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Ham - The Kingdom - Truth - Q & A - Aug 27, 1995 - Nashville, TN


Ham Gives a Great Lesson!

AUGUST 27, 1995

Greetings everyone. I am HAM and again I thank you for coming today. We have always a time that we share together our understandings about time and space, mortal life. And then there is time for us to share with you our experience aft morontial beings, which transcend your limitation, and can aid you in understanding the bigger world. This essential awareness gradually increases in your lives so that you can also have the advantage of a wider view of reality and can share this with others.

Our Master said, "the kingdom of heaven is at hand," meaning that it is here, present now. The kingdom of heaven will be realized on earth through its establishment in the hearts and minds of the people. You who have a broader knowledge due to contact with morontia beings understand that the establishment of the reign of love occurs individually first and then collectively second. A time will come when love will reign in the hearts and minds of all your people.

There will be great comfort and solace in the establishment of your planet among the worlds of Satania, which have been and are being rehabilitated. There will be much solace in the knowledge of God's rule in the space and time realm when it is known that Urantia is not alone in the universe. There will be much comfort in the teachings which will bring all human beings together and will prepare them for universe administration of your world.

You should not fear the words of truth. You should not fear your rejection, nor the rejection of truth. You will be empowered with strong words, for the truth is the strongest thing on earth or in the universe. And as you are so armed with truth and you are secure in the justice of God's mercy, then there will be nothing which you cannot overcome, no obstacle will deter you from your goal. You will all be included in this effort, none will be left behind. And so I say to you, hold fast to the truth. Don't dilute it for fear of reprisal or rejection, for the world will ultimately take great comfort in the knowledge you will bring.

Today is a wondrous day, for today you will be baptized in the truth. You will be immersed in the truth and so transformed by the truth. Truth will ever be a possession, something you can never be deprived of, something you will carry in your hearts throughout your universe careers. And these truths are simply these, that you individually are the children of God. This is the most precious truth. From this truth grows the second truth, that you are all family, and not only family to your brothers and sisters of the flesh, but also to your brethren in the morontial and spiritual states. We are the children of God. A third truth, growing from the second is that the universe is a loving place, a friendly place, the place where you belong. And fourthly is the truth that your lives individually have a purpose in the great cosmos. This truth is powerful, and it will carry you far in this life if you embrace it wholeheartedly, completely. This truth levels all the world. It raises the humble, the poor, the meek, and brings low the arrogant, the prideful, and the sinful. Once you grasp the great truth that our Father loves us all, equally, then there is no place for human fear and cruelty. Yes, this truth has the power to transform the world and it will do so. Questions.

Q: Not a question, but a comment. What I like about what you are telling us about essential and transforming truth is that there is no prophet, no intermediary, no person we have to first believe in, in order to know truth. Unlike our religions of the past, each of us is related individually to God as our Father.

HAM: Correct, this truth will advance your world in all areas. There will be an upstepping of civilization as a whole once the truth is embraced. Civilizations are upstepped through advancing morals, and the ever higher allegiance of the faithful. The truth is always transformative of those who lay hold of it.

Q: There is so much intolerance in the name of religion. For example, the way Christians react to homosexuals. Will these truths dispel this intolerance or will we have to speak out specifically against intolerances?

HAM: Circumstances of course will be different for every human undertaking this mission and for every human during different situations through time. Therefore, I cannot make a blanket statement concerning this.

Q: The teachings of the Master on love, family, tolerance, would seem to be the way to get around intolerance of religions.

Q: Can you define the kingdom of heaven? Is it more than just love in our hearts?

HAM: Yes. I use this term to mean several things. First is the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of believers. This is one level where God's will can prevail. Another way I use it designates the planetary government under Melchizedek, which is a collective movement towards the Father's reign of love. The third way I use it is meaning the entire universal administration, all the hosts of heaven, all the worlds, all the beings. In other words, the greater reality of universal life. So I understand that sometimes there is confusion as to my meaning. Is this helpful?

