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Councils of Unity - Progressions of Unity - Oct 16, 2007 - Helenita, York, PA

October 16, 2007

Submitted by Helenita Ziegler for the December 2007 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!


There are two choices here: Pro-gression or Progress-ion, both are related but yet quite different flavors like being in the same ballpark, but on different teams. Both are playing the future game but are coming from different strategies since each coach individualized their playbook.


Dividing progression this way takes you down the similar road of Re-gression, which helps you discover your past lives, or even past events in this life, to provide clarification and/or guidance for today. Either way, from the earth perspective of linear time: you go back, retrieve some type of knowledge or understanding, and move it forward to assist you in your current situation, whatever that may be. The place you go to, is fixed; it has happened, has been completed. You start and end in the present. Some methodologies for this process are lengthy and time consuming. Certainly, no quick fix, so to speak. That is regression.

This process then references a way to look at progression, but as the ‘pro’ indicates, you go forward, get something, then bring it back. Again, beginning and ending in the present. This is where, however, the similarities end. In progression, the paths or doors provide possibilities, potentials. You observe the outcomes, which assist you with decisions or choices in the present. What you observe is not fixed. You realize in the weaving of the tapestry, there are many options. After all, earth is the sovereign domain of free-will. Various factors affect an outcome, not just your choices alone. Nevertheless, everything you learn is beneficial in many ways, not the least being eagerness and/or release of anxiety about what is to come. Panic attacks and cold sweats are diminished. Courage, and therefore hope, is maximized.

In this form, both regression and progression provide some type of insight for the present so that the future can be more stable.


Now look at the other playbook being utilized. In this form or formation, you first see ‘progress,’ then ‘ion.’ Progress, you understand as improvement to cause evolution, in a metaphysical or spiritual sense. For the last 3000 of your years this is what propelled you forward, motivated you to look deeper within to discover an internal source, Gog/Goddess, masculine or feminine however you labeled it. You realized you were ‘blind’ but also had the ability to ‘see.’

In the name of progress you discovered new territories, declared war, invented all sorts of amazing machines and equipment, cured diseases, developed faster and more comprehensive types of communication, wrote books, made movies, tried to understand other cultures, and negotiated peace. You made the world a better place to live in.

But as with the similar slogan for Dupontä … "Better living…. through chemistry," so too does progress merge with ion, a chemistry term first introduced by Michael Faraday in 1834. Whew, that long ago? An ion is an atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electron. Note: an ion has an electrical charge, which can be either positively or negatively charged.

The word ion comes from Greek, something that goes, is going. The ionic root reflects motion, movement. In that it is similar to the pro-gression view. Also in Greek mythology Ion was the ancestor of the Ionians: a son of Apollo and Creusa who became an attendant in Apollo's temple at Delphi. And of course you remember that the Oracles, the all-knowing psychics, were at Delphi. They were described as "persons who delivered authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements, divine communication or revelation." Can you really do that? Are you divine, too? Remember though, first someone had to ask them a question.

So now you see how progression better reflects the future… the electrical energy, positive or negative, that provides motion and acts as your oracle providing answers. The key is in understanding that both positive and negative, good and bad, aspects are part of that movement.

As from the Greek, it is on-going. Standing still is not movement.

 As you finish one year and begin another, you get closer to your magic date of 2012 when it was prophesied that a shift would occur. But as with this interpretat-ion of progression, the form of the word ‘shift’ becomes ‘shifting.’ You are shifting and it is happening now, in the present where the past and future merge so that you are able to progress, to be in discovery all the time. You are also the ion that is gaining or losing, actively participating. With the combination of pro-gression and progress-ion, realize that wherever you find yourself allows you to be part of the future shift because you are ever in the process of shifting in each moment. There is nothing to wait for. Progression is what you are doing right now!

Helenita and Councils of Unity 2007, York, or 717 854-1118