preferred that you present yourself in person to those individuals with whom you have dealings. In this way you are brought face to face with their God-fragment, with their sense of justice and mercy for all parties.


The humility aspects are not unknown to you, as you have elected to serve the Master, to serve and foster truth, beauty and goodness. No amount of coercion or manipulation or rationalization can warrant social abuse and misuse of power. Only by direct intercourse with other personalities is this evolving Supreme taking place. It is not taking place through cold and impersonal and mechanical methods.


The way to truth and clarity is through the heart and the heart of these individuals you deal with must be impressed with your loving Creator's will for them in their daily paths. If they are not conversant with Our Father's methods and desires for His children, it is incumbent upon you to call this faithfully to their attention, in love, for their own affirming reality appreciation and awareness.


It is not necessarily a situation regarding "fairness" if they think that, as fairness is a term used in compromise situations to negate reality and to perpetuate mediocrity and to evade, avoid their integrity as a living son or daughter of living loving reality, and underneath the role they play, underneath the fears they manifest, the defense mechanisms they portray, is a fragment of our loving Father who has all love, all compassion, all concern for his children down to the number of hairs on their head, and each individual is not a statistic but a fellow mortal and a brother or sister in and of Christ.


You who deal with these individuals are called upon indeed to develop your strength of character as you are ill effective if you resort and revert to common tactics of anger or resentment. It is an act of faith which your Father has presented to you for your faithful application. Here are arenas to be tapped and the path of Michael has called you to interface and implant the living reality of brotherly love on your world.


We are involved in Correcting Time and were we, you, to merely turn your back on difficult situations and bask in the comfort of your intimate spiritual circle of friends, you would not make your impact known directly to those who next wait in line for enlightenment and edification and your strength is from Christ Michael. You are His agent. You are an ambassador of His Kingdom. Do not falter nor shake, but proceed in grace and confidence of His overcare and follow through with your work in the field.


We go with you. You are not sent forth without reinforcements, without aid, without succor. We are united as a joyously singing marching band to victoriously prevail.

The humility in this victory is that it has been accomplished by, with, through and for Our Father, Our Creator, Our loving King.
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June 11, 1993


TOMAS:  Greetings, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your guide and your friend, and I come to you this evening to make note of the dangers of too rapid growth. It is incumbent upon you to maintain your balance, your integrated personality, and you are making tremendous inroads into new psychic possibilities of reality and we would caution you to take your time in these new meadows.
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June 13, 1993


TOMAS:  You are correct as you are today. You were up-stepped and many things flooded into your brain. I cautioned you recently on the dangers of too rapid growth and I am pleased to see your recognition of the need to slow down, to stop, to reflect, to savor and to wait upon the Lord in all things.


MICHAEL:  I am Christ Michael and I am here with you at your beseeching My peace, My poise, My presence. I understand your fears. I comprehend your concerns regarding trust, as trust is perhaps the most intimate one can get with one's self, with one's identity, with one's sense of reality and it is understood why some are reluctant to trust themselves as they have erred and sinned and erred again, and yet were it not for trust, one would never take a risk, one could never act in faith, one would never have undying hope. Trust is an inherent essence of your existence.


Can you trust that you are alive? Can you trust that your existence is real at all? Can you perceive your own reality? Is this all, including your own perceptions of life, an illusion, a fantasy, a dream? Even though we have walked together, how quickly the vision fades when you are in prolonged isolation. You are in need of reinforcement of your reality and in this need you must perforce decide that trust is something which must be acted upon, must be realized.


You have been admonished to trust our Father, to trust Me, to trust the Teachers and the Supernal helpers and to trust your fellows in Correcting Time as we are the highest manifestation of living reality seen to date on your planet, my planet also. It is your decision, Gerdean, and you can continue to confuse yourself and provide yourself with a vacuum or you may proceed in faith to trust, which requires more of you than faith which is from the Father. Trust is an act of will on your part and you would do well to follow the guidance of your Teacher Tomas and trust.


Do you think it has been easy establishing Correcting Time on this world? No, as you witness your fellows you can testify that it is not easy, has not been easy. The difficulty has not been with us, but your acceptance of us, and your place with us in Father's divine creation plan.

(Tape turned over and a lot missed. A full "lesson" on how we have been "entrusted"... we are entrusted with carrying His living light into the world to actualize His gospel.)


I appreciate your appreciation of my words to you in our blessed companionship, my daughter. I am with you and I return you now to Tomas.


TOMAS:  I am Tomas and you must not be disturbed that you did not record every word of the Master, although I do say they were some poignant words. I trust that you will recall what you are entrusted with, Gerdean, in spite of your lapse as a recorder. Michael has spoken and given you better guidance this evening in that you asked Him and He answered. I am honored to work for Christ Michael as you are, and I also gain from His words and his attitudes and I enjoy the atmosphere of grace, which pervades His presence.
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June 15, 1993


TOMAS:  Good evening, Gerdean, I am Tomas your teacher, and Trieste is with me as well. You may be assured we are working in conjunction with you and anticipate greater realms, expanded areas, arenas of operation in your area soon. You have withstood your supposed isolation, and you have grown under our guidance, and the time is coming soon for you to serve in a broader fashion, and it is noted that you have wisely emptied yourself of all preconceived thoughts, ideas and anticipations of our words, as that frees us to utilize you more completely.


I recognize that you feel that you are not being utilized at all and obviously you are not correct. Your limited audience of pupils for the Teachers is not your fault, not your doing. We like to think we know what we are doing and we anticipate accelerated social growth in Albuquerque's Urantia meetings. Some of these will eagerly grasp Correcting Time. Others will be content to read, study and attempt to apply its principles in their lives and their decision, as you already know, is sacrosanct, and you are not to coerce or overly infer that they are missing something, as all mortals are keenly aware of how much more they might be were they to make those decisions, and focus on more faith. You are not to denigrate their level of operation and understanding of their Father's will for them. Our Father knows what He is doing, assuredly.


Opinions on our communication are few and far between, as minds who are not eager to participate in the Mission, have not paused to garner what benefits might be available to them personally. As you know, some are fearful and we can work with them only to the extent that they are willing to work with us. It is not your concern.
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June 20, 1993


TOMAS:  I am back and I respond to your inquiry as to who that is in the interim who adjusts your neck and spine and other aspects and I say it is an adjunct of your mother spirit ministering to you in the form of Life Carriers primarily. Your system is frequently crooked, out of shape, bent, and needing alteration. It is they who apply themselves to your physical person, rather, to your electrochemical person, to uplift your energies which allows your body to fall into alignment and when you are thus aligned, our communication is easier and faster. Does that answer?
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June 22, 1993


TOMAS: We admonish you children on this circuit to be courageous and grasp life as it unfolds, not to hold onto, but to experience, appreciate and assess how you receive this unfoldingment in terms of living love. You are emotionally pressed upon. You are all feeling new levels of commitment to your peers, your fellow sojourners, and since you are creatures of the realm, your involvement’s with your fellow sojourners have emotional ramifications and we would stress your right to feel the gamut of emotions available, but to focus first on your own feelings as those are yours and trustworthy, as they most accurately reflect what you can say or do about any emotional situation.


Human associations take time, but once you have an idea of who you are, and with whom you are dealing, you may save time and energy by not wondering or second guessing a life situation, but rather you may go directly to your fellow human being and directly to your Father for direct responses to your concerns.


You will feel better, Gerdean, when you have more experience transmitting/receiving with other personalities in the flesh present to experience this with you. Although we are having a pleasant one-on-one segment of time, you will benefit when we become more socialized. Have patience, have hope, and have living faith. And yes, for now, have a good night's rest. Tomorrow should be more light-hearted. Rest well.
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June 24, 1993


TRIESTE: You have come a long way, Gerdean, since we first began our communications. We are now reaching areas of operation and service that are designated healthy and whole and your adventure career will now entail more joyous interaction with other healthy spirit-hungry souls. Enjoy my child.
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June 25, 1993


TOMAS: Is it not, Gerdean, a wonder that you, a mortal, can sit in your home with Christ Michael at your side and converse with Him in the spirit and in truth, and fellowship with the Creator of a Universe? It is little wonder that you feel compelled to help, to serve, to do, and yet we ask you simply to Be.


And how is that to transpire? To Be? You have asked Christ Michael how to walk in joy when you see and experience such sadness. Much of this answer is bound up in fellowship with other believers wherein your joys and happiness in knowing these spiritual realities can be reaffirmed and reinforced.


It is said you cannot know true joy alone and this is one of the reasons for the socialization process which we have been networking on, and which we find so vitally important as, as your joy is made manifest, you are made to be a light and in your joy you will be sought.


It is true that the condition (of mankind) is sad. And yet when you reflect your sadness back to them, you make them feel worse. They are already sad and lost. You must give them hope. You must carry the burdens so lightly, so joyfully, that they are no longer burdens.
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June 27, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas, your teacher. I will state for you that this is June 27, 1993, Sunday, from the stillness.


Having gone to great lengths to prepare you for your destiny, we are embarking consciously with your cooperation, willingness and appropriate humility with Christ Michael's continued plan for you in bridging the gap between this world and the next. There are many others engaged in this gridwork and we welcome you to participate and encourage you to continue to foster its reality.


We observe with interest that you have made the total transference to the Correcting Time Mission and now we deal with your new foundation and how you henceforth relate to and deal with those persons in your realm who are not of a mind to be subjected to your incessant chatter about this Mission. Obviously it is of fundamental importance to us and will be to them one day, however you must learn how to cleverly convey your truths and awareness into language, once again, that is inoffensive and unalienating to those who would fear such supposed phenomenon as "channeling."


You are embarked on an adventure which will largely set you aside, if not above, your fellow mortals. We are not, at this point, concerned or worried that your ego will damage your growth or that you will begin manifesting Caligastian-type attitudes; however, your association with fellow apostles is uppermost in your life, and those who are not engaged in this process are going to be rather tedious to you, unless you find some way in which to relate to them, which does not reveal your superior stance and advanced commitment level.


It is therefore incumbent upon you to find a human level of interrelating that is non-threatening and, yes, you will learn in this process how to prevail with men and, of course, with women. And as you know from your study of your text, you will be more effective when you can enjoin the support of your fellows.


Leadership is a delicate balance between teaching and learning and yet you have the example of your Master, Christ Michael, who was indeed a master at teaching by asking for help. In this way we propose to rid you of any danger of inappropriate attitudes of superiority since you will be supplicating assistance from your fellowman and fellow-woman in order to propel these truths forward.


Your truths are not dogma. Your truths are pearls of wisdom which will emanate from the person of Christ Michael through you. He is as you know at your side and He is willing and able to teach through you if you but allow him to utilize you as you have allowed the Teachers to utilize you.


This process is not going to be simple, as your arenas, as you know, are oftentimes caught up in energy patterns over which you have no control. I want to reiterate however that those are not the energy patterns you will be utilizing. You have turned your life completely over to the care and keeping of Christ Michael and He will use you as a vehicle to manifest His tender-hearted loving-kindness to those who hunger for His saving grace.


You are encouraged too, at the same time, remain a mortal in all regards as mortality and human emotions are areas you already have in common with your fellow mortals. You have learned how to recognize and identify and deal with the gamut of human emotions. You have been exposed to various behavior patterns which give off signals of internal confusion or other human emotional content.


You have eyes to see, a desire to serve and you have Christ Michael at your side as I, Tomas, have been at your side these many months and as Trieste has also been at your side. We now include consciously an active participation by Christ Michael. He offers to you His mind, His method of thinking, of perceiving, of pursuing happiness and joy and a sense of knowing His love to all His children and you, Gerdean, are one of the vehicles we have fostered in order to accomplish this purpose.


Ever bear in mind you have made the decision to do His will in all things and we are not asking of you anything which you have not asked for, for yourself. We are in conjoint harmony in this regard. You are learning to wait upon Him in all things and that is a key to how you will enable Christ Michael to effect those growth changes to plant His seeds. HIS seeds. You must become selfless, Gerdean, entirely selfless In order for Christ Michael to operate through you.


We, the supernal teachers, are with you for continued guidance and learning. And Trieste is your mortal associate in the spirit. Forget not our purpose and your purpose also. Do not become disassociated. You are animal origin. You have a human life and human needs, and these are not overlooked. As you know. Ponder these words, as this is a momentous lesson today. Rest.
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June 29, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean, this is Tomas. I know you have no preconceived notions of what we will discuss this evening and it is a matter of your trust in this process. Think not that because it is summer we have all gone on picnic. We are active. As you are active. When you pause to reflect how quickly changes have been effected in the last month, in the last six months, in the last year of your time span, you see that we are not idle. That we are being effective in the Correcting Time. When you feel that nothing much is going on, look to your own life and see how many changes you have gone through in the past two years and multiply that by all your fellows who are also engaged in this actualizing process.


Yes, there are some who have dropped out, at least temporarily, who have found the, assignment too difficult, who have allowed their fears and their connection with materialism to interfere with their further involvement, and yet for each of those who opted not to come forward, there are ten more who are active by the nature of this Mission. Correcting Time is connecting time, and we are connecting, encircuiting, as many sources of power and energy as are willing to tap in.


A great many New Age type personalities are being drawn in as well, for as you know, readers of the Urantia Book are not the only individuals who feel corrections are in order and a spiritual flowering has been long overdue in your world. To the extent that you are making preparation for your upcoming sojourn to visit other peers of this movement, they too are being impacted and affected similarly and your union with your fellows will be high powered, super-charged, and fraught with love and human kindness. It is another plateau, another milepost.


Remember to live today. Today is the day for you to do His will. Not next week, next month, next year, but today. Remain alert to the promptings, and radiate your loving kindness in your dealings with your fellows. Your plate is full. Drink deep and rest.
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July 3, 1993


TOMAS: Yes, daughter, this is Tomas, and I understand you have a desire to speak with Ham. Ham has availed himself. As you have felt his presence, and as he has got you by the seat of your pants, I will step aside for his words to you.


HAM: Gerdean, able pupil, I have observed these many days your absorption in the Woods Cross transcripts and have felt your identification with the evolution, spiritual evolution, of your peers in Utah. By the same token, your own growth has accelerated, paralleling their individual
growths also.


