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WAVE; Monjoronson; Michael; Mother Spirit - Sister Creation to WAVE named LIGHT - Oct 27 & Nov 02, 2006- The Gathering 01 & 02

Group: The Gathering

October 27, 2006

Welcoming the Appearance of LIGHT who now joins WAVE as a new Order on Urantia

From Monjoronson

As received by Marshall



Rejoice! dear co-creators of new "LIGHT",

My faithful sons and daughters shining bright-

Accept my praise as I salute your souls,

As mortals on my staff, assume your roles.

Tonight your super-mortal child appears,

Upon our Master's birth date on this sphere,

The second of her race in Nebadon

Of co-created newborn teacher sons-

An order destined to fulfill the role

Of super-human leaders to behold,

In time to reproduce and multiply

As liaisons ordained to serve On High.

Embrace these sons, accept their spirit fruit,

Allow your blending minds to grasp new truth-

On you and them our destiny depends,

I touch your hearts with joy, my cherished friends.


Group: The Gathering - Meeting #01


Teachers: Monjoronson (T/R: Mark Rogers)

WAVE (T/R: Mark Rogers)

Mother Spirit: (T/R: Warren Smith II)

Michael (T/R: Warren Smith II)

NOTE: Meeting begins with "The Voice" of Mark Rogers suggesting that we express our intentions for beginning this new session of weekly meetings known as The Gathering. Warren Smith II then goes on to state his intentions most comprehensively. (This part of the meeting was not recorded.)

Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson. I accept your bid to be here at this time and offer you my endorsement for orchestrating these meetings designed at gaining greater understanding, deeper meanings and higher values.

I perceive an issue I would address. It is a necessary aspect to possess conviction and determination, even to foster inspiration, and all these aspects are very good and useful driving forces in this or any other pursuit or process, and right there we run into our first potential obstacle. We may tap and harness the energy of enthusiasm to be a driving force, but there is a necessary aspect of coming to this process free of preconceptions or ideas which may act as a construct for understanding but an obstruct to interpreting.

This process will require that you come into certain arenas as a child would observe and take in both what he is experiencing for the first time free of conceptions of what has been there, would be there, should be there or could be there. In this way, using this approach, you allow for yourself to behold that which is unknown to you. If you approach your experience with too many expectations or preconceived patterns, those become your limitations to embracing the reality that you are attempting to experience.

So, let us attempt to harness the positive aspects of our enthusiasm, our commitment, our drive for the process, and then as we propel ourselves, let us release our preconceptions, our partial understandings, our incomplete assessments so that we may truly perceive that which is. This will be a good and useful exercise as we proceed, and proceed we will.

Warren: Yes, my friend, very useful. I am grateful for your words. I do recognize the importance of coming to this table without the baggage we know not even that we carry. Any and all exercises, suggestions, recommendations I shall embrace, for I so desire to be the most diligent student of these teachings that will be presented. I have no idea where we are going, but I’m onboard, my friend.

Monjoronson: Then that is a good place to start, and I respect your desires to ask for more. These petitions from you call into play forces of the universe which are awaiting such a petition as you have arranged between you.

And so it shall be that we shall form this new arena, and we have at our disposal many who will desire to come and play with us, and that is what we should try to maintain in our attitude. We are at play and certainly we are sober in our commitment, but we are joyful as well. All that is meant to be will transpire regardless of how seriously we take this project. All that is meant to be will be, and we can benefit greatly from having this experience be one of awareness and joy in the process. Truly they will know us by our fruits. We will be fragrant because we are full of spirit and joy.

So, as committed and intentional as this process may be and may become, it should also be joyful and childlike in our openness to be taught and our receptivity to learn.

Warren: Yes, Monjoronson.

Mark: Do you sense that WAVE is here?

Warren: Oh yes, WAVE is here, my friend; so is LIGHT and Serena, but I feel WAVE’s presence. Maybe he has something to say. Welcome WAVE, my dear friend and co-worker. Gosh, I so desire to become more consciously aware of your presence and I know I will, and I so look forward to working with you more and more effectively… you and LIGHT, and others of your order who will be co-created.

