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Darid; Stephen; Serena, Unidentified - Service and Love - Mar 18, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Faith. Service, Love,
  2. You are So Loved

Teachers: Darid, Stephen, Serena, Unidentified.

March 18, 2007

* Darid (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Darid. I am happy to be in your company and to take a moment to express what I perceive to be the function of faith. There is to me a way to describe faith as an arena into which you enter. It is not simply the adoption of religious creeds or the enactment of accepted rituals, and it is, while being such, more than an ever-patient hope or an eternally trusting belief. It is application. It is your activities within the arena.

An arena provides definition, that which is contained within is defined, made distinct from the exterior. In a small definition certain activities are relevant or applicable and others do not fit into that arena and are therefore not used. When you grow in wisdom and expand your arena of faith you enlarge your potentials for action. When your spiritual context goes beyond church to a universal family, then the undertakings available to you become numerous. Acting in faith is acting in the awareness of the breadth of your ability to be of service, to express truth, to be good, to magnify beauty. Faith is therefore not something acquired but something into which you enter. It is not something you must possess but something of which you are contained within.

Following this method the natural progression is the congregating of faith, what you know as fellowship, the community of like-minded souls. In this interchange comes the discovery of much commonality in your faith, much similar orientation, dreams, and hopes, and also the necessary challenges to an individual which causes philosophic adjustment, clarification of perspective. Faith upon faith expands each individual. It has the effect of taking hands, and when many hold hands there is strength.

While I express faith in this manner, as something into which you enter instead of something that you create, I do it to offer the suggestion that the burden of faith is not the requirement of your creating it but merely your willingness to enter into it. It is there; it is a reality in spirit. You can, in darkness, look for a light to light your way, and many do and find successful vision, and many a philosophy and religious construct have developed therefrom. But great faith receives the sunrise and the brilliance of the luminosity everywhere and a transcendence of perspective that accepts all orientations. This is a grand faith. May you ever be blessed. I take my leave, thank you.

* Stephen (Mark): I would rise to this opportunity and address this forum, I am Stephen. It is my privilege to make my way up to the podium for a brief exchange with you. After having observed your discussions prior to our meeting, I would pick up a few threads and attempt to weave them together into the fabric of greater understanding.

It is glorious to behold your sharing and discussions regarding the service opportunities that you were privileged enough to participate in, and it is clear to witness your enthusiasm as you seek for ever greater opportunities to be of service. And all that you pursue in this regard is well and good and pleasing to the Father, for as you know, when you act in service you are acting on behalf of the Father who would have it be so. But I would as well ask you to consider the following question: What then is the greatest form of service that you could be, that you could do, in this life at this time?

I would suggest that you would consider the possibility that the greatest act of service you might perform would not be without but rather within, as you cultivate the arena of your understanding and awareness that you are as much part of the project, part of the service opportunity, as anything else that exists. In fact you are the one who must make all decisions regarding your personal growth and development; they cannot be made by another and executed by another. It is entirely your responsibility to see to your own personal ascension career.

Therefore, while it is thrilling and fun and noteworthy to look for and seek and manifest opportunities to be about the glorious privilege of service to your brothers and sisters, there is a great call for service at home, in your very front yard, in your very dwelling and The Father is just as pleased and satisfied when you choose to direct your energies at service for the self than he is when he witnesses you go out and about and embrace the opportunities to be of service to others.

You mentioned the aspect of being a conduit and how the love flows through the conduit, and this is true, but I ask you to consider your role in the directing of this conduit and the possibility of directing that conduit to yourself as receiver. I support your comments about being kind to yourselves, seeing yourselves as worthy, as ready, as able; all these things are a kindness to the self which then becomes a kindness to the Supreme and an act of true love in your giving. It has been a distinct pleasure and privilege to address you, this crowd that I have observed and honored for so long.

It is spectacular to behold the light beings that you have become throughout this process I have enjoyed witnessing and now you are ever turning up the brilliance as you gather in more tools to refine this process of living. In so doing we witness miracles as they unfold in your lives. I take my leave and submit my love and respect. Thank you all.

* Serena (Kathy): I would like to address the discussion about being a conduit of love for others. In the action of carrying love to others you are the vehicle of the Father’s care and help. Often we do not know what action is needed for the other person’s growth. In this case your willingness to open yourselves to all of the energy in the universe that can be used for good enables the person you are trying to help to absorb that which is needed for them individually.

This loving contact point created by you and given to them enables all of the celestial beings in the vicinity access to the mortal in need. They are able to make better contact through your connection. If you will allow this it can be a formidable tool in the effort to aid mortals on Urantia. We are always available to step in and provide the content and energy if you provide the contact and conduit.

* unidentified (Mary): I am going to step out of my box and speak and extend an invitation to each of you to step outside of your box. I invite you to please stand, change position if you happen to be standing, but right now change your position so that your physical vehicle has a new orientation. Consciously breathe. I invite you to turn the palms of your hands upward right at this moment as if you were standing in a ray of sunshine.

Feel the warmth. Feel the life giving nature of light upon your being. Allow it to envelop you as you breathe. You are so very loved. The fondness, it devoted to you as an individual expression of the One is so all encompassing, so ever-present, so subtle yet so profound. Believe that it is there. Allow it to warm you and to light your way. Thank you for pausing in this morning to just receive the love that surrounds you.