Q: What is meant by the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of the believers? Can you define that more?

HAM: Yes, it is consisting of two phases. One consists of acceptance, accepting your sonship or daughtership as the case may be. Accepting your Father into your heart as reality. The second phase is the search for God, by the same accepting mortal. Once he understands his sonship, then his search for the Father's truth, goodness, and beauty begins and a part of mis search includes the recognition of one's brotherhood and sisterhood in the human family. This second active phase can be called the will of God, the seeking and the doing of His will.

Q: Can we say that the second phase is creative, that it results in the creation of new truth, beauty and goodness, as the individual mortal seeks to find God? (Yes, you perceive it correctly.)

Q: Is it accurate to say that the larger sense of the kingdom of God is the evolving of the Supreme and all that it encompasses?

HAM: Yes, during your lifetimes, these acts and efforts are contributing to the growth of the God of time and space and certainly it is sufficient for our purposes of understanding, yes.

Q: To love our fellow man is an idealistic accomplishment. Are there any guidelines you can give us so that we can actually achieve that?

HAM: Yes, of course there are many guidelines and I have endeavored to present a number of them for you over time. The first guideline is the new commandment, do unto others as you would think Jesus Himself would do, that is, love them as you can best perceive the Master's love for them. This is the most helpful.

Q: Did you hear Jim talking about Melatonin earlier? I would like to ask about all the claims being made about it slowing aging and other claims. Could you tell us about it?

HAM: Yes. In general we foresee a number of health improvements occurring over time for your world's improvement. As you know life expectancy gradually extends on civilized worlds. All these things are advances in understanding the body's principles. There will not be a wonder drug for life extension only. Rather there will be many advances in understanding which will slow the aging process. Humankind as a whole needs to be nurtured. Although a few countries such as the United States are experiencing the lengthening of life and-greater quality of life, much of your world is stagnating and slipping behind. Your advances will help the few who can afford it for now. Unfortunately this is not a sustainable outcome. We, however, see that many advances are happening in the herbal medicine field where costs are less, relatively, to your medicinal establishments. We hope this will continue and are seeking cooperation in these fields. Melatonin itself needs to be used in conjunction with a couple of other hormones which are as yet undiscovered for its full benefit to be realized. However, perhaps this is coming.

Q: I am sure your body produces those undiscovered hormones already. (Yes.) Does that mean that Melatonin can be effective as an anti-aging now? (Yes, in a limited way.) Can you recommend a dosage that would be useful? . . . .

Q: (A discussion of the errors of Armageddon beliefs. It is not necessary to believe that they will be some sort of physical or political cataclysm that is necessary to usher in the new age. It is more a matter of establishing it in the hearts and minds of people. This can occur even if earth changes occur or if they do not occur. The last comment was that people turn to God in crisis.)

HAM: The turning to God during a crisis is usually temporary and is not a lasting transformation.

Q: Are there morontia structures already?

HAM: You understand the term structure to mean buildings. I would say that the morontia structure which is important is the work of morontia beings who strive to advance your world.

Q: As the kingdom develops on this planet, then there is polarity shift from the negative to positive. When I hear this stuff about earth changes I wonder if it is necessary for there to be shifts in the earth before the planet can come into <Light and Life>.

HAM: Stress is unnecessary for entering the kingdom. Does this answer? (No.)

Q: Changes in the geology of the planet are a matter of cause and effect on purely a physical plane of existence. The planet as a sphere will continue to evolve at its own speed. Events that occur in the spiritualization of our civilization have no relationship to the geological evolution of the planet. (Correct.)



It is important to view this greater world as existing concurrently with your everyday time-bound existence. Your earthly religions tend to view the wider scope of reality as being individually future, that the heavenly morontial worlds are waiting for you at you death, and in the meantime, this world of Urantia is isolated and separated from this future state, also that the heavenly reign will only come at some future time inaugurated through the Second Coming. Both these views place the heavenly realm in the future, both individually and collectively.

Nashville, TN