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Elyon; Rayson; Personal Guardian; Nebadonia - Divine Presence - Dec 23, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Divine Presence,
  2. Gather Your Light,
  3. Help Of Guardian Angel,
  4. Michael's Bond,
  5. The Eye Is The Lamp Of The Body.

Teachers: Elyon, Rayson, Kathy's Guardian Angel, Nebadonia.

December 23, 2007

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, Elyon here. I extend my love to you and welcome this opportunity for fellowship.

You who search for truth and attained goodness in your being as a result of your growth have learned to follow what is, in your legend, the star that guided the wise men, and that is your own inner light, the Father's Presence, the Pilot Light. It is this Presence that ignites all the passions toward attainment of high spiritual destiny.

But unlike a star that, no matter how long you walk towards it, it stays remote and out of reach, this light becomes closer and nearer all the while. Soon you come to understand that this light that radiates upon you is radiating through you, and you learn to project this luminosity for others to be warmed from, to witness the reality of spirit presence. And you become a light anchor, a pole for the focalization of energy. It can create uncertainty in the human mind to experience this transfer of spirit energy and light and recognize at the same time your human condition and frailties, but I assure you that you are worthy to be the conduit of such, for it has a cleansing and correcting effect upon the one to whom it is transferring. One need not be attained or perfect to be sought after as a channel for such energy, for the energy is corrective in itself. It is a practice-makes-perfect undertaking. You know that the divine Presence within is so near to you that it is almost impossible to see, for you are really unable to step back to notice it objectively.

When you choose to allow that presence to radiate from you, you remove a slight film of separation and you witness the manifestation of divine spirit. It comes in the form of harmony, of connection with others. It manifests as peace. It emboldens you with a stronger faith. It truly does make you feel that you can move mountains. The agelong quest of mankind has been to realize this presence, and yet all the while mankind tells itself that it's unworthy for such, and therein maintains the separation. But just as the sun shines upon all things be they good or bad, so the divine

Presence radiates through all, and the brilliance of that radiance is determined by your synchronicity with the Presence. The more open you are, the brighter the light. When you are downcast, merely the thought, the expression of the desire to radiate that light, will be uplifting; for you will allow the flow to begin and for its healing and adjusting properties to take place.

* Rayson: This is Rayson, good to be with you. This is a wonderful troupe. You have made yourself fit by many years of spiritual exercise, and you are capable of performing tasks required by the spiritual administration upon your world. I assure you that your skills and talents will be put to use in short time.

You recognize the closing of a year cycle, and it is noteworthy that such a close of a cycle is considered a time of celebration and holiday, a pause after the tasks of the year gone by. It is a time to collect yourself and prepare for the journey forward. Urantia is progressing well, but it does so by the nudging and prodding of those spiritually minded mortals who are not content merely to be at peace with themselves but also to bring peace to the whole world. So, gather your light in combination and forge ahead into the future. Make the way known for others.

Dispel the sense of unattain- ability through the demonstration in your own self of the assuredness of spirit contact, communion. Let it be known that goodness and light reign supreme and that darkness and error are fleeting, impermanent. Demonstrate the magnificent power of that goodness. We teachers have come to your world, not because it was the most troublesome sphere, but because of its great potential. Just as a human being has character traits, each planet has characteristics which make it unique and situated favorably for certain positions in universe organization. You are told how these realms of time and space will be training stations for those who will hale from beyond Supremacy. Urantia holds certain traits beneficial for those who will traverse the realm of the Supreme.

So, myself and others like me are thrilled to be on assignment here on this world. Each of you is blessed to be born upon this planet. Now with your orientation, your consciousness of the greater network of cosmic beings, you are situated to advance this planet. While you look for instruction, remember also you are instructors, and your teaching may not be by word but more by example, or rather by state of being. You, the mortals of the world, are the most powerful and the best situated to bring upliftment. So I urge you to go forth, to charge ahead in confidence. You will be assisted and you will be corrected as well. So be assured of your well-being as you move into new realms of functioning.

Kathy: Earlier we were speaking of the seraphic guardians of destiny and their personal coordination of our nonpersonal spirits and prepersonal contacts. When we began the session I opened up and was thankful we have this help and happy to have my guardians helping me. I received a response.

* Kathy's guardian seraphim (Kathy): We are pleased to be always with you in this journey. It is sometimes difficult to reveal to you our presence due to the difference in our mindal circuitry. Always we strive to connect you with the best help available for your next developmental level. If you take time in stillness we are able to be in the circuit with the Father. It is our pleasure to be assigned with you on this first step of your mortal journey. You have the ability to enhance our connection by focusing your intention. If you desire more contact, we will have enhanced capacity to coordinate your spirit originated contact. Many are the helpers available to assist you, and we are all eager to be of help. Continue to look for us, and we will be available. We feel a closeness that you cannot miss if you look for us. It is our pleasure to contact you today.

* Nebadonia (Jonathan): Nebadonia here, as always. Join me in the celebration of Michael's sovereignty. Your world played a significant role in that attainment, as he incarnated here. While you recognize his gifts left here from his sojourn, I assure you that he has benefited greatly from his encounter with those very much like yourselves who lived at the time he did. There is an affinity among you and him, a bonding that surpasses all dimensional differences.

You may struggle to span the chasm between high beings and yourself to make more definite certain contact, but with Michael and myself those barriers are no longer. Our spirit is fully infused with you, and it has been adjusted and downstepped to resonate with you by way of Michael's bestowals. I cannot describe how, but his experience of living has made that possible, for he went from one who was other to one who is you. So when we say we hold you in our arms, we mean that we are fully intertwined into your being, and that is our love. May you all rest and be energized. May you be invigorated by the Spirit of Truth as it pours over you and through you. May others be uplifted by your kindness and your loving concern. I look forward to the day of radiance when you are in my home on Salvington. But as you know, I do not wait for that time; I am here with you now and enjoy our communion. Accept who you are, for I accept who you are. Be your unique self. Do not make the futile attempt to be other than who you are naturally.

It is the natural unfoldment of your personality that will lift you higher, not the assuming of a stance or position that is not natural. When you follow the natural course, when you allow your traits to unfold, you create a snowball effect and find easily that your ideals of who you can be are attainable. They are reachable because they already belong to you in the
natural order of your unfoldment. Be all the love you are, my children. Be all the love.

* Elyon: This is Elyon again. You may be experiencing a peace of mind and may not be desiring to give me a piece of your mind, but I do offer the opportunity to you before we bring our meeting to a close.

Jada: The Urantia Book quotes Jesus as saying, "The eye is the lamp of the body. If the eye be generous the whole body will be filled with light." How does this relate to our topic? How do we understand the "eye"?

* Elyon: The eye is much like the lens or globe put over light. It is in itself reflective. It is transparent enough for light to pass but dense enough to cause light to scatter and spread. It is a medium for the manifestation of light which may travel unnoticed until it does strike an object. But it is not obscuring; it allows passage. Michael spoke of making that eye single, and he referred to that focus which allows the light to concentrate and become more forceful in its illumination, its brilliance. I have spoken of radiating that light today. Jesus spoke also of receiving that light, and that eye is not the physical eye but the aperture to the soul that sees on a level beyond your terrestrial world. When that eye is filled with light you are indeed full of that luminosity.

Paul: Is that not the eye spelled e-y-e as well as "I"?

* Elyon: Yes.

Paul: Thank you very much.

* Elyon: I will let you go. May that pure light within you guide your way on, and we will meet again. Farewell.