You are a diligent and effective communicator in your own right, as Transmitter/Receiver here in Albuquerque with your Teacher Tomas and your personal teacher Trieste and we have recorded and noted your several other visitations and look with interest on your path as you have chosen to do the Father's will in all your affairs and your affairs promise diversity and progressive growth for all encountering.


Yes, we have not enjoyed much time together; however, as you know, I avail myself when I am called upon, provided I am not preoccupied elsewhere; however, today we were observing your emotional fulfillment as you concluded reading the transcripts and I perceive that your appreciation for my lesson plan under Machiventa through Christ Michael impacted you sufficiently to also express your appreciation along with your brothers and sisters who sat with me for that period of time. You may feel assured that you are receiving the same guidance and supernal affection through your devoted Teacher Tomas as is being manifested by the Teacher Corp throughout your world.


We are united in our efforts to foster and further Correcting Time and Christ Michael's plan for His children on this sin scarred planet. I will, however, withhold my lesson plan and return you to the care and able guidance of Tomas. I appreciate your calling on me to express your thanks, your heartfelt thanks and appreciation and it is ever so: we are working together towards the same goals and ends, Gerdean. I look forward to your upcoming visitation into the Utah arena and I hope to have occasion to speak there with and to you once again.




TOMAS: Yes, Gerdean, we had a visitation by the estimable Teacher Ham who has uttered kind words of assurance and encouragement to us here at this base of operation. I am honored that you opted to speak with Ham and thank him for his lessons as it connotes to me that you are learning and manifesting fragrance, and although I do not take full responsibility for your growth, it warms my heart to perceive you so dutiful and gracious.


I will speak with you anon. Have a pleasant evening. Farewell.
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July 4, 1993 – with Jess and Krisite from Los Osos, CA, in attendance


TOMAS: Greetings. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I welcome you to this arena of fraternal joy and operation and acknowledge the presence also of your other teachers and celestial helpers.


Correcting Time has afforded us the opportunity to also engage in Connecting Time with other fellows and this socialization process is living proof of the living love meant to be experienced, on Urantia by our Father/Brother, Christ Michael. You are indeed fortunate to know how meaningful His love is in your daily doings as witnessed by your inner associations with other followers and believers.


Honored guests, you have graced this isolated sphere by your joyous presence and it is with deep satisfaction that we perceive your journey into other teacher groups as you encourage and foster this living family of sons and daughters of the living truth, Michael. These teachings which are prepared and administered, where possible, are for the betterment of all Michael's children, and it is grounded and fostered by those of you who recognize its saving truth, and your contagious enthusiasm will radiate from your First Source and Center, as ripples into the lives of those you encounter. Assuredly, your path is blessed as you are accompanied by Hilson and other teachers and personalities who have interest in your doings, as they are then able to act upon your acts.

This is also an opportunity for my pupil, Gerdean, to manifest her living faith in this process and your support is appreciated in this regard.


It is an energetic day in the spiritual circuits of this arena and much of the activation experienced here today is resultant from your presence in Albuquerque and we greet you.


Jess: Thank you for your very kind words, Tomas, through our sister, Gerdean.


TOMAS: Your sister, Gerdean, would appreciate a word, a socialization if you will, from your Teacher if you were so inclined. Otherwise, we are pleased to enjoy your presence and know that your path is fruitful.


Jess: Tomas, may I ask you, do you think Gerdean is comfortable to ask you a question?


TOMAS: Yes, we are pleased to receive questions.


Jess: I've been working on a project, Tomas, that involves detailed and expanded understanding of how better to attune to the Father's presence, and I have come across the Father's plan of perfection attainment for every mortal to participate in, in which all of us students of the Urantia Book and all of us in the Correcting Mission are committed to, whether we consciously know that we participate in that plan or not, and also I've been focusing on the concept of the evolution of God the Supreme. Can you add anything to my understanding as to the relationship between the plan of perfection attainment for mortals to the evolution in God the Supreme evolving reality?


TOMAS: You have an ambitious undertaking, worthy in its entirety, as it prompts thought and further reality experience of its participants. I clarify however, that those who are consciously involved in Correcting Time have consciously made those decisions. There are many who have heard, and many who have not heard, and they are not as contributory as those who have actually made commitments, as they who have not made commitments are swept along in the energy, but those who are committed are helping to direct the energy necessary to affect the growth of the Evolving Supreme.


There is growth, of course, as it will come about by the nature of its own evolution. Our goal is to so affect the Evolving Supreme as to infuse it with conscious, willing participation and accelerate its progress. The more conscious and aware individuals are of their active involvement in the Evolving Supreme, the more accelerated is the growth and the subsequent effectiveness of the evolving Supreme, as its sweeping process is, becomes, irresistible. Does that help?


Jess: Yes, it does. And I have a follow-up question. Is the Father's perfection, in the plan of perfection for mortals, experiential and the process whereby mortals participate in the Evolving Supreme, are they one in the same? Are they the same project or are they different and how are they different?


TOMAS: Elucidate, please. Again.


Jess: As I understand we are in the age of growth in this teaching mission, the larger context is all occurring within the age of the Supreme, and that this age is characterized by experiential evolvement on our paths to reach the Father and that the experiential evolvement of the Supreme is tied in with mortal participation in this work.




Jess: Also I understand that the Father, through thought created the perfection plan of attainment, and that this plan is whereby the Father has established a procedure for mortals to reach perfection, that is the, in almost from our perspective in this procession experience to reach perfection. To me these almost seem like the same plan. Are they different and if so, how so?


TOMAS: There is a difference and yet they parallel. The ascension plan is unique for each individual and depending upon the decisions of the individual will their perfection hunger grow and become more relatively perfect with each succeeding level of growth. In this way the Supreme also grows. However, the Supreme is comprised in part by the sum of its parts, and whereas one individual may attain a level of perfection, relative perfection, unto that moment, that day, the growth of the Evolving Supreme is not on a parallel necessarily with that individual attainment level. It is therefore incumbent upon those who have actively grasped the desire to attain perfection to work consciously toward the development of the Evolving Supreme as something outside himself, and, rather, belong to Itself, which is comprised of all mortals. Have I confused you?

Jess: No. You clarified my question. Let me reiterate what I just heard so I'm sure I understood correctly. In the plan of perfection attainment, the Evolving Supreme is parallel in a way and yet is independent, in a way, of the individual. It is dependent upon the individual.


TOMAS: It is a primary reason for the need to serve. The Evolving Supreme is the spiritual playground which is in process of perfecting after the fact, almost, of the perfection of the individual, yes. It is resultant. It is the recipient of your service in your arena.


Jess:  Yes.

TOMAS: We and I have sincerely enjoyed this repast.

Jess:  Hilson would like to share.


HILSON: Greetings. It is a great pleasure to be here with you. I have a message for Gerdean that we appreciate her diligence, that although she is in relative isolation, she touches many hearts.


Gerdean: Thank you, Hilson.

TOMAS: Shall we then commence? Farewell.
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July 4, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings, children. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I will first comment on your immediate environment as reminiscent of a war zone and yet you hear the chirping of the cricket and this is the same way as the spirit lives steadily and clearly in the face of violent tumultuous uprisings. Having noted that you are in both a very noisy environment and yet a very spiritual environment, we will proceed.


You have indeed had a bountiful day and we are pleased to advise you that it was considerably more active in our realm than you are aware of from what you can see with your limited vision. There are circuits enlivened globally today. Many of these advancements in open circuitry occur, secondary to mortal choices, and whereas you have not necessarily made any significant decisions today, many have.


Many are pondering independence, as this is your Independence Day, and many people in their souls have given thought to how dependent, in fact, they are on substances unspiritual. This is cause for distress, and in distress people automatically call on Our Father for help, and as these cries for help arise, we are actively engaged in activating their accessibility to spirit reality. Hence, your arena has been enlivened this day not because it is a celebration of independence, but because it is a cry for independence, and were they but to take that one step further and accept complete and total dependence on our Creator for all their needs, and all their happiness, they would indeed have cause to celebrate.


We on the spirit realm are pleased with those of you who recognize that all life's value and meaning come from higher sources than your civilization provides. Your civilization which celebrates its birthday, is indeed a fledgling civilization, young and raucous as an exuberant and willful child. We do not decry its method of attention-getting, as this is, if not normal, at least expected under the circumstances on your planet. Were you to have been reared on a planet untroubled by the defaults and setbacks as has been your history on Urantia, you would celebrate a day like today with merriment and feasting, however, your souls would be fed and fostered by joy and by gratitude for your life eternal.


Even so, my children, we have enjoyed our work this day and you have brought joy to our spiritual hearts by your recognition and acknowledgement of our presence and our process of communication and socialization of the living love of Christ Michael.


I have noticed, Gerdean, and make verbal reference to your increased sensitivity to action, pending action, in your immediate arena and your sensitivity to certain vibrational promptings. Would that you were perhaps more sensitive to some of your peers who clamor to you to obstruct, seemingly obstruct, your work. Those individuals come to you not to aggravate you, although their attitudes are seemingly antagonistic and resistant, but because you are manifesting the enlivenment, which comes from your association with spirit reality. You are not necessarily what they are drawn to see or hear.


As you know from your text, religionists act. They are active personalities and you have availed yourself to certain personalities, and they (mortal peers) will attach themselves to you, as they perceive you allow their presence, and although they irritate you sometimes, and you find you must bite your tongue, and pray for their grasp of higher truths, their commitment to spirit reality, and their opening their hearts to joy, and love, and fellowship, that is contagious in its nature, forbear, Gerdean.


Review your lesson from Teacher Ham on forbearance, for you can do little in the face of their partial growth. I have admonished you to not get hung up on partial growth, particularly the partial growth of others, and I reiterate that you are not to stop your development nor your appreciation for your spiritual experience; however, it is equally important that those individual's personalities be respected. You have little respect for those personalities and you must learn to forbear.


As you well know, you are not to spend your life in spiritual ease. As you well know there is work to be done in the field and working in the field involves getting your hands dirty, getting your knees to the ground, means also applying yourself to material matters with intent and purpose. You are a farmer, Gerdean, a worker in the field, and not on a spiritual pedestal, although you are beloved.


I am wont to greet F. and welcome him once again to this method of communication. I enjoy F. and I appreciate his attendance and his loving kindness.


Yes, there are many avenues of endeavor outlined for your partaking and yet we would admonish you children to savor the day, to enjoy this semi-civilized festivity in celebration of your nation's independence and honor your country to the extent that it has much vigor, much courage and much to learn.


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July 6, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas. I am your Teacher, your friend, your companion. I am sometimes a Reflector; I am sometimes a voice in your wilderness so that you know you are not alone.


You have pondered the social outworking of those involved in Correcting Time; you have seen us encourage the exchange of letters, contacts, and sharing of transcripts from your various Teachers regarding your spiritual growth and you see your community expand by the sharing of the inner life. The sharing of the inner life is sharing your concept of God with others who perceive God as their Father, Creator, also. This is not, however, an intellectual understanding of which I speak. I speak rather of the honest and enlivened personalities of God-consciousness, acting out their living, loving relationship with a caring, vital Creator and thus we develop a caring and vital community of other believers.


You had reflected earlier on the date of Machiventa's proposed materialization and the crowd of personalities who met in Naperville to attend his arrival. You have reflected that the value of that experience, rather than being remembered as a spiritual disappointment, was occasion for believers in Correcting Time to congregate, to socialize, to share and express their belief in what is transpiring. That event, which was so widely publicized, has its rippling effect ongoing even now in your own social arena, as it was evolved that humans need each other in the flesh and in the spirit. A large seed was planted on that day.
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July 12, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas and I have been observing you observing the process whereby we communicate. That is to say, your review of Jack's admonition of how the process works, and it is true we work in the brain, and so we need to have your system at peace and your ego identity set aside, and, as you know, your Thought Adjuster is, if not absent, at least moved over sufficiently to allow our entrance into your physical mechanism. So part of your feeling that you are too much involved, is because it is through your brain that we make contact, and since it is in your brain that we plant the words, the concepts, it is little wonder you are sometimes confused as to who is speaking, and, we are aware, because of the use of your brain, which is not totally reliable, that there is room for error. The error, however, Gerdean, is not something you need worry about, as it may connote a word reflective of a concept or of an attitude and generally the words will adapt to the concept; however, in your observation of the process, you are more inclined to edit our work prematurely. In fact, the least editing you do during the process, the better off we all are as the words and the messages, the concepts, are quicker.


Yes, I am pleased that you were anxious and willing to connect with your Teacher when you returned from your sabbatical [Nolus and Jeremiah's wedding in Eden, Utah]. It is important, we feel, that you maintain your trust in the process that we have developed and as I have said before, if and when you have doubt, refer to your earlier transcripts of Jack and draw the parallel. Our messages are basically the same; our affection is basically the same; and our purpose is basically the same. The only thing that has changed are your personally T/Ring rather than asking questions and your experiences as compared to the personal experiences that were developing, undergoing, at that time. However, in that regard, life changes daily and this also, ideally, indicates some growth.


As you know and as I will remind you, we are commissioned to perform this service, this function, and it is an important part of our Mission that we contact you, and when you opt to contact us or allow us to contact you, we are succeeding in our job and helping you to succeed in yours. You have professed a desire to do His will. You have professed to be willing to experience whatever is required to bring you to full alignment with His purpose for you and your purpose in Him.


I am reminded of Michael’s words to you not long ago, having to do with what you have been entrusted with, and it is clear that you have learned to trust even when you have no idea what you are being led into, or through, or what for, and although this may make you feel silly or foolish, or self-indulgent, we do not feel thus. We are pleased that you trust even our seemingly silly situations and you've taken seriously and you have thus far grown as a result of our dance.


