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Councils of Unity - Paper Bags to Tyvek Envelopes - June 04, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Paper Bags to Tyvek Envelopes
T/R: Helenita
June 04, 2007

It seems we begin with the same comment referring to the fact that you are beginning to feel your way in, through and between the dimensions. Well, indeed you are. Perhaps you have even played around with merging time and space. Are you going to accept, if only gradually, the changes brought about from these experiences or are you going to slip right back into the 3D forest? Allow us to share yet another example of what your physical world is showing… mirroring back to you for clarity.

Also repeating ourselves, take a moment to give your spiritual-self permission to integrate the information beyond the mind and emotions into your soul. Your everyday world speaks volumes to you when you shift your perspective to translate into "spiritual speak."

Most of you reading this, unless from museums or past life journeys, do not remember making purchases at a country store in the early 1800s. Specifically, what was used to carry the items back home (interesting reference). Well, you took your container with you, usually a crock or a jug, to the store to get what you needed whether it was flour, sugar, molasses or pickles. Later, in cities most times it was the youngsters who were sent to the store with a list and the cost was put on your family’s page in the ledger. (Your spiritual purchases were carried out in a similar way during this time.)

But with machinery, in 1870 a delightful woman named Margaret Knight invented a new part for a machine that would automatically fold and glue paper to make flat-bottomed bags. At first no one took her seriously because she was a woman and couldn’t possibly know anything about machines. (This also references acceptance of your feminine energy.) However, eventually her part was installed and she became "the mother of the grocery bag." And, this machine part is still used today, as are all types of paper shopping bags. But are they on the extinction list at the grocery store?

Spiritually for the last 125 years you have used a handy-dandy paper bag to transport your ‘stuff.’ Then, because of your materialistic world, you developed a plastic grocery bag. It gained distribution by the 1980s and by the 1990s you were also recycling them, thus expanding their use. Do you still use paper bags? Do you carefully put a paper bag inside a plastic one or double bag in plastic? (Note, there is a correlating spiritual answer here.)

Our message doesn’t end there. Plastics kept being developed until now when you mail your ‘stuff’ in Tyvek® envelopes. What is Tyvek®? As with the accidental discovery of many plastic polymers, in 1955 it was a chance occurrence by a DuPont researcher who noticed white fibrous fluff coming out of a pipe in the lab. It took twelve years for its preliminary form (strong yarns of linear polyethylene) to became a commercially available product in its current form (non-woven sheet structures). Very fine, high-density polyethylene fibers are laid as a web on a moving bed and bonded together by heat and pressure to make a sheet. This material is used for insulating buildings, protective clothing and various other items.

Envelopes of Tyvek® are lightweight, strong, durable, puncture/rip and moisture resistant… in other words, indestructible! Described as "The High-Performance Envelope," they continue to amaze even the most demanding users. (Aha!) The envelope is bright white and has a silky, smooth feel, which enhances graphic images printed on them. (Translated this means your internal visual intentions.) They can also be recycled into additional useful materials for alternatives to wood such as for constructing park benches. (Recycling seems to be an important theme for you.)

You and your physical body have evolved through the years along with the development from paper bags to Tyvek® envelopes. You have transitioned from a heavyweight form to a "High-Performance" model. They both are recyclable, however the Tyvek® one is much more durable and lightweight… less to carry around. To be a dimensional traveler you will be required to shed the cumbersome brown paper wrapping, like a snake shedding its skin. However the human model will not grow back the same skin like a snake, but produce a very different plastic model, more like the filament of a spider’s web that is woven by heat and pressure into a Tyvek® sheet.

The example is right in front of you. You do mail important ‘stuff’ in Tyvek® envelopes, do you not? And, you probably prefer plastic grocery bags. Technology follows spirituality, so acknowledge that your spiritual body is also developing its Tyvek® covering. All that is required is being aware of its presence and giving yourself permission to adapt without needing the cumbersome wrapping.

At the same time be aware that your earth itself is also modifying its matrix into a similar plastic-like filament that is very strong, yet much more lightweight and durable. The global warming fears from those of an opposite frequency have been trying to keep you from ‘seeing’ this being formed at your polar icecaps. Since you have already internalized the knowledge that you are the earth and vice versa, they realize that you will apply this earth transition to the human vehicle when you are aware of it. The longer this fact is hidden, so to speak, from you, the slower you will be to discover this mirrored shift in your physical-self.

There are no accidents. Source-god-goddess didn’t make "junk" in your DNA any more then you ‘caused’ global warming by the misuse of products and processes, or that the plastic scientist discovered Tyvek® by chance. This earth transition was carefully planned to unfold and to enfold (to cover, as if with folds; envelop; embrace). The makers wanted to make sure everything flowed differently than it did in Lemuria and Atlantis… no catastrophe(s) and no flood.

You are also evolving differently this time around. Using the Tyvek® example from the technical world, give your physical-self permission to become comfortable with your new lightweight, indestructible covering. The Bag Lady is gone! Wave good-by to her and bid welcome to the Superstar with the magic cloak.


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