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Elyon; Michael; Light - Family Associations - Relationships - Nov 09, 2008 - North Idaho
No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Michael, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
November 09, 2008

Prayer: Divine Parents, we have such profound gratitude for all that you bring us, for your presence in our lives and particularly in this moment. Join us in the expression of our gratitude for perhaps your greatest gifts to us, your gifts of each other. These cherished gifts that you have provided for us bring us such strength that we rely on these gifts of each other every step of the way. We begin to realize they are your expression of love, the one to the other, they are always here with us, they are one of us and so let us see these gifts that you bring to us, these gifts of each other as such an expression of yours. We thank you for this form of gift and invite you to drink this cup of joy that is overflowing between us. We are profoundly grateful for this one as well. Thank you Divine Parents for all of your children, thank you.

Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. I would take a deep drink of this cup of appreciation as well for truly the journey an eternal career is made complete by virtue of association for what is a family if not grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren, aunts and uncles.  Relationship is what brings meaning and depth to the experience. It provides a sense of belonging, a safe place to be nurtured and the foundation of strength as they venture out from this association and create additional associations around them.

Likewise, we have created this association between us and chosen family of sorts and I dare say each of us has found this association beneficial in their own experience for we have come together under a common purpose with a common desire to pursue spiritual growth, awareness and awakening and together we provide each other support and comfort and peace throughout this process. We may share in each others triumphs and as well, we may help to shoulder the burden of hardships.

In this way we have formed this powerful family that will be there in support of all of its members. This phenomenon of coming together in families, in groups, in organizations, even in political parties provides the members great strength and support that they might only find when in association with a larger group for as you have just seen in your elections, it is but one person, one vote and yet collectively there is assembled great strength and power, one person, one vote at a time.

So all may benefit from coming together under a single idea or pursuit and in so doing draw the support of all the others in the group. This group then has a life of its own and this connection that the individual has to the group brings each individual additional strength and life that are as a direct result of this association. The drop is related to the ocean but when it is connected to the ocean as part of the larger group it may be a powerful force for tides and waves by virtue of the working together of the group even though there was but a drop, an individual at one point, when connected and working together there is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

And so it is that we come together at times like this to build a base of support, to provide a place where we may be nurtured in our common desires to explore and to find spiritual truths and then to bring these spiritual truths through our mental observations and understandings and manifest them in our material experiences. We are here to support each other in this process and to offer the value of our collected presence to each and every individual in this process.

So at times when you lack inspiration, you may come to this well and seek it and draw it up. At times when you may lack conviction of your ideals, again, you may come to this sanctuary of safety and be provided with additional assurance and if your burdens appear too heavy you may as well, bring those to such a place as would offer to help and provide you again with strength and certainty that you will be all right and all will be well in the end. This is the value of association.

No man is an island to themselves. This is considered severe punishment for any individual to be isolated and alone without the help of any group or association. And so we do honor our associations with our various groups and families because we see that there is such value inherent in such association that we are thankful for this gift of each other in this process for when one may be weak, another may be strong and when one may inspired, another may take up such inspiration and when one approach may seem to fall short of the ideal, another approach may be offered.

These truly are examples of the grace that is inherent in this gift of all these little fragments of the First Source and Center coming together under a common purpose. This does not mean that there is always peace and harmony within any group or association but the contrast that is present, is as well very useful and significant for that is the beauty of the Father fragmenting Himself into so many different and unique personalities.

This graces you all with different perspectives and levels of awareness to utilize in your association with them. Contrast is always necessary in the choosing of your direction and so we bless even those who we disagree with or take exception to for providing us contrast and as well we bless those who we can relate to for as well providing us contrast. All these are as gifts from the First Source and Center and through each and every one of you.

So I do join you in recognizing the grace in the form of all these varied and distinct expressions of the Father and of the Sons. We are indeed grateful for each other and on that note I would conclude my remarks in gratitude and step back to allow this cherished form for use by others, farewell.

Michael: [Cathy] I have a few words from Michael: Rejoice in the opportunities for change on this planet as events move forward in an attempt to move this world toward love and light, your part is to hold your ideals and live in love and joy. When outside events are surging around you propelled by the choices of others, your part is to maintain a participation without becoming overly involved in judgement about the appropriateness of situations or others choices.