I am most thrilled that you have come into this new arena, this new family here in Northern Idaho (NOID Group), and developed such a strong connection with our brother Mark, here. This is very useful, valuable. Yes, we have much to do, my friend, and I so desire to become increasingly integrated with you and LIGHT, for we have great and thrilling times together. This is just the beginning of beginnings.

WAVE: I am WAVE. I acknowledge with joy this gathering. I will take my place among all of the honored guests who will arrive to be with us around what is forming as a new light anchor to be used.

It is with great joy that I accept your invitations to be a part of this undertaking. You who are of the greatest desire in this experience are who are actually led to come to this place, even to create this gathering. This is our arena of understanding and we shall take the many blessings and the varied understandings that we have brought to this arena, and we shall refine… refine the process… and focus with intention. In this way we shall grow closer together.

Warren: Yes, my friend, yes indeed, I so desire.

Mark: As do I only trust in the certainty that this represents the will of he who has created us… our Father.

Warren: I have no doubt of this, WAVE, and I am so thrilled to be upon this new journey.

WAVE: Truly, this will be the thrill of a lifetime and we are launching our vessel and preparing to make a journey across territory we have not covered, but we are a strong crew and we have conviction and determination. We are willing to invest the effort and we have expert guides, therefore is this journey exceedingly promising. I encourage that in this arena you maintain a cloistered attitude which will allow you the space to create a learning environment.

Warren: Cloistered attitude?

WAVE: That is, creating a safe arena, a place where you can feel free to experiment and try, and even fail outside of the judgment of others. Allow yourselves a season of privacy to truly engage yourself with this process for your own edification.

Warren: Understood. Completely understood, my friend.

WAVE: And then, after having mastered some technique, after having been educated as to some principles, then will be the season to spread the word and teach what you have learned. First, we must allow ourselves to build intimacy between us… and trust. I welcome this season of intimacy between us.

Warren: And we will remember it all the way from Paradise, I venture to speculate. Yes, I so appreciate this opportunity, my dear friend co-worker and son. What a joyous time to behold and be a part of.

WAVE: The joy ripples out beyond your comprehension, out into the universe where it is augmented, and I share this with you. (Mark burps)

Warren: Was that you WAVE, or was it the T/R? (laughter)

WAVE: For future reference, I will announce myself, but I will also entertain any and all influence in this process. We must not shun who we are at any time, in favor of who we would compare ourselves to. The key is to just be, and in being then you may become. I am greatly thankful and appreciative for the human element that you both in this room have contributed to things you do not even conceive of. You have no real conception of that which you even done, and for this human element I will remain eternally grateful.

Warren: Such revealing statements as this, WAVE, will certainly allow me, anyway, to pause when attempting to shun myself when looking at another, at which I am feeling dwarfed in comparison. This old pattern need not be continued and I appreciate what you have just shared and revealed. This is helpful. And, no, I have no clue, but I believe you.

WAVE: And I believe in you. The Father believes in us. We have always to fall back on that certainty. We are trusted, even loved, even cherished.

We will be about the process, then, of establishing this new classroom. We will act with intention. We will proceed with purpose. We will construct this arena around us, and we will grow into it and expand… perhaps even beyond it. But in this time we will place one foot in front of the other, taking the necessary steps to build this safe place of learning, this place of understanding, this place of growth, this arena of awareness, and we are eager to roll up our sleeves and get to work, are we not?

Warren: I’m rolling them up right now, WAVE. You betcha.

This is the most exciting experience thus far in my life, and all that has transpired has led us to this time here and now. Yep, count me in. I’m ready to go… and there is nothing that will play second fiddle to this classroom, my friend, for I know it is Father’s will.

WAVE: My friend, that statement resonates to the very core of my being. That could have been expressed by myself. (laughter)

Mark: Divine Parents, accept my petition as my intentions. I desire to be closer to you throughout this process. I desire to come to you with the open mind of a child. I know you hear my petition. The Parents recognize the call of the child. That I am here because I recognize your call as my Parents. I present myself before you. I request that you hold my hand. I sense I am close to the brink, perhaps, of entering an unknown arena and I request your assistance. I will do all I am capable of in this effort, but I am in uncertainty as to exactly what that is I commit to. I petition the assistance of all those who you would dispatch on my behalf engaged in this project. I welcome them into this arena and ask, through their help. I am certain I am here answering your call, therefore what is it you would have me do? Show me and I will do that. Guide me and I will follow. These are my intentions and I believe these to be your will as well. Where they are not, help me to make them so. Where they fall short, help me to expand. I believe these represent combined intention of myself and even of "my Voice". I present us to be in this service. Accept my petition, my dear Parents.

