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Nebadonia - Breath of Spirit - Dec 02, 2007 - CCC

Center for Christ Consciousness

Dec 02, 2007


Breath of Spirit Message

My child, your Mother Nebadonia speaks! During these times of transition as the spiritual currents intersect and weave into your planet and your bodies, I ask you to relax more and enjoy yourself more throughout your day. You carry so much stress that is harmful to your well being, and it is my desire that you give this to me so I may use this for my purposes.

As the subtle energies of Spirit converge around you, you will not perceive them as such until you have something happen in your life that compels you to align your thinking and remember that you are changing. Welcome this change by accepting what is happening to you in love and gratitude, even the changes that you find most troubling. In doing so, the truthful voice of loving guidance within can guide you through the change and bring you into a new reality.

This is a process. It is the way of Spirit to move you from shadow into the light, from error into truth, from despair into joy. The more you accept and acknowledge where you are with a loving heart, the more I can move you into joy and peace and give you the support you need to make living through these changes gracefully.

There is an anchor and groundedness that I can build into you…the presence of your Father, whose loving personal attributes he shares fully and freely with you. Feed upon us, my child, and you will always have what you need to support you whatever changes come your way.