Christ Michael also trusts you, Gerdean, to do His will in your daily life. You are indwelt by a fragment of His perfect Father, and your First Source and Center, your origin and your destiny, and that is something that Michael has always trusted. It is a learning process for you to trust that we trust you. We know that you are not perfect, that you are a mere mortal, that you hail from a sin-scarred planet, however, we are proceeding in faith in the Correcting Time Mission and you are to some extent used as we feel we can trust you to always return to the Source, to always have in at least the back of your mind or as your underlying reality, that essence of perfection which we identify with and aspire to. We will pursue how one goes out into your arena, this world, this stage of Michael's final performance in order to bring it forward into areas more befitting a theater for a Creator Son.


You may, in fact, approach this as a method actor. You may ponder your new role. We are not here for show business purposes but rather to portray and in your morning meditation we may begin to ascribe to you various roles which you are qualified to play.


TRIESTE: Is it not a miracle, Gerdean, how you can personally contribute to the development of Supreme reality? This is our Mission. This is Correcting Time. We are taking over. With your cooperation.


TOMAS: I have returned and on one hand you have stayed up beyond your mind set bedtime, and I recognize your internal anxiety that you are not going to get adequate sleep, that you will wake late, in a hurry, grumpy, and impatient to ignore we who eagerly await your presence at the breakfast table. However, Gerdean, if you are willing, you are recipient of boundless energy, and assuredly you will be provided times and spaces for sincere rest. We know how much you enjoy being busy, and all we are suggesting is that you busy yourself with us, rather than your own self-imposed burdens of busyness to fill your life with something to give it meaning.


We have time, daughter. Go now, in peace, and rest. Farewell.
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July 13, 1993


MICHAEL: Be still, daughter, and know that I love you. You are wise to recognize your shortcomings as you then perceive areas for growth, and whereas you have put your faith in our relationship and have worked through many difficult growth experiences already, in blind faith and in conscious trust, these things too shall come to pass. I am with you.


July 15, 1993


TOMAS: How is it that you have come to me seeking guidance for your personal matters when they are clearly set before you? Are you unprepared now for today's adventures and misadventures? I cannot keep you in another arena, as I and you have a base of operations here and this is where we must perforce perform our work.


I point out to you your many contacts with your peers here since your return from arenas North. And until such time as there is closure here, we will proceed in joy. Do you recall your joy in living, Gerdean, in your local base of operations and do you recall the state of grace you have learned to abide in?


In a situation of learning and growing, it is not wise to humble oneself to the extent that you do not rise to the level of dignity as a faith son. It is well to acknowledge your shortcomings and to recognize your imperfections, but it is also well to proceed in good standing, in good faith, in good spirits. It is not healthy for you to berate your lack of perfection. It is adequate to acknowledge and feelingly experience your relative perfection, which connotes also your relative imperfection, and get on with the business of doing His will and Her will in your life.


I have included the feminine gender identity ascribed to the Universe Mother Spirit, for her presence is required for healing, and you have acknowledged your need for that healing in your life and, although we are pleased to acknowledge, and include, her gracious spirit, we are not focusing overmuch on those areas designated diseased or sick or unhealthy, but are rather proceeding in faith and in trust that in further growth, and insight, and spiritual confidence of sonship, and supernal guidance, that the healing will transpire as a natural course. Much as a seedling germinates and grows, the strong carrying the weak and the vital supporting the flawed, those weak leaves and limbs will be sawn off, to allow the entire plant to proceed in its growth, and there is no cause to mourn the passing of dead branches or hollow limbs.


Forward, forward, daughter. Do not concern yourself overmuch with wounds that are even now in process of healing. Those of your realm would see you strong and reflecting your living faith in your God and ours, as that reinforces their cognition of their spirit reality and thus we grow together, upholding, enabling, enforcing, supporting, nurturing each other's growth.


Rest on this value lesson and return to us on the morrow for further communion and courage.
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July 15, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean, I am Tomas your Teacher. And yes, I perceive that you are reluctant in attitude today and several days, as if you had lost faith in your own perceptions. You will recall, my faithful pupil, that we earlier discussed when ones perceived reality is cast to the winds and that whereas that experience can, will and does happen, it is a mere molting of old perceived realities, allowing now new perceived realities. This is an aspect of ascension and you recall that you are not yet perfect nor are you evolved to the Morontial state, but rather you are a mortal in your realm with your own peculiar conditions to work with and within.


Every peeled layer you will discard has served a purpose and remembering that your entire experience is one of growth, is one of progressive teaching and learning, should allow for the relative unrealities of life. You must recall also that your experience of seeing from your mystic, cosmic eye, from the stillness, from your eyes spiritual cognizance and from there all things should ultimately appear unreal, except those things of eternal value, and those are not peeled away; those remain; those are your treasured growth realities that have become part of your make-up, your soul.


Growing closer to our Father means shedding material things, and intellectual things, and emotional things, even your ideal things. They are things, and not ultimate reality. Which is not to say, Gerdean, that your experiences lack reality or have no worth, for they are the framework wherein you experience your life. They are your arenas. And as in the theater, you can change your sets, change your costumes, even change your character, but the living act procession of life continues unabated and virtually unchanging. It is for this reason we do not focus overmuch on your perceptions of reality, as we know they are temporary. We aim to relate you to true reality, which is pure essence of spirit reality, Our Father.


Yes, the mortal mind busies itself with machinations, schemes and plans, hopes and dreams, and it is in that arena which you have created by your decisions, that your destiny is worked out. You are indeed a co-creator with God and we make use of your creations to augment, instill, enhance and remind you of your ultimate reality and your spirit identity.


Confusion results when you try to figure it out, when you try to determine everyone's reactions, when you try to glean everyone else’s growth, and we remind you to keep it simple, Gerdean, to focus on your own path.


This is not to say, however, that you should cease your interests in your fellows, spiritual and temporal, for they are a meaningful part of your arena, and the interaction, the human associations therein, constitute your society, wherein your beliefs are socialized and wherein you comfort and commune with other God-seeking personalities. Yes, be grateful for those in your life who also exalt the Father and spirit reality as it dwells in them in their life. That is something you may relate is real unto that moment, another reason to appreciate the now.
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July 20, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher.


Your world, in your immediate arena, today, is reverberating from the effects of your energies and your spiritual focus. I do not tell you this to pump up your ego or invite spiritual pride but to remind you that indeed our one-on-one days are fast approaching alteration and I would like to address some aspects of our more public ministry.


This process has been firmly established and you are confident of the ultimate truth of my communications and supernal guidance and you are comfortable with the relativity of transmitting/receiving from spirit realms. Many will you speak to in this capacity in time to come and each individual comes with his and/or her particular soul emanations of truth-seeking and one advantage of shared stillness is that you will begin to be able to perceive the yearnings and growth needs at that time. I say "you will begin to perceive" and that is not entirely true, nor is it necessarily the impression I wish to impress upon you. I am speaking of perceptions from your spiritual base, your core, your integrity, your carrying of my words. I will perceive. I will respond. And yet in that process you, to some extent, will feel and perceive and experience with me.


When an individual approaches me, you must remove yourself and your prejudices and your preconceived notions of what a spiritual mind would say, for whereas you have your own perceptions, and whereas your perceptions are sensitized by our close association, you are not still and yet in the position of determining the underlying needs of that individual. We trust you, however, Gerdean, that you will stay close to the Source in your essence and thereby reduce error.


If you do not make this into a habit, if you refuse to allow our processes to crystallize, if you allow the living spark of Our Father to conduct, control and consort with your peers, you will be entertained. You have already witnessed some of the inner workings of this process. You have already felt many kinds of energies and personalities and you are becoming sensitive to various promptings, which facilitates our teaching abilities.


Before we begin to commune with more individuals you are again encouraged to cleanse your system of nicotine and although I would not refuse to use this channel in its current condition, my work is sorely curtailed by her defilement. Perceive the difference.


I, too, continue to look forward to other personalities with whom to share this inner life. I, too, hunger for the companionship of other spirit-imbued entities. I await more and other human characteristics to unfold before me. I eagerly anticipate the challenges before us. And perhaps greatest of all, I relish the joy, which will emerge from our mutual communal communion and the worship and thanksgiving that results naturally from such stimuli as is generated in witnessing God seekers find. Farewell.
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July 27, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher, and I am once again pleased to have this opportunity to share in your development and in ours as we persevere in the process of Correcting Time.


One can hardly begin to create a paradise of faith sons without your assurance of spirit reality and confidence in your path and then your rightness of purpose benefits all concerned. We urge you to assume your connection with spirit reality in order to uphold your own self in times of doubt and fear and isolation. I am always in your corner, Gerdean, as are your other spirit companions and mentors.


You spend much energy beating yourself up, as they say, and this defeats all purposes. It serves no gain. It is fruitless. Better for you to accept your limitations, your imperfections, and forgive yourself for your human failings and proceed, as self-flagellation puts you on a lesser level than is beneficial and it results in spending overmuch time in self-conscious awareness of your own inadequacies.


We, Gerdean, are fully cognizant of who you are. As the Ancients of Days, we know from whence you come. You are not new to us, Gerdean. We have seen what life has dished out to you and we have seen what you have dished out to life and we are willing to work with the resource available without condemnation or undue judgment. You are not qualified, actually, to judge yourself harshly or favorably for that matter. Forget yourself, Gerdean.


Forget your lesser self and focus on Our Father and on your spiritual realities. Focus on avenues of service and communication and tolerance and forgiveness of others. Focus on what you can do and as we have said, just Be. If you allow yourself to just Be, warts and all, we can make better contact with you and we are assuredly not berating you in any manner. It would behoove you to think as well of yourself as we think of you. However, for now, we request that you allow your channel to remain open, as this in itself elevates your lower thinking levels and allows your spirit the chance to soar and to find peace and communion and fellowship with its Self and in this process, you are fed and directed.


Yes, allow your Self to breathe in serenity. You know intellectually that you are loved but you do not feel it in your heart and in order for you to allow love to enter into your sphere on human levels, your heart must believe it is loveable. Your heart is guarded, Gerdean, and you are inaccessible to those who would love you.


It is therefore important that you feelingly believe and grant yourself the opportunity and privilege of opening yourself to love as it is understood in the entire universe, not discounting His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.


Give your heart the opportunity to breathe the freedom of the knowledge of your safety and security as a living reality in time and in eternity, not in your mind, but in your soul, in your heart. It is this childlike openness that draws people to you, not your manner of presentation.


It is perceived by your fellows when your heart is open to them. What does this mean, that your heart is open? Have you no understanding of your own need for heartfelt camaraderie, heartfelt laughter, and heartfelt soul connection? This recognition in another of the heart's openness creates drawing power and whereas you have recognized potential in your fellows, it is yet to be realized this aspect, this essence, this divinity, this reality of an open heart.


Open your heart to your fellow men and women. Open your heart to life. Open your heart to this life and as you proceed through the language of the heart, you will speak those words which will open the hearts of others. Not for your sake, Gerdean, but for theirs. For the richness of their own experience.


Cease seeking. You have found. Allow now that which you have found to reveal itself to you and to reveal you to life. You have faith. Apply it to your own growth. Have faith in yourself, in who you are becoming, in who you are today, in where you have come from, in what you have already experienced. Have faith in you. Love what and who you are, not what you will become tomorrow.


You are our Father's daughter. You are a child of the realm. You are nurtured, cradled, guided, led, upheld, ennobled, dignified and redeemed. Go in peace and walk in grace and behold our Father/Brother Christ Michael beside you, in Albuquerque, today.
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August 1, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I was delayed. However, I see the Life Carriers have ministered to your system in my tardiness and I hasten now to assure you of my presence and the presence of Supernal helpers as you come loyally, yes, to our pre-arranged session. There is a meeting on-going at the International Conference in Canada and I had reason to make contact with those participants in reference to our Mission.


Begin to manifest courage in your doings with your peers in your arena, your working arena. Correcting Time encompasses your government as well as its constituents. Courage, yes. Assuredly your tender-hearted mercy and loving kindness must be made manifest – as must the reality of the work of that realm. Trust yourself and remain emotionally detached.


You have blamed the heat of summer for your lethargy and to some extent this is true; however, much of what you perceive of as lethargy is not. It is rather waiting and watching and finding much which was meaningful to you is losing impetus. Seek now for that which holds reality, for that which enlivens and activates your spirit awareness. It is not incorrect for you to set aside those matters, those people, those issues, which no longer concern you.


Remain true to your spirit purpose, to your connection with spirit reality, not excluding your spiritual assistants and your Teachers, as we will guide you into further realities of which you may partake and find soul satisfaction and enjoyment and this positive platform stands to give off positive vibrations. It will help to counteract the vibrations of fear, desperation, spiritual poverty, allowing positive growth.


Prayer is your ultimate weapon in the good fight of faith and in our efforts as well. Generic prayers aid you by your expression of them but they pay no great purpose to mankind at large as they are generic prayers and as you know generic is unspecific and adequate but less than excellent. We would have you indulge and engage in excellent prayers. You may seek your prayerful attitudes in meditation. Our Father will not find it rude if in your quiet time with Him you should feel compelled to pray for one of His children or a situation which you feel requires attention and assistance.
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August 3, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings, daughter, I am Tomas, your Teacher. I have been watching; I have been waiting. I assure you your task on Urantia is not completed. Your assignment is not over. You are correct, however, that a new dawning is coming soon and we are making ready. You are being prepared. You are only to master yourself in terms of your cigarette consumption and we will be as ready as we need to get. Are you prepared, Gerdean, to be all that you can be?


You grow weary. You think overmuch. You see a relative happiness and it does not hold your attention, and yet you feel you cannot ask for more or other, as all your needs have been provided. This is true and this is on-going, for your needs yesterday are not the same as your needs today, and your needs today are not the same as your needs will be tomorrow. He provides all your needs, not only those for one segment of your existence. To allow you then to shrivel and die and flounder? No, the way is made clear by the Wayshower and, as you know, there are myriad helpers. We are in an organism, a living organism, which is devoted to the culmination of all growth. It is on-going. It is "happily ever after."