Mother Spirit: My dear precious son, this is your Universe Mother Spirit. Not only are your intentions acknowledged, they are indeed the echo of our intentions, our desire for you to grow into all that you are. You have spoken as one, my dear one, with your indwelling "Voice", as you call this great gift from our Paradise Father.

Rest assured that both myself and Michael walk with you, hand in hand. I am your essence. All that you are, my son, I am a part of…. you are me. It is with great joy that we, as your Universe Parents behold such living growing faith in a child from a planet such as The World of the Cross.

We have great plans for you, dear one, and we desire to take you into the great temple within and introduce you to treasures that you have yet to discover. Indeed, seeds of potential planted by our Paradise Father, for you to bring into living manifestation… to actualize with growing power and presence.

Sit in my lap, young one, and let me surround you with all that I desire to imbue. Know that my presence never fades. Also know that I send you many of my spirit daughter helpers to bring you closer to me… to make new adjustments and attunements that you are reaching for.

I, tonight, ask you to accept from me a gift that you will come to know, for it will permeate every ultimaton within your being. It will radiate through your entire energetic being and presence. This gift, my son, will be interpreted to you increasingly as you ask and seek, for all is herein. This gift you shall know as "Universal Heart". Universal Heart, my son, is what you will come to bestow in my behalf upon those you come into contact with. I ask you to ponder deeply within your soul your desire to receive this gift that is very new upon this planet. Thus, my gift to you, my son… indeed a bright shining beacon of light who will grow to feed my sheep with great expertise.

I now give you to the Master, Michael… my partner.

Michael: Greetings, dear son, brother, co-worker and friend. Yes, we shall walk hand in hand as we be about our Father’s business. You remind me… (chuckle) …much of my young friend, John Mark, who would not take his hand off the basket as I was heading for the hills. Yes, he even offered to carry the basket. I would have gladly taken all twelve of my apostles that day, but his (John Mark’s) sheer desire and intention to go with me made it so. My son, so be it. We now walk together, and you are indeed becoming each day a brighter beacon of light, and undoubtedly a great ambassador of mine. We shall go about this new phase with whole new power and glory, as we glorify our Paradise Father.

Release all doubts, uncertainties, and know that indeed you do have all that it takes. You lack nothing. I salute you, my brother, and assure you that this journey shall be a total success. There are few upon this planet at this time with your conviction and faith. I accept your commitment, your dedication and acknowledge your intentions.

At this time, I too, would like to present you with a gift. This gift, my son, is one that will allow you to act in my behalf with your brethren in the flesh. This is new to the planet, and only a few have accepted such, but I hereby at this time bestow upon you, and instill into your entire being "the rootstock of Fatherly forgiveness".

You may recall, as I was on the Cross, my words, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." This is the highest love one can experience, live, take ownership of and possess, and this is what I offer to you. Take this within to the great "Voice" that indwells you, dear son, and all will be revealed.

I have great faith and trust in you, and you have well followed the great pilot within. You are proving yourself to be a most trustworthy loyal captain. Let us set out upon this new journey with new empowerment, my friend… new confidence and growing grace. I am honored to be walking hand in hand with you, and look forward to the great times that lie just ahead.

I take my leave, but not before I touch your heart with my peace and love… for you know, my son, my brother, my ambassador that my love for you is ever-abiding. Now, let us be about our Father’s business with good cheer. Shalom.



Monjoronson; Learn your Capacities_Capabilities_& Limitations - November 02, 2006 - The Gathering 02

The Gathering 02

November 02, 2006

Teacher: Monjoronson (T/R: Mark Rogers)

Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson here to echo your sentiments. Truly, the banner of worship and praise will always elicit a response to those who are spirit indwelt. There is always the desire to recognize and honor those who have brought all this to us and provided for this experience and everything in it. I share your feelings of gratitude for even such an occasion as this.