You have the ability to frame events in a perspective of love and cooperation. As events unfold there may be times of uncertainty and question. It is important for you to hold the ideal of love before you and focus on the positive steps that are opened up by the actions of others around you. In all things you are assured that you are held in the over care of your loving parents and the universe they have created.

These tumultuous times are only a passing phase in the correcting time on this world, a beginning for the new world that we are creating together. Be assured that we can see a larger vision and all events are proceeding to positive affect. We are most pleased that you are proceeding to remain as requested in a calm and grounded place within the tumult of changing scenarios and physical situations. Your intention to remain strong will serve you well through the coming changes. Proceed in joy and be of good cheer.

Light: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I step forward to  join you in voice, I am Light. All this discussion of belonging and association and family has brought me to acknowledge the joy that I have in association with this group. Truly it is of supreme value, this association we have together, now, in time and space and yet eternally valuable and secure. It is hard to fathom how something which we all have come to accept as routine and normal in our experience is in fact so enduring and cosmically real that we may fail to recognize what is truly significant in our experience but association with others and genuine affection for others are some of those foundational conditions which will be part of our treasured soul experience for all time.

The details of what is done and how long it takes and what the results are of life's work, they all fall away and how much money you had or how you navigated your way through this crisis or that are but the effects of what is a much greater cause and this cause, this nucleus of your being contains within it the aspects of significance, such as the foundations that you build in association with those whom you choose to grow close to in this life experience.

These associations form your nucleus of self and are what bring you the strength and the desire to navigate through any circumstance in life in the manner you choose. So in this way it is quite true that you are creating this powerful nucleus of self and that no matter what transpires in life out there, it is this nucleus of self that will determine the outcome to any circumstance because of the approach you will use to navigate through the circumstance.

This nucleus of self is then the cause to the subsequent effect that this nucleus will have on any subsequent life experience. Once your nucleus has grown strong and secure then it is easy to project that you will navigate through any and all life experiences with a certain projection and there will be a certain result achieved in each and every case. Though the details will vary greatly as life brings you circumstances and opportunities, the results of your navigating these details is a projection from your center, from your nucleus, from your island of stability.

If you begin to see that your strength is this nucleus of self, then you begin to see that all out there is just a manifestation of steps that you would take and choices that you would make all based upon the projection from this center. As your center grows in awareness and spiritual certainty, your cause and effect is more clearly discernible to you and invariably you will begin to notice that no matter what the individual details of circumstances may be, you have the ability to navigate through them and even transform them by virtue of your directed intention for details and facts are simply details and facts.

You are growing to learn it is not about the details and facts, they do not dictate how you should react, how you could react or how you would react, rather they are details and facts to be reacted to as you will choose in the moment. No two individuals will have identical reactions to the same facts and details which further illustrates that they are not the determining factor but it is rather the one who reacts to them and how they react, is in the end a matter of choice determined by your nucleus of self.

As this grows and changes, your choices reflect these changes and your apparent control over these outcomes is made more evident. The Master made the statement that is well known: "To those who know of the kingdom within, what should it matter if all things earthly perish"? This referred to the secure center, the nucleus of self who knows of the kingdom within and the grace and the love and then projects that out to all circumstances, even to the perishing of the earth and sees that there is grace inherent in all things.

So it is, we are growing our centers and our awareness of the kingdom and it becomes easier for us to interpret facts and details based upon this awareness and understanding to the point where we may grow to such a level of security that we too can say, what should it matter if all earthly things fail!  I realize this is a statement of a Master but you are all becoming masters and so we should look to this inspiration of one of our family members to bring us additional conviction that this is so.

Thank you all for being part of this group of my association, of our association. It does bring me strength and I join you in gratitude for the strength it brings all of us. Truly it is one of our greatest gifts. Thank you each one and thank you Father for the gifts of each other and the gift that we are all one. I bid you all have a joyous week and perhaps drink deeply of the cups of all your different and varied associations as they are all [gems] and gifts to be collected and cherished. Be at peace and be in love, good by.