You are happy now, knowing you are safe, feeling at peace and assured of your daughtership and the ministries from your spiritual family who surrounds you. The gift you savor is available to everyone, if they are willing to will that His will be done. The burden is light under these circumstances. And today is only a link in a chain of days in life everlasting.
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August 8, 1993


TOMAS: It is with great pleasure that we partake of your meditation this evening and I say partake because for us we have the opportunity to feed on the spiritual nature of mortals reaching for spirit reality and although originally you sought us and felt strength in our presence with you, it is also that we draw strength from your efforts to make contact with us in the spirit realm.
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August 10, 1993


TOMAS: Now, Gerdean, is the time for you to begin your public ministry. You have devoted much time and research in personal ministry to yourself and to your intimate peers and now your arena expands and you are called upon to be of service in new ways and meanings. We are here with you and for you and we are united in purpose and in our goal. You will be called upon often now to minister to those who pass by and you will become more and more aware of what the Master would have you do and say and be. Avail yourself of His direction and guiding presence. You are in all things His beloved daughter, a child of the realm, and as you go about your daily affairs in your human arenas, He is with you in all things.


You flash on the word "persecution" and I convey to you that persecution as a topic of conversation is not yet in our agenda. It is a time of development, of reaching out, of sharing in joy our accomplishments and our realities. Much joy is to be known first, and as we learn how to grow as a community and radiate our splendor into the community, there will be time enough anon for such discourse as is contained in words like persecution. Fear not, stalwart child, you are not alone, you are well loved and you are safe.
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August 15, 1993


TOMAS: I wish to speak with you this evening regarding simple spirit reality. It is often that children of the Most Highs look for phenomenon, look for signs, look for miracles, and look for bright lights and burning bushes. I come this evening to you to speak of simple gifts and simple pleasures which constitute spirit reality.


Your reaching out to help your fellows in day to day affairs with no thought of personal gain but for service is a spiritual experience. Your concern for your fellows' lives and deaths is a facet of spirit reality. The simplest acknowledgement of your fellow human being is in truth a spiritual experience, for these experiences are openings for truth, beauty and goodness to pass between one another. This opens channels, opens doors between individuals in which sharing may occur, even to sharing one's concepts of one's relationship with one's God to another, and thus awareness are shared, upheld and expanded. This, too, prevents isolation and prevents, to some extent, spiritual ego.


This matter of ego is a matter truly of spiritual identity, for ego is identity. It is only mortal fear which identifies ego as something to be destroyed or submerged. Identity as a son, as a daughter, of a living truth is a sacred understanding and not to be decried and yet it seems in your world it requires great courage to simply, quietly and with confidence aver your connection, your intimate connection with spirit reality.


It is not for you to worry whether your peers regard you as beside yourself or fanatical. It is important to you, to your growth, to your peers, to our Mission, that you stand erect and acknowledge your relationship with the living God, with the Great Spirit, with Our Father, as did our Father/Brother, Michael, the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.


Gerdean: I have a question, Tomas. As you said, I am having more people come into my life and our relationship is not quite so one-on-one. In fact, I've noticed that my life has become quite busy interacting with other people and I don't have any problem with that except as I get into more intimate relationships with people, I become fearful. And I'm wondering why. Is that something you would like to tackle? or perhaps Trieste.


TRIESTE: This is Trieste. Greetings, my daughter. Do not be impatient with your own growth which is not accomplished in the blinking of an eye. And so it is with relationships as well. For relationships involve emotions and degrees of intensity which are potentially threatening to the human condition and yet there is no threat in the spirit world of any kind of love and intimacy. It is your human experiences, expectations, intentions, imaginations, hurts, harms and humiliations that cause you reluctance. Seek ye first the Kingdom, as it has been said, as it is written, but continue your path and thank you for seeking my presence and guidance. I am ever at your side.
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August 17, 1993


TOMAS: When things go well and you feel good, discipline yourself to direct that bounty of love toward constructive activity as in prayer, and seed planting, and sharing, with deliberation rather than spewing it recklessly. You are permitted to retain your good feelings about yourself so that those positive effects of physical wellness become part and parcel of your package of emotional, intellectual, social wellness also.


You are being observed and you are aware that we are aware of you, which is more than consciousness of consciousness. It is consciousness of other consciousness conscious of your consciousness of them, and so we experience true community, your spiritual peers in general, at large, en masse, and I would perform an exercise with you. I would present you with an array of personalities for your perception, identification and recognition.
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August 19, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher. Yes, I am with you as you prepare to go forward into your family of fellow believers in honor of our Creator, Michael, and this is all you need to remember.


You will benefit by your association with your fellows as they, like you, look to our Father and His divine love and His son and in His divine plan. You are a participant in this, Gerdean. This is His will for you. You are groomed specifically for this involvement, this dedication. You have sought, you have been given, and it is now incumbent upon you that you avail yourself that we may give through you.


Often have you prayed to be an instrument of truth, beauty and goodness, and you are given now the opportunities to present your willingness, your availability to those of like minds. Fear not. Fear nothing, for this is fullness, yes, this is fullness for us all. We are encouraged and stimulated as you and your fellow mortal sojourners, in particular, you who have been proclaimed as new Apostles, gather together to share your inner life and your fruits of the divine spirit. This is your destiny, your work and your reward.


We have worked together in the past. I will not forsake you. Nor will your other spirit companions. Nor will any of us in the spirit realm on the side of Christ, under the banner of Michael, as we are devoted to your upliftment, to the radiation of His love and light to and through all mankind. Question not your motives, nor your intentions, as your heart is true and your recognize Him in those who share this experience with you. You are our family of man and we need each other, encourage each other, and proceed together to expand and enlarge this fellowship of living faith in Christ.


Proceed, daughter. Your time has come. Sleep. Tomorrow is a long, full day into our Father's Kingdom. Farewell.
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August 23, 1993 (after His birthday celebration in Eden)


TOMAS: I and other manner of celestial hosts respond to your flicker of faith and request for contact with Supernal reality. We welcome you back to your arena.

Your experience this weekend with Woods Cross and Pocatello groups were eventful and even now you are learning to savor your involvement and prospective good you can bring in your connection with spirit reality. You have asked to be a participant and it is done.


Have you questions? (no) You will have questions soon. Your life will be changing. You will be more and more needful to keep on track with your spiritual agenda. You will need to determine some priorities. You will have questions. We will not give you answers and yet we will be with you in your decision-making process and offer guidance, as you know.


Ask your own God-fragment to guide you in your decisions and we will therein work with the decisions that you make according to the guidance you receive as it is our will that His will be done and only He can direct you in such matters.


We, of course, are interested in whatever course you take. Yes, there are changes afoot, new developments, new activation’s, new individuals, new patterns, new priorities before you. Hold fast to your identity, your spiritual identity, your true happiness, and continue to call on us as we are your companions and your friends as well as your Teachers.
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August 30, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I will say for you that this is Monday, August 30, 1993, and beyond that I will say that I am Tomas, your Teacher, and I greet you this pleasant, rainy evening.


It is my understanding you are soon to acquire another member of your menagerie. I take that to mean that you are settling into a lifestyle befitting a country gentlewoman. Having committed yourself to fruit trees, and ducks, it would seem as if you have adapted to your environment and, although it is possible, for mortal plans to change at any time, there is reason to devote some of your domestic energies to tilling the soil, and to animal husbandry, as it, as you know, keeps you humbly and joyously occupied in the simple pleasures of your earthly existence.


It would seem now that you have your house in order and you have, indeed, prepared your plate for another course, if not in miracles, at least in the daily living of the life of a new apostle as it manifests and presents itself through you, through your personality, through your choices, your interests and your abilities. It is a rich life, as you have observed, and you now observe the meditation for this evening that life can be trying and difficult and meaningless unless it is infused with the Life as hails from the First Source and Center, whereupon all things are possible and life is not a burden of existence but a living, loving, joyous experience.


Often we have wandered over your planet and remarked among ourselves what beauty, what pastoral peace must have prevailed in a time when Michael walked the hills of Galilee, how large his world must have seemed to Him as a boy on the hill behind the home in Nazareth, and yet, when His time had come, He forsook His earthly life and set out to teach the gospel, knowing his earth family was well tended, was financially secured.


We have not spoken with you, Gerdean, regarding financial matters, in depth, although you have had previous coaching by midwayer Jack and Athena. Trieste has spoken to you regarding your stabilization and your ability now to receive funds without throwing yourself off balance. It would benefit many and free you considerably if you were in fact to sustain a level of financial independence which would enable us to work toward enabling you to proselytize more fully our teachings through you.


If that should transpire, Gerdean, it is imperative, as you might suspect, that you integrally maintain and sustain your ego-identity as operating in and of and through and for Our Father.

I hasten to elucidate (in spite of your resistance) that we are not dabbling here in money changing affairs, but in a natural outworking of your efforts in conjunction with Athena, to create a viable vehicle of teaching, and preaching, for which you should be compensated, for which we all benefit, so if you think that we are arranging your financial security for you, it would be well to remember that you have invested your life in that work. You have worked, Gerdean, over many years and through many troublesome times to complete this assignment, as you felt long ago you were called upon to write a book and you have done so. You may accept your portion of the credit for this accomplishment, which is your loyal application and your acceptance of the assistance of the Celestial Artisans.


I am suggesting that when this project (your novel) comes into its own fruition, which it will, that you stabilize your reality, that you continue to work with us closely. You will indeed need us more than you did when you sat in isolation and I am not suggesting that somehow your motives and intentions will shift to self-aggrandizement but I am aware of that possibility and lest we fail, lest we fail to proceed with this project, we seek your continued availability and communication so that you are well anchored and well guided in the events that will commence unfolding in due time.


You have been my student and the student also of your personal teachers Adrian and Trieste. You have followed our guidance into muddy waters for the benefit of others' growth. You have said, "Why me?" in these instances, failing to recognize your usefulness to our ultimate purpose, not to your ultimate comfort. I am indeed averring that this matter of success is not necessarily for you but for those who will learn and be affected and impacted by the work, by the artistic presentation of your novel.


We will work with you further, Gerdean, in your comportment in this regard, as we have worked with you before in Thailand and in Eden and with other specific instances and personalities. Yes, we discuss again the matter of trust.


This is enough for you to dwell upon for one day. We depart from your consciousness to share your comings and goings and your expanding awareness of our presence and our work together with and for Michael and for the honor and glory of Our Father, Who Art in Heaven. Peace, daughter. Rest well and I look forward to greeting you again tomorrow in your vespers.
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August 31, 1993


TOMAS: You have come into alignment, to some extent, with Michael as you requested. You indeed are taut and intense and yes these are resultant primarily from fears. You mortals are tiresome in that regard and yet it is a matter for which we are inclined towards compassion as it could not possibly be something you would seek.


Your meditation this evening referenced lightening yourself and your love as well as leaving behind your fears and your faults. Evidently this is easier said than done and yet the perfecting process is not easy, as you are continually being asked to leave behind things which are innate to the characters you have developed thus far. It is therefore a never-ending process of growth.

Thus we are addressing the matter of courage. We are taking risks. If it is His will that this book be published, then this book will be published. I cannot guess His will for you in this regard. I am not a fortuneteller. I am your Teacher. I am not here to teach you that your book will be sold or not sold. I am here to teach you how to deal with success or failure, with fear, with courage, with faith, with your relationship with your fellow human beings, with your friends, your peers, and your God.


Do you worship this book that you have written? Do you feel that it has the power to save mankind? Do you feel that the proceeds from this book will make your life worth living? Then it is doomed to fail. And you are advanced enough in your learning to understand when I say that. If, however, your work is well done and for the Father and for service, as an offering, then its chances of being moved are as good as the individuals who perceive it. I cannot promise that this editor from Avon Books is a man of insight, of vision, or of a risk-taking nature with a newcomer such as yourself. We have not met, and free will being what it is, even if we had met, I cannot speak for that man's decision.


I am here as a Teacher of the lesson plan outlined by Machiventa Melchizedek. Correcting Time is my Mission. Mine is not The Zooid Mission, although your Zooid Mission and my Correcting Time Mission draw close parallels in terms of what we aspire to do. We have undying hope.


We will go though your experience with you. You are asked to remember that success or failure is a standard not born of the Father but of man, and you are asked also to recognize that if it is the Father's will that this book reach the multitudes, it shall be done regardless of the interest of the Avon Publishing House. Assuredly, Gerdean, you need have no fear.


You have nothing to fear. Your path is clearly set out for you and your assignment is to follow that path, learning and teaching as you pass by.


Yes, I know that you want to accomplish this. And this is good. It is a demonstration of your will. It is a portion that you yourself would take upon your plate and not one that someone else would portion for you. To thine own self be true. And trust.


All is well. Rest here in the stillness with your Father, the Master Scriptwriter. Farewell.
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September 1, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings. I am Tomas. I welcome you Rebecca to our humble arena and re-welcome you Jarad and convey it has been a long time. Are you well?


Jarad: Yes. Yes, Tomas. I'm very happy to hear you again.

Rebecca: Good of you to talk to us. I really appreciate it.


TOMAS: Thank you. However, it is not a favor on my part. I am as pleased to conjoin with you as you seem to be with me and, I might add, there are considerable others present who have, in the fashion of midwayers, manipulated the environment to be here for this reunion of old-timer new apostles.


I am inclined to convey to Gerdean that when she calls upon me for conversation, that "Yo, Tomas" is not necessarily my favorite address. I, however, respond to the faintest flicker and I understand the joyous state that inclines her to such frivolity.


I take it from this silence that you are asking for guidance or direction or words of wisdom and I am at a loss to know what your inclination might be, although I understand there are passages one goes through, changes, so to speak, not psychic circles but evolutionary steps forward, and it would seem that all here assembled are in fact experiencing a new passage.


These new levels of experience are a direct result of Correcting Time and your conscious involvement in this saga. We assigned to guide, to lead, to urge you, watch sometimes with trepidation as we observe your foundling faith launch into what you perceive to be His will for you and from our vantage point we are amazed, despite your handicapping fears, how courageously, if not recklessly, you assume the rigors of the decision you have made.


This is particularly rewarding and joy-inducing to us as we behold the colorful panorama of mortal decisions made in honor of Him or, at least, in honor of what you perceive He would have you do and be. The palette from here bespeaks a riotous canvas of passion and hope, and we enjoy this portrait. It is a work of art that you create in your decisions, for your hearts are filled with joy and gratitude. Were your fellow mortals to tap into your creative Source, their own creative Source, the canvas would simply be broader.