This gathering here represents the combined efforts and intentions of quite a number of personalities, even though you assembled in this room only represent three mortal souls. There are a great many more present who are not mortal and all are in resonance with this desire of the mortals to elicit worship and praise.

Let us embrace this opportunity for all that it may contain for us, and let us proceed in the fashion of those who are faith children of God. As it is your desires in this gathering to access the next level of awareness, it is my privilege to furnish for you each level as you so request and desire. In this process, we will start a new curriculum and we will build upon our experiences of learning, and create ever-greater levels of awareness and scaffolding.

Let us begin with our discovery of awareness in this hour in looking to focus on our self-awareness. In your attempting to make the assent to the apex of spiritual understanding, you must first know your capabilities and inherent capacities, and accumulated limitations, therefore will we focus first on the part of the equation involving the active participation in becoming aware of your own personal parameters, the conditions which you require for your assimilation, the preconceptions you advance regarding your direction… and as well, we will examine the stumbling blocks in our road as we encounter them, as pertains to how our partial awareness becomes our barrier at times to accurate perception of that which is outside our present frame of reference.

There are exercises you can undertake to facilitate your awareness of these conditions within the self. As you proceed through your daily experience, attempt through the sheer force of your wills to identify every situation that you find yourself in, and look about where you are in that situation to define your boundaries. Realize that you have provided for yourself a comfort zone around your circumstances that allows you to easily re-invent similar circumstances which fit your conception frame. You do this largely unconsciously throughout your day. This exercise is to attempt to become conscious that you are in fact re-creating your concept frames over and over again, and your minds possess the great desire and limited capacity which re-create for you, repeatedly, your construct of understanding, with all its inherent boundaries and restrictions, and partial understandings.

The first step is to simply realize/recognize that this is an ongoing process in your experience on a regular basis. Having realized that this occurs, that your mind will quickly assemble and re-assemble your paradigm, provides for you the leverage to change that scenario. Until you realize/recognize that it occurs, you cannot constructively interfere or re-direct the course of events that your mind will rush to establish. But, upon gaining awareness of this box that you carry around with you and place around all that you encounter, you can begin to enlarge your definitions or expand your experiences beyond this box.

After you pursue gaining awareness of your standard operating procedure, you may then choose to intervene at that moment when your mind says, "Ah ha, I know this… I have been here before. This is as it was."… and then your experience is as it was. What would your experience be if your brain were not rushing to conclusion and deciding for you what it is you will experience? That is the direction we will explore… what it means to be truly open-minded about your experience., willing to experience that which is, as opposed to that which you think it should be. Because, I tell you that until we can reach a point of raw experience, then you are likely to miss the very thing you are searching for, by virtue of the fact that your construct has nor included it, to date, and therefore to you it does not exist.

This is an advanced evolutionary principle, and as such, may not be easy to master for ones of your nature, but I would not be providing you with these directions and exercises if you were not fully capable of executing them. You have, of course, my pledge of assistance, as well as that of your Universe Parents and many others on my side of the veil who would volunteer to assist you in this building process.

So, you have asked, "What now?", and I have given you a direction in this hour. You have indeed a response to your petition, and there will be more to follow as you continue to absorb and respond and petition and request… and absorb and worship and request. I will be there throughout your process, our process, and we will become very close indeed.

For now, I will allow that you have created this avenue and will share this gift of grace that you furnish to others, who as well desire to commingle their energies with you. I remain in attendance.

Warren: May I ask a question, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: Of course.

Warren: I’m perceiving that we are attempting to become aware of the current inherent limitations, and those characteristics of our lower or ego-animal mind… that aspect of our mind that is so accustomed to reacting to the environment in a habitual fashion. In fact, to remain in control, this lower mind can be very clever and cunning in its observations, justifications and rationalizations. For this lower mind to relinquish such old patterns of reaction would be perceived by this lower mind to be relinquishing its control.

In essence, I am hearing you communicate to us that through willful desire, focused intention and assistance from our unseen co-workers… even from our own soul, we can become more aware of this critical juncture in time, that instant when we can realize/recognize the lower mind in this process of choosing its course of action based on old, established, habitual patterns of reaction… then seize the moment to take that pause to call upon the forces within and without, to intervene and change the flow of our thought process and the resulting decision/choice/action, thus diverting the deeply ingrained riverbed of the lower mind to a new channel, through repetition, thereby changing the flow of the river from the old channel to a new channel of higher reaction. Am I understanding this exercise somewhat, my friend?

