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The Voice; Monjoronson; Michael; Mark Rogers - Being Comfortable with The Adjuster - Nov 08, 2007 - Teleconference

Subject: Lightline Teleconference

Adjuster Series Teachers: Mark Rogers, the Voice, Monjoronson, Michael


November 08, 2007

Mark: I will go ahead and speak the words and open up the forum. I know when I arrive at this place I arrive accompanied by a number of celestial personalities who join me in seeking the opportunity to experience this connection, this link that we have. When I arrive here, when you arrive here, there are attendant many who are along to be of assistance or along for the ride to be in observation because it is a fascinating experience. So when I pray I have no doubts whatsoever that they are all there. It is merely my positioning myself to be in the right attitude, the right posture to be receptive, to be in their presence. They are certainly gathered around us even in this moment and I just want to allow, want to provide the arena and create the opportunity, perhaps be an instrument of this peace.

The Voice: Since this forum has been opened to me and the others I will access it and join you. I am this one's voice. My associate is reluctant but I will anyway press forward with my desire to acknowledge and even go so far as to congratulate my associate and companion, my beloved cherished one for his taking the necessary steps, putting into motion the necessary forces so that such an event can and does transpire even now. He would rather see himself as merely in a supporting role in this process but I must gently and at the same time firmly remind him that we are one in this role we play. I am nothing without him and we are together in this process of manifesting this inner self.

It is often a bit more comfortable for you to regard the presence of another external to yourselves in this process because you are still quite a separate entity and it is not as much your intimate commitment to function in partnership as it is when you agree to align yourselves with your inner voice and in fact assume the nature of each other in this process of partnership. When you are engaged in any partnership it is more than the sum of the individuals involved. There is a synergistic energy which this combination creates and as well it is a combination of energy, therefore it carries the characteristics and traits of all the partners.

So it is when you partner with your indwelling voice you are sharing your characteristics and traits and combining them into a picture which more clearly resembles the combination of your unique traits. My associate asks in his inner self, why this is so difficult, why is this so hard? It brings up compassion for the internal struggling, the internal pursuit for what may appear so illusive at times but my dear ones, the success of finding and attaining that which you seek is made far sweeter when there is a journey to be undertaken in the process, when there is experience to be gained and contrast to be shown.

If you were to be born and immediately be aware of your divinity and connection to your divine lineage you would not have cause to undergo the investigations in life that have motivated you. You would be severely curtailed in your experience of materialism if at your birth you were granted full awareness. It is in the design and process that you grow to this place in awareness and in so doing accumulate your own treasure trove of experience which becomes your wisdom and in the end is your gift. So while you are seeking and perhaps still some way off from finding to your satisfaction, please try to recall that there is no hurry to this journey. You would not want to miss a single step if you knew how precious this onetime experience would be to your eternal career.

You can never go back and do kindergarten again; likewise you can not go back and do another manifestation of growing into awareness, only once. So one should enjoy the ride but I understand there is the yearning built in to the system, the call to your individual spirits to, as the salmon do, return home and in this instinctual innate urge and drive you will propel yourselves through the many trials and tribulations on your journey back home. Consider that every step of the way, every distance covered is done with the assistance of your onboard guide and partner, the one who knows the way back home, the one who has the journey completely understood, the ultimate guide in the process that you are undergoing.

It is not that it's hard, it's not that it's difficult but it is in the design that it take a "while", some "time" as you would call it and in that experience you grow to reach your potential. I would encourage any of you to take to heart the lessons on making things so. There are steps that are easily taken, there are universal laws which are put into play if it is your desire. You have been shown the application of the universal principles and you may avail yourselves of their consistency at any point. I will share with you that my associate struggles with the fact that as he is expressing me he is also expressing himself and he recognizes the tones of self and is uncomfortable with the degree he sees himself in the projection of this very message. (long Pause)