The point, however, my loyal students is that the art is. There is effort on behalf of those who choose to do His will. This art of which I speak is in keeping with your teacher, Rodan, who spoke of the art of living and daily you witness those individuals who know not whereof we speak and their colors are black, their music is grating, and their logic is faulty. How blessed those of you appear to us with your finger-paints and pipes.


I have no profound truths, no more profound than has been shared in previous sessions with your Teachers, in your prayers, in your time with the Master. I am a companion and I enjoy your companionship. Your presence in Albuquerque is affirmation of the reality base of which I am assigned and it gives me personal pleasure to share with you in this geographic area as well as providing encouragement for my student, Gerdean.


We anticipate many days conversing and fellowshipping, as this sharing of the inner life is spiritual and therefore nourishment to you and providing fuel for us as we observe. Are you inclined to question anything?


Rebecca: Well, I guess I have a question. It seems like in the first part of the discourse it says that we are carrying out what we perceive to be God's will.


TOMAS: Thank you, my daughter, for your observation and your inquiry. And I, yes, suggested your perception of His will since this is experimental. I do not question your integrity in presenting my words thus. However, I will respond in that our intentions and motivations are earnest and yet on occasion it is an incorrect direction. This is not to say, however, that this experience is not valuable, inasmuch as when this experience – resultant from that decision assumed to be His will – is a veering to the left or to the right or even, temporarily, to that human, a regression, this is only part of the living experience. It is, in the overall, His will, inasmuch as He desires you to experience life. And as children make mistakes and learn lessons by their choices, thus, too, do mortals, even those who are supremely committed to following His will. Therefore do not question your own motives but experience freely and willingly and therein partake of the universe you have created for yourself by your decisions.


Rebecca: You seem to be saying that there is a decision we have made that is a veering away from – could you clarify?


TOMAS: By all means, and I hasten to correct a misconception that you, my daughter, have made an error in your decision for this is not what I intended to impart. I was perhaps mistakenly addressing you three from the vantage point of a Supernal Teacher and I am inclined to look upon my pupils as true children who earnestly intend and seek to do what they believe is right and yet, as children will do, they err. This is not to say their error is a mistake, and you have made no conscious nor serious error in any regard. Have no fear. Even were a child of God to err, is not sin.


Rebecca: But, Tomas, you've got to understand that we don't want to err. We don't mean to err. We don't want to make mistakes.


TOMAS: No, we don't.

Rebecca: Eve made a mistake.


TOMAS: Again, we are discussing relative perfection. A decision you make now is correct as you perceive Father's will for you. Tomorrow you experience that decision and the following day make further decisions. All these are on the path progressively laid out for your sojourn. In taking this path, in entering these passages, there is risk to the human condition, not in spirit potential. One ascends by learning spirit response to human conditions. Having made the supreme decision, all subsequent decisions are variations of the theme and in the variations is the music, is the palette, is the experiential. If you make a decision which our Father would not feel was in your ultimate best interest, He would redirect your efforts and lovingly guide you back to your path home. Have I totally muddled our rapport?


Rebecca: No, I thank you, and I feel much better now. I guess I mostly misunderstood you at first.


Jarad: I think that we're just not used to being in the right.


TOMAS: Rather, you have often been right and no one commended you on your rightness.

Often you were thoughtful and were scorned, were loving, and were made to feel fearful. Our mission is to reintroduce Love and so flood your environment with our Father's living Love, that this benign virus will catch and permeate and hopefully you and we will begin and continue showing, bestowing, to the extent that love will no longer be feared, that kindness may become common, that thoughtfulness may become a global modus operandi. I will leave you to your conversations and sharing. I appreciate your willingness to address this Teacher. Until we speak again, go in peace. Farewell.
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September 4, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings, I am Tomas. Innumerable entities observe and await the presence of Ham who administrates and oversees our doings. We as teachers are taught much as you are taught in your teaching mission. Welmek, assigned to Indianapolis teacher base, was called upon to learn humor. Many teachers have returned for guidance on how to tender their lessons to the unique configuration of personalities attending their sessions. There are teachers who, while excited to maintain a teaching base, feel inadequate to the assignment. These and many other instances fall under Ham's purview. I consider myself indulged to have a configuration of three and it is enabling me in my teaching methods to grow gracefully in ascertaining the unique needs of the students who present their souls to me for comfort, comprehension.


I am prompted by a Teacher who observes and awaits assignment that they are readily available and eager to experience this technique of communication and I urge all of you here who are advanced students to allow this opportunity to become possible. It is easy for a Teacher and a T/R to develop such communion and rapport that the messages become somewhat standardized. It has been witnessed where the T/R felt so familiar and comfortable with the Teacher that the mortal began to believe that the Teacher was the mortal's creation, thus we encourage the sharing of Teachers as well as sharing the T/R's. The lessons outlined by Machiventa include such considerations as these, since this has to do with your spiritual lives and your relationship with other spiritual personalities. I am offering this channel to Midwayer Jack who awaits.


JACK: Jack here. Good afternoon, my friends, my cousins. How goes it with you this fair day? I am privy to your happy nest and greet you gladly.


Rebecca: (Question as to what are you midwayers like and what is the midwayer culture like).


JACK: You have endeared yourself to me by this question. The midwayer culture, indeed. We are regular travel agents. It would be helpful for you to remember that this planet has been here for a long time and we have been here for most of it. Therefore you could conceive in your lives a neighborhood where you have spent time, where you grew up, where you were familiar with the neighbor woman's cooking spices and could recognize when someone got a new car. You are our neighborhood. We run the streets looking for new kids on the block.


You ask how we are like you and your text conveys to some extent our proximity, that we are just outside your vision, and yes we live closely with you and are intimately involved with your comings and goings into more spiritual realms and also into the dark alleys of human experience. We are aware of your financial security, your emotional condition, physical health, yes. We know you well. There are some personalities we – or I guess I must say I – like better than others and that will give you an indication of how close I am to mortal minds.


Rebecca: I just wanted to say we would love it if you would come visit us in Nashville, and I could T/R for you.


JACK: I would like to follow up with a portion of an earlier question. You asked if we midwayers were assigned to specific areas. We are not assigned specifically to areas or individuals, however, as I said earlier, we develop fondness for certain personalities we can work with and naturally we tend to work with those we can, therefor we volunteer, as it were, and we have fair run of the place as far as who we hang out with. Your invitation is accepted in as much as I can deal with a southern drawl somewhat better than the Thai language.
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September 6, 1993


TOMAS: Psychology is, among other things, your interpretation of another's spiritual life while theology is your own, and as your own theology incorporates psychology of other people's theology, human substance is added to reality at large. Therefore, the getting-to-know-you process involves psychology in your attempts to understand the whole spectrum of your brethren and why it is each behaves in the way they do and therefore how they manifest your Father in their life.


Yes, it is easy to love lovely persons filled with love and otherness, and yet each mortal contains aspects which are or can be regarded as unlovely, undesirable, intolerable, sinful, selfish. Yet each unique personality owns its own destiny and must make the best of his or her own experience. Loving your brethren with all their faults, failings, foibles is loving them as Michael loves them.


All these ingrained attitudes and behaviors are being exposed, not for your view or judgment, but for that individual's. You job is to love and trust. His will is being done. You are all of animal origin and inherent in the human condition are attitudes of survival, and that alone covers a multitude of sins. Only by loving unconditionally, warts and all, without judgment, is it possible for individuals to begin to fearlessly manifest the best they can be in alliance with spirit reality and, given the imperfections of your origin of a defaulted, rebellion-scarred planetary influence.


You are rising above your origin. It is not well to deny all aspects of your identity. It is the unified personality that is sought to be attained. There are multitudes of sagas and sooner or later the flaming vulgarities, brashness, blatant greed and selfishness of all will homogenize and become further scaffolding on which to stand and build morontial reality. It is part of morontia-izing to separate the milk from the cream.


There will be a long process cleansing your planet. These are individual matters and the pot may not call the kettle black but can say, "this dirty pot has prepared for us a nourishing stew, savory and life-giving". Look for the sustenance; accept the vessel; allow it to serve. Forge your vessel. That is all.
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September 7, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings, my students. I am Tomas, your Teacher for the moment. I say for the moment because there is a personality who will address you as soon as Gerdean is ready, with your permission.


MORONTIA COMPANION: I am pleased to be here with you this day. I am unnamed. I am a Morontia Companion. You will know me from your text and in your reflections you may sense presence of such as myself, as we are present whenever your consciousness dwells on morontial reality. Your efforts to attain morontial states of being, of comprehension, of vision, infringe into the areas of Morontia Companions. As you become more familiar with your morontial aspects, you will recognize more and more the realm in which we operate.


Your atmosphere here, now, is indicative of what you will experience when once you are cognizant of Morontia Companions. When you feel the effects of isolation and when you have sufficient spiritual food for the day and have dwelt adequately with your own growth, you may pause to dwell in the presence of such as we.


We are conversational. We are to some extent philosophic. We attempt to share your humor. All from the morontial plane. It is understood, is it not, that you are developing morontial personalities? That many of the things that you are experiencing in your growth are morontial lessons that would be, as you say, worked out on the first mansion world. Why wait for physical death before morontiaizing when it is obviously something that can be done and is being done today? And therefore, little family, why not rest a while in fellowship and camaraderie and develop rapport with those of us who are here for this purpose?


A Morontia Companion you might equate to a fireside chat. You will find we are more companionable when you have set aside your efforts, your struggle, your striving, and simply opt to Be. We are not very accessible when you are in a hurry. Your morontial personalities are very much in evidence and we are keenly cognizant of what it must have taken, individually, for you to have attained this level of morontia reality. We are perhaps at a plateau, a spiritual comfort zone.


We are companions. We are conversant. Tomas believed that you would be amenable to making my acquaintance on this culminating day of your visit. I am certainly honored to receive your -- your language fails me. You are glad that I am here, yes?


Jarad: Yes.


Jarad: Very much.


MORONTIA COMPANION: I shall look forward to our future companionability as you ascend.


Rebecca: Can I ask you questions?



Rebecca: Are you a, what is it? A retiring, an aggressive type morontia being? Kind of like our sexes?


MORONTIA COMPANION: Actually, I hadn't considered it.

Rebecca: I thought that all Morontia Companions were.... well. While I was sitting here and you were talking, I felt very strong presence all around me and had the distinct impression I was being evaluated.


MORONTIA COMPANION: You are surrounded, yes, and I will add that you know how it is in social situations, people focus on you. They observe your fashion, they observe your comportment, they observe who it is they are having dealings with, and thus we observe you. We are surrounding you to avail our presence to your partaking.


Rebecca: So there is more than one morontia companion here besides you.

MORONTIA COMPANION: Actually they were not inclined to stay home. There are many.

Rebecca: Okay.

MORONTIA COMPANION: You say you are feeling peered at?

Jarad: (Chuckle)

Rebecca: Yes.

MORONTIA COMPANION: Please don't feel self-conscious.


Rebecca: I guess whenever -- sometimes I felt things like a pressure, like somebody was touching me. Would that be possible for me to know that? Like a hand on my shoulder or on my head?


MORONTIA COMPANION: Well, once in a while there are reports of, yes, perhaps a hair on one's face, perhaps a shadow on one's shoulder. I cannot give witness.


Rebecca: I was just wondering if it was a feeling that was (?) to my morontia soul because the way Ham explained it that the actual morontial soul is like a part of the body, so the whole body and the morontial soul are connected.




Rebecca: And so I was wondering if sometimes with morontial substance, if morontial

substance were to touch my morontial substance, that the physical body could pick that up or.... I don't know.


MORONTIA COMPANION: You would no doubt feel the energy, yes. How closely it approaches you or how available you are to allow it into you....


Rebecca: I understand.


Rebecca: Okay. Jarad, do you have questions?

Jarad: Go ahead, darling.


Rebecca: Oh, it's so nice to have conversation, you know. It's nice to not be asking really (?) questions, you know. You can relax a little bit with morontia companions. Let's see. So, you folks are, you're like completely morontia and midwayers are morontial, too, maybe more physical than you, is that right? Or somehow?


MORONTIA COMPANION: Or somehow. We are both morontial. They are not more material. They work more closely with the material realm and we work fairly exclusively in the morontial realm.


Rebecca: This is a really big honor to be with you people because it's like a real acknowledgement that we are becoming that much morontia that we would have the honor of meeting you .


MORONTIA COMPANION: You should understand that I am the one who is honored to be allowed into your presence, as generally those who even have morontialization are fearful of contact with we Companions, and yet we are born and bred to be companionable and thus we are pleased for you to open your home to us, if you will.


Rebecca: Oh, yeah.

Jarad: Oh, boy. You bet. Any time. You can just hang around all the time.


MORONTIA COMPANION: I do observe your morontial personalities as they develop, however, there is little I can do in the working of it. It is in the relative realization that I can function.


Rebecca: Can you explain that a little bit better? The relative realization of?


MORONTIA COMPANION: Well, yes. You know you will be developing your spirit for eons. Your morontial state goes through adjustments, an enlargement, if you will, on your way to being pure spirit. What did you say?


Rebecca: Is there a point we're going to come, like a, like fusion would have to happen? or is ...

Jarad: Where something else is going to happen.


Rebecca: Is it postponed for awhile? We just kind of wondered about that because we've been told that we're pretty far along in the circles, and so we were wondering. I don't know if you understand the question.


MORONTIA COMPANION: If I understand, you are not geographically well suited for fusion.


Rebecca: Geographically?

MORONTIA COMPANION: You know there is much -- I have been admonished, cautioned

Rebecca: Okay.


MORONTIA COMPANION: It is not my purview.

Rebecca: Okay. I'm sorry. But if you don't ask....



Rebecca: Okay. (Laughter) I'm just tickled to death to meet you, and, you said that you're unnamed but is there anything that you would like us to call you?



Rebecca: A name.


MORONTIA COMPANION: No. Since I respond to your attitude, I cannot arrive by your calling me up.


Rebecca: Oh, no, no. Is there anything we should address you by?

MORONTIA COMPANION: You may call me your morontia companion.