Monjoronson: Indeed, I would accept your observations as largely right on track. I would take the liberty to use your analogy and to tweak it slightly, to more closely reflect accuracy.

Warren: I welcome this, my friend.

Monjoronson: When you refer to a lower mind, an ego-mind, an animal mind, and offer within that analogy the contrast to a higher mind, perhaps even a divine mind, you are in your description attempting to provide the necessary contrast between one end of the spectrum of mind and the other. I accept your attempt to portray this contrast, however, in order to more perfectly reflect the relationship between the two aspects of mind, I would offer one simple suggestion.

Rather than see these as distinctly separate parts of mind, or capacities of mind, or aspects of mind, simply throw the switch and think of them as the immature mind and the mature mind. It is the same mind. You do not forsake one for the other. You simply grow the one you have from a state of immaturity, misunderstanding and incomplete perception to one of greater understanding, increased perception and even the addition of wisdom. But, do not err in thinking that you are leaving one mind, in an attempt to enter another or be in another place. You are in fact educating your mind from a state of immaturity and illiteracy to a condition of awareness and perception, and with that, wisdom. In this way, you can grasp that you are not having to forsake and let go of anything, rather you are gaining control over this tool, and seizing responsibility of its use.

In the immature stages, the mind can be allowed to run amuck. There is no driver in the driver’s seat often, rather will the mind switch you to autopilot and take control. You are learning that you are indeed the pilot… actually the captain, in that you call the shots, you chart the course, you choose the direction and in this way you have mastered what has been your tool all along. The mature mind knows the operation of the mind as vehicle and has control over its direction at will.

I also accept your observation that you tend to operate in what you have represented by a river, or perhaps a rut, a course of action that becomes standardized and routine. As with any rut, the action required to jump out of the rut may be great. As with any river, the ability to re-direct and create new channels may be severe, so I offer you one more bit of advice.

Try this on for size in our experimental gathering. Perhaps, rather than see your efforts as attempting to re-divert this river, or stream of consciousness, this flow of energy… perhaps see yourself as creating a dam and causing your consciousness to pool behind this structure. Not that you ever intend to halt this stream or river, but with the construction of a structure, such as a dam, you allow your perception to pool together, to come to greater mass, to accumulate behind what you will eventually choose to cause to release from your pool that which has settled and become commingled and congealed together. In this way, you are not taking such active steps to forcibly re-direct, as you are allowing the natural process to occur, causing the process to be slowed and amassed behind your intention. That is the gate on your dam. Your willful desire directed by your intention release from your pool of wisdom as you decide they will.

Perhaps these visualizations provide for you another block for you to use in building your construct of understanding.

Warren: Very helpful, enlightening even.

So, I take it we are allowing this reservoir to be created for our use as we become ready to release this commingled energy that has become spiritualized and permeated with wisdom, through our experience of taking this knowledge we are gaining into the arena of personal, dynamic living?

Monjoronson: I like your word reservoir, my friend. It elicits the idea that there are many tributaries which contribute to this building capacity, and it is good to take from all these little contributions, and form one mighty force to be reckoned with.

As you know, when they open the spill gates of a major dam it is quite impressive, and this is what we are attempting in this process. Let us pool together our resources behind these great dams of intention and purpose, so that as the conditions are ripe, we may then spill out upon humanity these collected wisdoms. All that we add into these reservoirs becomes combined and augmented with the addition of everything else, and as you are well aware, these contributing tributaries are but small forces in and of themselves… but when many flowing tributaries are added together, it can become a vast reservoir… yet, it is the same thing. Let us decide together that we will become this reservoir, and we shall as well change our nature and character because of our combined forces.

Warren: Indeed, Monjoronson. This is so beautifully expressed.

So, the reservoir you speak of will be not only be our individual reservoirs, but rather could be viewed as a miniature model of Supreme Oneness… as the ongoing commingling, circuitry bonding, blending and integration occurs?

