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Councils of Unity - Being Safe - Nov 16, 2007 - Helenita, York, PA

T/R:Helena Zeigler


by Helenita Ziegler for the January 2008 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

S-O-L Being ‘safe’ is different from being ‘saved.’ You heard the message very clearly and proceeded to prove the premise. As per usual you looked at the derivation of both words which, you were surprised, came from the same roots: Latin salvus, salvare, to save. Then you saw, "see sol-in Indo-European roots." You continued your discovery and googled SOL. The seriousness of your adventure brought a smile to your face with: slang for shit outta luck, since that lately had been your perception of your life. Looking further you were pinged with the music reference, the fifth tone of the diatonic scale. Aha, sound is being used more and more in healing. Now you were onto something, or so you thought. We allowed you to continue. Sol is an old French coin, a colloidal dispersion of a solid in a liquid. Was this your scientific link that you have been combining in your articles? Then you read, "an ancient Roman god, personification of the sun, counterpart of Greek Helios, the sun." This was derived from another base word meaning, "to shine."

You then came upon something different, a type of computer language which you didn’t fully understand, but kept investigating: Simulation Oriented Language – An symbolic language for general purpose system simulation. A man even wrote a book on the subject, obviously not destined to be on your bookshelf! Another definition of this had a different twist: Semantic Operating Language for manipulating semantic networks for building cognitive models, particularly for natural language understanding. This was clear as mud to you.

Your friend, who is more knowledgeable in this area, tried to explain it for you. It is a "Modeling of systems, such as manufacturing systems, that can be achieved using a number of tools and techniques one of which is simulation. Or put another way, simulation is the technique of building a model of a real or proposed system so that the behavior of the system under specific conditions may be studied. One of the key powers of simulation is the ability to model the behavior of a system as time progresses. During the experimental phase the models are executed (run over time) in order to generate results. The results can then be used to provide insight into a system and a basis to make decisions on." After you reread it over and over, the underlined words jumped out at you…time.

Aha, the shift in process (i.e. 2012) involves the collapse of time, too. Was this the direction you were being pointed toward? You realized that somehow all the scientific SOL rhetoric also referenced the sol of the ancients, the sun. In your quiet time you got the message, "Simulated is not false or artificial. Do you see?" And you replied, "No." Along the way you also realized the sound of sol was very close to sole / soul. Was this then the direction you were to pursue? The sole purpose of the soul? Safe, saved, protection from, rescued, revived? "Deliver us from evil" that you heard prayed in church?

Next came the message, "You can’t go back. You only can repair the present." Then your monthly channel talked about the shape of the sun disk resting in the horns, the Egyptian symbol of the feminine, the Holy Grail of the Middle Ages. The golden light expanding within the vessel (back to the ancient sol).

Also from your transcript, "This is the completeness of you. It is the soul key but that word however connects very powerfully to sole which means singular, alone. So this place is truly in the vessel, the grail, the cauldron, womb ….the feminine link carried forth symbolically as ancient writings connect you in the seal of the vibration in the heart, powerfully, upright into the heart. Some of you leap into the golden light, expanding. A different mode of connecting that you can access… blending of different perspectives. Body shifting, headaches forming. Go to the place you know and are remembering… your heart as you shift subtly but emphatically. This soul part of you, the indigenous link, connects with different energy portals and you move within them to the time before. Release words and sit and relax in vibrations of present."

You were presented with so many divergent paths to study, as the reader can also do. All of it is blending. The circuitous path you walked through these words, from sol to SOL, finally linked you, the ancient of you with the current scientific you. This, then is the purpose of your sun as a portal to your solar system, in the human, the heart of it all. Sol, however you look at it, is a universal language, which translates cosmic information into a uniform communication system, not false or artificial or even simulated, but yet all of it too. The conundrum continues.

You only can know what you have already remembered And you only can remember that which you already know.

Helenita Ziegler and Councils of Unity © 2007, York, PA

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