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Samuel  of Panoptia - A World Currency - Nov 01, 2008 - Progress Group
Illawarra District, Australia, November 1, 2008.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “A World Currency.
Received by George Barnard.
Note: Our request directed at Samuel (any of our Teachers, really) required for him to check and see if he could converse with us about the subject.  It took some time for us to get some form of OK from On High as it is somewhat of a digression from the normal lessons.  This lesson is based on Samuel’s personal opinion, and his observations alone, and not typical of the Melchizedek prepared lessons for the 11:11 Progress Group and their lists.
Samuel: “Only in your wildest imaginings can you come close to visualizing the happenings, workings, and routine on a planet that is in Light and Life.  Indeed, you are far from achieving Light and Life, and the Correcting Time has yet a long way to run on Urantia.
“Light and Life is a time when brother assists brother, when borders to a country no longer exist, when religion, because of available information and the absence of myth, is almost identical from one place to another.  Only spirituality remains an individual perception of the Creator Father and life in higher realms.  Indeed, my students, you are a long way from achieving Light and Life.  One of the important matters would be for you to acquire a common language, at least a lesser number of predominant languages worldwide.  Another important matter would be that all are taken care of regarding food and shelter, and that offensive and defensive weapons will have virtually disappeared, to perhaps be exhibited as museum pieces only.
“On this earth, at this time, as a lesser number of main languages have come into use, there is an opportunity for you to work towards a common, worldwide currency.  The power of men’s minds to come up with a method of exchange is great, because a common currency is, and remains, a necessity on virtually all planets.  Right at this time there is a possibility for a new monetary system to be inaugurated, and we may simply call it ‘a hybrid’ to be established, and used worldwide.
“For paper money; simple IOUs, to have any value whatever, it must be attached to worldly goods, and chances are that in a very short space of time you will see a new currency that is attached to, perhaps oil, metals, or grains -- items that are of daily use -- more likely a basket of these essentials.  Such a system would be much more stable, and such a system is in common use on many planets that I know of.
“We know of your interest in economics.  It is a pleasure for me to give you my personal view.  This is your Teacher Samuel.  I thank you for your time and concentration.  Until we meet up again.”
George: “Thank you Samuel.”
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