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Nebadonia - I Am The Breath That Brings You Life -Aug 23, 2007 - Teleconference

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 8-23-07
Teachers: Nebadonia, Michael
T/r: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we come to assemble with you. In this process of coming together we form with you a new living energy. We adore you in this process and welcome you into our process but it is good we realize that as well you welcome us into your process; that it is a two way street and we would with full willful intention offer you our Divine Parents to share with us and drink of our cup of love and healing and light and positive energy. We do this in your name and for your sake as well as ours. We do this at your suggestion that we may be helpful to you in this process. We offer this to you as our gift to be taken and used as you so desire.

We believe you when you tell us that this is a powerful thing for us to do and worthwhile effort for us to spend not only on our behalf but on yours as well. Let it be so that when we get together we think of you, we offer you any and all our directed intentions, our energies, our desires that all is well, that all is good and we ask you to take those and use them as you so desire. We intend to re-fire this grid, we intend to demonstrate our commitment to you, we intend to be there for you in this process just as you are there for us. Let it be so. Let this represent the desires of our hearts made real by the spoken word, let it be so.

Nebadonia: I most humbly accept your offer of help, I am your Mother. I am the breath that brings you life. I am the nourishment that sustains you. You are comprised of Me. I circulate throughout you and around you. I am the environment in which you exist. Such a vast presence can be difficult to relate to as a child of the realm. I know of your yearning to be closer to Me in this process and I bid you to continue to taking the steps in my direction that you have so freely offered. I require nothing of you my little ones, I demand nothing of you for your life or in your life. I only nurture and love and foster. So when you demonstrate your willingness to approach Me in this manner I am touched by your gestures and I would receive your offerings, your gifts of love and bring them into my bosom as it were.

I see in your countenance a dedication and devotion that only mature children demonstrate towards their parents, one of appreciation and love and respect for all that has been rendered for you to live and be. I tell you that it has been my pleasure to provide for you all that you have need of in this life. That we may embrace in this manner is a treasure to be kept by both of us. Such willing and devoted children are in want of something that they can do to give back, to assist in this overall struggle. You have indeed stumbled upon an avenue you may use to offer great service to the system as a whole when you provide your assistance in the form of your offering of energies to be used as a lubrication in this process of movement that we find ourselves in. That is what your efforts amount to in this process, an addition to the equation which helps to reduce the friction of the movement towards eventual light and life. Your lubricant is love, is joy, is peace, is good will towards your fellows, is manifesting the grace from on high. These are what you may contribute which will greatly smooth out the process of change for no matter what may arise, if there is sufficient tolerance, love, peace, joy, then there will be a smoother transition. I thank you for your offer to participate with me in this manner and I accept your gestures each and every one. It is a joy just to sit with you and commingle our energies even closer. Know My dear ones that you are loved and you are protected and that all is well in the big picture.

There will be temporal changes and spiritual changes of great magnitude that will foster even more growth and awareness and these will be your blessings as well. No matter what, you are always loved and protected by Me and your Father who oversee all. Know that I will never forsake you. I am always in you, around you, all through you in this process and I will continue to sustain you in this way. Thank you for your gaze in My direction. It brings great joy to the heart of any parent to witness such a fond gaze as you offer and so I accept your love, now and forever. I would say goodbye except it remains impossible for us to remain apart and so I just acknowledge the grace of this circuitry and allow that it has been a joy to experience it with you in this moment, thank you.

Michael: My dear ones, it is with great joy that I accept the opportunity to embrace you in this way, I am Michael and I bring you My peace and My love as I join you in this opportunity together. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would be far more fearless in your applications of spiritual living because you would realize that you are potent beyond your wildest dreams and that you are simply shrouded from your potency. For a number of reasons you have been sequestered from your real selves, from your truest natures, from your divine lineage and these have been edged out of your consciousness by your society and your lives and your culture.

These arenas that you find yourselves in do not allow that there can be greatness among mortals of the realm. They do not accommodate your divine stature, they do not embrace the bigger picture of who you are and who your parents are. If the scope of understanding were increased, your culture would be radically different. It would promote and empower the individual rather than seeking to normalize and institutionalize what you should do or should be. This will remain a struggle for you My children as your world is all around you trying to tell you what is and what isn't, what you can do and what you can't do, what you should do and shouldn't do.

But you are beginning to grow on the inside to know of your divine nature, to know of your spiritual immortality, to be secure in your standing in your universal family as well as your earthly family. These aspects that you are becoming aware of, yourself will provide you with the strength to maintain your posture when challenged by the real world about what you believe, about what you know in this life. Remember these times that we have together, remember these circuits that we have formed, remember these lessons that come about that you may be strengthened by them in this process and by our association with each other. This is our desire, your parents, to be closer to you to provide you this bond, this strength and certainty that you are loved, that you are known, you are cared for in this life and in this process all will be well for you.

You will know the truth of this and the truth will set you free, free from the fear and apprehension that could cloud your experience and this is the freedom that we desire that you have; the freedom to unfold to become powerful and beautiful beings that you are. We bring you our peace and our love and our comfort always. We don't always have this opportunity to remind you that this is the case but always this is the case. Know of our affection for you and of your devoted watchcare by so many who desire your best possible welfare at heart. Would there be any contributions to this forum as we enjoy each others energy back and forth?

If there are no other contributions I would release this t/r at this time having made it clear to you that we enjoy these moments where we can reach out and touch in this way. My love is always with you as is your Mother's and it is a treat to be able to remind you that this is so. My dear ones be at peace and be in love as we go through this together, as we write the book that is ahead of us. Let us be in joy, let us be in peace, let us be in love together as this is our posture to maintain as we proceed ahead. My peace I leave with you, farewell.