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Elyon; Unknown; Ham; Monjoronson; Olfana; Evanson - You Are A Series of Systems - Apr 06, 2008 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. You Are A Series Of Systems,
  2. Breath, Love,
  3. Balance of Systems,
  4. Be Of Cheerful Demeanor,
  5. The Universe As The Breath Of God.

Teachers: Elyon, Unidentified, Ham, Monjoronson, Olfana, Evanson.

April 6, 2008

* Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you this morning, Elyon here to play a little more with some of these analogies being given. In your discussion about what constitutes your physical vehicle, you observe that you are a series of systems and that you require a rather constant flow of nourishment through these systems to maintain the existence of your vehicle, in fact, it might be said of your vehicles that they are energy-to-waste plants, that is, energy in so many forms is brought and synthesized in your vehicle, used up, as it were, and passed on as waste much as the vehicles that you drive now require constant service to maintain the many systems on board that require service maintenance and energy flow through them. But just as like the vehicle that you maintain and service, there is a separate component of the driver operator, and in your discussions about health issues and issues related to your physical bodies, you also recognize that there is a driver of the vehicle, and this driver has supreme latitude over the functioning of the vehicle, what it will be asked to do and how it will be maintained along the route. When one wishes to keep their vehicle in good operating order they will pay greater attention on the demands placed on the vehicle and the service offered to the vehicle because it is well known that energy is required to operate and as well service and maintenance are required to keep systems operating smoothly.

All this is going on on a daily, hourly, and minute by minute level, and all the while you the operators of the vehicles are choosing which route you will take and how you will treat your vehicles. There exists in the glove box an entire manual of the perfect way to interact and interface with your vehicle. It is a complete operator's manual to be discovered and used to enhance your relationship, not only with your current vehicle but any future vessels that you might have en route to your release of the need for any vessel to facilitate your transportation. It is a treat to observe your discoveries of how your most basic systems may be utilized to bring your awareness into the present moment. Your discussion of the importance of the breath is highly relevant as a tool that can be used for you to return yourselves to a state of awareness that you have built in the process of returning yourself to this state of awareness. This tool is so highly effective because it is the constant background noise in your journey in this vessel and is easily overlooked.

But if you bring it more to the fore and focus your attention on it you discover that it is a powerful carrier of your intention as well and that you can influence your environment by your deliberate focus of your intention on this automatic pattern of the universe, thereby changing the very nature of this automatic response into one of intentional effort. I encourage you to pursue your investigation of this potent avenue to be used in your discovery of the mastery of the vehicle to most suit the will of the driver. Thank you. I now allow this forum to be utilized by others. Farewell.

* unidentified (Kathy): In the living body there is constant renewal of cells and organs. The breath of life is integral to the process of renewal and removal of unnecessary chemicals. Breathe fully and your physical machine will function at much higher levels. You can enhance your physical and spiritual well-being by breathing deeply. In all action of the body the breath is a key component. You are blessed with an additional aspect of the spiritual that accompanies the breath of life. Your physical form is intended for full function, and deeply held breaths will enhance function of all body systems.

* Ham (Jonathan): Greetings to you. I am Ham. You discuss breath; I will follow your train of thought and liken love to breath. As you in-breathe you receive oxygen which nourishes you and is carried to the many cells that compose your body. As you out-breathe you carry away spent nourishment, toxins. But these are only toxins from your perspective, and in the ecology of your world these are nutrients to other life forms. So the exhausting breath is not a negative element.

There are souls who fear love, for they have had the unfortunate experience of not finding it when seeking it and therefore turned bitter toward it, the failure of in-breathing. There are those who have expressed love greatly, but the continual exhaling has also left them exhausted. True love is as reciprocal as your breathing. In order for breath to be effective it must be taken up by the body. One knows that merely holding air in the lungs is not good enough to benefit from breath. So with love, it must flow into and out from. Your lungs are like a bay in an ocean; they are in reality exterior to you, just as your digestive tract is like the hole in a doughnut; it is still exterior to you. Things pass through or by you and you take up into your more internal body. Sometimes love can be mistaken as community; the love of members of church, for instance, the love of family.

Yet there are souls who can be alone even in such environments. This you might liken to the passing through of food that does not get digested. It appears to be within but yet not taken up. When you speak of the nourishment received through the ingestion of air or foods, you speak of it as assisting you, of contributing to your life. You know, however, biologically that these nutrients feed not you but every cell and the organs that these cells make up, and then the body that these organs make up and thereby the self which the body contains. Love likewise penetrates through the levels of your being to the very center of yourself and is likewise expressed outwardly from that core. It is not pulled from a pocket; it is brought from deep within.

Unlike your physical form where you have certain apertures from which to take in and give out those substances you require and no longer need, love pours forth and comes into you in a spherical fashion from all directions and outward into all directions. Love then is like light and spreads as does light and as does air filling every void. There is the breath of life and there is the breath of love. It is a spiritual respiration. Good day to you all.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, this is Monjoronson here to take a little more journey down the road in this discussion about vehicles. You are aware that there are many systems operating in the vehicles you currently drive and that of necessity it is required that all these systems be operational for you to drive in your cars. If any one of these systems is not maintained and operational it can cause the entire system to crash. It may mean you overheat or lose your brakes or ruin your motors, but in some way if any of these systems is not supported they will cause the demise of the entire system.

Likewise of course your physical bodies are as well a collection of systems that operate and likewise they are all dependent on each other to function. If any one of these systems is out of balance or out of alignment it will have an impact on the remaining systems, even to the collapse of the entire organism. An organism is simply a collection of systems into an organization all dependent upon one another for their collective survival. Therefore is your body a living organism because all of your systems are functioning in balance and in more or less harmony with each other. When this ceases to be the case you experience disease in your physical structure as a result of being out of balance where one of your systems is not functioning up to par. Likewise do you exist in a collective organism that is a system that is gathered together for its collective survival. You bring yourselves together in a society, and a system is formed for the support of the organism. Your cities could not exist were it not for the carefully calculated infusion of those aspects required to support life and operate the various systems. The water is supplied; the waste is removed; the food is transported to the proper locations to support the functioning organism that is a city.

Likewise of course this analogy can be expanded to include your states and your nation and eventually all peoples of the world. These are all examples of systems within systems, all dependent upon other aspects for their combined survival. Therefore no system can be seen as unimportant or less important because all these systems are required for the functioning of the organism or the organization of systems. So when we consider our individual spheres of influence or individual personal physical vehicles, we should consider what is necessary to achieve and attain a balance necessary for all of our subsystems to thrive and be nourished and encouraged in their respective roles.

While it is good to consider each system separately at times to fully explore its dimensions, we also realize that there are a number of systems we are dependent upon both individually and collectively and that all these need to be considered to maintain a proper balance. Thank you for your attention to all these details. It is fascinating to be with you as all these discoveries are embraced. Thank you.

* Olfana (Kathy): Be of cheerful demeanor as you breathe deeply of life and love. Be aware of others in your sphere of influence that you may bring them more into balance with the entire system. Bless you all.

* Evanson: Hello to you, this is Evanson and I offer a visualization for meditation. You have been speaking of respiration and have emphasized the value of conscious awareness of breath and noted the benefits derived from such attention both physically and in a spiritual dimension. Imagine yourselves as many atoms that make up the air you breathe, and imagine the entire universe as the breath of God, and know that God's attention is on His breath, that the grace of God is ever-present, ever attentive, and ever aware of every one of us. This adds another perspective to the phrase: in Him we all live, move, and have our breathing.