Monjoronson: You have said well, my friend, because if you stop to consider what a moment it is… whether it is your reservoir, my reservoir or the Father on High’s reservoir, or even the reservoir of the family of mankind… it is all water comprised of the very same elements, and in this way, truly the forming of our individual reservoirs is a microcosm of what is transpiring on a great, larger scale as you represent a small tributary of your own, likewise do the others, and together these tributaries trickle in and form this vast reservoir… and yet it is all just water.

Warren: So, individually, too, we are speaking of becoming this microcosm of the great reservoir, are we not?

Monjoronson: You simply can not help otherwise. You are comprised of the same things. You are a reflection of the whole. You are a shadow of the substance. You are a small sample of the larger reality, therefore you cannot reflect anything else.

Warren: Yes. Going back to your initial statements regarding coming to know our minds and how they work… self-awareness… when we observe an old pattern that has been long-ingrained in our mind coming to the forefront to be acted upon, shall we then utilize this instant of recognition and respond by pausing, thus allowing ourselves to receive the assistance of the reservoir and the wealth of wisdom therein, and thus change the course of what would have been to create a higher decision that will be, based on superior cosmic meanings and divine values… in reality, substituting the greater for the lesser?

Monjoronson: My friend, once again you have well identified major components on route to your mastery of the condition of the human mind and your abilities to make subservient this great tool. However, I would offer for you one more tidbit.

You have well said that the first step is to recognize the tendency of the mind to run-off, as it were, to establish its safe zone, its boundaries, its construct, and you have referred to the willful desire and decision to change that course by substituting, or replacing that initial direction with a direction of higher value… and this is well, and good and proper in your exercise to establish who is the boss in your paradigm of mind and spirit, but I bring to you the question, "How is it that you most effectively experience for yourself what that new direction may be?"

Warren: Through attunement and alignment with the Voice within… our indwelling Father fragment, and that supreme desire to discern this will and execute this bidding.

Monjoronson: True enough that your indwelling Father fragment has for you all the answers you desire, but if you are busily engaged in the mechanics of this interaction, you likely will not receive all that you could receive because you still proceed with a framework of understanding, so my suggestion to you would be… take what you have clearly stated as step one, and follow that with the in between step, unmentioned previously, of pausing… to seek understanding with the open mind of a child… and in this interim state, you may more clearly define what your higher ideal will as to how to direct this great tool of the mind.

Warren: This is the pause I speak of.

Monjoronson: Yes. This is the pause. It is that time in between noticing and acting. It is that space where you can gain insight, inspiration… and this is key. It is so easy to condition a response, to react and then to act almost spontaneously. This is another challenge your mind brings to you. It desires to know the answer, to repeat the answer, to respond to the request as quickly and as orderly as possible, and this is the moment where you step in and intervene, pausing… thus halting this thought stream and allowing your consciousness to pool behind the dam of intention so that when you move forward you are moving forward with accumulated wisdom.

Warren: So, that "pause in indecision" after this time of recognizing where our mind is headed, but before taking action, is what Veronica spoke of in her lesson "Beliefs Create Experience" (Lesson #50 in "Messages From Veronica 1994")… where enhanced consciousness illuminates that pause in our indecision, allowing truth to achieve clarity in our cosmic comprehension.

Could it be that in essence we are empowering our soul to embrace our mind during this time of pausing in indecision to receive from spirit sources the higher course of action to take?

Monjoronson: Yes. Consider this. Consider that truth is contained in all aspects of the water in the stream/river and if you attempt to grab at any one piece of truth, and respond based upon the simple stream/river that is immediately in front of you, you are limited to only the truth contained in that small sampling immediately before you.

If, on the hand, you allow the pause, the pooling up of all that truth that comes to combine and settle… and when you draw from this reservoir, you are drawing from a mixture of truth that has been added together from many sources, at many intervals in the stream/river. It is a much broader base from which to draw your understanding… your response.

Warren: I’m feeling that it would be valuable to envision what you have just conveyed, during this moment in pause, to allow the spirit forces to embrace my mind, allowing me to take the highest course of action.

Monjoronson: My friend, that was going to be my next statement. Thank you.

Warren: So, indeed we have a very, very exceptional exercise that will lead us to increased self-awareness, self-consciousness… which will allow us to launch out into whole new areas of self-realization and self-actualization, in route to becoming most effective servers, indeed.