But once again I will tell you, it cannot be done otherwise. There is no other whose voice "we" may use and whose vocabulary will be serviceable to us. In this partnership there is only us and who has the vocal cords? Who has the brain to engage in this process? who has the vehicle to express? who has the instrument? So be it! I recognize the tones of self as well but I see them as harmony, I see them as coordinated and useful. I will not put my associate through any more of this tonight, rather I would graciously withdraw to a recessive place and allow this forum access for others who might be more comfortable. Thank you for your attention.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I join this forum with you and bring my energy signature to combine with yours that we may feel the essence of each other. I am Monjoronson and I trust that I am welcome in this forum so I gladly come among you this evening. It is my desire that each of you come to know my energy signature as a friendly force in your lives, feel that when I come around you, when I swoop in and you feel my energy, I am there to help, I am there to assist, I am there to bring love and light. When I see that you are in motion I delight in the prospect of swooping in to join in your efforts, perhaps bringing my tone and energy that we may be about the service to the others together.

I make this known to you to activate the very principles you have been discussing. I speak the words of truth so that you may see what my intentions are. I desire to partner with all who will partner with me. I am here as you have heard, with a mandate, on a mission and I come in search for dedicated volunteers. We need many outposts established through which the manifestation of this Magisterial Mission may be channeled. I will accept all offers of good faith and I will pledge that those who will pledge to work with me will feel my energy beyond any capacity to doubt. This is not to impress you but rather as a result of your conviction that this is so.

Indeed you have been well trained my dear friends and it is with great pleasure that I would accept such eager and devoted assistants as there is much to be done, surely there is something for everyone to do. You will be feeling greater and greater encircuitment and you will feel my circuitry as one of the ones that brushes you and when you register my energy signature we will commune as if our communion was unbroken from the previous time. As these new energies pervade your environment, even your very being, you will register new sensations of awareness and eventually you will be cognizant of many energy signatures that become familiar to you and that you can recognize. This is part of your nature that has not been dominant for some time and we will be working to re-establish some of these connections.

In the meantime I and the others who you allow will make our rounds and check in from time to time brushing you with our energy signatures so that you may have more and more experience with what we feel like just as we gain more and more familiarity with your natures and energy signatures. Even now you can register several that you are aware of- your Father Michael has His energy signature, your Mother Hers and even your mortal companions all have their own distinct signatures and you are even going to grow in your awareness of discernment of these qualities of your brethren.

The time is fast approaching where we will be much more closely associated and engaged and we will benefit from these times of getting to know each other and mingling our energies back and forth. You can rest assured that all that is unique about you is treasured and is honored for you are a unique creation of The Father and as such you are sacred. So when you choose to work with another in partnership you lose nothing, you sacrifice nothing, you do not become less because you choose to function in partnership, you become more, added to, you become expanded by this choice. Therefore it is encouraged that you be about making associations and partnerships and contributing to different energy systems because each one will be unique as a result of those individual participants.

And so it is that we will work together as teams in various combinations to augment the variety and flavor of our experience. I would conclude my formal remarks with those and allow for any comments or questions at this time if there would be anybody who would like to participate. (Technical glitch blocked participation by group)

Michael: Greetings, I can't resist the temptation to join such a light circle as I witness here in this moment. Truly it is a joy to witness the emanation of light from your very being , the bright light that I see is a result of your illumination and it is a joy to peer out and witness each one of you shining brightly. We talk of light and the emanation of this light from your being -it is the result of the energy level that you inhabit. You are functioning in higher and higher levels and exuding more and more light. It is a byproduct of the energy that you are manifesting and therefore it is clearly visible to one of my order and brings me great joy to witness. It is so very simple to be this light because you are this light and you simply allow yourselves to be that which you are. There is no struggle in just becoming that which you are.

Allow for the growth to be without stress, without struggle. It should be a pleasant journey if not an easy one and that is my wish for you at this time, that your journeys be pleasant and full of joy and full of wonder as you go about in your discovery even of who you are. I rejoice with you, I am in joy with you, I bring my peace to our relationship that you may share it with me. I offer my characteristics and qualities to our partnership, to our relationship, and you offer yours. I accept your offer, I pray you accept mine that we may be that close together. What a joy my dear ones. I just could not resist stopping in to say I love you. I bid you farewell.