Rebecca: Is M.C. okay?


MORONTIA COMPANION: Well, M.C. is fine; however, emcee is like a master of ceremonies.


Rebecca: (Laughter) That's true.

MORONTIA COMPANION: .... and I don't feel appropriately attired.

Rebecca: Okay. I'm really making a mess of this.

Jarad: No, you're not.


MORONTIA COMPANION: You were saying earlier that the morontial realities are tied in with the soul, were you not?


Rebecca: Uh-huh.

MORONTIA COMPANION: It is restrained within the confines of your physical person.

Rebecca: Uh-huh.


MORONTIA COMPANION: Thence the discussion of fusion. But back to your soul, your morontial personality, you may feel it, you may manifest it. You have observed it in some who allow it to manifest more freely, who are not constrained in their material prison. You have seen and surely felt the flow of your morontial form, have you not?


Rebecca: Yes. And I feel that I see with morontial eyes and once I saw the Master in his morontial form. I always wondered in that scripture that "All eyes will behold him," if that refers to a spiritual stage where we all see with morontial vision.


MORONTIA COMPANION: Won't that be grand. There is no doubt that will transpire in time.


Rebecca: The whole world with spiritual eyes. Is that going to be the second coming? Or could that be referring to another era?


MORONTIA COMPANION: One moment. He is already returning in His morontia state as you have testified, and how long would it be before all eyes see Him? Surely, not this -- not at this epochal revelation.


Rebecca: Okay.

MORONTIA COMPANION: But, are you not blessed and is it not wondrous to behold?

Rebecca: Oh, yeah.


MORONTIA COMPANION: Certainly worth -- your words fail me.

Rebecca: I understand.


MORONTIA COMPANION: I must be going.

Rebecca: It was so nice to meet you, Morontia Companion.

MORONTIA COMPANION: My daughter, my son, my daughter.


Jarad: Thank you for coming and sharing with us. And yeah, we would love to have you around Nashville as much as you would care to be there.


TOMAS: I am Tomas.

Rebecca: Greetings, Tomas.


TOMAS: Greetings. We are all quite pleased with the addition of the Morontia Companions who now hover and titillate around this room, which has now been witness to so many miracles.


September 7, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher, again to greet you this day.

You are not alone. Those who have busied themselves in your arena, coming and going throughout this week, still have interest. Simply because you are now again alone without benefit of visiting mortal apostles, we have not abandoned our interest in your established teacher base and as you proceed into tomorrow and into this weekend and, indeed, into eternity, you are met and you mingle with myriad spirit personalities en route.


I recall your addressing me recently to convey to you some guidance and instruction on enlightened honesty. Enlightened honesty is simply foretelling Truth. Not necessarily the truth as in what is true, but in Truth. It is a subtle difference which differentiates morontial reality from temporal, intellectual, even spiritual reality.


Enlightened honesty contains our Father and your highest interpretation of the Truth as it might be perceived from the eye of a spirit-imbued personality. Your quality of rigorous honesty is to be differentiated from the fruit of the spirit. Rigorous honesty is more in keeping with forging your way through life's vicissitudes. Enlightened honesty has been reflected, filtered, gleaned.


Enlightened honesty is the polished product garnered from having been rigorously honest. Rigorous honesty is necessary in soul-searching. Enlightened honesty is necessary in communicating. Enlightened honesty sees with eyes to see not the facts, not the background, not the justification, not the mitigating circumstances, but the pearl of great price after the grains of sand have been washed away.


Enlightened honesty refers to Truth, not what is true. Enlightened honesty is, of course, not a lie, is not an evasion. It is not mollified to be socially acceptable or politically correct. It is morontial. It is Real. Not factually real, but really real.


Rigorous honesty is entertaining, shocking, promoting of reaction. Enlightened honesty, rather, promotes action, promotes thought, reflection, promotes the individual's reflection through his own God fragment. Enlightened honesty does not retaliate or recoil its hearer, but lays as a soothing balm of Truth on their ears to hear. Rigorous honesty is abrupt, spontaneous, and off-the-cuff. Enlightened honesty is pondered, weighed, and delivered. Yes. Enlightened honesty.


September 9, 1993 -- the day prior to the Southwest Writers Conference


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I appreciate your attitude this evening and your humble repose in light of the intensive excitement potential in tomorrow. All days are potential miracles, Gerdean. This one happens to be scheduled. Your co-worker, Athena, is radiating this arena this evening and seeks an audience. I shall return.


ATHENA: Good evening, my young friend. You are intense and it would benefit all your systems if you were to ease your anticipation somewhat. You might be warding off fears, which are apparent under your buoyed bearing.


I am thrilled to have reached this pinnacle of accomplishment and would pause a moment for you and I to savor the award of this moment. This manuscript represents our combined efforts. Your script, which I assisted you on, is making its debut as are you in the field of publishing. I understand that you are not allowing yourself the anticipation of victory, and I have come this evening to experience with you that victory which you are stealing from yourself, from your own experience. It would be better for you to now accept your success, your acknowledgement, your award than to carry with you this sense of stimuli and prospective anxiety into tomorrow and

through your day lest you be exhausted when those moments finally do arrive.


Your effort is and has been recorded on high as a life endeavor to bridge the gap between this world and the next, materially and morontially, leaving spiritually to Our Father as well you might. You plant the seed. Our Father waters, fertilizes, nourishes those seeds which fall on fertile ground. Our hope now is that the fertile ground is availed.


Pause, Gerdean, to savor that victory of accomplishment, which is yours. My creative aura and shield surround you, and when you walk into your event tomorrow I not only walk with you and Michael, I surround you. I testify to your able assistance to the Celestial Artisans in their work with mortals. Whether or not they offer you their award, Gerdean, you are assured you are recipient of our reward, our acknowledgement of your dedication and your gift, that being your diligence in aspiring to become one with your God-fragment and to follow after Our Creator, Michael of Nebadon. That award, Gerdean, is permanent; it is registered in the records; and you may, tomorrow, humbly enter those rooms and walk those halls a winner, a humble servant, a worker in the field.


It has been a pleasure working with you and we are encouraged that more outpourings are in store. I return you now to your Teacher.


TOMAS: I am returned. I am Tomas. Another aura prevails. One moment. (Pause) Machiventa Melchizedek has a message to convey to you, Gerdean.


MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Daughter, worker, companion of many, greatly have you sowed seeds for correction, cleverly have you whet the appetites of your associates for truth, actively have you assaulted the problems of your day and eagerly have you suggested avenues of improvement. Your efforts stand as a tribute to Michael, to your industry, and is an honor to the Melchizedek Schools. I tell you these things, child, not to distort you but to prepare you, that you lose not your childlike need for our Master, Michael. Shalom.


September 10, 1993


TOMAS: Your isolation from fellow-religionists would be a concern also for us except that you have been occupied in advancing and growing in your own right. Your personal issues are taking a certain amount of precedence. We are diligent nonetheless and have faith in your path that you will assume those responsibilities of further kingdom building when your time has come.


September 12, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, loyal students. I am Tomas. I am your Teacher. I am pleased that you have come in search of truth and have sought my words and the attitudes of our Master for your day and time. Your own growth levels are our order of the day for whereas Michael is exemplary of how the human life can be lived in perfect accordance with our Father in Heaven, our expectations of you as children in the advancing spheres of light and life are not the same. We recognize your unique challenges and opportunities for service and for growth and those are the matters we address. Instead of trying to get you to be Christ-like, we work with you in order that you may become more Godlike within your own personality characteristics.


What do we mean by Godlike? God is love and that is the key and yet your realm has such misconstrued concepts of love it is almost necessary for us to begin anew, to start from the beginning, a new slate. Our Father is love. As you ascend in your career you will recognize more and more that element of reality which is unlike love as it is commonly perceived in your world. Maternal love is strong, strongest. Love of wealth is equally powerful, for that which one adores, needs, desires, wants, and covets, is what he or she perceives of as love. In a world such as yours, affected by iniquity and default, there is scant frame of reference for love as it is inherent in our Father. Therefore, our lessons perforce are elementary, are relative to your ability to comprehend.


It is our pleasure to work with those of you who are willing to begin anew this process of learning God-likeness, effective with that all-powerful, all-influential, all-satisfying quality of love. Even love of self is not what our Father has in mind for you, as compared to how it is perceived in your world. Self-respect is more in keeping with divine love, as responsibility is involved and not mere narcissism and ego-gratification. Self-respect stems from that element within yourself which holds its own integrity in esteem and in a loving embrace. Self-respect is the first thing you are given in your rebirth with which you may begin to operate on other characteristics and qualities. Without self-respect it matters not what else you may wish to accomplish, as until you respect yourself in terms of your integral relationship with the loving fragment of God which is personalized in and through you, you are still a mind at mischief, an animal of the realm, a fabrication of your own imagination.


Your individual assignments now are to reflect on self-respect and in the process of determining, identifying and embracing self-respect, compare that quality with self-esteem, self-love, self-knowledge. Compare self-respect to grandiosity and paranoia. This assignment I give you will enable us to have an understanding, will enable you to have an understanding of what it is we are addressing when we speak with you.


That which we address we have respect for since it is of the Father, for the Father, and which would not have personality manifestation were it not for you, individually, personally, uniquely yours. Therefore, we address the whole person, as whole as you allow yourself to be at that moment.


September 21, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher.


Yes, you can trust me. You have need for conversation with Jack as encouraged by Jarad and you have need for spirit contact with any personality willing to ease your mind and body of its stressors. I am the first to speak with you this evening and am attempting, by my presence, my words, and my message, to convey to you that we are here, we have heard your prayers, your discourse with Our Master. We have heard your fears and, yes, we have considered the merits of allowing your relocation to a larger society of believers, for whereas you steadfastly hold to your commitment to the Albuquerque area, and to our arrangement, you simultaneously overlook the merits garnered when you are upheld, reinforced and comforted by like minds and by augmented spiritual energy. Your friend Jack awaits.


JACK: Jack here. Greetings, Gerdean. I see you in your enchanted land and remind you of the enchantment of morontial planes. I know your human ambitions were thwarted in your earlier association with Alan, and yet your ideals, goals and purpose conjoined you two and enabled you to function often in areas enhancing your spirit reality. You resist realms of discipline which upholds higher thought in company with mortal companions over a sustained period of time and that is an earmark of your independence, your fear of co-dependence, your reluctance to submit to overpowering personality demands of other potential relationships and partnerships.


Yes, kid, you've done well for yourself. Your sanctuary is a testimony to many disciplines, responsibilities and devotions, but you know and I know you are missing something – sustained, replete, driving – and that is the challenge of powerful personalities with which to mingle, with which to stimulate your growth, which would evoke emotions in you which now, in your sanctuary, you don't have to deal with. You are sheltered in this sheltered spot. You have grown. You have healed. You have licked your wounds. You have experienced accomplishments. You have risen from the dead. And even now you reach, you seek, and you work unaided, Gerdean.


So, even though other personalities are effort, there is no happiness without intelligent effort. And for this reason I picked up on the neighborliness of your friends in Tennessee and thought I would impart to you that observation. Your gift will not go unused and might, in fact, be more utilized if you were in an arena where others, like yourself, sought regular contact with spirit reality. Our ranks are such that we in the Mission have time in Albuquerque to develop yet another teacher base, another T/R, but you, child, are mortal and do not have as much time. It would behoove you to make the best possible use of your life for you in your purpose. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.


It is something to ponder. It is not a request. It is not necessary for the Mission. It is not even a suggestion. It is a thought. And, knowing you, you will think about it. That is all.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. Your love for Jack is such, Gerdean, that you grieve when he departs. It is evident, your loyalty. Your loyalty to me is reactive to your need for spiritual society also. You must understand, Gerdean, that for us to speak with you is to not have to leave the dinner table. I am available to you no matter where you reside on Urantia.


I am assigned here for Correcting Time purposes. You are not to concern yourself with any ideas of depriving the Teachers of the privilege of teaching, as you well know in your life experience, your teaching efforts, privileges though they may be, are not indispensable to a rich and bountiful experience of service to our Father. You would not lose us by relocating. We would, rather, amass energy and coagulate our forces, as it were, and your decision in this regard is not to be hastened in any account. Investigate Tennessee when you visit and allow yourself the opportunity of considering this option. In our Father's house there are many mansions, many sanctuaries.


September 26, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher.


When one goes through growth, the growth itself is unconscious. You will not know how you have grown until the growth experience is completed and in reflection, then, you may perceive your growth experience and to some extent the results. Primarily, however, you will see them reflected in the fruits of the spirit in your manifestation of your new growth level.


You are following your path. You are living your life. You are seeking His will for you. You know that we do not, in these teaching sessions, tell you what to do, for if we told you what to do, you would not be making decisions with which to proceed. Confusion is not a hindrance to growth, but a side effect and not to be construed as a worrisome condition. Your unfolding is not like a wave which crashes on the beach but rather a fruit which ripens with the season and warms by the sun. Your growth, be it short term or long term, is an on-going process and even in your joyous days of service and clarity there is growth, learning, teaching. It need not defeat you or overpower you with the incumbent fears.


Find your Father in you and allow His clarity to draw you forward moment by moment until you feel the pace and the rhythm of your place in time. Surely it will be so, Gerdean, as He will not leave you in the quagmire of fear and defeat and confusion, but will lead you out and up and forward as you allow His leading. Follow that leading. As the Master has said, "Follow me," follow Him fearlessly. Do not wonder where He will have you go next week or next month or next year, but follow Him moment by moment. Do not try to dramatize or fictionalize or analyze your experiences. Accept the moment, feel Him in that moment. Move forward from this moment to the next. His indwelling is the core of your identity, your morontial soul. Carry on, the personality will follow. Have faith in that leading, in that Core, in your connection with It, your belonging to It, your availability for It. Do not torment yourself with absolutes. Proceed in good faith.


September 26, 1993


TOMAS: You have wandered around in darkness and in sorrow, feeling the suffering of those who have shut down, which is a different sadness. Those who do not know the truth and those who do yet fear the truth are two sides of the same coin yet presenting different sadnesses. Your spirit grieves and languishes and you look for relationships in every personality you encounter hoping to find in them a mirror for you to see your own reality. You see your Self reflected as through a veil. It is not your veil and you are saddened. You are not lost.