Monjoronson: I would pen my name to that descriptive verse.

Warren: So, we are now searching for self-awareness discovery, then through recognition of what we come to discover, we realize our empowerment to change the course of events through intervention… then through allowing this pause/ (for purposes of) interpretation during this time of indecision, we allow ourselves to co-creatively interpret a higher course of action, even super-consciously, which we then implement, thus step number four... decision/choice/action.

Am I perceiving this accurately, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: You are, my friend. We have increased the one-two punch into a more purposeful one, two three, four… in which we will expand upon these concepts and bring more focus to each of these steps to provide much more potency to our contributions of energy.

Warren: Yes, indeed. I also perceive that taking this lesson into stillness, as well as bringing it into my daily light anchor/merkaba exercises with my unseen friends, utilizing visualization techniques, will be productive… even act to enhance and expand my spectrum of consciousness.

Monjoronson: When you refer to working with your unseen friends, even such as myself, I would reflect back at you the question, "Who is it that you think comprises the many tributaries that enter your reservoir?"

By simply allowing us the space, we will flow, as you flow, into your reservoir. All of us who desire to be with you and commingle with you… that is where it will happen… in that reservoir you create, so that we may flow, all of us, and when you then choose to act in wisdom, we are all a part of the water you will spill over the dam.

Warren: So, we are in the process of learning how to project and reflect, through dynamic living, the great love of all of our morontia and spirit friends who walk with us… coming in time to eventually walk upon this world yet be not of ?

Monjoronson: Indeed, you do this daily, you do this hourly. What we are discussing in this gathering is how we might absolutely maximize our potential with this conscious awareness of this pooling of our resources.. how we may gain a new power, a new force to be reckoned with … just as the mighty dam holds back great powerful resources, and distributes them with purpose.

Warren: Well, my friend, this is most enlightening, and I am completely honored to receive this lesson. I shall continue my exercises and add to them as we go on. I feel also, that great growth and progress is occurring as I reach into each day and spend the intentional and willful time within the several merkabas I have constructed… both during and after the valuable time spent in the oasis of stillness meditation.

Monjoronson: Very well. Would you accept one more tidbit for consideration?

Warren: You bet I will, my dear Magisterial Son..

Monjoronson: I have a number of times heard you refer to your heart’s desire to "walk upon this world, yet not be of it." I would like you to know that I respect that sentiment that is portrayed in that statement, and here is the twist. My friend, I need you to be of this world for a season. I need you not only to walk among your brothers and sisters as one of them, I need you to be who you are in this season, in this time.

While your heart desires to be free from the fetters of materialism, and I recognize this as such an honor, this desire… while you are engaged in this ministry, it will be important that you remain intact with the family of humans, and as such, it is truly a gift to be one of them… to be born of woman, to be of mortal flesh, to be of the human vehicle, and in the strictest analysis, all of this is to be of your Mother… so perhaps you would consider, as a step to maturing the concept frame of your mind… you might allow that there is a time and a place for both of these combinations that you envision, and as we find ourselves here and now, it would be wonderful for us to glean the most of this experience and seize the opportunity before us to fully embrace this short season where you can claim to be both "on this world and of this world", while you know in your heart that you are more than that as well.

Trust and have faith that you are correct in your assessment and your desire that there will come a time when this will change. But, for now, let’s not be in a rush to forsake which we are, as this will prove exceedingly necessary and useful as we assimilate our message to the family of humans, of which you are a part… and as such, you are my liaison to this family.

Warren: Very well stated, however, I wonder whether you or the T/R may have misunderstood my interpretation of the phrase that the Master stated regarding "walking upon this world, yet being not of it?".

Everything you have presented, I concur with, and I fully acknowledge that this mortal journey is most exceptional, however, and to be walking on this world, as a mortal, with my fellow brethren is truly an honor. When I speak of "not being of this world", I speak of reaching the level of maturity as you have referred to… that of mastering oneself in route to terrestrial mortal attainment.

I have never envisioned… in this statement... becoming divorced from working with my brethren in the flesh.

Monjoronson: There are two distinct schools of thought, and I was referring to the circumstance that we are cherishing… of you having been literally given your life by your Mother and created by your Father in this environment.

