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Elyon; Monjoronson - Transitions & Fear - Cosmic Seasons - May 27, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Transitions and Fear,
  2. Cosmic Seasons.

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson

May 27, 2007

* Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I am most pleased to join your circle of illumination this morning. It is a pleasure to witness your discussion reflecting on your experiences using some of the principles you have been introduced to and are now working with in your daily lives.

To hear your successes and your observations is inspiring because it is clear that you are gaining a grasp on not only the understanding of the principles but on the use of these principles as well. I will pull a couple of threads that were offered here and weave them together by acknowledging and affirming that you do indeed have great control over far more of your existence than you are aware of, and that, as you have observed that perhaps your greatest obstacle in navigating these various circuitries is an individual's propensity for fear to enter the equation. Fear is as a poison to all basic universe principles, for it stifles your desire to even attempt to navigate these circuits.

Whenever fear is present there is tension, an opposition to being led, an opposition to accepting what is being brought to you, an opposition to entering into the darkened room, as was mentioned, when you were young. You have had the benefit in your lives of seeing firsthand many occasions, the diffused by the light. This may be the illumination of your understanding which diffuses the darkness which brightens the awareness. As you may remember in your days of first experiencing the material realm, such magnificent change occurred to you when the lights were turned on or then perhaps turned off. You were impacted in such a dramatic fashion by such a simple and mechanical circumstance. The advent of sudden darkness could have very easily have propelled you directly into the arms of fear where you would reside until there was enough light, enough wisdom, enough understanding, enough awareness to diffuse the apparent darkness.

When you were done this was easily done by flipping a switch and your room was made bright and whole again. After repeated exposures to this phenomenon you became comfortable with the increased awareness that you gained from having experienced [this] repeatedly with no adverse or ill effects. You then convinced yourself that this state of being thrust into darkness as not always to be feared, and you convinced yourself that you could navigate through this change in atmosphere quite readily and successfully.

However, I will witness to you that there are probably still times in your lives where a sudden shift to darkness instinctively cause the fear instinct to rise up in you. If you are perhaps driving at night and accidentally turn off your headlights there is the grip of fear. If you are walking at night and the streetlight is to go out, there is a trigger which is involuntary, and then your mind and your experience rise to the occasion and calm this instinctive reaction within you. Likewise is your experience with spirit by degree, a little at a time, you have ventured into this arena and have experienced that there are no adverse effects.

A little at a time you have gone further and tested that your footing is sound, that there is nothing to fear, and with enough practice and experience you gain comfort and security in places that were foreign and uncertain to you at one time. Likewise do you have internal triggers or barriers which you may confront when exploring these new arenas. You may have flashes that wash over you of: Who am I? What am I doing? Is this really real? Am I wrong? All of these are fear triggers.

They cause you to stop in mid-step and reconsider or perhaps stop before you have begun to step for fear of stepping. They will cause you to shrivel from the opportunities before you for fear of failure. Every time fear is a significant component in your equation you have reduced the inherent capacity of your situation by stifling your incentive in favor of playing it safe, staying with the known. Living in certainty will take precedence many times over venturing out beyond your arena of conviction. You have all witnessed that your arenas have grown larger and larger to accommodate your new vision, your new version of reality. You have explored your boundaries and perimeters and discovered that there was more beyond, and you have embraced new territory and expanded your boundaries to accommodate; therefore your area of comfort has been vastly added to and supported by your discoveries that have proven beneficial, good, beautiful, and truthful. If you are always to follow your instinct for accepting the good, true, and the beautiful, then will you triumph over your fear of failure to do such. If you will always side with your highest aspirations, your greatest nature, then you will be safe and secure in your explorations of what is still outside of your perimeters of understanding.

You have onboard your vessel, of course, your guide to always point the right direction, and this first response, this initial response, will unerringly lead you divineward. Whenever you allow fear to creep into your arena of negotiations you will find that your uncertainty increases, your lack of conviction becomes apparent, your recognition of uncertainty rises before you, and you may very well, with the influence of these factors, reject or overlook or de-emphasize the original response.

So I applaud you for your perception of these factors involved for your consideration. The observation that you make that you are indeed powerful spiritual beings, coupled with the observation that fear is the enemy to your success, to your becoming, to your doing, to your very being; to the degree that you may use fear as a propellant to motivate you to pursue avenues which are beneficial to you and serviceable to you, then it may be used as a positive force. But all other applications of diminishing your inspiration to move in a divine direction are not acceptable to the dedicated seeker who would be on this path of divine ascension. Thank you, my dear ones, for hearing my words and taking them to heart as I know you do. I would conclude my contribution and would allow for the contribution of others. I remain in attendance, thank you.

* Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson here to address this wonderful crowd. Like you I am enjoying this season of repose where we are gazing about, enjoying the view we have attained in our climb thus far. I am becoming refreshed as you are with rest and this season of acceptance and embracing of all that we have taken in to this time.

This season that we have entered of spring into summer brings your world alive with everything that thrives, and it teems with life everywhere. Just like your earthy seasons there are cosmic seasons as well, and we have been through a period of long, dark, oppressive conditions.

We have understood that there are cycles and that every current reality gives way to a new and changed reality, as we not only grow individually, we grow collectively as well. This world is budding out all over with new spirit potential. The leaves are exploding daily with their potential to grow to fruition. It is not necessary for anyone to tell the tree when to flower or to bloom; likewise do all who inhabit this world respond to the changing of the season, the warming of the cosmic energies, the influx of extra light. All that is in dormancy shall bloom, and this spectacular display will represent a magnificent fruition to the efforts which have been undertaken to prepare the beds, to tend the budding potentials all around.

Breathe deeply of the natural cycles, knowing full well that change is in the air, that growth is happening, that bloom is not far off, and certainly where there is bloom there is fruit for the effort. I look forward eagerly to watching you each flower and bloom and fruit as well as I look forward to the entire crop maturing and becoming laden with the fruit of the spirit. Right now we are as the ones who have been tending the grounds pruning and planting with full expectations that the Father would send the rain and the sun and that the planetary principles that we are aware of would be adhered to with one more change of the seasons.

Likewise spiritually are we adhering to the universe principle of the tending, the pruning, the growing, the planting with full expectation that the Father will provide all the remaining necessary ingredients to bring about great fruit and harvests. Be of good cheer while we tend the fall of Urantia for this great flowering. Drink with me this cup of certainty that we share that we are tending the Father's garden together, that we work to make a garden that is pleasing to the sight of the Father. Let us make this so together even with the hard work and the sweat from our brows; let us work for the glory of the Father, and let us, when our work is done, drink and savor this cup of having performed such duty, such service, and such privilege for the divine parents and the universal parents.

Let us. I release you from this classroom to that you may go out and about and tend the Father's garden as you will. Farewell.