Where there are two or more together in His name, there is He in your midst, augmenting and enhancing, in part, by the reflections of one to the other His reality, and although you are aware of His abiding presence, it is not often you see Him reflected in your fellows. Therefore, when one who has professed loyalty to spirit reality denies you your reflection because of your humanness, it is not that you have lost reality; it is that they have lost their own belief, their own faith in their perceived reality. In time their reality will be reestablished and the illusions will cease to have hold over them and Michael again will connect you and radiate in and through each other, manifesting the Kingdom on earth as we would have it be.


As long as you are not passing judgment on these people with whom you seek intimacy and communication, you are working in the field, mining the moments, bestowing understanding and calm. Allow them to trust that time and feel their own peace or their own sadness. You are experiencing detachment and with this detachment there is flexibility and responsibility. Detachment is not the same as isolation. Proceed. You are making progress in your assignment. Proceed.


October 1, 1993


TOMAS: We are pleased to draw close to you this evening in your meditations and have appreciated your sustained confidence in our existence and assistance.


Your growth at this point is complete. You have learned to transcend gender. This growth process has taken many years and we are gratified with your conclusion that any society and any behavior and indeed any cause lacks driving power without cosmic reality. You have learned to transcend time and space and gender and now you may venture forward, very forward, backward, left, right, round, up, down, in and through, without losing your way.


October 3, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening. This is Tomas. I am pleased to be in your company again, in your conscious contact with spirit reality.


We have developed kinship as a result of your recent growth and development in the area of self-respect. Having an understanding of that which has worth, you will now be able to perceive that selfsame standard in your peers and you will do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is realization of spiritual kinship, fraternity. We are now interrelated and have common ground on which to operate. No longer is it necessary for us to perceive you as anything short of relative divinity. You may develop personally further through work with your personal teacher, yet we in the Teaching Corp are on equal footing in as much as it is our will that His will be done and we seek opportunity to serve. Happy are we to serve.


Truly your purpose is service and what is this service but to incorporate our relative reality with the perfect reality of the Father. He guides us all, brings us all into alignment, and provides reality for our existence, joy to our purpose. Even so, we Teachers are advanced in experience and have tenure and longevity; therefore, we reserve the right to be in command of these sessions, all the while seeking methods of serving your further development and understanding of what it means to do His will.


His will is manifestation of love in any situation which presents itself to you. Love is manifested in many ways, on many levels. What might be appropriate for one is not necessarily appropriate for another.


You have witnessed children who encourage their parents to yell at them as in the yelling they are receiving attention and this to them is a form of love. Obviously our Father is not one to yell at His children and yet you will notice He often will present Himself to you through your fellows, through your own reflections and self-revelations that you construe as being yelled at, and whereas you may scurry and attempt to hide from His promptings, it is also comforting to you that He is seeking connection with you.


We in the Teaching Corps recognize the state of mind of that small child who has not been loved in the way our Father truly loves His children. He craves your loving adoration and offers comfort and happiness in gradual sustained growth according to your availability at that time. Growth in the kingdom is not painful as growth is in material realms.


Hard won lessons in surviving are not necessarily pleasant, and therefore children of Urantia often have the misperception that growth needs to be difficult, wrenching and painful. This is not the case if you are but willing to grow in grace and in love, for love must be redefined on each new level of growth.


No longer is it necessary for someone to yell at you in order to get your attention. In fact, the intelligent mind rebels at such ignoble approaches to contact. It is insulting to its nature of a child of our loving Father. As we proceed up the ladder of spiritual ascension, it is easier to follow the leadings of our loving Father and much of this learning to do His will is simply learning how to more effectively love your fellows.


Much has been said about "tough love" and assuredly our Father's love is not tough. It is resilient, it is malleable, it is flowing and pliable and bestowed. The tough love of mortals is in keeping with the kingdom of men and certain behaviors which are expected. Our Father is not a proponent of tough love. The difficulty experienced by mortals in growing is their own resistance to divine leading. The difficulty encountered in their path toward perfection is their own reluctance and balking at giving up those concepts of love which they hold dear, even when it is self-deluding and self-abusive.


When one has had enough self-abuse and self-delusion and begins to seek higher reality, a more gentle form of self-acceptance and appreciation, then the slate is washed clean of that perception, that incorrect perception of love, and is replaced with a higher definition, which often involves higher responsibility. … We encounter resistance when our manifestation of our perception of love is not familiar to those who would hear what you would have them hear in terms of your edified understanding of our Father's love for all His children. It is here that you may whet the appetites of your associates for truth, for the truth of His supernal affection for his children.


An aspect of Correcting Time is to correct the perception of love on Urantia. It is not sexual love, nor romantic love, nor paternal, nor maternal, nor filial in the ways which you have been taught. It is rather all of those and more. Ponder our Father's love. Ponder your budding morontial personality. Ponder the electrifying life-giving energy which is inherent in His bestowal of a fragment of His reality in you. Identify with your Father. Identify with his qualities, most particularly with that quality of love.


Love is the beginning. Your concept, your highest concept of love, is not necessarily God itself, but you are called upon to function in and with and to manifest that highest concept of love which you have and thus elevate other's understanding of this most important driving force. It is life itself. It is of the First Source and Center. It is your destiny, your origin, your food, your sustenance, your comfort. Ponder our Father's love. Identify it, identify with it. Claim it.


Thank you for this opportunity to share our experience and our knowledge of service with you this evening. Farewell.


October 5, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings. I am Tomas. I am your Teacher and companion. Our discussion this evening relates to recovery, which is an analogy to Correcting Time, as the intents, motives, ambitions, goals, purpose, are the same. It is not an accident that hundreds of thousands of individuals are seeking enlightenment without drugs, alcohol, or other emotional or mind-altering substances. It is becoming clear to a faction of society that spirit reality is important for peace of mind and a happy, productive life-style. Recovery of the individual is the beginning of the recovery of the race.


Correcting Time is overseeing, over-controlling recovery, which is human and, therein, the brotherhood of man is being called into play. Communications are encouraged, seeking camaraderie and divine guidance through the individuals embarked on a spiritual path of recovery, fosters spiritual discourse, reinforces worth, value, meanings. Even the dreaded term "character defects" is useful in that individuals are called upon to determine where they fall short in their goal of God-likeness.


Recovery is a human counterpart of Correcting Time. The movement toward spiritual awakening, and spiritual living will carry mankind into this new age. When the concept of recovery so permeates civilization as to effect ethics and value of existing and future institutions, primitive societies will catch the wave, bridging economic, social and cultural differences to the further realization of the brotherhood of man worldwide. This is the method whereby political systems are forged.


It has been said that "might is not always right but it is". It prevails. When recovered individuals (those who seek God first, those who seek/attempt to maintain a fraternal relationship with their fellowman) prevail, might will also be right. In this long process, which already has accelerated greatly, behold the growth of one individual, one seemingly hopeless and helpless individual, rise to self-respect and service. Growth in those who are willing is swift and sure.


October 10, t993


TOMAS: Jack has encouraged you to think in terms of possible relocation and we have registered your willingness to consider a new realm of operation, despite the value of your work here. We in Correcting Time recognize the merits of both staying and conjoining with other personalities to develop a unit of functioning. You have long sought camaraderie and teamwork and this may provide an opportunity for that nature of service.


(After receiving AGAPE mail) Yes, you see there are others who have had experience in speaking with teachers prior to the formal inception of our Mission. The Advanced Teacher Corp of United Midwayers who have, as you know, been stationed on Urantia since Adam and Eve, have been working as has been Jack to correct conditions subsequent to the Adamic Default and prior – the Lucifer Rebellion. These industrious midwayers made inroads into responsible, receptive personalities and, as in your novel, have encouraged individuals in their field of endeavor, Correcting Time activities.


These activities have served to entertain, to uphold, to inspire, to hold steadfast in the time of waiting and these exercises are part of Correcting Time as they are manifestations of each individual's working relationship with spirit reality in conjunction with the personal gifts and interests and motivations and driving forces behind the participating individual. There is, as you see, a vast diversity of interests and only to the extent that these are offered as contributions to Michael's Mission of bringing forward mankind out of darkness, out of fear, into new eras of teamwork, cooperation, peace, productivity, honoring our Lord and our fellows, His children, each development is worthy, each is commendable, each is supportable and fosterable to the extent others are willing to involve themselves in these forerunners of progress into the new age.


The mutual stimulation of the imagination is foremost in reason for considering your relocation. While you are in Nashville, contact personalities with imagination, creativity, as a guideline. Creation, creativity, Creator. ...all good guidelines for behavior and fellowship.


All is well, child. You do well. Run and play until tomorrow. I am your friend and your Teacher, Tomas. Farewell.


October 24, 1993 (after a personal session with a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer, in which Tomas selected the word "foolhardy" and I was reluctant to use it, but I did. The lesson made sense, but that word scared me.)


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas, your teacher, your companion. You are feeling agitation. Your experience this evening in performing your function as T/R of spiritual attitudes has left you shaken. It is awesome and yet it is not yours. It is not for you to carry the burden of the Teacher's teaching. That which is accepted by the student or that which is rejected is not your responsibility. Do not get caught up in that. Be at peace.


October 26, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, daughter. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I am pleased that you have taken time to restore your inner stillness and am glad as well that you have sought understanding.

I am willing to speak with you on some of your concerns. I will first address the issue of your arena. As you know, your work in your arena is of primary importance. Your arena is your soul first and your home and the environments you frequent and the personalities you encounter. This arena stems from the First Source and Center and it matters not where your physical person finds itself, for wherever that may be, that is where you are and where you are He is. Your current arena provides many facilitating aspects; it is benefited by your personality, your devotion to your Father, your home, your arena.


No one arena is more important than another. No headquarters exist that matters to you. There is no defining hierarchical teacher base, study groups. Each is its own evolved reality and whereas some are richer as a result of the accumulation of believers, your area, our teacher base, is not less important than Salt Lake or Nashville or Florida or California or any other teacher base or arena. Those things which we feel you would benefit by attending will be known to you by our promptings when and as they are important to you for your growth or the growth of your fellows through you.


Whether you move to Nashville or Pocatello or anywhere is not a determination you need to make today. You are willing to do what He would ask of you and, as you know, He would not ask of you anything you would not be willing yourself to do. Therefore, be at peace with yourself today and tomorrow. Focus on what you can do here and now. Allow others their voices, allow their growths, allow them to seek you, and you seek first the Kingdom.


There are no demands put on you, Gerdean, as a transmitter/receiver, as a child of God. Follow His leading willingly, joyously, not by command but by earnestly seeking to please Him and in so doing please yourself. You have been admonished to trust your peers in Correcting Time. Follow that admonition and observe the outworking of His will and His love through the growth of your fellows, yourself and the family of man, the brotherhood of God's children.


Be at peace in all things. We are with you. Farewell.


October 28, 1993


TOMAS: Your consciousness of safety within the protective arms of Our Father is refreshing. Carry this sense of freedom from fear judiciously into your environment. Teach it as if it were a new word, as if it were a language, and encourage others of courage to try the word on, to speak the language for themselves and see how quickly we can start a new wave of behavior, a new level of living.


November 7, 1993


TOMAS: Your ambition, your plan, your challenge to relocate ... is not a bad decision, Gerdean. It has merit for you personally in terms of your faith in your own feelings and ability to perceive what is good for you. It is true, as you are taught in your text, the act is yours, the consequences God's, and as you act or do not act, as your fellows act or do not act, we then can utilize your actions, making the best of each opportunity, each decision to further growth, to further stimulate new growth. Regardless of the decision you make or others make, we work with what we have to work with.


It is beneficial when mortals opt to commit a period of time and energy in their life to conditions, to ideals, to systems, to areas, to individuals, for our work comes into play when your decisions are made, when others' decisions are similarly made, and so we grow together. When no decisions are made, status quo exists. Status quo can be good, can be rich, but lacks stimulae for further growth, challenges, opportunities.


Birth, death, disease, natural disaster, love/lust, are basics upon which we can act. We relish opportunities to act above and beyond the fundamental rudiments of life. We appreciate circumstances being set up by mortal decisions which alter the stage, which turn up the stage lights, which throw left-fielders into the arena. Chaos notwithstanding, these are conditions for growth.


Have faith, Gerdean, that in all things you are upheld, supported, encouraged and blessed. Your will is that His will be done, that peace, prosperity and brotherly love reign in the hearts of every human being. Our goals are the same. It is not selfish in a negative sense for you to desire what is good for you, for this contributes to your joy which contributes to the well-being of others.


We are making great strides in Correcting Time in spite of the controversy, in spite of the fears. The most effective work we have been able to do has been in the hearts of those who believe in the Mission, in Correcting Time, for they have been willing to clean house. Their souls are at peace in the knowledge of our presence. Carry the knowledge of our viable presence in your life into your arena and make reference, calmly and sanely, of your relationship with spirit reality. Voice your methodology, share us with them. You are our spokesman, our mouthpiece. You will not be isolated in any event.


November 14, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings, my child. I am Tomas, your Teacher. Your presence is pleasing now that you have anchored yourself in spirit reality. Your circuits of late have been stressed maximally with anxieties and fears and excitement, one overlapping the other. In your moment with your Father you were impressed with the harmony inherent in His relationship with His creatures/creations when they are in open concourse with Him and this harmony may be likened to music in growth.


In a symphony it is not enough to hold your attention and interest if the notes are so similar as to induce ennui, but rise and fall and project a state of being, a challenge, a situation, a conquering, a resolution, an evening out, a leveling, a tinkling, a triumph, a resonance, and such, too, is the music of the life lived in harmony with Our Father's living presence.


Your adventure in living is to be compared more to the symphony than to the ditty, more to the concerto than the monotony of a simple tune. And how is this concerto, this symphony, this orchestration of your doing His will in your life to be accomplished? Through childlike faith that the Conductor will point His baton and guide each musician to play their notes at their appointed times, and in such cooperation, coordination, obedience, all members make their sounds and it is pulled together in a mighty triumphant noise of praise.