Warren: You refer to our Universe Parents, not biological parents, right?

Monjoronson: Yes, however, I recognize that you are referring to being free of the influence of this world.

Warren: Yes. Correct you are.

Monjoronson: And I accept that, as well, as a lofty goal and desire of your heart and soul, and I see that you are well on your way to mastering this aspect, and so… the two definitions can exist side-by-side. Having the desire to master the control over your individual experience and the forces of this earthly experience is an act of intention and willful desire… and likewise is it an act of intention and will for us to appreciate from where you have come, and who you are in the universal perspective… in the family of humans, in the children of God, on the planet Urantia during these times. So, I hope both definitions can be allowed in your appreciation of that statement.

I respect where you are in both regards, and appreciate that there are so many things of value to be gained, exercising either or both of those perspectives that it is thrilling to watch.

Warren: Yes, my friend, it is the journey!… the process of the journey should not be forsaken within our conscious mind arena, in favor of viewing that distant and future time when we shall "walk upon this world, yet be not of it"… that time when we have attained self-mastery.

So to clarify, you did not misunderstand my interpretation of the Master’s statement, but merely desired to feed me an additional concept for consideration… to bring into my conceptual frame of reference, into my box or construct of understanding.

So, the actual journey itself is the experience, and every aspect of it should be treasured, for it is a matter of savoring that present moment and knowing fully, as we do, that all things are becoming new.

Monjoronson: Indeed… and I request that perhaps a shift to the view that I was not in any regard attempting to correct what is a valid viewpoint, but rather was attempting to build on, to what is a valid and correct perception, by adding yet another valid and correct perception into this reservoir that is accumulating, and in this way, one does not have to view any contribution made into this reservoir in need of correction, but to once again visualize, in combination, all of these truths mingling together to form a more mature reservoir of understanding, and I will attempt to continually add additional tributaries, sources of information and understanding, to not negate any current beliefs and ideas, but rather to build upon them, to add to them, to flavor them with even higher understandings and advanced perceptions.

Warren: What you impart is well taken, and I now fully understand what you were conveying. You might say that we are fourth-graders now, and looking back, I can see that I have oftentimes looked beyond the twelve grades, to college, where I have desired to be… but as I now more clearly see, from your lesson, I shall more fully enjoy fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grade, all the way through high school… for this is the journey, and each moment of this journey should be cherished beyond measure, my friend.

I shall enjoy my humanity… and be about living to the fullest of my capacity.

Monjoronson: Even to the point of enjoying your immaturity while it lasts, my friend (much laughter)… it is transient, it will be gone, just as the child grows up to be the adult. You are only a child once. Likewise, you are only an immature mind once. Let us enjoy breathing in every hour’s experience throughout this process, so we may take these experiences to the Father. These are the gifts that you bear when you stand in front of your Father. These are what you have to offer. Let us not rush through the process in any way, so that we may gather all these fruits in route… that we have them to display to the Father as a rich body of experience, as a deep reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. Let us accumulate these things, and this accumulation takes time. This accumulation is the journey… and your are absolutely correct… enjoy every grade, every level, every attainment, every horizon that you come into contact with. It will be transient.

Warren: So, shall we glorify our Father, and be at play!

Thank you so much. You have expanded my box, and I shall carry on with the process of assimilation and diligent practice of this new exercise that you have brought us tonight. You are a most magnificent teacher, my friend, and I look forward to meeting some of your professors… those experts and specialists that will be coming in to greet us in this most refreshing classroom.

Monjoronson: As hard for you to understand as this statement may be, it is true that you have, as well, helped me expand my box in this hour. We are here at this juncture in time and space, never before and never again… and we have reached out to each other and helped one another in this process of growing and understanding, and adding to each other’s reservoirs.

Warren: And we have further integrated, my friend. I feel your presence and your energy more fully than I ever have, and this shall continue to grow… I am certain.

Monjoronson: And I, as well… and we shall enjoy the flavor of each other in our reservoirs more regularly.

I would release this T/R, and thank you both, and all, for creating this opportunity… even for creating this reservoir of wisdom we are forming between us. Without you, certainly this process would not exist. Thank you.