Your humble roll in this harmonizing is to play your simple tune as part of the master orchestration. It is not for you to write the music, master all instruments, write the score, and conduct, but to play the tune, the song which is yours. You come to know your song, your notes, by listening to His teaching, His guidance, sensing along the way which notes are not for you, which notes are not your instrument.


That which is yours vibrates within your soul in accordance with your voice, your size, your timbre, and your tonality. Sing your note, sing your song, resonate your sound harmoniously and, behold, it will converge with the notes of the other voices, the other instruments in a joyful noise of praise.


Remember in this harmonious, musical masterpiece, there are times when the drums are silent, when the cellos merge with the violins. There are times when the trumpets are overshadowing and larking with piccolos and lutes. These diversions in musical score are not to be looked at short-term and seen as illogical outbursts, but should be seen in the overall configuration, the light balancing the heavy, to create a swelling which ultimately reaches the peak, the resolution, the triumph.


The answer for you and for all other players is to know your notes, know your instrument, know when it is time for your pipe to play. You know when it is time to make your noise, to voice your note, clearly and with confidence, because you are led by the Conductor. You know the score. You trust the talents of your peers all the way from the Conductor to the ragamuffin who turns out the stage lights at the end of the show. All these roles, voices, are important. One no more than the other. The drum with its mighty roar, and the harp with its gentle strum.


So play your note, Gerdean, feel in the orchestration of the great musical score when it is time for your note to be played, then play your note clearly and with confidence, knowing that it is in accordance with the harmonious superstructure masterminded by the Master. Play your note joyfully, in faith that you can hear with ears to hear the need for your note at just that time. Stay sensitive to the Conductor. Stay sensitive to the crescendo, to the mounting wave of instruments, in harmony, even in seeming conflict, in harmony to the master ear.


November 20, 1993


ADRIAN: Good evening, little sister. I am Adrian. You are gracious to accept me into your circuit. I have been observing your study of late of your quandary with material possessions, your decision making or lack of decision making in regards to your material possessions, treasures and stuff. You have asked for aid and aid is at hand although it is not yet time to involve yourself with transposing materialism. Your job at this time is to prepare your psyche for change, to relinquish claims upon your agenda and overall to begin trusting your free flowing sense of being connected to Reality by and through your soul, in and through your spirit family.


Yes, Gerdean, let the dead bury the dead. Step up and out of what which is passing away and into that which is approaching. Regard this state of transition as adventurously and joyfully as your conservative nature will allow. At any rate, manifest good cheer. I am working with you, as is Trieste, as are we all, in the Lord's bandwagon. Be assured, be at ease, be at peace, little Agondonter.


November 21, 1993


TRIESTE: I am here to address your human aspects, your anxiety and fear in making this courageous decision to uproot from your home and venture forth in hope of finding creative peers, lovers of truth in Christ, and human companionship. You act as though you were not supposed to follow your heart, when you know full well you are to do just that. "Your heart's desires are good; to follow them is wisdom."


It is well the Pocatello group stands beside you and this is an aspect of your move which you have not given full consideration to. Your association with Bill and Virginia is almost all you know of that group. You know Rutha, you know Daniel, and you know this group is stable, mature, reverent and expanding.


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. I am Tomas. I have been your Teacher, I have been your companion and your friend these many fruitful months. I relinquish you freely in as much as you have your associates, Trieste and Adrian, fast beside you. I wanted to say, Gerdean, however, that it is important that you continue to maintain contact with the Teachers, with the Teaching Corp, for although Adrian is capable of contacting and ministering to you and to others through you, he is not a member of the Teacher Corp per se. All of us are teachers, each order has gifts to share. Please remain available for Teachers to work through you. Now will be a good time for you to earnestly make contact with the array of prospective Teachers who await assignment.


MANFORD: Glad am I to feel your willingness. Glad am I to have this occasion. I sense your disbelief. Manford is my name. I am different from Tomas. All Teachers are different as all mortals are different. Welcome to change. Making yourself available, your circuit available, gives us occasion to practice our craft and ultimately to manifest our wisdom through lessons outlined by the Master through Machiventa.


Remove yourself and allow me to speak. You study me as though I were a fish in a fishbowl. You peer at me as if I were a curiosity. I am, oddly enough, strange looking to you. I have been reared in another realm. I will wait.


I am not different in a racial sense. You would do well to not pay so much attention to how I am different as to how I am similar, and how we are the same. Here ye, snail, I am your elder brother. I slow down for you. Rise up for me. Yes, that is better. You are reaching now into mota planes.


TOMAS: This is Tomas. Do not fret, Gerdean, that you have failed, for you have not. You have only been reminded of the gulf between the human thinking and morontia thought. You were not expecting it. This is the value of speaking with other teachers, for you and I have become comfortable.


Continue, proceed, maintain your faith. There is no harm in trusting your perception of spirit reality. Have we not helped you in your cosmic problem solving, in your sense of isolation, in your personal soul growth? Even if we turned out to be abstract fantasy, which we are not, you have benefited by the association, as are all others who encounter our methods.


I am your supernal Teacher, humble servant, ever available to you, Gerdean, should you but call. Farewell.


December 6, 1993


TOMAS: You have been confused and defensive and fearful as a result of having made a decision.... These readings and urgings are not designed to confuse you or cause you to react negatively, but to lead you into realms of happiness and joyous functioning.


This venture, upon which you are embarking, is indeed a large step in many ways for you, Gerdean, and is providing you now an opportunity to begin to regard your eternal career as an adventure for whereas you have your things and your peculiar innate interests, these are God's gifts to you and you are right to want to present His gifts to His children through your personality expression and your creative expression. These gifts which you have touched upon are ripening for development and further use are your destiny also.


Your concerns about your self-will running rampant are only concerns because your ego is altogether unaccustomed to operating fully, and happily, as a divine child of God in your own right. Only when ego is bent on self-destruction and therefore destruction of truth, beauty and goodness, on destroying, or refusing to foster further communication and devotion to God, and to spirit reality, is it not wise. Your identity now, Gerdean, is sufficiently healthy to withstand and forestall any minor stumbling blocks. You are led by the spirit. You are devoted to Michael and to bringing light and life to His children. You realize the value of fellow religionists and you respect the relationship of man and woman. Your going forth into your life is not self will run riot, but rather your opting to live your life which is as Michael would have it, as He needs your personality expression, your creative manifestation of His love to His children through you and in your own way.


Remember only, daughter, as you present your face to your future, to always acknowledge His power, His strength, His undying, eternal love and kindness and mercy for His beloved children and your beloved brethren. Love is the answer, the message, the question. Love is. Proceed in love and in joy and remember we are with you, as we are family, as we have discussed before. You must not exclude us from your plans and dreams and aspirations, for we are part of it with you and occasionally we may have some cooperative or contributory things to say. Do not fear us.


DANIEL: I am Daniel, your friend, your Teacher, your neighbor in truth. Your visit recently to our base in Pocatello was witnessed and evidenced by all the Teacher Corp as developmental inasmuch as your loyalty to your Teacher was noted and made of record.


Your presence in the Pocatello area is an asset for our group and a statement to those who would care to observe that we are united in our efforts, endeavors, to congeal this living, loving spirit reality in our community, in the spirit community of men and women who have selected to follow Michael and to study under and with the Teachers of His Teacher Corp.


We look forward to the addition of love and energy forthcoming by the arrival of you, Gerdean, and your entourage of teachers.


TOMAS: I am Tomas, and it will come to pass, Gerdean, that you will not feel as though you were talking to yourself, but with the hosts. Rest well, daughter, and enjoy the morrow. Farewell.
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Date uncertain – mid-December


TOMAS: Greetings, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher in spiritual matters. It is said that nothing is excluded from spiritual matters and it is true that aspects of the spirit touch upon every phase of your temporal existence; emotional condition, intellectual situation, philosophic bent. Spirituality affects all that you do, all that you are, since it is the Source of you, all that you do, all that you are, and all that you become.


You are becoming. Becoming what? Becoming spiritized, actualized, morontiaized, realityized. You are becoming. You are undergoing a cyclic phase of change. In change, growth is desirable. Change for change, as in geographic, can be a bolster to the senses and an exercise in faith and yet geographic change is not actual growth. Growth is internal and actualizes into the environment those lessons and experiences born of one who has changed, who has grown, who has gained wisdom.


Your change, Gerdean, is largely geographic; however, your internal changes are affecting how you go about living your life in a situation where habits of long-standing are disrupted and therefore your changes are matters of accelerated adaptation. This creates an environment in your psyche of readiness to do, be, act, say, decide differently than by rote. Also, your placement in time and space is allowing you to reach more often and more earnestly for spirit guidance since your habits no longer control such a large part of your life. Think not that your habits will diminish in one smart journey and yet this sojourn represents the breaking of many habits of long-standing and many opportunities to grasp spirit reality and artistic and creative leads into the development of new and better habits.


Rely on the spirit, on guidance from the Teachers and from Michael, not that you will be told what to do, but you will feel in your Spirit of Truth, your soul, what feels most correct. In this way you, although imperfect, are traversing spheres, undergoing change. You are a mere mortal and therefore fallible and subject to confusion. Do not allow these natural effects cause you to falter. Do not berate your shortcomings, but rather ask and ye shall receive aid, solace and comfort.


Simplify your life. Do not carry all your old habits and burdens forward with you into your new life. Spare yourself the burden of things. Rather, retain tools for working in the field and in your field of creative endeavor. You will benefit much, Gerdean, from the faith of your fellow believers. You do well to seek nearness of other believers, followers, devotees of the Master. Praise Him in His good works, His greatness, His infinite love.


Stay in touch, Gerdean, while you go through these changes for there are certain unchanging elements of life, one of which is our friendship and communication which is ever available to you and indeed to all His children. Rest well. Be at peace. Farewell.


December 26, 1993


TOMAS: Greetings, Gerdean. I am Tomas, your Teacher. I am pleased to have these moments with you in the midst of your turmoil and illness as I have opportunity to convey to you that your illness is primarily a result of your mental condition and your subsequent lack of taking proper care of yourself. Your diet of late has been inadequate. It is beneficial to nourish the body as well as the spirit. Of course you understand this and yet you consistently fall short. You are nonetheless making progress, making strides and it is in the striving that you make points.


I am pleased you sought our company this evening. I am pleased you found your way back to your true nature, your true family. You have invested quite enough time and energy in this impending relocation. It is time you made a couple concrete decisions and be done with it. There are people who have need for you and you need be alert to their following you and you cannot be alert if you are obsessing over materialism. All things will fall into place, as you well know. Go easy on yourself.


January 2, 1994 - Pocatello Idaho


TOMAS: Greetings, daughter. I am Tomas, your Teacher, come to greet you in your new environs, your temporary assignment, a temporary way station in life, provided through the graciousness of P., our fellow apostle. It is not often one clamors for apostleship unannounced, uninvited, unencumbered and this lad has innocently asked to become one of our Master's workers in the field. His work in the field is already acknowledged, has already produced fruit. His kindness to you, Gerdean, has benefited us all as we have seen you rest and stabilize and begin anew your life in this new year, in this new location. Without his assistance, yes, you would not be thriving as we find you today, for although our Master provides all your needs, He provides them also through his children, his mortal family of believers who care for His flock, who tend to one another. Even now He is checking in on His flock.


We enjoyed sharing your new serenity tape music as it is inductive to free, full breathing. It is a fine gift, one which should benefit you daily for weeks to come and let me here state that we have observed your deep commitment now to smoke-free existence for your health's sake and we are supportive of your decision and will do all we can to divert you from your feeling of need for that dependency, that lesser, destructive dependency. Rely on us for we seek to help you. Remember our presence in your life.


As you feel each moment enter and radiate, experience that moment in conjunction with the moment before and the moment that follows will lend itself to a movement. In time those movements add up to the mounting crescendo we spoke of earlier. Learn to trust the patterns of energy that guide you to and from your day's visitations and duties. You will discover those times which have been safely blocked aside for meditation, or for visits, or for creative outpouring, and eventually will those times when you feel rambunctious enough to apply yourself to first walking, and becoming vigorous and whole. After you have found your health we will address your work. In the interim, yes, proceed as if you were on sabbatical and become attenuated, accustomed, to the feeling of the moment allowing the moment to lead you instinctively if you will into appropriate movement for today and today is sufficient unto itself.


We are pleased, Gerdean, that you have accomplished that which you set out to do, and that which we have found favor with and in, for your health had begun to deteriorate from the burdens passed upon yourself by your own conditioning. Reconditioning has already begun. The effects are already being manifest and already your wellness is becoming evident. Do not press your luck in this, child, for your health is still fragile. You have only experienced one day without poison. It will take many days, many, many, many, many days of reconstruction and effort to rebuild and renew yourself and your psyche to a place where you may begin to consider yourself in anything close to heated.


Ask your compatriots to contribute to your healing concepts. They are your family here and as in our Father's family we have genuine caring concern for one another, they are experienced in healing without self-consciousness. They are able and anxious to serve you. Allow them their familiarity; accept their familiarity. Learn to appreciate what familiarity is and can be, for this family of man in the family of God is the future, is light and life for Urantia.


Call your friend Rutha and her husband. Also call Kent and his wife and by all means call your peer PamElla and advise them all you have come home.


Rest, child, and savor the simple pleasures provided. We will speak again soon and often, my friend.






Footnote: Gerdean sojourned in Pocatello, Idaho, for two years with Tomas who taught in tandem with Teacher Daniel, providing a new dimension of appreciation for what might be expected from these delightful and irreplaceable Friends. At the end of two years, Tomas was assigned to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Teacher Base where he taught for four years, making inroads into Canada, the Northeast United States and the Scandinavian countries.


Gerdean and her partner/husband Angus Bowen compiled and edited for production Teacher Tomas’ “Fruits of the Spirit” in 1999 before sojourning with Tomas to Teacher Elyon’s base of operations in the Northwest TeaM and revisiting the Spokane TeaM in Washington. They now live in New Mexico where Tomas currently teaches. His many hundreds of lessons are available in the Teaching Mission Archives.